The Moon & the Sacred Feminine

The Power of Sacred Blood and Goddesses

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This book reveals forgotten wisdom about laws of the Universe and power of feminine principle within all of us regardless of our gender.

This book shocks us, awakens us, triggers us and provokes us in a profound way, in a way that changes our perception of cycles and nature, changes our perception of us as human beings, changes our perception of being a man and a woman. This text discloses ancient knowledge about the power and influence of the Moon, information that changes our DNA as we read it, that awakens dormant codes within us that were under the spell for many centuries.

The Moon and the Sacred Feminine book invites us into the deepest mysteries of life, mysticism and rituals of Goddesses. It reminds us of the power of blood within us, that most sacred liquid that makes us alive. It reminds us of the power of the Great Mother, the power of the triple Goddess who lives within us and in all that exists around us. This book is about you and me, us and them, man and woman, Mother Nature and us as her children.

The intention behind writing this book is to raise the awareness of the importance of our roles as men and women in this world, in this reality, under these physical and universal laws and rules. We have a responsibility towards Mother Nature and towards the Universe to be who we are supposed to be and my intention is to bring back these memories, to awaken this knowledge of natural wisdom instead of staying programmed by artificial knowledge and lies that we’ve been told about our true origin and nature.

E-Book & Audiobook Paperback
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This book is written to recover & to heal the woman in each of us regardless of our gender because when she in us is distorted, the man in us is also distorted.

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This book is written to help woman to reconnect with her true power and to start appreciating and valuing her menstrual cycle her feminine nature, her bleeding...

Because this is where the great wisdom of Mother Nature is hidden and each woman carries this wisdom and has a potential to directly connect with the power of the Universe. This book reveals many secrets that have been hidden from us people in order to keep us ignorant and disempowered, so my greatest intention is to bring back that power in each of us and to raise the frequency of being a human being, to help men and women to see their connection with the Moon, the stars, the planets, the rhythms and cycles, to help them recognise their Divine nature and origin and to rise above the programmed beliefs, to rise above limited perceptions.

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This book is something that every woman needs to read in order to heal her connection with herself, with her feminine nature, her menstrual cycle, her role of a girl, woman, daughter, sister, mother, spouse and grandmother.

This book is written to help heal all of these roles and to help each woman to understand the real power of man and woman instead of being at war with men. I wrote this book with the intention to bring back the true connection between masculine and feminine principles within each of us and to bring back the true connection between men and women. There is a war going on between them instead of fusion, love and understanding and this book is written to help women forgive, to help men forgive, to help women understand their nature which is wild, powerful, untamed and which keeps the wisdom safe within them through millennia. I wrote this book to help you wake up, to help you love yourself, to help you grow and to help you remember your power, your glory, your wisdom, your origin. Let’s wake up!

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What is inside of The Moon & The Sacred Feminine book? And why it is so powerful..

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

The Moon and Mythology

Chapter 2

Triple Goddess and the Moon

Chapter 3

Dark Goddess of the Moon: The Crone

Chapter 4

The Trinity of Existence

Chapter 5

Facing the Feminine Shadow

Chapter 6

Woman and Death: Natural Cycle

Chapter 7

Hekate: Three-Faced Moon Goddess

Chapter 8

Persephone (the Daughter) and Demeter (the Mother) Archetypes and Mythology

Chapter 9

Cycles of Venus, Her Sacred Path and Her Pentagram

Chapter 10

The Eleusinian Mysteries

Chapter 11

Purusha, Prakriti and the Three Gunas

Chapter 12

The Long-Forgotten Tale of Menstrual Blood and Cycles

Chapter 13

Healing the Wounded Feminine

Chapter 14

The Moon Lodge and Menstrual Cycle

Chapter 15

The Moon Archetype, the Mother and the Child, the Cradle of Life and Herstory

Chapter 16

The Four Seasons and Menstrual Cycle

Chapter 17

Menstruation: Access to the Depths of the Soul

Chapter 18

Practical Advice and Guidance Through the Cycle of Bleeding

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was $37.00


$16 OFF
E-Book & Audiobook Paperback


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