Crystal Rhodonite
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crystal icon Rhodonite



The Crystal of Embodied Compassion

Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Earth element Earth
Fire element Fire
Venus planet Venus
Root Heart
Crystal Rhodonite Price Box Background

Rhodonite Guided Meditation

Our guided rhodonite meditation takes you on a deep journey through the chambers of your heart to clear blocks, mend old wounds & fill yourself up with the light of compassion, forgiveness & love.

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Crystal Rhodonite Message Background
Crystal Rhodonite Frame

The message

Rhodonite’s Message To You:

Deep within the chambers of your heart
you will feel the echos of my grace
the warmth of my burning passion
& the strength of my support
I will guide you back to wholeness
carving a trench for stuck emotions to flow
helping you heal and finally let go
I am a well of forgiveness to leap into,
a rope to pull you out of the dark
I hold the pink flame of compassion
to burn through your trauma & fears
and a black thread of protection
to mend the holes, cracks & tears
I bandage your wounds & repair old scars,
showing you the eternal strength of your heart



Rhodonite helps you to…

  • Repair wounds of the heart
  • Let go & forgive
  • Open to love & compassion
Crystal Rhodonite Story Background
Crystal Rhodonite Story

The Story of Rhodonite

Born through immense hydrothermal pressure, pushed into the cracks and crevices of the Earth, rhodonite forms as a seal for the holes, repairing and mending the wounds of the Earth just as it mends the wounds of our hearts.

When your internal pressure is rising, your blood is boiling, you’re moving through resentment, anger, or grief, or feeling like your heart is broken, rhodonite will be the repairer, the sealant, the band-aid for wounds that are internal and unseen. Grounding and supportive, it holds and guides you through the darkest moments of your life and the darkest corners of your inner passageways to return, always, to the light of love.

When the walls around your heart go up in self-protection from past hurt and pain you’ve experienced, you’re also walling yourself off from letting love, compassion, and grace into your life. Rhodonite can bust those walls down and create new boundaries of protection through an aura of forgiveness, self-love, and openness, to guide you forward into the world with a heart that’s open to receive all the love that exists.

This beautiful black & pink stone embodies the soothing warmth of a comforting hug, combined with the grounding energy of the Earth, acting as a bridge between your heart and root chakras. It’s a lifeline during recovery, providing solace during heartache, pain, and grief while opening you to the transformative power of forgiveness and acceptance.

Rhodonite is the embodiment of compassion, replacing criticism with understanding, patience, and forgiveness. It serves as a balm for emotional triggers and impulsive reactions, helping you navigate the world with a heart that’s more balanced and open. A beautiful companion on your self-love journey, rhodonite’s grace will guide you toward self-discovery, emotional healing, and a heart that radiates the frequency of love.

Crystal Rhodonite Property Background

Rhodonite Healing Properties

Element Fire


A stone of fire, rhodonite works to both activate and temper the fires within you, bringing you into a balance of open-hearted compassion. Warming in nature, it helps you engender more warmth in your heart and spirit, softening the hard places within you and warming up cold or resentful feelings.

Fire corresponds to the heart in Daoist Stone Medicine, which is where the fire of our passion lives. Compassion means to live “with passion”, to live inspired by the heart fire that burns within you and allow its light to lead you. Compassion is the fire that rhodonite holds.

When you feel overwhelmed or drowning in the watery sea of your emotions, or too stuck in the airy realms of the mind, rhodonite is a beautiful choice to burn off and transmute your emotions and help you come back into the grounded center within your body.

Element Earth


Rhodonite also carries powerful earth energy that helps to ground, anchor, and protect all that heart-centered fire energy that it stimulates. This makes it a powerful tool to bring you back into the present moment when your mind and emotions are scattered and is incredibly supportive when you feel like you need to cultivate strength and security within yourself.

The earth energy of rhodonite feels like a shoulder to cry on, a place to rest all your weight and lay your worries down. It stokes your connection to the heart of the Earth and integrates its regenerative, nurturing qualities into your body, pulling them up into your heart space.

It also allows the heart’s energy to move and purge through its connection to the earth, pulling out the dense, heavy, stagnant gunk of what’s sticking you in life, allowing it to drain into the ground to be used as compost for new sprouts of love to grow in your life.

Chakra Root


A beautiful stone for grounding when you feel emotionally drained or adrift at sea, rhodonite can act as a tether to bring you back to solid ground and support you through whatever pain, loss, or angst you’re moving through.

Activating for the root chakra, rhodonite extends your grounding cord down into the power, strength, and support of the earth, bringing its regenerative healing qualities into your body, restoring your health, vitality, and physical and emotional stamina so you can keep moving forward, even during times when you feel like you can’t.

It’s empowering and supportive, especially when you feel ungrounded due to emotional chaos, imbalance, or weight. It opens the portals for release and moves dense energy out, allowing your root to let go of the stagnant, heavy emotions your body is carrying, creating space for love and forgiveness to weave their way in.

Chakra Heart


Rhodonite is a remarkable healer for the heart chakra, grounding and supporting the heart’s energy through the strength of the earth. It addresses deep-seated wounds and pain lingering in the heart by clearing any blockages, stirring up and moving stagnant energy out, and replacing it with the gentle, pink light of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

A conduit of truth and acceptance, rhodonite dismantles blame, shame, and self-criticism, breaking down the heart’s walls and providing relief and support when the heart feels broken or weak through pain and grief. Its influence transforms darkness into opportunities for growth, into seeds of new light, opening the flow of the heart’s energies to bring more centeredness, acceptance, and love into your whole being.

Place rhodonite directly over the heart chakra in the center of the chest to affect healing and harmony throughout your whole body. Its energies will permeate into your heart, carrying out any toxic and dense energies through its connection to your root chakra, moving them down and out into the earth.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Rhodonite moves energy, flushing out stagnant and heavy emotions, even those long-held and buried deeply. It breaks up blood stagnation, clearing out heat, inflammation, and illness from the physical and emotional bodies. It moves what’s been stuck, what feels heavy, what needs to be released.


Beautiful for a frazzled nervous system or when you feel emotionally overwhelmed, rhodonite calms the nerves, utilizing its qualities of movement to move out the dense and scattered energy and move in more balance and strength. It’s centering and grounding when you feel fearful, lost, or like you’re about to lose it. It softens what’s hard.


A master stone for repairing what’s been broken, mending everything from broken bones to broken hearts. It heals what’s unseeable, what’s deep within us, filling in the cracks and wounds of our body and psyche with the light and strength of unconditional love. Incredibly regenerative, rhodonite works to restore your integrity, vitality, and wholeness on every level.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Rhodonite’s found in varying shades of pink and black. It can range from a delicate light pink to a deep rosy hue, often with intricate black inclusions. It can be opaque or transparent, with a vitreous or pearly luster

Black and red stones in Daoist Stone Medicine are seen to foster the connection between the kidneys and heart, which is the link between our energetic vitality and our emotional processing, making it a powerful stone for increasing emotional stability.


The pink of rhodonite is mostly a manganese silicate with a significant amount of calcium, which brings an energetically calming effect. The black inclusions are manganese oxide. Manganese supports and nourishes the heart, supporting overall immune function, calms emotional reactivity, clears heat and inflammation, and encourages bone growth, supporting our healing on the deepest levels.

Use Rhodonite When...

You’re feeling…

hurt, broken, resentful, lost, closed, over-critical, overwhelmed, stuck, guilty, ashamed, hostile, angry, frustrated, victimized, lonely, unloved, unworthy

You’re struggling with…

heartache, grief, emotional shock, trauma, letting go, acceptance, forgiveness, loss, self-worth, self-criticism, a dark night of the soul, hard times, recovery

When you want…

compassion, emotional courage, self-love, an open heart, mutual understanding, to heal the past, joy, fulfillment, restoration, nurturing, a band-aid, support

Crystal Rhodonite Use
Crystal Rhodonite Life Background

Using Rhodonite in Everyday Life


This pink and black stone grounds emotional energy into the physical earth, helping you manifest a more authentic, loving, and fulfilling life through pure intentions and emotional clarity. It fosters self-love and kind thoughts, shifting your perceptions and opening new doors in your life.

When you feel stuck in constant self-criticism or are running in mental circles, rhodonite acts as an anchor to bring you out of the chaos of the mind and reconnect you with your heart and body to guide you in grounded decision-making and problem-solving.

It’s a conduit for truth, aiding you in uncovering your authentic emotions, free from external influences, and guiding you into alignment with your heart’s desires so you can make them a tangible reality. It channels this heart energy down to your feet, empowering you to find clarity on what will truly bring you joy and fulfillment and bring those aspirations to life!

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Rhodonite is a beautiful tool for physical recovery during illness or injury. It provides pain relief as well as an optimistic outlook to help you get through any physical challenges. It’s detoxifying and revitalizing for your overall well-being, stimulating the circulatory system, bringing relief to inflammation and discomfort, and connecting you to a sense of strength and rejuvenation from within.

Rhodonite’s heart connection extends to the physical heart, enhancing blood circulation and supporting cardiac health. Place a stone at the center of the chest to support your thymus gland and respiratory health, promoting improved airflow and helping you catch your breath, especially during emotionally charged situations.

You can gently massage a rhodonite stone or wand directly onto wounds and injuries to aid in healing. It’s also proven to be beneficial in post-radiation treatments, placing the stone over the affected area. A rhodonite elixir created using the indirect method is a wonderful way to support internal health and immunity. Wearing a pendant over the chest will support the body’s entire well-being.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Rhodonite is an invaluable tool for enhancing relationships, as it promotes love, compassion, and forgiveness. It’s supportive through relationship challenges, adversity, and grief, helping sustain the flame of compassion within you, keeping you grounded and focused on nourishing love, even amidst difficulties.

This is a beautiful stone to foster understanding, patience, and empathy in all types of relationships. It encourages open communication, bringing resolution of conflicts and the deepening of emotional connection. By wearing rhodonite or placing it in shared spaces, such as the bedroom or living room, you can infuse the space with its loving and harmonizing energy.

Rhodonite offers a gentle reminder to release criticism of yourself and others, aiding in healing past wounds, fostering forgiveness, and allowing your relationships to grow and evolve.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Rhodonite is a powerful ally for shadow work as it supports the release of deep-rooted emotions, traumas, and patterns that may be blocking your personal growth. It supports you in confronting your deepest wounds, traumas, and fears, allowing you to acknowledge, heal, and integrate these aspects of yourself, guiding you toward more self-acceptance.

It brings light to the darkest corners of your psyche to find healing and resolution. Its compassionate energy helps you confront and process suppressed emotions, allowing for profound inner transformation. Rhodonite encourages self-reflection, self-acceptance, and the release of self-judgment, enabling you to embrace the totality of who you are.

Working with this loving stone helps you create a safe space for self-exploration as you break free from resentment, grudges, and hostility and open to more compassion for yourself, which extends into your relationships with everyone else.

Self Care
Self Care

Rhodonite’s warm and accepting energy makes it a beautiful self-care stone, gently guiding you into deeper self-acceptance and self-love. Use it to dispel repetitive negative thoughts and the lingering memories that haunt you, to clear room in your heart for self-forgiveness.

Wear a rhodonite bracelet or necklace, or place a tumbled stone in your pocket or bra to carry its loving energy with you throughout the day. It’ll help you ground and process your emotions as they come up, and stay in a warm field of compassion.

A heart-shaped rhodonite stone may appeal to you for doing heart-healing work and can be excellent to use as a worry stone. You can also lay down and place a rhodonite on your chest and focus on the dense emotions releasing as you’re infused with its tender, rose-hued healing light.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Sleeping with rhodonite under your pillow or by your bedside can help you access deeper levels of your subconscious and bring emotional healing as you sleep. It can enhance the clarity of the messages and insights you receive in your dreams and help you process emotions you may not be able to access during the conscious light of day.

Its energy is rejuvenating and nurturing, to help you have a regenerative and supportive sleep that nurtures the heart, immune system, and your nervous system more deeply.

Its calming influence can help your mind-gremlins quiet down so you can fall asleep faster and its grounding influence can help you get quality, restorative sleep so you wake up with less pain, fewer worries, and more love in your heart in the morning.


Rhodonite is a great stone for meditation and reflection on what’s in your heart, what it’s yearning for, and what’s weighing it down. It helps you access the deep truths and emotions held within you, clearing out pathways for new awareness to grow.

It’s grounding and centering for a mind that can’t focus on anything else but what’s wrong and what hurts, pulling you into the essential beauty and power of the present moment.

❤️‍🩹Our guided rhodonite meditation takes you on a deep journey through the chambers of your heart to clear blocks, mend old wounds & fill yourself up with the light of compassion, forgiveness & love. 💖

Crystal Rhodonite Price Box Background

Rhodonite Guided Meditation

Our guided rhodonite meditation takes you on a deep journey through the chambers of your heart to clear blocks, mend old wounds & fill yourself up with the light of compassion, forgiveness & love.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Rhodonite Connection Background

Rhodonite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


The earthy, stable, and centered energy of rhodonite resonates with Taurus, and can be helpful for Taureans who feel stuck or overwhelmed emotionally, or for anyone seeking more emotional stability, self-worth, and perseverance to move through life with.


Rhodonite’s ability to foster self-love and authentic self-expression makes it a great match for Leo energy. Leo rules the heart, which is rhodonite’s focus as it expands the depth of love you can hold as well as your courage to follow your heart’s passion.


The earth meets the heart in rhodonite and Venus embodies the supportive, material stability of the physical world, while also being the embodiment of love, beauty and pleasure. Venus energy brings the desires of the heart to life to be experienced, just as rhodonite does, and they both help grow and expand the love we carry within us.

Crystal Rhodonite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Woman Sprinkling Flowers 

Phase 41, Taurus 11*

Bring this image to your mind and the energy it connotes- it’s feminine, nurturing, connected with the earth, patient, kind, joyful, providing for your needs and the world around you, having compassion for others, wanting to see beauty bloom….

This describes the energy that rhodonite brings to your life, helping you become present, connected to your heart and the earth, to nurture yourself and your relationships with generous and authentic love.

Crystal Rhodonite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Two of Cups

This card represents love and compassion between two people, mutual respect and appreciation for one another, and the exchange of heartfelt emotion. These are all energies that rhodonite brings into your relationships, helping you see eye to eye and bring out the best in each other out of authentic support, understanding, and unconditional acceptance.

Queen of Pentacles

This queen’s energy is nurturing and grounded, bringing you back down to earth, helping you fulfill your material needs, and bring your heart’s desires into fruition in the physical world. She has motherly, generous, warm-hearted energy, much like that of rhodonite, inspiring you to step into your self-worth, to have respect towards yourself and others, and find a  balance between honoring your own needs and serving the needs of others.

Crystal Rhodonite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


An ox holds a deep connection to the earth and is a symbol of power, nurturing, and strength. They possess perseverance to keep moving forward even through hardship and pain, just like rhodonite keeps you journeying ahead in life even when you’re struggling.

They stand their ground fearlessly with great self-respect, connecting to rhodonite’s power to help you embody your self-worth and love courageously.

Oxen are a symbol of patience and gentleness and have been venerated by cultures around the world for their embodiment of nobility and compassion.

Crystal Rhodonite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Rhodonite + Aquamarine

Pair with aquamarine for cultivating immense emotional clarity and the beautiful expression of your true feelings.

Rhodonite + Ruby

Pair with ruby to give extra fire and passion to your heart’s mission and tap into your inner power and creative drive.

Rhodonite + Kyanite

Pair with kyanite to increase energetic cleansing and stimulate your higher wisdom to come through your heart for guidance.

Crystal Rhodonite Connection Item
Crystal Rhodonite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Rhodonite

As a grounding stone, the earth makes a beautiful cleanser for rhodonite. Leave it outside on the earth overnight to allow all the dense energies to be absorbed, and for its nurturing energy to be restored by mother nature.

You can also bury it in the soil of a houseplant, or let it rest on selenite or hematite overnight to cleanse its dense energies.

You can let it rest outside or on the windowsill under the stars and moonlight for a night, but be careful with too much sunlight as it may discolor it.

You can also do a quick cleanse using smoke from your favorite herbs or incense or rinse it under cold water. Since it’s moving a lot of dense emotional energies, you’ll want to cleanse it often as you work with it.

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  • Rhodonite has been a favorite companion for many years. Rhodonite offers emotional stability and good common sense. It resonates with my Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house in my Astrology chart. My conscious growth is supported with practicality when I wear rhodonite. Moon omens shared the best of Rhodonite in this article. Thank you 🪷

  • I bought a rhodonite stone and knew next to nothing about this amazing crystal!! I slept with it by my bedside and didn’t know it was healing me emotionally!! I placed it over my heart chakra and immediately felt a warm sensation of emotionally and physical healing! What a gorgeous crystal and I’m at awe of all its benefits! Thank you so much for this thorough article that taught me so much and made me fall in love with the rhodonite!!😍❤️

  • I got so touched about what you have written about Rhodonite, so I went right away to buy one. Thank you, it´s exactly what I need.

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