Crystal Pyrite
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crystal icon Pyrite



The Crystal of Inner Spark

Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Fire element Fire
Earth element Earth
Sun planet Sun
Root Solar Plexus
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Pyrite Guided Meditation

Our guided Pyrite meditation takes you on a transformative subconscious journey to clear the blocks along your path to abundance & light your inner spark.

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Crystal Pyrite Message Background
Crystal Pyrite Frame

The message

Pyrite’s Message To You:

They may call me “fool’s gold”
but it’s healing wisdom I hold
to help you shine & be bold
& watch a brilliant life unfold

I help you bring your ideas to life
sparking your creativity & drive
moving you forward past the strife
so you can see yourself thrive

Grounding you into your power
where confidence doesn’t cower
past patterns crumble like a tower
as you grow more empowered

Attainment becomes natural
when your mind is clear & rational
you see abundance as factual
combining intuition with what’s practical

You are golden within my protection
You are wise with my discretion
You see your strength in my reflection
You are supported by divine connection



Pyrite helps you to…

  • Find your personal power
  • Create forward momentum
  • Manifest your dreams
Crystal Pyrite Story Background
Crystal Pyrite Story

The Story of Pyrite

Born where the golden rays of the sun meet the earth, pyrite is named after the Greek word for fire, “pyr”, and means the “stone which strikes fire.” When you strike pyrite against metal or another hard surface, it creates a spark, and it was actually one of the first tools early humans used to create fire. This spark is also what’s created within your internal being, within your eternal soul, when you work with pyrite on a metaphysical level.

Pyrite can be found in over 20 different formations, which is far more structural variety than any other mineral on Earth. This creative adaptability is part of its energetic signature, and what’s able to spark creative ideas within you and spark you into taking action on them. These small sparks are what light the flames of your natural drive, motivation, and willpower, creating the internal fire needed to fuel you swiftly toward manifesting your dreams.

This strong, golden stone provides an energetic container for your creative expression, to help you channel it towards your gifts, talents, and instincts so you can bring your intentions to life. Pyrite’s strength and internal structure focus and concentrate the mind, bringing more order and organization into your life, helping you stay disciplined and always moving forward. It helps you create the structure and support needed for your inner fire to stay steadily burning, no matter what storms life blows in.

Pyrite’s shimmering surface acts like a protective shield, bouncing any harmful, dense, or unwanted energies away from your aura and busting through belief systems and subconscious blocks keeping you stuck in harmful patterns. It blocks out external noise from the mind and other people’s emotional energy so you can focus on your own soul’s guidance and what you want to create. It will help you stay grounded and diligent towards your goals, empowering you to move forward with courage, no matter the fears that lie ahead, so you can truly transform your life.

This reflective stone’s golden glimmer is incredibly attractive, drawing people towards it. It has the same effect on you energetically, enhancing your own personal confidence and inner glow, helping you attract all the right people, opportunities, ideas, and pathways forward to lead you to your most abundant and shining life!

Crystal Pyrite Property Background

Pyrite Healing Properties

Element Fire


Quite literally a stone that can create fire, pyrite holds the energy of creativity, transformation, and forward momentum. It brings light, warmth, and vitality to the mind, body, and soul, lighting your inner hearth to help you stay dedicated, focused, and inspired by your soul’s creative drive and all the potential you hold.

Pyrite’s fire energy is contained, it has a stable base to burn with ample fuel to see you through the dark, cold nights. It feels extremely supportive, encouraging, and engaging, nudging you out of the dark, into the light so you can shine your gifts and talents with the world.

It sparks ideas, insights, and instinctual action. It helps you burn through the past, breaking down old patterns, cycles, stories, and belief systems to rebuild new structures from which you can create the life of your dreams with confidence, courage, and natural motivation to fuel you forward.

Element Earth


Pyrite takes all that fire energy of creative imagination and divine inspiration and grounds it down into the earth, into actual, tangible creation and real-world abundance. It translates new belief systems into practical actions and the initiation of change. It’s the perfect stone to help you manifest all those ideas and insights you have in physical form.

It helps you create more focus and concentration on your goals, and put in the diligent effort required to make them happen. It brings in the structure, support, and organization you need in your routines, mindset, and daily life to help you create discipline and achieve what the fire of your soul desires.

The fire element feeds and nurtures the earth element, so pyrite’s fire qualities help to enrich the qualities of earth in your life- your stability, strength, foundation, and dedication. In traditional Chinese Medicine, the earth element rules the digestive system, and pyrite helps with “digesting” your unprocessed emotions so to speak, so you can feel grounded, find your center, and cultivate inner and outer security.

Chakra Root


Pyrite’s earth qualities and strong association with the physical world link it to the root chakra, the foundation of our very existence. The root is where your instincts and unconscious behaviors lie, it’s the base of who you are, your sense of home, belonging, strength, support, and ability to survive.

Pyrite is extremely nurturing to all these elements in your life, helping you connect with a strong sense of your own strength and create the physical structures, organization, routines, and other forms of support needed in your life to help you not only survive but actually thrive.

It’s also a beautiful stone to help you bust through the unconscious fears and conditioning that can be found in your root chakra from childhood. Its empowering and strengthening qualities help you walk forward right through those fears and tap into the innate instincts and intelligence that your body holds.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is where we hold the light of our soul and express it outwardly into the world. It’s where we take action from and where we gather motivation, willpower, and an ability to move forward towards a goal or idea. Pyrite sparks up this beautiful light within you helping you harness your personal power and shine your gifts out into the world.

Our inner confidence also lives here in the solar plexus and it can often be dimmed by  self-doubt, worries, fears, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Pyrite’s fire energy burns right through these blocks, helping you process and heal old emotional patterns and stuck energy so you can overcome fears and bad habits and replace them with an “I can do anything” attitude.

The solar plexus is a yang chakra which means it is outwardly expressive, and pyrite enhances and balances these fiery, yang, energies within us, helping you cultivate rational thinking, discipline, ambition, and focus and use them to tap into your inner warrior and take action towards whatever you want to achieve.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Yang energy moves forward, it’s ambitious and striving, it’s very focused and directed, and it carries light that can penetrate through any darkness. It brings inspiration, rational foresight, physical power, and confidence. Yang aligns with the divine masculine energy you hold and pyrite helps support this and bring it into better balance within you.


Pyrite’s fire energy is warming which helps break up whatever’s cold, stagnant, or dense inside you. It can warm cold extremities, aids in digestive fire, sparks vitality when you feel exhausted, moves stagnant blood, and brings warmth to pain in the body. It warms the personality and sparks creative drive. Use it when you need more heat or fire physically, mentally, or emotionally.


The stable crystal structure of pyrite brings stability to every facet of your life. It can help you cultivate boundaries, support yourself, and channel your creative energy into completion, achievement, and real-world manifestations. It stabilizes emotions, brings order to chaos, grounds anxious energy, and structures what’s disorganized within you.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Pyrite is a metallic, reflective brassy yellow that glistens in the light. It often grows with gold and is often mistaken for it upon first glance, giving it it’s nickname “fool’s gold.”

It forms in large or small cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, in clusters of tiny crystals, disks, rods, treelike shapes, and many other unusual forms. It forms at all layers of the earth and its shape varies depending on the temperature and amount of iron and sulphur in a particular area.

Its shining golden tones are associated with royalty, divinity, intellect, and inspiration. Its density, relative hardness, and reflective sheen give it its grounding, empowering, and protective qualities.


This powerful stone is a combination of iron and sulfur. Iron is regenerative and nourishing, and sulfur is warming and moves energy. These speak to pyrite’s forward-moving, leave-the-past-behind energy and ability to create concrete, real-world changes and results. It also may contain bits of gold, copper, zinc, silver, nickel, and other minerals.

Pyrite has a cubic crystal structure which speaks to its ability to bring structure, containment, support, and stability into your life.

Use Pyrite When...

You’re feeling…

anxious, unsure, stuck, uninspired, lacking, out of ideas, unmotivated, confused, overwhelmed, burnt out, overly emotional, scared, worried, depressed, against the world 

You’re struggling with…

low energy, low vibes, self-doubt, procrastination, disorganization, cluttered mind or space, lack of follow through, distraction, doing too much, maintaining boundaries, self-sabotage

When you want…

confidence, ambition, inner drive, motivation, natural radiance, good luck, opportunities coming in, acheivement, to manifest wealth, abundance & all your big dreams

Crystal Pyrite Use
Crystal Pyrite Life Background

Using Pyrite in Everyday Life


One of the absolute best crystals to help you manifest your ideas into physical reality, pyrite is a golden stone of abundance and wealth on all levels. Hold it as you close your eyes and imagine yourself living your most fulfilling and abundant life, and it will help you take the concrete action steps to get you there.

It’s a beautiful stone to help you manifest financial abundance and develop a more empowering mindset around money. It’ll help you release the blocks you may have around your self-worth or ability to receive, and shake off the toxic patterns in your relationship with money. Hold or wear pyrite as you write your intentions or brainstorm ideas, and it can help open up new ways for money to come to you.

You can also create a crystal grid to manifest a specific goal by writing your intention down on paper and then placing pyrite on top of it with clear quartz surrounding, or any other stones that call to you for whatever you specifically want to manifest. You can wear or have pyrite near when you’re taking action on your goals and keep a small piece in your wallet or wherever you interact with your money to call in financial abundance.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

The strength of pyrite helps you establish important boundaries in your relationships, protects your energy so others can’t drain it from you, and helps you honor and protect your own wants and needs.

It’s a great stone to help you stay in your personal power and integrity in relationships, so you don’t dissolve into or become consumed by another. If you’re feeling too codependent, powerless, or like a pushover, pyrite will help you securely stand your ground and say no when you need to. It helps you trust and honor the innate spark within you to guide you forward, rather than anyone else’s opinions, perceptions, or expectations.

Pyrite can also strengthen existing relationships by helping you tap into your own internal strength, passion, and drive for life, so you can better support those you love and share your light, enthusiasm, and ideas proudly with them. It can help you move past any fears or doubts that keep you from taking action in your relationships or making the first move.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

As a solar stone that helps you tap into and express your light, pyrite is a helpful tool in your shadow work journey. Use it to bust through any patterns of lack, doubt, victimhood, or self-sabotage. Hold or wear it as you’re journaling or self-reflecting to help you open up new pathways out of the darkness that you may not have considered before.

When the obstacles and barriers along your path feel great and it seems like you keep getting stuck or just can’t make any headway forward in life, pyrite is the stone to help you gain inner confidence and courageously walk right through your perceived fears and blocks to see that everything you’ve been looking for is right on the other side.

When you feel intensely emotional and out of control, pyrite helps you pull in the reigns, come back to your strong internal center, and reorient to a more rational, positive perspective that’s open to options, possibilities, and new perceptions of your past experiences.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

This iron-rich stone is a beautiful physical healer that boosts your overall physical energy, vitality, stamina, and strength. Reach for it when you feel lethargic, fatigued, weak, or burnt out, and pyrite’s internal fire will boost your own.

It’s especially helpful for digestive, circulatory, and respiratory conditions- wherever there’s stuck, toxic, or dense energy in your body that’s not moving though, pyrite warms and breaks it up, clearing it out, getting it moving again. It’s also helpful for reducing fever or sharp pains, especially those that feel worse in cold weather.

Place it on the center of the chest to help relieve anxiety and shortness of breath, or when you have a cold to break up stagnation and help you expel the gunk. You can also massage areas of pain on the body with pyrite to warm them and loosen them up. Use pyrite on the body for short periods of time as it can rust interacting with sweat.

Self Care
Self Care

Pyrite will help you get into gear and take action on your self-care goals and make time to dedicate to your own wellbeing. Hold or wear it while you’re organizing your schedule, planning out your days, or thinking about the future.

It’s especially beneficial to help you create more work/life balance and make sure you’re protecting your own vital energy and saving some of it to fuel your personal fulfillment. It can also give you more strength, concentration, and focus towards your fitness goals or in establishing more healthy daily routines in life.

It’s the stone to choose when you need help staying disciplined toward your goals and moving forward through the obstacles, excuses, beliefs, and behaviors that may have kept you stuck in the past.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

As a lower chakra stone, pyrite sparks the intuition of your body and the internal flame of your soul. It helps burn off the noise, programming, and conditioning of the mind to help you open to clear, ordered, non-distracted thinking and hone in on your true desires, motivations, and what you’re instinctively drawn toward.

Work with it to increase your connection with divine intelligence. It taps you back into the natural wisdom you carry with you in your bones, and increases your gut knowing of when to sit back and when to act. Pyrite helps you get out of your head to allow your body to move you into action when the time is right.

Any reflective stone helps you reflect on yourself, and pyrite brings its glimmering reflection to the light and gifts you hold within you to help you see your potential and all the divine abundance that is already within you and all around you.


Pyrite is a beautiful stone to meditate with around the themes of abundance and self-worth. It can clear and organize your mind, spark beautiful divine ideas and insights, and help you ground into your body.

Sit with it in meditation to help you envision your most abundant life and get clear on the next step you need to take to get where you want to go.

🌞 Our guided Pyrite meditation takes you on a transformative subconscious journey to clear the blocks along your path to abundance & light your inner spark. 💥

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Pyrite Guided Meditation

Our guided Pyrite meditation takes you on a transformative subconscious journey to clear the blocks along your path to abundance & light your inner spark.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Pyrite Connection Background

Pyrite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Pyrite increases Virgoan logic, ordered thinking, and organization, helping you find more discipline and discernment to use in creating the everyday life of your dreams. It can help you get out of analysis paralysis, self-doubt, and focusing on what’s wrong so you can move forward and just do the darn thing already.


The fire of pyrite sparks Leo-style creativity, courage, and passion, encouraging you to shine your light and share your gifts with the world. It brings structure and stability to ground and temper the wild expressiveness of Leo so that it can be funneled into organized thought, completed projects, and manifested dreams.

The Sun

A stone of the Sun, pyrite has bold, expressive energy that helps you harness your confidence, charisma, and gifts, to focus on what’s positive, and always move towards the light. It brings well-being, wealth, happiness, joy, and warmth into your life, helping you move past dark thoughts and toxic patterns and align with your purpose in life.

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Fire Worshipper 

Phase 238, Capricorn 13*

This symbol is all about embracing the fire within you- the creativity, passion, and drive that can transform your life, move you forward, and act as an expression of your soul. A fire worshipper honors the fire of the material world as well, its gifts of light, warmth, and transformation, all of which pyrite possesses.

This is the perfect symbol for the “stone that strikes fire” as it helps you not only spark your fire within, but also maintain it, contain it, and feed it fuel so that it burns long and strong to see you through to the fulfillment of your creative desires.

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents the manifestation of abundance, success, and security. He’s wealthy and generous, a beautiful protector and provider, his whole kingdom is flourishing. He gained his prosperity through diligent effort, follow through, and putting in the practical work required to achieve success. He’s stable, dependable, and encourages you to enjoy and share the gifts of your abundance. Pyrite holds the same protective and empowering energy of this grounded King of the earth and his perfect balance between intellect and instinct.

The Chariot

Pyrite’s forward-moving qualities that can burst through any obstacle feel like the energy of the Chariot card, which is about controlling opposing forces, harnessing your internal power, and charging forward towards your goals. It’s a card that connotes willpower, momentum, motivation, determination, and ambition, all those attributes pyrite sparks within you. The Chariot implies taking action with boldness, but not rashly- it’s about using a grounded, structured approach towards accomplishment, which is just what pyrite helps you do.

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


A horse is a symbol of physical strength, vitality, and a powerful inner drive to move forward. This driving force can be felt in pyrite, as it spurs you to keep going, right through your fear, jumping over obstacles, to find the path forward, always.

Horses represent the strong, masculine energy that fuels us towards fulfilling our desires and pursuing our goals. They also hold a unique balance between controlled, domesticated behavior and the wild instinct that lives in their hearts, which is the same sort of center of balance between intellect and intuition that pyrite helps us tap into.

Galloping horses carry the energy of freedom and success, unleashed expression, going after what you want, and seeing things through. Pyrite helps you harness this immense power you hold within you to take action on your goals and not stop until you reach your destination.

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Pyrite Varieties

There is really only one variety of pyrite, but it’s available in many different formations that can affect its energetic qualities very slightly- a few notable ones are:

Pyrite Cube

A perfect cube is something that rarely exists in nature, but pyrite occasionally grows in this form which is the perfect choice when you’re really looking to create more structure and stability in your life and have specific goals around that.

Pyrite Sun

Very rarely, pyrite forms in large, flat disc shapes called “suns” which are created when it’s trapped under great pressure from both sides and forms in the path of least resistance- a flat disc. Choose this shape when you’re feeling under immense pressure yourself and need to activate your inner sun.


This stone has the same chemical structure as pyrite but it crystallizes differently, so is technically considered a different mineral, but it’s often mistaken for pyrite and each stone can be found mislabeled as the other occasionally.

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Pyrite + Magnetite

Pair with magnetite to magnetize all your desires towards you & increase focus and dedication even more to reach your big goals faster. There’s a stone called “Healer’s Gold” that’s a rare natural blend of these two powerhouse crystals.

Pyrite + Lapis Lazuli

Pair with lapis lazuli to increase your psychic perceptions and awareness and help bring your inner visions to life. Pyrite is a natural inclusion in lapis and works beautifully to ground its highly spiritual energy into physical reality.

Pyrite + Aventurine

Pair with aventurine to increase your good luck and opportunities, help you stay optimistic and positive along your path, and achieve your goals with joy in your heart!

Crystal Pyrite Connection Item
Crystal Pyrite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Pyrite

As a stone of fire and earth, placing pyrite outside on the grass or dirt under the light of the sun is the absolute best way to both cleanse and recharge its vital energies. You can also place it on a sunny windowsill for a few hours or in the soil of a potted plant to cleanse it. You can also charge it back up after cleansing with a clear quartz point or cluster.

Pyrite can rust or decay when exposed to moisture, so don’t leave it in your steamy bathroom while you shower or outside in the rain or dew. You also may not want to wear pyrite jewelry against the skin for extended periods of time, as sweat can have the same effect on it.

Its fast-acting, fiery energy makes it better to use for acute and specific purposes rather than over the long term.

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  • I was guided to this crystal recently and I have to say, I had a great day with my mindset. Felt like I was finally seeing my way forward. I have so much to do, so much I want to do, however, with a cluttered mind, this is a challenge. Thank you so much for your clarity of the amazing Pyrite.

    • That’s awesome Angela, keep working with it when you need it, it’s excellent for concentration and making things happen!

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