Crystal Labradorite
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The Crystal of Magical Vision

Aquarius zodiac signs Aquarius
Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Air element Air
Uranus planet Uranus
Third Eye Throat Sacral
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Labradorite Guided Meditation

Our guided labradorite meditation takes you on an out-of-this-world journey into the cosmic realms to find inspiration, insight, and perspective and bring it down into your body to help you create magic in everyday life.

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The message

Labradorite’s Message To You:

You’re here to discover
all the magic this Universe holds,
& to see that it’s also within you.
In that cosmic sea beyond the skies above us,
there are pieces of you there,
flying high & free, unbound & untamed,
like glittering stars & spiraling galaxies.

I reflect the cosmic consciousness you hold,
a mirror of your soul’s expansiveness,
bringing flashes of insight through the darkness
to help you see the light of your truth,
to reveal the innate magic within you,
to open the gates to your highest knowing,
& tether it down into your body, into your heart,
into the timeless now.


Labradorite helps you to…

  • Increase intuitive insight
  • Embrace transformation
  • Unleash your magic
Crystal Labradorite Story Background
Crystal Labradorite Story

The Story of Labradorite

Born high on a snowy peak under a new moon, with stars shining brightly and the sky ablaze with neon light, labradorite is a stone that reunites you with your cosmic knowing, activating and enhancing your intuitive gifts, and inspiring you to confidently embrace a life full of wonder and magic.

Named for where it was first discovered on the Labrador peninsula in Canada, labradorite has been used for magical rituals and adornment for centuries by native peoples, including the Innu who referred to it as “fire stone” for its beauty and fiery color display. There are also Inuit legends describing how the lights of the aurora borealis became trapped inside the labradorite stones, creating their stunning light show that seems to flash from within.

Beautiful and beguiling, one of the most eye-catching stones of the crystal world, labradorite harnesses the expansive and creative energy of the night sky, the cosmos and ether, and even the magic of the polar lights, and brings it all down into your body where you can envision it, feel it, act on it, create with it.

What appears to be a boring ol’ grey rock at first brings immediate surprise and delight when it hits the light and shimmers with iridescent colors like a butterfly’s wings. These colors are not created by a pigment, they are refracted light passing through the stone. And when you work with a labradorite crystal, it acts like a reflection of the light emanating from you, allowing you to see your beauty, your creativity, and your magic.

The surprising colors it contains are a great metaphor for the impact labradorite can bring to your life. It allows you to see flashes of light and beauty within the mundane every day. It brings intuitive wisdom and clarity through the grey skies of confusion or depression. And it gives you a new lens to look at life through, coloring the details in with a rainbow hue, helping you better see the connection between inner and outer worlds and between all things.

Labradorite has a magnetic aura that draws you in, and a warm, radiating energy that fills you up with possibility and confidence, helping you discover all the magic you contain within you and shine it out to the world around you.

Crystal Labradorite Property Background

Labradorite Healing Properties

Element Wind



This is an aspect of the air element, associated with the mental realms of thought and perception, but wind is the air in movement, making labradorite a stone that generates the movement of thought and the shifting of perception.

It sweeps in new ideas and insights like a fresh breeze and can bring swift, sudden realizations. It blows away the clouds of darkness and illusion. It changes your mind, expands your vision, helps you see what you hadn’t seen before.

It can clear away all that’s not authentic to you, from your identity to your emotions to your belief systems, helping you transform old patterns and see new possibilities.

This wind element also brings a sense of freedom and flight to labradorite. It lifts things off, it stirs things up. It’s a catalyst for transformation and innovation. It’s connected to the breath, to spirit, to the intangible essence of our life force.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

Labradorite activates and cleanses all the chakras, from the root to the crown, as a bridge between heaven and earth, between the body and the cosmos. It has a radiating effect out to the aura, bringing cleansing, protective energy to your entire field. 

Since it’s primarily a stone of perception, truth, and creativity, we’d like to highlight how it works those elements of its magic with a few particular chakras.

Labradorite opens you up to cosmic energy through the crown, and then moves it down into the third eye to be perceived with your inner sight. This heightens your intuition and psychic perception, increasing your ability to connect with your higher guidance and cosmic helpers- your team in the unseen- for support, inspiration, clarity, and direction.

This stone activates your innate magic and shows you that it’s been hiding inside you all along. You can use it to access and develop your “clair” senses, or psychic sight, hearing, feeling, and knowing. It can help you dig into past lives or access the Akashic records to bring insight and healing. It expands and sharpens the vision of your third eye.

Labradorite also has the power to break through your conditioned mind to help you see and shift out of the patterns and unconscious cycles that have been driving you. It brings flashes of insight to help you see the possibilities that exist, and expands your perception of reality so you can better see the roads that lead to all you want to create for your life.

Chakra Throat


The throat chakra is the seat of truth, and labradorite helps you really begin to hone in on and express your individual perceptions, opinions, and ideas, and to align with and embody your truth.

It helps you communicate the wisdom and insights coming in from your higher awareness and emboldens your courage and confidence to express yourself. If you’re feeling shy or reserved, labradorite’s light will coax you out of your shell and allow you to shine as your unique self.

It awakens deep truths within as you shed the layers of conditioning, the masks, and expectations, helping you ultimately live more in integrity with your highest purpose, fully aligned with your soul’s design.

Chakra Sacral


Labradorite moves energy downward from the upper chakras, into the heart and lower chakras, clearing emotional blocks and moving stagnant energy out. It links the heart chakra with the sacral chakra, uniting your heart’s deepest desires with your creative drive, to help you bring your visions to life in the real world.

The sacral chakra is where a lot of our emotional energy is held, and labradorite helps cleanse the anger, frustration, shame, and doubt that can get stuck here. As it releases these feelings, it also helps you see the diamonds of wisdom that lie in the darkness, the lessons hidden in the pain, so you can release the old wounds and step into your power.

It supports the balance and flow of the kidneys, associated with the sacral chakra. These are like our energetic batteries, where our life force energy is held, where emotions are filtered and processed through, and labradorite helps the kidneys maintain their flow, flushing out what’s not needed, keeping the energy moving, bringing more emotional balance in.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Labradorite carries an energy of activation. It’s a catalyst, a spark, a momentum creator, a generator. It moves old stagnant energy out and brings fresh, vibrant, creative energy in. It activates all your energy centers, your psychic perceptions, your unconscious awareness, and all the magic that lies in the unseen


Labradorite has warming energy for cold nights, cold moods, and cold feet. It warms your bones, warms your blood, warms your heart. It melts icy feelings, shyness, reservation. It brings out your warmth when interacting with people, opening you up to shine and share more of your generosity, gifts, and magic with others.


This magical stone brings the energy of awakening, and once your eyes are open to your true power, to the possibilities, to all the magic that exists, you can never go to sleep again. Labradorite brings a constant flow of new insights and ahas in to help you transform anything and everything, to shed your skin and become anew, again and again, ever moving closer to the core of who you truly are.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Labradorite is typically translucent grey with flashes of brilliant blues and greens, oranges and golds, and sometimes even violet when it hits the light at certain angles.

These colors are caused by a refraction of the light that’s moving through the stone, and the effect is called, very appropriately, labradorescence.

This base of greyish black brings a frequency of grounding and protection to labradorite that helps balance out its highly psychic and perceptual energy coming in through the colorful flashes.


Labradorite is a type of feldspar and is considered both igneous and metamorphic. This means it first formed under tremendous levels of heat and pressure within the core of the earth, and then it was broken up and combined with other minerals as it was pushed up through the layers of the earth.

This correlates to labradorite’s energetic ability to first move into the roots of our psyche, into our core, and then help us transform our lives as its energy moves up and out through the layers of our being.

Labradorite’s mineral composition is calcium aluminum silicate. Calcium moves into the level of the bones, giving labradorite the ability to strengthen our inner stability. The energetic qualities of aluminum activate and sharpen the mind. And its “framework silicate” structure gives labradorite the ability to filter and detoxify stagnant and stuck energies.

Use Labradorite When...

You’re feeling…

low, lonely, uninspired, reserved, insecure, confused, depressed, bored, stuck, overwhelmed

You’re struggling with…

big life changes, too many expectations, loss of direction or hope, low self-worth, monkey mind, speaking up, staying true to yourself, holding clear boundaries

When you want…

gain more confidence, unleash your creativity, develop your psychic senses, connect with your higher self, discover your innate gifts, cleanse & protect your aura, live your truth

Crystal Labradorite Use
Crystal Labradorite Life Background

Using Labradorite in Everyday Life


Labradorite is one of the best crystals to help you get a clear vision of what you want to create for your life.

Hold or have labradorite near as you close your eyes and let your mind dream of all the possibilities that lie ahead, or as your journal or write out intentions for the energy you’re ready to call into your life. This is a stone to dream big with, to imagine, to expand your mind into new avenues.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Labradorite is a beautiful stone of self-mastery that helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your powers, and your ability to create fulfillment within yourself.

It’s most attuned to your relationship with yourself, to help you further discover your depths and uncover the hidden gifts that lie within you. It’s a stone about individualization and coming into your own sense of power and joy, finding more love and acceptance for your whole self.

When you work with it to become a more fully realized individual, you’ll notice you start to also magnetize the most beautiful relationships into your world. Use labradorite to transform yourself first, and watch how your relationships follow.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

One of the beautiful things about labradorite is that it helps you start to identify and detach yourself from the conditioned thoughts, behaviors, and ways of being that you’ve held in your unconscious for so long. It helps you see your shadows clearly, to see the layers that have been put upon you that are ready to be removed.

It can bring flashes of insight, epiphanies, and realizations that will help you make huge changes in your life compelled by natural motivation and intuition, rather than by external influences.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Labradorite is a great stone to keep under your pillow or by your bedside at night that can bring heightened perceptions while you sleep, interesting and wacky dreams, and help you move through and process subconscious patterns and emotions.

It’s also beneficial for insomnia, quieting the monkey mind and helping you drift off more easily into the dream realms.

Self Care
Self Care

Labradorite is an excellent stone to wear as jewelry so it can affect your energy field throughout the day:
~ A necklace is a great choice to activate the throat, heart or solar plexus chakras
~ Earrings will directly affect the third eye chakra and increase “clear hearing” or psychic awareness
~ A bracelet or ring can bring the energy down into your lower chakras and keep it flowing throughout your whole aura as you move your hands throughout the day

You can also carry a labradorite stone in your pocket or bag to keep its energy with you, and just pull it out whenever you need a little breather to connect back with yourself.


Meditations can get cosmic, creative and fun with the influence of labradorite’s energy. It can help you astral travel, connect with the higher realms, and move out of the rational mundane world into the realm of imagination more easily.

It helps you focus on your mind’s eye more clearly, visualize more easily, and opens the door for deep insights and realizations to come through.

💫 Our guided labradorite meditation takes you on an out-of-this-world journey into the cosmic realms to find inspiration, insight, and perspective and bring it down into your body to help you create magic in everyday life. 🌑

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Labradorite Guided Meditation

Our guided labradorite meditation takes you on an out-of-this-world journey into the cosmic realms to find inspiration, insight, and perspective and bring it down into your body to help you create magic in everyday life.

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Crystal Labradorite Connection Background

Labradorite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Uranus brings sudden insights and visions and reveals unexpected gifts, just like labradorite. They both are transformative, helping you shift into new ways of being and believing. Uranus shakes things up, it wants innovation and freedom from constraint. It breaks things down in order to bring new light, new visions, and new creations into the world. This is the kind of energy labradorite calls in.


Labradorite resonates with the free-thinking, innovative and ingenious energy of Aquarius, helping you live confidently and creatively guided by your unique expression. This stone stands out from the crowd, it’s magical, eccentric, and surprising, just like Aquarius. It helps you embody what is unique about you and shine as the individual you are, inspiring others to do the same.


Another quality of labradorite is its expansive and uplifting energy. It’s a stone that brings optimism and a belief in possibilities. It stirs up your curiosity and wonder allowing your perceptions to widen, broadening your worldview. And it magnetizes new learning and life-expansive adventures your way to help you transform. Total Sagittarius vibes.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis
Phase 329, Aquarius 29*

Bring this image to mind- what emotions does it stir up in you?

Think of the magic of metamorphosis, the emergence of a new way of being in the world, the sense of accomplishment in overcoming struggle, gaining new wings and the freedom to fly, getting an expanded perspective of the world…

This describes the energy that labradorite holds and why it’s such a transformative stone.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Magician

Labradorite’s energy can be linked to The Magician, as it’s a stone of alchemy and transformation. It appears as one thing and then another in the blink of an eye. It’s about combining the energy of the elements, of nature, and your spirit altogether, to discover the magic that’s always been there, and create some of your own.

The Moon

Labradorite can also be associated with the Moon card, which reflects its ability to expand your inner vision and increase intuitive insight. This is similar to moonstone, though moonstone reflects the illuminated wisdom of the full moon’s light, and labradorite is about embracing the new moon’s darkness and connecting to the light within yourself.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


This stone of transformation, cosmic flight, magic, and incredible beauty immediately brings to mind a butterfly with iridescent wings that glimmer in the light. The butterfly holds the essence of major life transitions, the death of the old self and birth of the new, and the uncovering of magical abilities you never even knew you possessed. It is full of light, grace, and joy. This embodies the same energy that labradorite holds.


Think of a typical male peacock, how it looks like an unsuspecting bird at first, and then bam! Its feathers go up like magic, royal and ready to be seen, with a flash of turquoise blue, greens, and golds, just like in labradorite. Peacocks represent wonder and awe, power and magnetism, transformative energy, and the ability to shine as one’s true self, the same sort of energy labradorite contains.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Labradorite Varieties

There are a few different varieties of labradorite that share similar healing qualities as described above, with a few differences:


This is a variety of particularly colorful labradorite, found only in Finland, that often displays the whole color spectrum from red to violet. It also has a darker, more opaque base of feldspar, versus labradorite’s semi-translucence, and is thought to carry even more heightened spiritual energies because of its more vibrant colors. This is gem quality labradorite, the fancy stuff.

Golden Labradorite

This is a clear, golden variety of labradorite that works primarily with the sacral and solar plexus, stimulating confidence and creativity and helping you step into your innate power.

Rainbow Moonstone

Though it uses moonstone as its tradename, this is actually a type of clear labradorite with rainbow adularescence. Its healing qualities are more similar to moonstone than to labradorite, so the name is fitting, but it lights up the whole chakra system as typical labradorite does.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Labradorite + Moonstone

Try using labradorite with the new + waxing moon to increase your creative energy and psychic awareness, and use moonstone with the full + waning moon to release excess emotions and connect to your inner world. They also work well paired together to balance out your internal yin/yang harmony.

Labradorite + Opal

Pair with opal to open up a magical rainbow of possibilities. Opal’s watery essence will help the sparks of insight that labradorite creates flow more easily into real-world creations, choices, and changes in your life.

Labradorite + Clear Quartz

Pair with clear quartz to amplify and direct the energy of labradorite, especially helpful for manifesting specific intentions or bringing powerful transformation to your life.

Crystal Labradorite Connection Item
Crystal Labradorite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Labradorite

Think of the element of wind, or air, as a great way to cleanse and charge labradorite. You can leave it outside, especially on a breezy day, where the wind can sweep off and clear its energy, and the earth can absorb whatever ick it has accumulated.

This is also the best way to recharge your labradorite, directly with the natural elements themselves. Do this at night, when the sun is low, or on a cloudy day, avoiding long exposure to direct sunlight.

You can also give it a quickie cleanse using the smoke of some incense or favorite herbal smudge, or by using sound to clear it, as soundwaves travel through the air. Try a singing bowl, tuning forks, healing mantras, or even the sound of your own voice with the intention to clear it.

You can also let your labradorite rest on a bed of hematite when it’s not in use, to be cleansed and recharged with magnetic earthy energy. Or leave it on a bed of clear quartz to clear and recharge it with activated light energy.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Labradorite or crystals in general!


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  • I Loved reading this. I have a big Labradorite pendant that I bought just before a massively transformative period in my life. I stopped wearing it for a little while, but this has reminded me to reconnect with it. Thank you. Blessings xxx

    • Oh, your intuition knew! What a perfect crystal to carry you through that. I feel drawn to labradorite during certain periods and then forget about it for long stretches in between. You’ll feel it calling to you when you need it! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this article! I was in the crystal shop about 3 months ago for the very first time. I didn’t know anything about crystals but for some reason, I was VERY much attracted to the Labradorite stone and I added to my first ever batch of my crystal collection. I have been keeping it under my pillow while I sleep. I just want to express my gratitude for the work you put in! This article has helped me understand this stone more and a possible explanation as to why i was attracted to this stone in the first place!🤩 i wasn’t aware of the other cleansing methods apart from using smoke and sound, so again, thank you & God bless xx

    • Thanks so much for reading, Raquel! I love that labradorite called out to you like that, and you just inherently knew to put it under your pillow. Keep following your intuition, labradorite has lots of wisdom to share with you! Have fun 🙂

  • Thank you for this in depth info on Labradorite. I love crystals and keep mine charged with moon light and daylight in between wearing them…I also use selenite to keep all of the stones and bracelets charged.

  • I so appreciate your incredible research and beautiful work.
    As soon as I am able I will subscribe. In the meantime I look forward to your messages and receive them with gratitude for all you do.

  • Beyond amazing🤩🤩🤩
    All the information needed about this beautiful stone is definitely here. Is amazing how life works, I connected with this stone a few months back and now I totally innerstand why. Thank you so much for this.

    • Yes, I love that! I love how crystals come into our lives before we even understand why. Have fun working with your labradorite! 🙂

  • I sourced some crystals including labradorite and so many profound mystical experiences since! The one I think is mostly responsible is the Larimar stone and I would love your input about it. Needless to say I think crystals are amazing mystical and inspiring

  • I love reading your articles, I love how engaged I am from start to finish not wanting to stop reading for a second. There is alot of knowledge shared in every article. Thank you

  • Wow! Just Wow!
    I have read many things relating to stones and crystals of all types, but never have I been so moved to desire to connect with a specific stone. I am at the stage of my healing journey that this is what I need to kick it up a notch and get past the stuck rut I have been in. Thank you so much for your hard work putting this together. You are appreciated.

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