Crystal Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis Lazuli

The Crystal of Integral Truth

Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Air element Air
Jupiter planet Jupiter
Throat Third Eye
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Lapis Lazuli Guided Meditation

Our guided lapis lazuli meditation takes you on a cosmic journey to expand your awareness, deepen your self-knowledge & help you gain a clear vision of your true purpose.

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The message

Lapis Lazuli’s Message To You:

Your soul runs deeper & wider than the rivers
Your consciousness, as eternal as the stars
You came into this body with a purpose
& it’s my great honor to reveal it to you

I sharpen your inner vision so you can
see yourself
I expand & hone your mind so you can
know yourself
I bring truth to the surface so you can
express yourself
I heighten your intuition so you can
trust yourself

You are divinely equipped
a creation of cosmic intelligence
with a unique voice & vision
that the world needs now

I can help you walk with integrity
towards your true destiny
& bring your highest visions into reality




Lapis Lazuli helps you to…

  • Connect with cosmic wisdom
  • Bring visions to life
  • Speak your truth
Crystal Lapis Lazuli Story Background
Crystal Lapis Lazuli Story

The Story of Lapis Lazuli

Born where the heavens meet the earth, lapis lazuli is a celestial blue stone that brings visions to life. Scattered with flecks of golden glitter like stars and milky white swirls like galaxies, this gorgeous stone invites you to enter the universe within yourself to find the answers you seek.

One of the most prized and revered gemstones of the ancient world, lapis lazuli is a symbol of royalty and divinity, an emblem of truth and power. It was used in almost every facet of daily life in Ancient Egypt, from art and jewelry to make-up and medicinal elixirs, and was buried amongst kings and queens.

From its use in Ancient Sumer to Mesopotamia, China, Rome, and Greece, lapis has a timeless relationship with humanity that stretches eons in either direction, connecting us with both the wisdom of our ancient knowledge and the highest vision for our future.

The powdered pigment of lapis lazuli, called ultramarine, was highly coveted and expensive, considered more precious than gold during the Renaissance. The depth of its royal blue hue was thought to capture the immensity of the heavens and was used in some of the most significant art pieces of the time, from the celestial skies of the Sistine Chapel to the divine robes of the Virgin Mary.

Lapis lazuli holds the essence of the cosmic realms with a strong connection to supernatural forces and expanded vision. It brings higher consciousness down into the body, into the seat of the soul and ego, helping you see with a clear vision and speak your truth to bring your highest potential into reality.

Protective and powerful, this is a stone that has long been used to ward off dark energy, often being carved into the form of an “evil eye.” It has a cleansing effect on the mind, releasing the veils of conditioning that cloud the truth to reveal your inner wisdom, enhancing mental discernment and psychic vision.

The perfect stone for seekers who are yearning to truly know themselves and find out the answers to all of life’s big questions, lapis is an awakener of your divine potential to help you see yourself and your purpose more clearly, and step into self-actualization as the confident creator of your life.

Let’s dig deeper into all the magic that Lapis lazuli holds and how you can use it to benefit your everyday life.

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Property Background

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

Element Wind



The air element is associated with the mental realms of thought and perception, but wind is the air in movement, making lapis lazuli a stone that moves thought and shifts awareness, sweeping in new ideas, perspectives and wisdom.

Like a breeze that blows away confusion and fog from the mind, lapis instills clarity, focus, and a widened perception. It helps you gain an eagle-eye view of your life, your purpose, your past, and your future, allowing you to soar through the winds of change with heightened awareness.

Wind is connected to the breath, and lapis activates and enhances the flow of breath within you helping you speak up and express yourself truthfully, release anxiety and confusion, and breathe in all the abundance and sweetness that life has to offer.

The element of wind brings transformation and lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone to carry with you when you’re in the midst of big awakenings and revelations in life. It helps you let go of what’s no longer nourishing you or helping you grow, like a tree in autumn losing its leaves, clearing space for the creation of what’s new to rise within you.

Chakra Throat


Lapis lazuli resonates with the essence of truth, and truth is expressed through the throat chakra. When you’re feeling pressured, stifled, or blocked, like you have to bite your tongue, or aren’t even sure what your personal truth is because it’s so clouded with other people’s ideas and expectations, lapis acts like a lightning bolt of clarity allowing you to see the truth of who you are, to step into it, and express it in your life.

Empowering and freeing for the throat chakra, this blue beauty connects you with your authentic voice, the voice of your higher wisdom and ancient knowing, the voice of your soul. It helps you express your thoughts and emotions more clearly, to speak with conviction and confidence.

Lapis grounds your creative expression onto the earthly plain, reminding you to choose your words more carefully, consciously, as you begin to see more clearly how you can speak your reality into being. You are the creator of your life, and this is a stone that aligns you back with the truth of what you came to this earth to create.

Wear it on the neck to bring more balance, flow, and ease to your communication and also to help regulate the thyroid gland.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

A beautiful stone for the mind, lapis lazuli strengthens your inner vision and helps you access the deepest wisdom you hold within. It’s a cleanser and amplifier for the third eye chakra that aids in releasing mental clutter, anxiety, and overwhelm so you can hone in on a crystal-clear vision of who you are and what you’re here for.

This is a stone that shares a deep and wide vision for your life, that will not let you rest on your laurels or safe in your comfort zone. It knows the higher purpose you’re here for, the ancestral magic you hold, and the echoes of your soul’s long lineage, and its purpose here is really to connect you back to your own.

Lapis brings clarity, insight, and ahas, strengthening your clairvoyance, concentration, and memory. It opens the mind’s channels to your highest self, bringing the gems of wisdom that have been lying in the dark of your unconscious to the light of your awareness, so you can see the truth of your magic and potential.

Lapis lazuli is one of the best stones to have by your side as you develop your intuition. It will point your internal compass back to your true north, orienting you to your integral truth, and helping you shed all the patterns, blocks, layers of conditioning, and false beliefs that have been clouding your view of how powerful you really are.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Balancing for the mind, body, and spirit, lapis lazuli lifts low energy up, raising consciousness and awareness, heightening compassion and clarity, and soothing confusion and chaos. It brings order and harmony, grounding higher energies to the physical plane.


Lapis lazuli has cooling energy that benefits conditions or emotions where heat rises, such as high blood pressure, fever, anger, or frustration. This cooling quality helps excess heat descend and disperse from the body & emotions when necessary.


A very nourishing stone, lapis invigorates blood in the liver allowing it to move more freely to the heart. This frees stuck emotions and fills the heart with a sense of “enoughness”, like you have enough and are enough, exactly as you are.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Lapis Lazuli is most often found in a rich, royal blue with flecks of gold and sometimes patches of white. It can range from deep violet-blue to light or turquoise blue though.

*Note: Sometimes what’s sold as lapis is actually another stone dyed blue, so look for the shimmering inclusions of golden pyrite for a clue that it’s the real thing.

Blue symbolizes renewal and healing, truth and freedom of expression. Deep blue connotes diving into the depths of your awareness and unearthing new wisdom. And the golden sparkles bring in a divine connection of the highest vibration.


Lapis lazuli is made up of a mix of many different crystal varieties, which technically makes it a rock! A most magical rock indeed. The vibrant royal blue at its base is either a crystal called lazurite, or its more translucent cousin, hauyne.

These blue crystals combine with many others including pyrite (which provides the flecks of gold found within it) and calcite (which is often the white matrix its found in) along with sodalite, diopside, mica, and other minerals to create the uniquely beautiful stone we call lapis lazuli.

Its formation carries many different crystal structures within it, making it “amorphous” and able to support us through all the shifting and changing we do in our own lives.

Use Lapis Lazuli When...

You’re feeling…

stressed, scatterbrained, anxious, depressed, avoidant, withdrawn, overemotional, awkward, uncertain, aggressive, frustrated, angry

You’re struggling with…

commitment, analysis paralysis, finishing tasks, staying focused, low self-worth, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, communicating clearly 

When you want…

speak freely, channel higher wisdom, focus your mind, gain perspective, calm fiery emotions, express your truth, deepen communication, get clear on your vision



Crystal Lapis Lazuli Use
Crystal Lapis Lazuli Life Background

Using Lapis Lazuli in Everyday Life


Lapis lazuli is a powerful manifestation stone that amplifies thoughts and increases the power of the spoken word. Long associated with wealth and prosperity, it helps you sharpen your vision for what you want to create and then manifest it into reality.

Use it to set intentions around having enough in life and feeling like you’re worthy enough to deserve all your desires and dreams. Lapis helps open the gateways to your inner truth so you can step into your power, recognize your worth, and confidently speak your vision into creation.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Lapis is a great stone to bring clear and honest communication into all your relationships. It heightens compassion and encourages the expression of suppressed emotions, helping keep the emotional air clear to ease authentic communication from the heart. It’s a stone that increases harmonious bonding and connection.

It also helps you be more committed in all your relationships- with others, with your work, and with yourself. For people who have trouble committing or seeing things through, that are always looking for the next new thing, new person, or new adventure, lapis helps you stay focused and committed to the things that are the most meaningful to you.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Lapis is a beautiful stone to have with you along your journey of self-knowledge and seeking the truth within yourself. It breaks through mental cobwebs and conditioning that have perpetuated misbeliefs, guiding you ever-steadily back to honoring the integrity of your soul.

It helps you discover where you’ve been living inauthentically, where you’re not aligned with your purpose, your power, or your creative passion. It helps you become more aware of your subconscious beliefs and patterns, where you’ve been limiting yourself, sabotaging yourself, and where you have room to grow.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

If you’re looking to heighten or develop your visualization skills or clairvoyance, lapis lazuli is an excellent stone to work with. Its powerful connection to the mind’s eye sharpens your mental screen so you can better discern messages and omens from spirit, and receive clairvoyant visions in direct response to your questions and curiosities. It also helps ground & protect your energy field while you’re working with your psychic senses.

It’s a high-consciousness stone that expands your awareness into the etheric realms helping you communicate with all the subtle energies within and around you. This makes it excellent to use during astral travel, remote viewing, or distance energy healing. You can also use it to dive into the wisdom of your ancestors and past lives, or explore your Akashic records, to discover your deepest soul lessons and reclaim your innate knowledge.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Lapis enhances dreamwork and spiritual travel so you can explore greater heights and dive into deeper depths within your own psyche while you sleep. Its calming effect on the mind also helps relieve insomnia and quiet the spinning thoughts so you can drift off to dreamland more easily.

Try setting an intention or asking about a situation you’d like help or advice around before bed- speak it into your lapis stone, and then place it under your pillow. It can bring messages, visions, guidance, and prophetic wisdom into your dreams to help you see more clearly what steps to take in your waking life.


An expansive and insightful stone to sit with in meditation, lapis will help clear and focus your mind, deepen your inner journey, and enhance your ability to visualize and play in your imagination.

Lay down with a lapis stone on your third eye to enhance your visualizations and connect with your highest consciousness. You can also sit comfortably and simply hold lapis while you meditate, placing your awareness on the stone. Or rest your feet on top of one to ground into your body and nourish your sense of self-worth.

🧿 Our guided lapis lazuli meditation takes you on a cosmic journey to expand your awareness, deepen your self-knowledge & help you gain a clear vision of your true purpose. 💎 

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Lapis Lazuli Guided Meditation

Our guided lapis lazuli meditation takes you on a cosmic journey to expand your awareness, deepen your self-knowledge & help you gain a clear vision of your true purpose.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Background

Lapis Lazuli Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Lapis lazuli expands your vision and awareness of what’s possible and of who you truly are. It’s a stone for seekers, for the curious ones, who are ready to dive into the library of wisdom they hold within their own soul. This is so aligned with the Sagittarian thirst for knowledge, their cosmic awareness, and their ability to see a wider perspective.


A stone of truth and purity, beauty and justice, and upholding your highest values, lapis resonates with those Libran energies and helps us come back into harmonic balance within ourselves. It calms an anxious mind, helps crystallize your decisions, and heightens your intuitive discernment and intelligence.


The planet of expansion, growth, and abundance resonates with the energies that lapis lazuli brings to your life. It expands your sense of yourself and what you’re worth, connecting you to your authentic truth which helps magnetize prosperity and blessings to your life. It’s a stone to help you grow and enjoy this life as the creator you are!

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

The Pyramids and The Sphinx

Phase 254, Sagittarius 14*

Bring this image to mind of the Great Pyramids and The Sphinx in Egypt. Imagine it in ancient times, full of mysticism and magic. Feel into the power and wisdom the pyramids hold and their connection to the golden sands below, and the cosmos above.

This describes the energy that Lapis Lazuli brings, a connected and expanded awareness of your purpose on earth, and your place in the cosmos.

This symbol is about ancient history and mystery, your connection to the past, and decoding the inner realm of your integral truth.

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Item
Tarot Card

The High Priestess

Lapis lazuli, as a mystical stone of self-knowledge, inner journeying, and clairvoyant insight, is right in line with the energies of The High Priestess. This is a card about seeking within oneself for the answers, diving into the depths of your own inner wisdom, and trusting in the awareness that arises from within you. Lapis helps connect you to the truth within.

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Item
Spirit Animal


One of the most revered animals of ancient Egypt, cats symbolize independence, confidence, and intelligence, the same beautiful qualities that lapis enhances in us. Cats are mysterious and powerful with a tendency to get exactly what they want in life (as all cat owners can attest!) They remind us to take risks every once in a while, knowing that we’ll land on our feet, to bask in the light, receive love, and relish in all the good in life.


Dolphins are highly intelligent and intuitive beings who bring a message to trust your inherent knowing, which is exactly what lapis helps you tap into. They remind you to play, be light and free. They help you regain peace and balance in your life and to connect with all the magic that exists around and within you. They remind you to use your mind’s eye to visualize things going well, and to dream the reality you’d like to see into being.

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Lapis Lazuli + Rhodochrosite

Pair with rhodochrosite to draw that expanded, intuitive energy that lapis opens up down into your heart space, to release old wounds and gain a perspective of clarity around your heart’s needs and desires.

Lapis Lazuli + Howlite

Pair with howlite to help you slow down and reflect upon the insights lapis brings, and to help you have patience with yourself and others as you gain more clarity and step into your truth.

Lapis Lazuli + Chrysocolla

Pair with chrysocolla for an added dose of goddess energy, to help you feel regenerated and strong, with an open heart and the voice to speak your truth with compassion and grounded awareness.

Crystal Lapis Lazuli Connection Item
Crystal Lapis Lazuli Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Lapis Lazuli

The best way to cleanse your lapis lazuli is to set it on a bed of hematite. This will draw the dense energies out of the stone and send them back into the earth, while restoring the natural calming, yin essence of the lapis. Do this once a month to keep it cleansed and ready for your use.

Another great cleansing method is to place it outside under the starlight on a new moon, allowing it to soak up all that beautiful cosmic energy from the stars and deep blue of the night sky, while also being recharged from the nurturing energy of the earth.

You can also place lapis lazuli in a bed of sea salt, or on a piece of selenite, to help it preserve and retain its energy.

Avoid cleansing in water as it can fade or rust.

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  • Beautifully written and informative article. Can you also share the attributes of physical healing? Thank you🪷

    • Thanks so much for reading! All these attributes can be applied to the physical body, ie: it’s cooling which would help calm inflammation, lower blood pressure, calm stress and nerves in the body. It’s harmonizing which would help balance the body’s systems, such as the endocrine system and adrenals… Blue stones are also great for healing the kidneys. But all things are energetic first before they hit the physical plane, so we focus on learning and working with the energetics of the crystals as that will have a beneficial effect on everything else- your physical body, emotions, and mental state.💙

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