Full Moon Magick

Celebrating the Magic of Life & Blossoming with the Energy of Full Moons

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Full Moons have enchanted and fascinated humans since the beginning of time.

The unexplainable mystery of the neverending waxing and waning of the Queen of the night sky was once considered both a miracle and a blessing. We have all been bewitched by her timeless beauty. Ruler of the ocean tides and our emotional state, her movements around the Earth undoubtedly reflect changes in our mood, our sleeping cycle, and the timing of important events.

In Full Moon Magick we dive deep into the mystery of Full Moons, their meaning for ancient civilizations, the ceremonies to honor and celebrate them. We explore the significance of the Full Moon in each Zodiac sign and suggest to you rituals, crystals, essential oils, and many other ways to connect with the energy of the twelve signs and the four elements.

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Allow yourself to remember the wisdom that is already within you.

Full Moons often allow us to become aware of something that was previously unclear, and illuminate what we need to address at a specific moment of our lives. They represent the peak phase of the lunar cycle, and the days surrounding these cosmic events tend to be energetically and emotionally intense. Our book can be a tool to help you navigate these shifts more consciously, understand and align with the energies at play, and allow yourself to remember the wisdom that is already within you.

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What is inside of Full Moon Magick book? And why it is so powerful..

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

What Is a Full Moon and What Energy Does It Bring?

Chapter 2

The History of Full Moons and Their Meanings for Ancient Civilizations

Chapter 3

Ancient Rituals and Ceremonies to Celebrate the Full Moon

Chapter 4

Full Moons in Northern Hemisphere: Native American Beliefs and Celebrations

Chapter 5

Full Moons in Southern Hemisphere: Aboriginal Beliefs and Celebrations

Chapter 6

Types of Full Moons, Their Meanings and Origins

  • January: The Wolf Moon
  • February: The Snow Moon
  • March: The Worm Moon
  • April: The Pink Moon
  • May: The Flower Moon
  • June: The Strawberry Moon
  • July: The Buck Moon
  • August: The Sturgeon Moon
  • September: The Corn Moon or Harvest Moon
  • October: The Hunter’s Moon or Harvest Moon
  • November: The Beaver Moon
  • December: The Cold Moon
  • Supermoons and Blue Moons

Chapter 7

Full Moon Through the Signs

  • Full Moon in Aries
  • Full Moon in Taurus
  • Full Moon in Gemini
  • Full Moon in Cancer
  • Full Moon in Leo
  • Full Moon in Virgo
  • Full Moon in Libra
  • Full Moon in Scorpio
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Full Moon in Aquarius
  • Full Moon in Pisces

Chapter 8

Crystals and the Full Moon

  • More Crystals to Work with on Any of the Full Moons
  • Preparation of Crystal Water and How to Use it

Chapter 9

Essential Oils and the Full Moon

  • More Essential Oils to Work with on any of the Full Moons
  • Essential Oil Blending Tips

Chapter 10

Full Moon Rituals

  • Preparation of Moon Water and How to Use It
  • Full Moon Cleansing Ritual Bath with Water Element
  • Full Moon Purification Ritual with Fire Element
  • Full Moon Cords Cutting Ritual with Fire Element
  • Full Moon Release Ritual with Essential Oils – Air Element
  • Full Moon Release and Manifestation Ritual with Earth Element
  • Full Moon Magick
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