Crystal Blue Sapphire
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Blue Sapphire

The Crystal of Eternal Brilliance

Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Fire element Fire
Water element Water
Saturn planet Saturn
Throat Third Eye
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Blue Sapphire Guided Meditation

Our guided blue sapphire meditation takes you on an expansive journey to connect with the wisdom that lies deep within your bones & raise your awareness to new heights to see your true self clearly!

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The message

Blue Sapphire’s Message To You:

My eternal blue flame
shining through the darkness
brings faith everlasting
& disciplined devotion

My invincible strength
creates unbreakable bonds
penetrates the bones
revealing divine wisdom

My brilliant radiance
transmutes density
rising you into integrity
with your soul’s purpose

My celestial connection
lifts consciousness higher
to see all things brighter
to see all things in truth


Blue Sapphire helps you to…

  • Calm stress & nerves
  • Express your truth
  • Create lasting positive change
Crystal Blue Sapphire Story Background
Crystal Blue Sapphire Story

The Story of Blue Sapphire

Born from the light of the celestial heavens and deposited into the fiery magma deep within the earth, this incredibly strong stone of wisdom holds ancient codes to unlock your DNA and help you re-write your life’s script to create lasting, impactful changes. Its energy radiates into the marrow of your bones, deep into the very structure of who you are, to strengthen your integrity physically and emotionally.

A stone of the mental realms, blue sapphire expands your awareness, improves comprehension and concentration, and creates an understanding of expansive, esoteric, philosophical, and spiritual ideas. It clears and calms the mind, focusing your intention and attention. A crystal of inspiration, it opens you to new ideas, possibilities, and perspectives while settling confusion, spaciness, and overwhelming thoughts, distilling and consolidating everything down to its essential wisdom.

This is a stone for high-achievers, people who are action-oriented and have a strong inner drive to push themselves forward, perhaps so much so that they tend to push themselves too far into stress, burnout, and never quite feeling like they’re “good enough.” This can go along with a high level of frustration and irritability, and blue sapphire can be a powerful balancer for these heightened and fiery energies.

This cool blue stone is helpful for depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and worry, any unsettled or nervous energy within you, anything that feels heightened or stirred up, from agitation to dizziness to tremors in the body. Blue sapphire calms the energy, settles it, and distills it down, bringing order to chaos, and strengthening the very structure of your being down to the level of your DNA to affect lasting transformations at the core of who you are.

Cleansing for the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies, blue sapphire removes harmful, dense, pathogenic energies from your system, awakening you to higher, clearer ways of thinking, feeling, believing, and perceiving. It opens the door for your psychic gifts to come through loud and clear, strengthening the channels of communication between you and your spirit team. It holds the keys to unlocking the codes within you, the ancestral magic and wisdom you carry in your bones, and helps you express your truth and insights with clarity, integrity, and conviction.

Read on to learn why blue sapphire is one of the most powerful, highly regarded, and coveted crystals on the planet throughout all time, and how to bring its magic into your everyday life.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Property Background

Blue Sapphire Healing Properties

Element Fire


A blue sapphire’s fire energy is like a blue flame of truth and eternal wisdom, of cosmic connection and divine justice. It’s the fire of permanent transformation, the fire of your soul’s essence, the flame of who you are down to your most authentic core.

Fire energy is about movement, always shifting and changing. It’s creative and expressive igniting our will and inner strength. Blue sapphire carries these fire energies in a subtle blue flame, perfect, precise, direct, clear, catalyzing your vision and purpose to help you achieve the highest goals of your soul-self.

Blue sapphire lights the eternal flame of everlasting wisdom within you, a wisdom that has been carried through bloodlines and stardust, a wisdom that comes from internal alignment with your highest consciousness and a connection to who you truly are. It’s a record-keeping crystal that holds intelligence from ancient civilizations, from your ancestors and your past lives, stoking the eternal flame of your soul’s purpose and helping you shine it out through your being.

Element Water


The water energy of blue sapphire calms, cools, and increases flow, carrying its flame of wisdom, the light of higher consciousness, through every cell of your being and throughout your energetic body. The water and fire mix creates a balanced yin and yang energy that brings balance to your emotional being.

This energy is cleansing and protective, clearing away stagnant, dense, harmful emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior, flushing out imbalances, and cooling excess heat that’s showing up as irritability, anger, frustration, or stress.

Water energy brings stillness, calm, purification, peace. It helps you flow around obstacles and through times of challenge, restores your essential life force energy and creative essence, and helps you direct it towards creating more emotional and spiritual well-being.

Chakra Throat


In its stunning celestial blue color, sapphire amplifies the power and magic of your voice and your ability to speak your truth with confidence from a place of inner stability. The throat chakra is not only where we communicate from, it’s where we express our identities, it’s where we hold truth and integrity, and it’s where we step into our authentic selves.

When the throat chakra is blocked or not flowing, your ability to speak up, speak clearly, say what you mean, and live by the integrity of your word becomes challenged or hard to do. The people-pleasing behaviors, masking to appease others, and squelching or suppressing of what you really want to express- this is what leads to throat chakra imbalances and blocks, and blue sapphire can bust right through them all to clear the pathways for your authentic voice to flow through.

Aligned with the highest echoes of Truth with a capital T, from the unbiased view of the cosmic Oneness, blue sapphire helps you come back into internal alignment with your highest self and stand in integrity as an embodiment of what your soul came to Earth to express.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

This brilliant stone of clarity is highly attuned to the mental realms and helps to clear stagnation, density, and destructive patterns from the mind so you can release conditioned beliefs and come into alignment with a higher vision and perspective of your life, why you’re here, and what you’re capable of.

It lifts and lightens the mind, promoting faith, optimism, and a positive outlook, helping you open to new ideas and information, sparking your highest intelligence to cut through the fog, density, and clutter of the mind. It’s expansive qualities help you focus more on the big picture and the mystical, spiritual aspects of life.

Blue sapphire is also incredible for helping you develop and hone your intuition and psychic senses, to help you see through your mind’s eye more clearly and be open and receptive to messages from your guides and highest self. It broadens your awareness and perception of your subtle senses and the energetic and invisible lines of communication happening between you and the spirit realm at all times.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


It has a cooling energetic effect, clearing emotional and physical heat, from anger, frustration, and irritability to inflammation, high blood pressure, and indigestion. When you’re feeling the pressure rising, when you’re always striving and pushing yourself, blue sapphire calms and cools, turning down the dial to help you come back into balance.


This powerful stone breaks up stagnation in the energetic and physical body, cleanses and regenerates the blood, clears conditioned patterns and beliefs from the mind, and washes away stress, sadness, and imbalances from the emotional body, helping you feel fresh, clear, and radiantly yourself.


Blue sapphire stabilizes and strengthens the nervous system, upholding the integrity of the body and supporting its structure through its connection with the bones and skeletal system. It’s anchoring, bringing order to chaos, settling any erratic or nervous energies within your mind, emotions, or body. It’s incredible strength and hardness are a sign of the internal stability it has and it radiates this through your entire being.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Sapphire is most often found in a stunning blue color that represents truth, honor, integrity, and wide expansive energy, like the depths of the ocean or the heights of the cosmos. Blue is a very special energy to find in nature, holding a depth of wisdom, comfort, and mysteries within it to unravel.

Blue is associated with the kidneys in Daoist stone medicine, which is where our life force energy is stored, where we source our creative power, and also where unprocessed, dense emotions can be held. Sapphire clears out any pathogenic energies here, restoring vitality and empowering our creative energy to flow and be expressed.


It’s made of aluminum oxide + titanium and iron. Aluminum clears heat and settles the nerves, and titanium creates the stunning blue color. The purest sapphires are formed at the igneous level of the earth from magma that slowly cooled and solidified.

The crystallized form of aluminum oxide is called corundum. Red corundum is known as ruby, and blue corundum is blue sapphire. It’s one of the hardest stones on earth, a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, 2nd only to diamond. This strength and durability translate into its energetic qualities as well, as it’s a deeply penetrative stone that moves down into the bone, into the core of your issues, into your genetic code.

Use Blue Sapphire When...

You’re feeling…

stressed, under pressure, judgemental, pushy, self-critical, foggy, spacey, not “good enough”, scattered, restless, stuck, uninspired, out of balance, inauthentic, pessimistic, anxious

You’re struggling with…

burn out, exhaustion, mental clutter, stress, depression, migraines, nervous tension, nausea, coughing, panic attacks, compulsiveness, complaining, expressing your true feelings

When you want…

honesty, wisdom, concentration, clarity, faith, stronger intuition, cosmic guidance, ancestral wisdom, more order & balance, calm, a cool head, wide perspective, to be authentically you

Crystal Blue Sapphire Use
Crystal Blue Sapphire Life Background

Using Blue Sapphire in Everyday Life


Blue sapphire is a powerful manifestation stone that sparks your passion to pursue your true soul’s expression and what’s in the highest alignment for you. Thought to bring great blessings by cultures the world over throughout history, you can use sapphire to attract prosperity, step into your power, and claim your metaphorical throne.

Have crystal clear intentions of what you want to create with blue sapphire because it brings permanency and unbreakable bonds. It will help you organize and structure your ideas and clarify your purpose. Use it for the goals that require you to rise into more truth and integrity, those that will bring more justice and balance into your life, and those that will help you express your wisdom in this world.

It’s fire energy will help spark enthusiasm for your work, and keep you clearly focused on the big picture so you can concentrate on the next step forward with a strong intuitive connection to guide your way forward.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

A beautiful symbol of unbreakable bonds of love, blue sapphire is a traditional and historical gem used to tie unions together in engagement or marriage. It represents fidelity, devotion, honor, truth, and loyalty, and when a contract or commitment is made over blue sapphire, it is sealed through the echelons of time.

It also helps keep the lines of communication open and flowing in your relationships, allowing you to express openly and honestly and really hear another as well. It carries the energies of faithfulness and devotion, helping you commit and take responsibility for that which you truly love and do the work required to create a solid structure for your relationships to build upon.

It’s also a great stone to help you personally stay strong in yourself, in your integrity, and not be easily swayed by others. If you tend to sacrifice your own feelings and opinions to make other people happy, blue sapphire can help you own up to yourself, express your truth, and attract relationships that honor and respect who you truly are.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

As a stone of the mind, blue sapphire is beneficial for eyesight, inner ear imbalances, and vertigo, as well as neurological conditions and nervous system issues, from stress and anxiety to panic attacks, seizures, dizziness, convulsions, migraines, and compulsive behavior.

It settles down nausea, coughing, allergies, chest constriction, asthma, and bronchitis and brings stability to other treatments. It’s energetic strength moves down into the marrow, benefitting bone and teeth health, healing, and strength. It’s also protective against electromagnetic radiation.

In its beautiful blue color, it’s also beneficial for the throat area, including the thyroid, tonsils, and glands, helping with issues around swallowing or speaking, as well as aiding in therapy or treatment for speech and communication.

Self Care
Self Care

Wearing or carrying blue sapphire can help you avoid negative energy throughout the day, help keep your mind calm and clear, and help you stay focused on what’s in front of you. It’ll also help keep your emotions cool and balanced as you flow through all the twists and turns the day brings.

You can also make a blue sapphire elixir as an easy way to work with it. Place the sapphire in a small glass jar, and then place that entire jar into a larger glass or bowl containing water. Cover it and leave it outside for about 24 hours as the water absorbs the energetic frequencies of the sapphire, and the next day, you’ll have an elixir!

Then put the blue sapphire elixir you created into a dropper bottle filling it 75% of the way up, and top off with 25% alcohol to preserve it. Take a few drops of this elixir under your tongue throughout the day or drop it into your water to sip on throughout the day.

This is vibrational medicine, and blue sapphire is particularly well suited to use as an elixir to help you create powerful, lasting changes in your energy and mindset that create positive changes in your day-to-day experience and life overall.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Blue sapphire’s clarity helps you develop clear psychic awareness, increasing your intuitive perception and insights and access to esoteric knowledge. It can open up and strengthen your ability to communicate clearly with angelic and celestial beings, higher dimensions, your guides, highest wisdom, and cosmic consciousness.

Its uplifting, perspective-shifting effects raise your awareness allowing you to consciously access higher planes of knowledge and insight, astral realms, and new levels of consciousness. It’s also a very protective stone to wear while you’re exploring the celestial and energetic realms to ward off negative and dense energies and attachments and keep your field cleansed.

It also helps you dive inward into the wisdom and truth that lives within your own soul, helping you gain clarity around your purpose and uncover all the keys that are waiting already within you to unlock the doors to whatever future you want to create.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

A stone that goes down into the marrow and penetrates the DNA, blue sapphire is a beautiful choice to help you connect to your ancestral wisdom and also help you communicate psychically with your ancestors on the other side, if you so choose, for answers, resolution, and revelations.

It can help you break the chains of ancestral trauma and inherited conditioning, dismantling the beliefs and patterns of thinking and behaving that are not in integrity with the highest iteration of your soul. And it’s helpful for past life work or regressions, to uplift your consciousness into the highest perspective that can connect with all times, spaces, planes, and dimensions.

Certain blue sapphires called “record keepers” are said to hold ancient knowledge of past civilizations that can be accessed by working with the stones and receiving their energetic encodements. These record keeper stones are the ones to look for when you are ready to close the door to past stories for good and rewrite the future of your own making.


A powerful tool to help you reach deep meditative states, blue sapphire is a brilliant guide to have with you for internal journeying, self-reflection, and inner processing. It helps you quickly anchor into a higher awareness, taking you above the fog of the mind into the clear skies of cosmic wisdom and Universal truth.

This is a stone for seekers who want to heighten and expand their minds, their perspectives, their learning, and their experiential wisdom all through traveling deeper within themselves to explore the cosmos of their own consciousness. It brings stillness, calm, and devotion to your spiritual practice and growth.

💙Our guided blue sapphire meditation takes you on an expansive journey to connect with the wisdom that lies deep within your bones & raise your awareness to new heights to see your true self clearly. 🦅 

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Blue Sapphire Guided Meditation

Our guided blue sapphire meditation takes you on an expansive journey to connect with the wisdom that lies deep within your bones & raise your awareness to new heights to see your true self clearly!

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Blue Sapphire Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


When you’re in Virgo mode and focusing on improving things, you’re naturally going to become more focused on flaws and what needs fixing. When this critical eye of discernment turns into a pattern of complaining, judgment, and suffering though, blue sapphire can step in to brighten and ease your mind, expand your perception & help you acknowledge the perfection of the present moment.


The birthstone for September, blue sapphire resonates with the highest vibrations of Libran intellect, wisdom, and eyes for justice. They both vibrate with truth, bringing balanced, rational perspective and foresight into situations, and carry a calm, harmonious energy. When your mind is getting carried away, blue sapphire will help you tap into your integrity, decisiveness, and ability to stand up for truth.


Expansive and uplifting, blue sapphire vibrates with the Sagittarian energies of growth, faith, and hope eternal, of seeking a higher awareness and connection to the cosmic and spiritual energies. It opens your mind to new belief systems and awarenesses, to the Universal and etheric energies and higher planes, and helps you speak and share your insights, teaching from the wisdom and integrity of your own experiences.


A powerful stone of permanence and longevity, Saturn’s energy of wisdom from experience, ancient knowledge, and truth and consequences rings through the energy of sapphire. When you’re ready to take responsibility for your life, clear karma and baggage from the past, and step forward into a brighter future, blue sapphire will help you harness the lessons and magic of Saturn with clarity, strength, and brilliance.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Royal Coat of Arms 

Phase 172, Virgo 22*

This symbol is about connecting with your heritage, with your ancestors, with a sense of pride and honor, with respect and dignity. It’s also about how your cultural history and social standing shape your identity, for better or worse.

These ideas ring true with the energy of blue sapphire as it’s a stone that connects you deeply into your roots, your purpose, into the truth of who you are. It can help you heal trauma and energetic frequencies carried through your ancestry and past lives, and also connect you to the essential wisdom gained from all the lessons learned, helping you respect and honor the past for all the enlightenment it’s brought to your present.

Blue sapphire was actually used as the insignia for the Imperial Rank in Ancient China and has a long association with royalty in cultures all around the world.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Tarot Cards

King of Swords

Swords represent the mind and intellect in tarot, and the King of Swords is the height of that intellect, with one foot on the rational ground and his sword pointed towards the cosmos. He is clear-minded and stays open to his intuition, he’s decisive yet able to stay flexible. He wears a blue tunic, like the blue of sapphire, signaling his pursuit of higher knowledge and spiritual awareness.

On the throne he’s seated on you can see butterflies, representing transformation, and crescent moons, open to the knowledge of the Universe, with an angel whispering into his ear, showing his ability to hear the subtle whispers of spirit in a divine union between rational intellect and intuitive wisdom. These are the exact qualities that blue sapphire instills within you, allowing you to become the King of your own mind, and thus King of your own creation.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Spirit Animal


This stunning, swift bird of prey has a great connection with the sky and upper realms, symbolizing communication with your highest awareness and Spirit. Falcons represent courage, strength, a wide perspective, and a sharp vision that can see the tiniest details, bringing decisiveness and clarity around the way forward.

This energy mirrors the strength, sharpened intellect, and inner insight that blue sapphire holds, along with its connection to that big beautiful blue sky and all the cosmic, celestial forces. Blue sapphire sharpens your vision like a falcon’s to see the truth and rise on the wings of the truth to achieve your highest goals in life.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Blue Sapphire varieties

There are many colors of sapphire, each with its own unique vibration due to its color difference, but all hold similar qualities to blue sapphire detailed here. Blue sapphire itself has a couple of notable varieties:

Blue Star Sapphire

A star sapphire contains rutile which disperses the light in such a way that creates a star-like reflective effect called “asterism.” These star sapphires amplify the celestial qualities of sapphire, bringing illumination and directing the third eye toward the heavens to find clarity and insight.

Kashmir Sapphire

These are exceptional, top-quality blue sapphires, amongst the rarest and finest gems in the world, which originate only from a mine in Kashmir. This mine was revealed during a landslide in the 1800s and the supply has since been exhausted, making Kashmir sapphires exceedingly rare to find or own. They contain needlelike inclusions known as “silk” making the sapphire itself look almost like blue velvet.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Blue Sapphire + Ruby

Pair with Ruby to bring this brother/sister pair of corundum together for intense and lasting healing and transformations, to repair the past, and ground deep into the earth as you also lift your consciousness into the heavens.

Blue Sapphire + Topaz

Pair with topaz for a brilliant combo to raise the light field of your entire energy body, attracting wealth and blessings your way, catalyzing you into action towards your goals.

Blue Sapphire + Emerald

Pair with emerald to bring that clarity of the mind down into the heart, to detox, support, and restore the body and grow your balance and abundance in everyday life.

Crystal Blue Sapphire Connection Item
Crystal Blue Sapphire Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Blue Sapphire

Since it’s such a hard stone, blue sapphire can be cleansed in pretty much any way you know of.

The easiest cleansing method is to run it under cool water for a while until the energy feels revitalized. You can also cleanse sapphire jewelry in the same manner, accounting for the care of any metals used in the jewelry.

You can leave it to dry in the sunshine for a short period of time, to soak up the light and recharge, or you can place it on or near a clear quartz cluster or point to recharge.

You can also do a quick cleanse using smoke from a smudge or incense, or give it a deep cleanse and recharge by placing it on the earth overnight and allowing Mother Nature to use her innate wisdom to clear and restore its energy and bring it back into perfect balance.

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Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Blue Sapphire or crystals in general!


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