Mercury Retrograde

The True Meaning


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Uncovering the wide spread delusion, why we should love it, it's symbolism, and how to harness this energy.

Mercury goes retrograde three times during the year, sometimes even four, it is the fastest planet and it goes into a retrograde motion more often than other planets. When the planet goes retrograde it doesn’t mean that the planet actually changes direction and goes backwards, but from our perspective from Earth it appears that way, it is an optical illusion but it doesn’t mean that the influence of the retrograde planet is not real.

There is a retroshade period of every retrograde planet and Mercury has its shadow period before and after the retrograde phase. This time is called stationary direct and it starts approximately two weeks before the Mercury actually enters into retrograde motion, this is pre-retrograde shadow. When the retrograde phase is over Mercury enters into a post-retrograde shadow period which also lasts two weeks. We can start feeling effects of Mercury retrograde as soon as it enters pre-retrograde shadow period, and we won’t feel the effects gone as soon as it starts moving direct because it happens gradually, we have to go through post-retrograde shadow period where we can feel the effects being less and less active.

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Mercury helps us to illuminate our minds.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it is never further than 28 degrees away from it. Mercury is the Sun’s eternal companion, and the Sun represents our will, wisdom, illumination, Christ consciousness. Mercury always assists the Sun and he evokes the souls, he guides the souls to the underworld and takes them out of the underworld as well. Mercury’s wings can ascend us to the Sun, not the physical Sun, but our inner Sun, our consciousness, our inner light.

Mercury rules our mind too and reminds us that mind is a converter of higher energies, mind allows us to be conscious beings. We have to illuminate our minds which would be impossible without Mercury and its influence. As a constant assistant and helper of the Sun, it shows us the way towards the illumination.

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What is inside of Mercury Retrograde the true meaning book? And how it will change your perspective..

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

The Symbolic Meaning Behind The Mercury Retrograde

Chapter 2

Mercury Retrograde Delusions And What We Have Been Told About Them

Chapter 3

What Frustrates Us Heals Us

Chapter 4

The True Message And Role Of Mercury Retrograde

Chapter 5

How To Survive and Thrive through Mercury Retrograde

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