Crystal Kyanite
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The Crystal of Integrated Awareness

Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Water element Water
Air element Air
Mercury planet Mercury
Throat Third Eye
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Kyanite Guided Meditation

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Crystal Kyanite Message Background
Crystal Kyanite Frame

The message

Kyanite’s Message To You:

I cut like a sword through the fog of illusion
Breaking through stuck patterns & confusion
Lifting your awareness into an expanse of blue
Where you can see clearly what’s true for you

I steady the windmills of the mind
Helping you grasp all the wisdom you can find
Amplifying the voice of your highest spirit
So its signal is strong & clear when you hear it

I unlock the gates to your creative expression
enhancing your natural powers of perception
Bridging the gap between every extreme
allowing harmony & balance to reign supreme

I dissolve energetic blocks & stagnancy
Opening doors to the highest possibilities
For you to discover what makes your soul fly free
And walk straight toward it with integrity


Kyanite helps you to…

  • Clear your energy field
  • Enhance psychic abilities
  • Heighten mental faculties
Crystal Kyanite Story Background
Crystal Kyanite Story

The Story of Kyanite

Born from the crystalline sheen of the sky-blue air, encased in metamorphic rock, kyanite is a very unique crystal that integrates inner and outer worlds, bringing higher awareness down into the body, plugging you into a direct line of communication with the unseen realms.

A stone for spiritual warriors, kyanite helps you discover and speak your truth and express yourself through aligned action, rather than empty words. Its powerful energy pushes against the limits of your self-awareness, expanding you into the truth of your connection with all things. It increases psychic perception, amplifying the voice of your intuition and highest knowing.

This shimmering blue stone calms, soothes, and heals. It’s incredibly cleansing for the entire energy body, clearing blockages and impurities, relieving stress and tension, and bringing in the flow. It breaks up stagnancy in your field and opens every chakra as its frequency works its way down from the brain, through the spinal column, settling into the tailbone to keep you steady and balanced from within.

Kyanite is thought to be the stone that Angel Michael’s blue sword of truth was carved from, as it can cut through the fog of lies and deceit, of illusion and confusion, straight to the truth of the matter. It sharpens intellect and insight. Its energy is divine, clear, and pure.

You can use it to help you break through mental blocks, self-destructive patterns, or anything that’s caging you in or making you feel like you can’t express yourself authentically. It will empower you to live in integrity with your highest knowing and to speak your truth clearly and confidently.

This is a crystal for mending fences, for bridging the gap between disparate energies, for bringing people together that aren’t getting along or communicating well. It heightens peace, compassion, and the ability to find mutual understanding. It brings more meaning to your words, allowing you to go deeper and wider, to be more real and honest- with others, and with yourself.

If you’re ready to step into your authentic truth using your intuition as your compass, read on to learn how to use kyanite to guide you in everyday life.

Crystal Kyanite Property Background

Kyanite Healing Properties

Element Water


Water is connected to the realm of emotions, and kyanite is very cleansing, increasing the flow of energy, moving and shifting it, elongating and expanding it, breaking up areas that are stagnant, clogged, or clumped up.

The watery aspect of kyanite encourages introspection and connection to your emotions and increases creative expression to relieve emotional tension and repression. It can water down frustration, anger, and irritation, diluting it and helping it flow out of your system.

It then brings in fresh, clean waters of new energy, new perceptions, and new awareness. It has an invigorating effect, clearing out the mud and creating a beautiful clear pool for the mind to swim in, allowing the heart and body to feel more balanced and free.

Element Wind


Air is connected to the realm of the mind, ideas, insight, and intellect. It’s the endless expanse of thought and consciousness itself. Kyanite is excellent for the mental realms, benefiting the brain and autonomic nervous system, bringing clarity and insight, sharpening psychic perception, and giving space to a crowded mind.

Air is also the realm of the voice and breath. It’s the words you speak and the words you hear. Kyanite has a beneficial effect on the voice and throat, helping you communicate clearly, calmly, from a place of wisdom and widened awareness.

The realm of air also encompasses the frequencies of information floating on the invisible waves all around you, and kyanite can help you filter through all that static to decipher the purest, truest messages for you, helping you find the channels containing all the right information to help you move forward.

Chakra Throat


A beautiful throat chakra activator and cleanser, kyanite removes the blocks, cages, and tethers around your ability to express yourself openly with truth and conviction.

It allows for genuine expression from the level of the spirit self, the deepest intellect, the truth at the core. This creates threads of connection to other people’s hearts and minds, weaving consciousness together like the crisscross patterns that adorn the stone itself.

Kyanite strengthens clairaudience, or “clear hearing”, your ability to hear the messages being whispered by the universe. This also helps you communicate directly with your guides and highest awareness, and better listen to people here on earth, hearing what their spirit is saying between the words they choose.

Kyanite has a beautiful effect on the voice, giving you the ability to express yourself clearly, communicate from a higher awareness, and channel the words of your guides and soul self. It acts as a conduit, like a wire plugging into universal consciousness, bringing it down into your individual mind to be expressed as your unique truth.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

Kyanite is an excellent stone to cleanse and clear illusion, delusion, confusion, and all the foggy states of the mind. It settles thoughts down, creating clarity, heightening mental perception, increasing memory and cognition, helping you focus and concentrate.

You can use it to bring order to any mental chaos and slice through the noise. It creates a clear channel to communicate with your guides, access information from the etheric realms, and connect with your highest knowing.

This smoky blue crystal is beneficial for neurological disorders and anything to do with the brain or nervous system. It activates and balances the pineal gland, knocking the dust off your psychic senses and heightening balance and integration throughout the endocrine system and the entire energetic body.

It enhances imagination and psychic perception and strengthens claircognizance, that instinctual, downloaded, imprinted on the soul kind of knowing that requires no “rational” explanation. It also increases telepathy between people, transmitting and receiving frequencies in the form of thought, bringing amazing synchronicities and insights.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


In its shimmery blue, kyanite has a very high vibrational energy that’s extremely cleansing, like a refreshing shower for your whole auric field. It cuts through dense energy and clouded thought like a knife, breaking through the veils with clear insight and purity. It moves heavy, stagnant energy out and sweeps light, clear energy in.


Kyanite cools and settles the senses and nervous system down, bringing calm and internal peace. It clears heat, especially in the mind and nervous system, cooling heated emotions, inflammation, internal pressure, and triggered reactions. Use it to help you cool your jets, relax, and come back into internal balance.


This “stone of two strengths” acts as a bridge between contrasting energies, between inner and outer worlds, finding where they connect and bringing them into cohesion. It can do this for the body and psyche, harmonizing imbalances, as well as between people, fostering honest communication and understanding.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Kyanite comes in a range of colors, most commonly dusky to deep blue or blue-green, but it can also be green, black, brown, colorless, or shades of orange. (This article focuses on its most typical color, blue.) It has a pearly sheen that shimmers in the light and can contain translucence giving it an icy look.

Blue represents renewal and self-awareness, the freedom to fly and express oneself. It’s truth and integrity. In Traditional Chinese medicine, blue is affiliated with the kidneys which are considered our energetic batteries, giving kyanite the ability to help regulate and shift our overall energy and speed emotional processing.


Kyanite is an aluminum silicate oxide. It has what’s called an “island silicate” structure which can break up accumulations of energy, making it an excellent cleanser.

Kyanite uniquely contains two different hardnesses lengthwise and widthwise. This makes it difficult to polish which is why it’s most often found in raw blade form. Its integration of two strengths speaks to kyanite’s ability to unite and balance opposing forces, ideas, and energies.

Use Kyanite When...

You’re feeling…

stress, tension, under pressure, mentally exhausted, imbalanced, impulsive, reactive, frustrated, chaotic, indecisive, stifled, reserved

You’re struggling with…

negative self-talk, anger, neurological conditions, headaches, poor coordination, nervousness, jaw tension, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, addiction or withdrawals

When you want…

cleanse your energy, connect with universal wisdom, increase psychic awareness, communicate clearly, express your truth, clear the fog, create inner balance

Crystal Kyanite Use
Crystal Kyanite Life Background

Using Kyanite in Everyday Life


This shimmering blue stone can help with manifestation in many ways, especially by helping you shed the blocks, negative patterns, and bad habits that can often get in the way of manifesting what you want. It also enables you to get clear on exactly what it is you want, and to communicate that clearly- to yourself, to others, and to the Universe!

It’s also a great choice to help you manage your time, prioritize, organize, and get your mind clear. Use it to stay focused on your intentions and open the door to let them all flow in. As a bridging stone, it helps you see ways to bring all your disparate skills, interests, and gifts together into your own unique path.

Kyanite acts as a guide on your spiritual path, opening the doors of perception wider, and integrating the awareness you gain from that higher knowing down into your body, where you can feel it moving you into the right flow for the direction you want to go in.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

This throat chakra crystal opens up the lines of honest, calm communication, which is essential for all happy relationships. It also fosters more sensitivity and psychic awareness of the other person’s intentions and underlying feelings. This increases empathy and understanding, helping you truly listen to one another and see things from a higher perspective, while also providing boundaries and energetic protection where needed.

Kyanite brings more peaceful and meaningful interactions, acting like a bridge for people to come together, especially when both parties wear or hold it, to work through disagreements with fairness. It can be great to use in business relationships and anywhere you belong to a group.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Kyanite is one of the best crystals to stimulate your psychic abilities and bring your intuitive nudges into more clarity and awareness. It’ll help you better hear and communicate with your guides and helpers in spirit for guidance whenever needed. It sharpens your inner focus, helping you better discern the right direction and see the truth from the lies.

Kyanite’s powerful channel to the upper realms opens up a hotline connection directly to spirit- what do you want to know? Get clear on? Figure out? Use your kyanite to direct your question into the ethers and then wait for the whispered answers, knowing steps, prophetic dreams, and opportunities placed upon your path to show you exactly the way.

This icy blue beauty can also increase telepathic transmissions, like when you know what someone’s going say before they say it or when you think of someone and then they text you. It’s also an excellent shield to protect your energy while doing psychic, intuitive, or healing work of any sort.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

With its strong relationship to the astral realm, kyanite is an excellent dreamwork stone. It assists you in recalling and interpreting your dreams and often elicits more vivid, creative, and entertaining experiences in the dream world.

It can also help you have lucid dreams where you gain awareness that you’re dreaming while you’re in it and can play in your subconscious. It can induce prophetic dreams where you receive messages about what’s up ahead, or a glimpse into someone’s true intentions.

When you go to bed at night place kyanite under your pillow or by your bedside, and state an intention you have for your sleep state: “I remember my dreams with ease.” “I’m lucid in my dream state.” “I receive answers from my intuition in my dreams.” etc, and then see what your sleep brings.

Self Care
Self Care

You can sweep kyanite all throughout your aura for a cleansing, or wear it throughout the day for energetic protection. You can also place it on any or all chakras while you lay down and breathe for a bit, to receive cleansing and re-alignment to your chakra system.

Kyanite can be especially helpful worn as a necklace around the throat chakra area to positively affect your communication and expression. It’s excellent to wear whenever you need to have an honest conversation, for speaking in front of a group, or doing any self-reflection, journaling, or healing practices.

It’s a great crystal for helping break addictions and bad habits that you know are hindering your personal growth and creative expression. It helps cleanse the thought patterns and negative energy at the root of self-destructive behaviors, to help you step into more clarity and alignment with your authentic power and truth.


An excellent stone for meditation, kyanite helps you settle into a deep meditative state more swiftly and easily, and ushers in the flow of universal wisdom and messages from your intuition. It acts as a conduit to receive clear thinking and higher guidance as it releases heavy and toxic thoughts.

Hold kyanite in your hands as you sit and breathe, imagining it clearing out every chakra and cell of your body with its cleansing frequencies. Feel it lifting you into a higher perspective with more space and air to breathe, where you can think clearly and receive the insights and information that’s most essential at this time.

✨Our guided kyanite meditation takes you on an insightful journey to restore peace, calm, and balance throughout your body and help you tap into all the answers waiting in the wings of your intuitive awareness. 💠

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Kyanite Guided Meditation

Our guided kyanite meditation takes you on an insightful journey to restore peace, calm, and balance throughout your body and help you tap into all the answers waiting in the wings of your intuitive awareness!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Kyanite Connection Background

Kyanite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Kyanite promotes fairness and understanding, truth and justice, some of the highest values of Libra. It’s beautiful for relationships to help you understand yourself and others better, and connect on a level of truth and openness. It’s helpful to settle the mind, make clear decisions, and better hear where the intuitive whispers are guiding you.


Taurus rules the throat and kyanite’s throat healing properties resonate with the bull’s strong voice and allegiance to their personal values. It’s a crystal that encourages a calm, easy way of being like a bull lounging in the sunshine smelling the grass, in harmony with the natural world around them and always tuned into their innate instincts.


Great for empaths and healers, kyanite increases that Piscean-style intuitive awareness and creative expression for anyone who works with it. It helps you shed the mental trappings and illusions to see the truth of the whole, the connection between all things, while protecting your energy field from negativity and absorbing everyone else’s stuff.


With its emphasis on the mental realm and communication, we associate kyanite with the energy of Mercury. It clears and heightens perception, sharpens intellect and insight, and helps you speak your truth with swiftness and ease, all mercurial themes. Kyanite also helps settle nervous energy and scattered thought, bridging the rational and irrational, opening you to your higher mind and divine wisdom.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Girl Blowing a Bugle

Phase 338, Pisces 8*

This symbol is about the power of the voice, clear and confident communication, and the announcement of messages that signal action. When you hear a bugle, it means it’s time to get in line, to act, to do what you know you need to do.

This is the exact energy that kyanite helps instill within you, opening the pathways for you to speak honestly and clearly in ways that people take notice of, in ways that spur action, mutual agreements, and clarity in others. Recognize the power you hold to speak directly to the universe, and your ability to hear the clear signals it’s sending back to you.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Hermit

This card is about soul searching and looking within oneself to find the answers, and kyanite makes it much easier to introspect and discover all the wisdom that’s within you. Each next step on the hermit’s path is illuminated by the light he carries, just as kyanite helps you walk your true path with balance and confidence, illuminating the light within you to guide your next steps.

The Chariot

The chariot represents the integration of opposites, moving forward, facing the future, and accomplishing your goals. Kyanite helps with all these things, allowing you to rein in the chaos and confusion of your mind as the chariot rider reins his horses. This is a stone to help you gain control and discipline over your spinning thoughts while also opening you to fresh perspectives and possibilities with increased spiritual awareness.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The platypus is an animal like no other that reminds you of the beauty of being your true, unique self, helping you embrace your authentic path and swim with the currents of your own flow through life. This mimics the energy that kyanite brings as it inspires you to live in alignment with your truth.

Platypus can also represent the need for solitude and rebalancing oneself, which is exactly what kyanite can help you with, allowing you to express and communicate your unique perspective and to bridge logic and intuition to accomplish your goals.


Falcons have excellent eyesight and can fly through the air with extreme speed and dexterity. This is the energy that kyanite brings to the mind, helping you gain a higher perception and mental acuity, to see things in your life clearly, and for your thoughts to move swiftly. Mythologically, falcons fly at the point where the earth meets the upper realms, acting as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, just like kyanite.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Kyanite Varieties

Kyanite comes in a range of colors, all with similar healing qualities as described above with slightly different emphasis and effects:

Green Kyanite

Brings the sense of expansion and innate knowing of kyanite down into the heart space, increasing your compassion and understanding, clearing and releasing dense energy from the heart to bring deep restoration and healing.

Black Kyanite

Adds grounding to kyanite’s natural protective abilities, bringing spiritual forces down to earth and connecting with your root chakra. Black kyanite is a supreme cleanser and sweeper-outer of any negative, dense, or heavy attachments, energies, or entities in your physical and etheric bodies.

Orange Kyanite

The rarest form of kyanite, its golden orange color connects with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, heightening creativity and confidence, bringing insight and clear knowing down into your body where you can feel it and act on it.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Kyanite + Clear Quartz

Pair with clear quartz to amplify and direct kyanite’s energy into specific areas of the body or for specific intentions or uses in your life. Kyanite and quartz often grow together creating a synergistic bond that heightens each of their healing magic.

Kyanite + Ruby

Pair with ruby to ground the spiritual insights and awareness kyanite brings into your body and the real world. It will increase your physical and inner strength as you forge ahead on your true path. Ruby has a naturally harmonious relationship with kyanite as they often grow together and can be found as a combination stone called “ruby in kyanite.”

Blue Kyanite + Green Kyanite

These two varieties work well together to heighten your awareness and move it down from your mind into the heart chakra, bringing rejuvenation and healing, and helping you view things through the lens of compassion and reciprocal exchange.

Crystal Kyanite Connection Item
Crystal Kyanite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Kyanite

Kyanite is said to be self-cleansing, as it does not absorb or hold negative energy and is very high vibrational in nature. If you’ve been working with it a lot or wearing a jewelry piece every day for a long while though, you may feel like giving it a sort of “reset” to boost its energy.

You can give it a quick cleanse with smoke or sound, two gentle methods. Water is not a preferred method to use with kyanite- while a quick rinse may be ok, as long as you dry it thoroughly afterward, you don’t want to leave it submerged or keep it in your steamy bathroom every day while you shower, as it’s relatively soft and can be worn down by moisture over time.

You can place your kyanite in a safe spot under the light of the moon to be recharged and reconnect with cosmic energy. You can also leave it on a clear quartz cluster for a day to charge it up with clear, high frequencies.

It’s a beautiful crystal, but very brittle, and can flake or chip easily, especially in raw blade form, so treat your kyanite with gentleness and care.

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