New MoonMagick

The Mystical Guide to Harnessing the Magic of Cosmic Cycles & Aligning with the Energy of New Moons

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The New Moon symbolizes a moment of birth, an act of creation, that ushers in the energy of a new beginning and a fresh start.

Every month, the New Moon marks a fresh start, inaugurates a new chapter of our lives, and offers us a chance for emotional and energetic renewal, reminding us that we have opportunities to reinvent ourselves, start over, and write a new story. New Moons teach us of the importance of balancing the Yin and the Yang and consciously creating space for downtime, rest, and introspection. They remind us how creativity is born out of chaos and comes from allowing ourselves to sit in darkness, in a space of void, of not knowing what comes next.

New Moon Magick guides you on a journey that will help you gain a deeper awareness of the connection between the New Moon, the Divine Feminine, the Triple Moon Goddess, as well as more technical aspects of Astrology such as the difference between the Balsamic and the New Phase and the meaning of the Prenatal New Moon.

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The Cosmos invites us to follow our instincts and to allow life to move through us.

In our book, we go through the meaning of the New Moon in each astrological sign and suggest to you rituals, crystals, essential oils, and other tools to connect with the energy of the twelve signs and the four elements. New Moon Magick gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lunar cycle, in particular with the transition between the end of a lunar cycle and the beginning of the new one, when the Moon is dark, invisible from our perspective, and new seeds are waiting to be planted.

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What is inside of New Moon Magick book? And why it is so powerful..

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

What is a New Moon and What Energy it Brings

Chapter 2

The Dark Phase of the Moon

Chapter 3

Special Types of New Moons

  • Solar Eclipses
  • Black Moons
  • Supermoons and Micromoons

Chapter 4

The Meaning of the Moon for Ancient Civilizations

Chapter 5

Ancient rituals and ceremonies surrounding the New Moon

  • New Moons in Native American Tradition
  • New Moons in Māori tradition
  • New Moons in Jewish Tradition
  • New Moons in Vedic Tradition
  • New Moons in Paganism

Chapter 6

The New Moon and the Divine Feminine

Chapter 7

The Triple Moon Goddess

Chapter 8

Astrology and the Moon

Chapter 9

The New Moon in Astrology

  • The Balsamic Sun-Moon Conjunction
  • The New Phase Sun-Moon Conjunction

Chapter 10

The Meaning of the Prenatal New Moon

  • How to Calculate your Prenatal New Moon
  • How to Interpret the Meaning of the Prenatal New Moon

Chapter 11

New Moon Through All 12 Zodiac Signs

Chapter 12

Crystals and the New Moon

Chapter 13

More Crystals to Work with on any of the New Moons

Chapter 14

Preparation of Crystal Water and How to Use it

Chapter 15

Essential Oils and the New Moon

Chapter 16

More essential oils to work with on any of the New Moons

Chapter 17

Essential Oils Blending Tips

Chapter 18

New Moon Rituals

Chapter 19

New Moon Rituals for Each Element

  • Preparation of New Moon Water and How to Use it
  • New Moon Ritual with Fire Element: Leading Fearlessly
  • New Moon Ritual with Earth Element: Deepening Receptivity
  • New Moon Ritual with Air Element: Cultivating Lightheartedness
  • New Moon Ritual for Water Element: Inviting Renewal

Chapter 20

New Moon Magick

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