Crystal Shungite
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The Crystal of Essential Life Force

Scorpio zodiac signs Scorpio
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Earth element Earth
Saturn planet Saturn
Crystal Shungite Price Box Background

Shungite Guided Meditation

Our guided Shungite meditation takes you on a journey to the primordial roots of the Earth to clear the past, release harmful, toxic energies, and restore your sense of vitality and life force essence from within.

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Crystal Shungite Message Background
Crystal Shungite Frame

The message

Shungite Message To You:

Clearing the way
for harmony to flow
releasing the chains
so you can go

build and create
and support yourself
restore your balance
return to health

so you can walk safely
through the world
& allow your true
essence to unfurl

protected and powerful
you’ll become
when your frequencies
match the gentle strum

of my steady vibration
calm and clear
releasing toxicity
cleansing fear

bringing you into harmony
with the earth
filled with the life force
of the Universe



Shungite helps you to…

  • Regain health & vitality
  • Purify mind, body & spirit
  • Transmute toxic energies
Crystal Shungite Story Background
Crystal Shungite Story

The Story of Shungite

Born before the dawn of time, eons and epochs ago, what’s thought to be over 2 billion years ago, this noble mineral is one of the most powerful purifiers on the planet. Created from the compounded fossilized remains of ancient single-celled sea creatures, like algae, or some speculate, by a meteorite that crashed here, shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of elements and is made primarily of carbon, the essential building block of all life on Earth.

First discovered in Karelia, Russia in a village called Shun’ga, from which shungite got its name, Karelian shungite is considered to be the best, particularly what’s called “noble elite shungite” which has the highest carbon content- up to 99% in some specimens. Shungite has been used since the 18th century for water purification and its antimicrobial effects. In 1719, Peter the Great built the first spa for the Russian elites and he had water flow over beds of shungite into the baths. He also had his soldiers carry shungite in their pockets so they’d be able to filter water wherever they found themselves. They’ve known about the health benefits of shungite in Russia for hundreds of years.

What’s particularly special about this Precambrian stone is that its molecular structure has 60 carbon molecules (C60) clustered together in what looks like a soccer ball. This structure is called a fullerene, which has been shown in scientific studies to have the power to break viruses apart, increase the lifespan of rats, and drastically reduce EMFs. Shungite is one of the only known natural sources of fullerenes in the world. Carbon is like a magnet that seeks to bond with everything and in this C60 fullerene structure, it acts like a forcefield able to attract and neutralize harmful energies from every single angle.

Shungite diminishes harmful electromagnetic frequencies by neutralizing and transmuting them. Viral particles and EMFs spin in a certain direction that can be harmful and detrimental to biological life. The fullerenes within shungite spin in the opposite direction, one that’s conducive and supportive to life, disabling and overriding the disharmonious and unhealthy frequencies. It’s been proven to disrupt microwaves and protect from radiation.

One of the most widely studied stones in scientific research, shungite has experiential evidence to back all these claims up. It’s also very emotionally protective, repelling and shielding you from harmful thoughts, patterns, and behaviors, both within yourself and coming toward you from external sources. It’s a beautiful stone to clarify and brighten the mind and carries a sense of grandfatherly nurturing to help you stand confident, strong, clear, and grounded in daily life.

Crystal Shungite Property Background

Shungite Healing Properties

Element Earth


Shungite is deeply and inherently connected to the Earth as part of its natural history for over 2 billion years. It’s incredibly grounding, stabilizing, and regenerative, like the Earth itself, settling you back into your body and your strength, power, and life force energy.

Shungite roots you into your inherent strength and power and into this moment, bringing you out of the chaos and dissolution of the mind, out of the toxic and conditioned patterns and programming, and down into the steady and sacred rhythms of the Earth that beat within you.

This ancient and wise stone connects you to the vital and inexplicable essence of that which creates life itself. Shungite carries a deep resonance with the harmonic frequencies that support and sustain life, that help it grow and thrive. It gives you legs to stand on when you feel weak, low, lost, overwhelmed, or unable to cope with the realities of this physical world, guiding you always back to balance and vitality.

Chakra Root


This is one of the best stones to work with for opening and grounding your root chakra and connecting to your inner security and strength, and the stability and support of the Earth. Your root chakra is where you tap into your essential life-force energy, and shungite stimulates and circulates this vital essence throughout not just your root, but your entire body and energetic field for a full clearing and release, bringing you into a state of internal balance.

As a transmuter of energies, shungite is incredibly clearing and healing for the heavy, dense, or toxic emotions you may be holding in your root chakra, which namely revolve around your feelings of security, belonging, and inner power, or the lack thereof. It can help you release any conscious fears, worries, insecurities, and doubts you hold around those things, as well as the deeply held unconscious and instinctual fears, even those you may be carrying from your ancestral lines or past lives.

It’s a beautiful stone to increase your physical energy and vitality, ground anxiety, panic, and heightened emotional energy, clear a cluttered or chaotic mind, and help you come back to the present moment. Shungite roots you back into life, releasing toxicity and allowing you to move forward from a more strengthened and supported position, feeling confident and clear.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


The fullerenes within shungite can capture free radicals, toxins, and harmful pathogens and remove them from the body. Drinking shungite water can be a great way to intake these fullerenes into your system. It’s also detoxifying for mental and emotional toxicity to release harmful thinking patterns, habitual cycles, and energetic cords.


Shungite conducts electricity and heat, which also makes it incredibly conducive for subtle frequencies and scalar energy, which is something Tesla explored in his work- a non-linear, non-electromagnetic energy that can travel faster than the speed of light without any degradation or decay over time. Shungite is essentially a conductor of life-force energy itself.


As it’s made primarily of carbon, which is the essential building block of life on Earth, shungite holds powerful regenerative energy to build you back up, support you, hold you, and help you regain strength, vitality, and balance. It transmutes any energies that are detrimental to life into harmonic frequencies to support it.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Shungite ranges from a flat matte black to a shiny metallic black. The higher the amount of carbon it contains, the higher grade and more reflective and silvery it becomes.

Regular shungite, what you’ll most often find, is matte black and contains about 30-50% carbon. It’s easily carved and you’ll see it available in many different shapes and sizes for any possible need.

The highest grade variety, elite noble shungite, contains about 95-99% carbon and is highly metallic with a silvery sheen, and most often sold in small raw stones with rough edges, as it’s not easily shaped or carved.


Shungite is primarily carbon with traces of almost every element on the periodic table, which is very special. It’s not technically a crystal, it’s considered a mineraloid with an amorphous structure.

Carbon is exceptionally versatile and exists in forms as soft as graphite, used as pencil lead, and as hard as a diamond, the strongest mineral on earth. In shungite, carbon exists as these soccerball-shaped fullerenes that give it its unique, purifying properties.

Use Shungite When...

 you feel..

anxious, unsettled, overwhelmed, manic, ungrounded, lost in your thoughts, indecisive, insecure, low, depressed, disconnected, flaky, blah, confused, sick, icky, like you need to let go

you’re struggling with..

exhaustion, illness, physical or emotional imbalances, hyper-sensitivity, deep fears and unconscious patterns, breaking toxic cycles, EMF overload, big transformations and changes

you want..

confidence, grounding, balance, detoxification, energetic protection and shielding, improved health and well-being, presence, stability, inner strength, increased focus, practical solutions

Crystal Shungite Use
Crystal Shungite Life Background

Using Shungite in Everyday Life


As a beautiful grounding stone, shungite helps you think clearly and make better decisions to support your overall health and vitality.  It grounds you into more intellect and discernment, more left-brained logic, and earthy rationalization to help you make real-world choices and changes in your life. or

When you’re feeling flighty, lackluster, or unclear on how to move forward toward your goals, or even just overwhelmed by all the options in front of you, you can use shungite to boost your energy and enthusiasm, increase your clarity and confidence to go after what you want and help you feel empowered and stable from within yourself.

Wear or hold shungite as you’re writing out your manifestations, or use it in a crystal grid along with other manifestation stones like pyrite, jade, or citrine to help ground your ideas and dreams into reality. Shungite will surround your manifestations with protective, stabilizing energy to help shield them from any “negative” or detrimental influences, including your own self-sabotaging patterns.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Shungite can be a beautiful tool for your relationships to bring grounded balance and clarity into the picture, and to cleanse negative thinking, heavy emotions, and toxic patterns of behavior within your relationships. It can bring a reset, a fresh start, transmuting the energies from the past to build something new for your future together.

Its grounding qualities bring patience, steadiness, and resilience into your relationships to help you create better balance and feelings of reciprocation and understanding. In this way, it’s also beneficial for your relationship with yourself, helping you grow in self-love, increasing your acceptance of yourself, helping you cleanse and release old habits and patterns, and transform into the most stable and strong version of you.

A shungite sphere, tower, or merkaba can be a beautiful piece to keep in a central room where people gather and talk, to spread the grounding, detoxifying energy throughout the entire space. One great thing about shungite is you can find it carved into just about any shape, and heart-shaped shungite stones or pendants make a beautiful gift for someone you want to protect and love, or as a gift to yourself to honor your dedication and commitment to loving and taking care of your own health and happiness.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

As a beautiful transmuter of energies, shungite can help you not only let go of the shadows from the past so they no longer haunt you, but also transmute those energies of fear that live within you into energy you can use for creation, for healing, and for living your best life!

Wear or hold shungite as you journal and dig into your shadows and unconscious realms to see what lies within them. It can help keep you steady and grounded enough to look at those deep and highly charged emotional triggers within you with more calm, clarity, and objective perspective.

It offers real-world solutions, practical guidance, and earthly support for when you’re feeling just too dark, too deep, or too lost. You can also call the beneficial frequencies of shungite into your life energetically simply by imagining it there with you, beside you, or beneath you, to bring you support and grounding whenever you need it.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Shungite is an incredible physical healer and powerful regenerative stone for any illness or physical ailment that’s hindering you. An immense amount of scientific research and double-blind studies have been done on the fullerenes contained within it that show them to be powerful antioxidants that are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial, immunity boosting, pain relieving and have been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells.

It’s also been used to treat skin ailments, speed the healing of cuts and wounds, reduce and cool inflammation, ease allergies, reduce oxidative stress, and cleanse harmful pathogens and toxins from your system. Shungite’s an amazing tool to have in your arsenal to stoke your physical health, vitality, and overall healing and well-being.

Drinking shungite water is one of the best and easiest ways to use it for physical healing and to receive the benefits of its fullerenes. You’ll want to use “elite noble shungite” for this specific purpose, about 50-70 grams of it per liter of water to receive therapeutic benefits.

To make shungite water: Simply rinse any residue off the stones (you can also boil them in water for 5-10 minutes) and then place the shungite in your drinking water in a glass or ceramic container for 24-72 hours.

You can drink a glass of shungite water each day for its purifying, detoxifying, and healing effects or up to 3 glasses a day when you’re sick or need a more therapeutic dose for chronic illness or deep-seated physical issues. You can even water your house plants or garden with it to increase the plant’s health and vitality or fill a vase with it to extend the life of cut flowers.

Self Care
Self Care

Drinking a glass of shungite water daily is an amazing addition to your self-care practice, but you can also receive its benefits by just holding a piece of shungite in your hands, wearing shungite jewelry throughout the day, or placing a stone on your body wherever you’re feeling physical or emotional pain or stagnancy. It will help clear and release the dense energies and restore your balance.

Shungite is also a beautiful stone to help you take more self-care in general, to help you create more balance in your life, to remember to nourish your body, your being, and your vital essence before you give all your energy out to the world. If you’ve been feeling depleted, frazzled, tapped out, ready to run away and hide from life, work with shungite to root yourself back into your body and into security and strength.

Wearing or carrying shungite with you as you move through this electronic-filled world is also a wonderful way to practice self-care and help mitigate the harmful effects of all the EMFs and radiation you may encounter in daily life. You can find shungite jewelry for easy daily wear, or keep a stone in your pocket or beside your computer as you’re working. You can place a shungite pyramid or tower by your wifi router, or look for shungite discs specifically made to stick onto your phone, tablet, laptop or even your circuit breaker, fridge, tv, etc. so you can surround yourself with harmonized frequencies.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Blue apatite is one of the best crystals you can work with to help you access and develop your intuitive insight and connect with and channel higher wisdom from the astral planes. Wear or hold it whenever you need to get out of your own way and out of stuck patterns and behaviors and allow your intuition to guide you.

It opens up the lines of communication between you and your spirit guides, your highest self, Ascended masters, and all the wisdom of the cosmos. Keep it on or near you as you pull tarot or oracle cards, as you journal and ask yourself questions, or to have direct conversations with different energies. You can even ask the apatite itself for answers and insights as it holds a depth of wisdom to share.

When you work with blue apatite it’s like picking up the phone and dialing the Universe. Slow down and breathe with this powerful blue crystal for a few moments and allow it to crystalize your intuition and point you in the direction toward the information and answers you’ve been seeking, toward the right doors to open, toward the light that’s shining through the darkness.

Just stay open and aware of the thoughts, memories, sensations, urges, inner visions, and sudden knowings that come through as you’re working with blue apatite because they are all nudges and signals from your intuition. This crystal unlocks the door to your psychic power, to your inner knowing and all the magic you hold, to help you find the answers that have always been there, right inside you.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

As a 2 billion-year-old stone, shungite holds the ancient history of all human life, perhaps of all creation itself, making it a beautiful tool to help you access the stories and wisdom from your ancestral history as well as your past lives. It can help you cut the cords of the past, the karmic ties, and explore the depths of all the ancient wisdom you carry within you.

It’s thought to be an aid to bring this depth of unconscious wisdom to the surface, to the physical plane, where you can use it in your life to heal the past and move forward from a clear and secure place. Hold shungite in your hands as you sit or lay down, or place it anywhere on your body that feels right to you, then close your eyes and allow the shungite to guide you to past memories, to different thoughts, emotions, sensations, and experiences, as it clears through the gunk, neutralizes harmful energies, and helps restore balance.

You can use shungite with past life regression techniques, during hypnosis, while exploring the Akashic realms for answers, or even bring it to therapy with you to help you begin to truly release the patterns and cycles that’ve been unconsciously running your life. It’s a beautiful tool for cleansing and clearing anything from the past that must be released in order for you to feel more balanced, safe, secure, and whole within yourself.


A wonderful meditation stone, shungite is highly grounding to bring you into the present moment and help you release a cluttered mind, worries about the future, wounds from the past, or anything that’s hindering you from feeling strong and supported in your life.

It instantly connects you to your body, to the earth, and into the depths of your being, to help you gain insight and clarity through your meditations to guide your real-world actions in life. It brings the ethereal, spiritual, and intangible plains into an experience of physical reality, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul.

 🦕 Our guided Shungite meditation takes you on a journey to the primordial roots of the Earth to clear the past, release harmful, toxic energies, and restore your sense of vitality and life force essence from within. 🖤

Crystal Shungite Price Box Background

Shungite Guided Meditation

Our guided Shungite meditation takes you on a journey to the primordial roots of the Earth to clear the past, release harmful, toxic energies, and restore your sense of vitality and life force essence from within.

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Crystal Shungite Connection Background

Shungite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


A beautiful grounding stone for emotional Scorpio energy, shungite can help you draw into your innate power and strength and use it to get out of your own way and transform your reality. When you’re going through big changes, metamorphoses, and turning points in your life, as Scorpio does again and again, shungite can support you in staying steady and sure of yourself as you release toxic patterns and rise into a higher awareness.


The grounded, earthy practicality of shungite resonates greatly with Capricorn energy, to bring you down out of illusion and confusion and help you build the real-world structure you need in life to conquer your goals. It also brings great balance to the over-striving energies of Capricorn, helping you know when to rest and recharge and when to go full speed ahead.


As the timekeeper of the zodiac and Lord of karma, Saturn resonates with shungite’s access to the past and strong rooted foundation in this material plane. This stone offers support, guidance, and healing through self-accountability and responsibility, to help you own your power and feel stable and strong in life to make Grandaddy Saturn proud.

Crystal Shungite Connection Item
Tarot Cards


Shungite primarily resonates with the major arcana card of Strength. As a stone carrying immense life-force energy, this translates into its ability to help you move forward in the world with inner strength and resilience, by tapping into your inherent power. When you feel lost, weak, or powerless in life, shungite helps build you back up, nurturing and empowering you, creating more coherent and balanced energy within you and around you.

This card represents not only physical strength, but mental and emotional strength, the strength of a balanced perspective, the strength of patience and perseverance, and the strength that comes when you trust yourself. This is the type of strength that shungite helps you tap into so you can conquer, heal, and recover from things in your life you never even thought were possible.

Crystal Shungite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


As a primordial, ancient creature on Earth, the beetle represents transformation, adaptability, and resilience, all the beautiful energies that shungite provides. It’s a creature that utilizes the energy of the Earth and the sun, that moves and clears out old debris and decay, just as shungite does.

Beetles have a powerful shell, they’re protected, shielded, and able to confidently walk through the world. They are determined in their focus and highly resilient and resourceful, able to adapt and transform to the environment around them and overcome any challenge. These are all the same qualities shungite can help you tap into.

Crystal Shungite Connection Item
Shungite Varieties

Shungite comes in a few different varieties, all with the same healing qualities as described above:

Elite/Noble Shungite

Considered the highest grade of shungite, elite noble has a pure carbon content of 95-99% and has a deep silvery sheen- it’s highly metallic. This is the one we’d suggest using to create your shungite water.

Petrovsky Shungite

This mid-grade shungite contains a higher carbon content than regular matte black shungite, at 70-75% carbon. It’s a great stone to work with on the body or wear as jewelry. It’s more matte than elite shungite but still has a slight metallic sheen.

Colombian Shungite 

This more recently discovered variety out of Columbia is another high-grade option with 93.8%-98% pure carbon, rivaling elite shungite. It’s also sometimes sold as “Raquirite.” It carries a more yin or feminine energy than Russian shungite.

Crystal Shungite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Shungite + Selenite

Pair with selenite for a magical duo of cleansing perfection, to ground and uplift you, to help you feel both embodied and connected to spirit and purified from the inside out.

Shungite + Emerald 

Pair with emerald for supreme detoxifying effects to bring healing and relief for illness or infection, boost your immunity and overall health, and cleanse your heart space.

Shungite + Kyanite

Pair with kyanite for a full body, full aura cleansing and to connect with your intuitive insights and higher knowing and clearly communicate the wisdom you receive.

Crystal Shungite Connection Item
Crystal Shungite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Shungite

As a stone of life-force energy, the most essential match for shungite’s frequency is the Sun itself. If you can find a spot to let your shungite rest on the body of the Earth while also soaking up the rays of the sun, that will fully cleanse and recharge it for you. You can also leave it on a sunny windowsill for an hour or so for a quick recharge.

You can also give it a quick cleanse by rinsing it under running water or waving it through some incense or smudge smoke. You can also bury it in the earth, or even in the soil of a houseplant overnight to restore its supportive, earthy energies.

When you use elite shungite for water purification, it’s suggested to replace the stones every 12-18 months. You can then put the spent stones in the soil of houseplants or out in your garden to aid in the health of your plants, or you can bury them at the corners of your property, or place them in the corners of your house or room, to create a protective frequency surrounding your whole space.

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  • I’m shook! I have quite a few pieces of Russian Shungite I were as necklaces. I cannot tell you how much I literally am obsessed with this mineraloid. I’m a Capricorn too, I didn’t know it has a strong bond with Capricorn. Thank you for this in depth article I will definitely be re-reading this for many times to come

  • Incredible article thank you so much!

    I’ve been a huge fan of shungite for years and know with absolute certainty it has helped me through a highly tumultuous 7years. I’ve a lot of planets in Scorpio and a Capricorn/Mercury Sun so this article deeply resonated! Tysm for the reminder of what a powerful stone this is and that I need to purify my grid! Xx

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