Crystal Fluorite
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crystal icon Fluorite



The Crystal of Clear Alignment

Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Air element Air
Mercury planet Mercury
Heart Third Eye Crown
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Fluorite Guided Meditation

Our guided fluorite meditation takes you on an uplifting healing journey to release stagnancy and toxicity and bring your mind, body, and spirit into aligned balance.

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Crystal Fluorite Message Background
Crystal Fluorite Frame

The message

Fluorite’s Message To You:

I am a
Ghost hunter
Parasite exterminator
Toxin destroyer
Fire extinguisher
Clutter clearer
Auric repairer
Mind enhancer
Decision maker
Harmonic healer
Balance bringer
Spirit brightener
Shadow illuminator
Order restorer
Block breaker
Divine connector &
Fearless defender
I am the Great Aligner
Here to clear your path &
Guide your way home



Fluorite helps you to…

  • Release toxic energy
  • Lift your perspective
  • Harmonize mind, body & spirit
Crystal Fluorite Story Background
Crystal Fluorite Story

The Story of Fluorite

Born from a ray of fluorescent light, fluorite shines through the darkness of your inner pain and suffering, shooing away the ghosts that still haunt you. It beams its frequency of light through the density of your being to show you the clarity and wisdom you hold within you, bringing you into harmonic alignment so your mind, body, and spirit act as one- this is the incredible healing power of this soft and gentle stone.

In ancient Daoist stone medicine, fluorite was used as an “antiparasitic.” This idea of a “parasite” is the same as what we’d think of as critical thoughts, limiting beliefs, and emotional trauma and wounding that is unresolved, constantly eating us up from the inside out. Fluorite is a great reliever of these mental and emotional parasites, as well as parasitic conditions of the physical body. It provokes the body’s defenses to dispel toxicity.

Fluorite is primarily a stone of the mental realms and is excellent for learning, studying, and working, enhancing your concentration, focus, and memory. It helps clear and open the mind, removing blocks and conditioning, allowing you to see the way forward with clarity. It can help you release your dogmas and old ways of thinking, opening your mind to new territories so your soul may grow and expand. A stone of logic, it brings order and harmony to the mental realms, creating order and structure out of delusion and confusion.

This highly organized energy comes from its cubic structure which is orderly and defined, helping you organize your thoughts, priorities, and decisions without overwhelm or anxiety, and also to be more discerning with your time and energy so you can focus on what’s most beneficial and efficient. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or drained, like things are too chaotic in your life, fluorite brings the structure and mental clarity you need to come back into inner alignment so you can feel more fulfillment, inner peace, and an awareness of how you’re serving your higher purpose in this world.

If you’ve gone too deep into the mental caverns and feel like you might be losing it, fluorite can be an anchor back to rational, practical, organized thought. It’s a good balancer when you’ve floated too far away into the foggy, nebulous realms and need to come back to earth, to help you translate the intuitive and abstract information and insights into practical, applicable changes you can make in your life to find more overall balance and harmony in all you do.

If you have any mental, emotional, or physical imbalances going on distracting you from your purpose and taking away your sense of peace, fluorite is a beautiful stone to work with to bring your whole life back into alignment from the inside out.

Crystal Fluorite Property Background

Fluorite Healing Properties

Element Wind



As a stone that’s synonymous with the mental realms, fluorite holds air energy, but its particular variety of air is wind. Wind is in motion, it shifts things, it sweeps things out, and brings new things in. It blows off the dead leaves, clearing the past, and initiating change. Wind energy is the mind in motion, flexible, shifting, learning, and expanding.

Fluorite’s wind energy sweeps out the cobwebs and clutter housed in the mind- the conditioned thoughts, old subconscious tapes playing in the background, the piles of to-dos, goals, and unfinished plans. It clears everything out to its appropriate corners and files it all away, organizing and enhancing your mental processing and directing your focus.

As its winds of light sweep through your aura and into your cells, fluorite shifts your mental state, which shifts your emotional state, which shifts your physical state, bringing more clarity, wellness, and balance overall. It clears away the debris and damage, creating space for repairs and healing, and for new perceptions, awareness, and possibilities to make their way through your consciousness, into reality.

Chakra Heart


Fluorite is a beautiful heart healer, bringing balance and harmony to your emotional center, clearing out any dense, heavy, unclear energy from the heart chakra, opening you to more love and compassion.

As a stone primarily of the mental realms, fluorite unites the heart and mind, bringing emotional and mental cohesion and clarity so you can focus on what the heart wants, what brings you joy and ease, and channel the insight and ideas you need to help you come into internal balance.

Green and rainbow fluorite primarily resonate with the heart chakra and are also great for overall, whole-body healing and clearing all the chakras.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

The perfect stone to use when you’re learning something new, fluorite helps you focus on and take in information, to memorize and retain it more easily, and be more discerning about what information is most important to pay attention to and what you can ignore.

It flushes and clears out the crowded thoughts and confusion from the third eye and grounds it in rational, logical thought, helping you absorb and process higher intellectual and spiritual information and then be able to speak about and apply it to everyday life.

It’s also a helpful stone for everyday multitasking to use to organize your day, focus on what’s in front of you, and be able to shift and redirect your energy towards wherever it’ll be most useful to you at the time.

Chakra Crown


As a crown chakra stone, fluorite clears and opens your connection with spirit, with your higher consciousness and the clear wisdom that it carries, funneling insights and intuitive information down into your mind and heart to then act upon.

It brings peace and order to chaos and clutter, easing anxiety and restoring hope and faith where there was once doubt. It lifts you into a higher perspective so you can see your struggles and situations through the clear light of consciousness, channeled through a discerning, rational mind, to help you find real-world solutions that bring more freedom and ease to your life.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


A beautiful stone to bring balance between the mind, body and spirit, between intuitive awareness and physical action, restoring mental clarity and efficiency, emotional balance, and physical health and vitality. Lifts you when you’re feeling low, lights your way through the dark, and brings you back to earth when you’re detached and floating away.


Fluorite is protective, shielding, cleansing, and stabilizing for the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. It provokes and stimulates the natural defenses of the body to protect against toxins, density, harm, or imbalance.


Incredibly detoxifying for mind, body, and spirit, fluorite moves dense, parasitic, toxic energy outward, dispersing it away from you like the wind, expelling and releasing it. It can reach down into the depths of your unconscious to detox conditioning, beliefs, and ingrained patterns of behavior that aren’t in your highest alignment.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Fluorite is semi-translucent and comes in a wide range of colors, the most common is “rainbow” fluorite which is a blend of green, blue, purple, and clear fluorite. It’s also found in shades of yellow and pink. Its coloring comes from rare earth elements. It’s named for its fluorescence which you can see when it’s under an ultraviolet light.

Its translucence, often pastel color tones, and subtle blending and striations of color connote its energetic qualities of light, harmony, balance, and ease. Different colors of fluorite can be used to affect the different chakras and body parts associated with each.


Fluorite is composed of calcium fluoride with many trace mineral “impurities” that create its wide color variety. It has a cubic or octahedral crystal structure, often forming in perfect cubes or octahedrons, which look like a diamond shape with 8 sides.

The number 8 resonates greatly with fluorite for this reason and is a symbol of infinity, harmony, resonance, and an easy and abundant flow of energy. This is exactly what working with fluorite can help you create in your life.

Use Fluorite When...

You’re feeling…

overwhelmed, indecisive, chaotic, detached, unhinged, haunted by the past, stagnant, stuck, cluttered, messy, ungrounded, worried, distracted, disoriented, unbalanced, rigid 

You’re struggling with…

learning or retaining information, poor memory or concentration, health issues, acute aches and pain, lack of organization, difficulty bringing ideas to life, negative self-talk, emotional heaviness

When you want…

balance, peace, order, alignment, calm, ease, clarity, direction, discernment, wisdom, heightened intuition, new perspective, overall health and wellness, release, relief, inner harmony

Crystal Fluorite Use
Crystal Fluorite Life Background

Using Fluorite in Everyday Life


Use fluorite to help you decide on what you want to manifest, to get clear on it, and then create a practical structure of daily action steps or tasks to get you one step closer to your goals each day.

It will keep you focused on what you want to manifest and help you clear out all the misbeliefs and unconscious blocks that may have been hindering you in the past, clearing the path for you to walk swiftly forward toward your purpose.

Pair with a rosemary smudge or essential oil to clear and elevate the mind as you write out your manifestations, make plans for the future or research deeper into the things that are aligned with your goals and soul’s desires. It will help you stay focused, concentrated, and practical with how you’re going to bring those big dreams into reality.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

This uplifting stone opens you to more self-love and grace with yourself, releasing self-criticism and shifting your focus from your flaws or failings to what’s beautiful and growing, seeing through a lens of love.

It helps you let go of pain and suffering from relationships in the past, things said or unsaid that created a sense of inferiority or unworthiness in you, and can transmute those painful feelings into growing self-awareness and self-love. Through that, you’ll develop a stronger sense of self-worth, which can benefit every one of your relationships throughout your life.

Place fluorite on the third eye and heart as you relax and breathe and it will help you let go of the toxicity, resentment, misperceptions, and pain held in these areas and transform. It releases the ghosts from the past, the things that are emotionally haunting you, helping you feel clear and present so you can create more harmony in your current relationships.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This super cleansing crystal acts like an astral vacuum that clears any ghosts that may be haunting you from the past- created by struggle, grief, trauma, pain, shame- any intense and disruptive emotional energy.

It brings what’s buried to the surface, lifting repressed emotional and psychological issues into your conscious awareness for clearing and healing. Fluorite moves dense, heavy energy up and out of your body, mind, and soul, releasing it to the wind, helping you find more emotional and mental clarity, perspective, and practical wisdom to guide you forward through life.

The octahedrons are especially potent for this deep shadow release work as they send energy equally in both directions allowing for deep energetic penetration with an equal energy of rising up and out, allowing for your emotional shadows to rise into consciousness and be cleared.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

One of the most incredibly detoxifying crystals, fluorite is used to release parasites from the body, both literal and energetic parasites, as both affect your physical health. It’s a beautiful healing crystal for sickness and infections, especially respiratory ones. When made into an elixir (using the indirect method only- don’t stick fluorite directly in your drinking water) it can be protective and healing against viruses.

You can use fluorite to restore your overall health and balance, boost the immune system, regenerate the skin, heal wounds, and strengthen the teeth and bones. Hold fluorite in your hands, or place it beneath your feet, and it will draw pathogenic energy outwardly to disperse and release it.

It’s also a good crystal to help with acute pain relief, especially headaches. Place fluorite on the focal point of the pain you’re feeling, rest it upon the area for 10-15 minutes, and see if the pain relieves or disperses.

You can use different colors of fluorite to correspond to the different chakras or areas of the body you’re working with, but in general green and rainbow fluorite are great physical healing stones for the whole body.

Self Care
Self Care

If you’re procrastinating, clutter-ridden, or having trouble remembering all the things, fluorite is an excellent stone to help you get more organized in daily life and in the ways you take care of and nurture your own energy. Hold it as you plan your week ahead to help you create the structure you need and be discerning with where you decide to put your focus and energy.

If you’ve been feeling over-emotional and like your boat is getting rocked, fluorite can bring mental clarity and heightened perception to help you get out of the water of emotions for a bit to see more clearly from a higher view and logical perspective.

Wear it or sweep it through your aura daily to clear density and gunk from your mind, body, and spirit, and stay focused on your highest alignment and the decisions you need to make to stay on that path.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

This highly uplifting crystal opens you to your higher mind and divine connection to develop your intuitive perceptions. It not only lifts your perspective but clarifies your vision, sharpening the tools of your inner eye and discernment so you know to pay attention to intuitive information when it’s coming in and can better receive and interpret it.

Fluorite is also a perfect stone to help you realize your spiritual path and find balance during the chaos of the spiritual journey and can help you navigate through the inevitable changes and confusion along the way with more clarity and the ability to make wise choices.

It balances your energy along your spiritual ascent so you don’t float off into outer space, and reminds you that the whole reason for being is to experience this life as a human on the earth. The spiritual insight, awareness, and higher discernment that fluorite opens you up to is meant to then be applied to your everyday, practical life.


One of the best meditation crystals out there, fluorite is very clarifying for the mind to help you ease into more quiet, stillness, and peace as you’re sitting in meditation. It brings more mental, emotional, and physical balance and clears the whole aura when used in meditation, bringing more health to all areas of your life.

It brings order and structure to your thoughts, sweeps out what’s unnecessary, and helps you focus your conscious mind wherever you guide it, lessening the distraction and frustration that can come up when you try to sit still with yourself.

💚 Our guided fluorite meditation takes you on an uplifting healing journey to release stagnancy and toxicity and bring your mind, body, and spirit into aligned balance. ♾️

Crystal Fluorite Price Box Background

Fluorite Guided Meditation

Our guided fluorite meditation takes you on an uplifting healing journey to release stagnancy and toxicity and bring your mind, body, and spirit into aligned balance.

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Crystal Fluorite Connection Background

Fluorite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Fluorite is a beautiful Virgo energy stone that brings order to chaos, enhancing mental clarity, discernment, and wise decision-making. It’s a great choice if you’re feeling disorganized or need help structuring and tackling all the daily tasks and todos. It’ll help you sit back, objectively analyze things, and find the most efficient way to move forward.


This air-sign corresponds with the air energy of fluorite, which is a very helpful stone for quelling indecision, anxiety, or the mental back and forth that Libra can deal with. Fluorite is a great stone for business and love relationships, which is also Libra territory, and its magic lies in bringing your life into alignment, harmony, and internal balance.


The heightened awareness and intuition that fluorite brings are synonymous with Pisces energy. It’s not only an amplifier of these psychic senses but helps you bring that intuitive wisdom down from the clouds to apply it to real life. When you’re floating away with too much nebulous, abstract Piscean energy, fluorite can ground you back into rational, clear thinking guided by a direct channel to Spirit.


This stone of the mind is ruled by Mercury, which is swift-moving, discerning, and practical in action, just like the energetics of fluorite. Whether your mind is moving too fast or driving you crazy with criticism and judgment, or if it feels sluggish, foggy, and stuck in the past, fluorite brings balance, clarity, and awareness to the mental realm.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Rainbow 

Phase 146, Leo 26*

There are actually different Sabian symbols for different colors of fluorite, but we’re spotlighting the rainbow fluorite symbol here as it encompasses a variety of different colors.

This image and feeling of a rainbow is the expression of the energy of rainbow fluorite, able to break through the darkest rain clouds to bring hope, clarity, and a new perspective. A rainbow is a sign of looking up, of connection with spirit, of calm arriving after the storm. It brings relief, easing stress and tension, and amplifying the awareness and joy in your heart.

These are the beautiful energies that all shades of fluorite bring, but especially rainbow fluorite.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Ace of Swords

This card represents clear thinking, concentration, and breaking into a new higher perception or awareness of things. It symbolizes the power of intellect to cut through the fog of deception and illusion to see the clarity of truth, all the same energies that fluorite brings.

Aces signal new beginnings and new possibilities and the suit of swords turns this energy toward the realm of thought, bringing fresh new clarity and ways of thinking along with mental expansion. This card is a signal of needing to bring rational thought to the forefront to help you make swift decisions, which is exactly what fluorite can help you do.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Soaring on the wind and seeing the world from a high perspective, the hawk is a symbol of powerful focus, divine connection, and clarity of vision, all the same qualities that fluorite activates within you.

With heightened awareness and the intuitive wisdom to know the right time to act, the hawk spirit lifts above the distractions and obstacles of daily life, showing you how to focus on the task at hand and allow your extrasensory perception to guide your actions and decisions so you can fly swiftly through life. Fluorite is an excellent tool to help you cultivate this same energy.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Fluorite Varieties

Fluorite comes in a range of varieties, all with similar healing qualities as described above. A few notable ones are:

Alien Eye Fluorite

An amazing rare variety of fluorite in highly saturated, deep greens that seem to glow like alien eyes, thus its name. It has a fanatic base of collectors and is often considered “the holy grail” of fluorite.

Blue John Fluorite

A rare and prized form of fluorite only found in Derbyshire, England, often with purple, blue, yellow, and cream banding in many different patterns. Can resemble amethyst but has more translucence.

Color Change Fluorite

A rare natural form of fluorite that shifts its color under different lighting conditions. Under fluorescent light, it appears to be a vivid blue whereas under incandescent light, it’s a lovely violet purple. These are often used as fine gemstones in jewelry.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Fluorite + Amethyst

Pair with amethyst to elevate the clarity of your perception into the higher realms of spirit and divine wisdom, to connect with your guides and higher self, and bring your intuitive awareness into your conscious decision-making.

Fluorite + Black Tourmaline

Pair with black tourmaline to absorb and ground all the toxicity that fluorite releases, sending it back down into the earth, as well as to bolster your energetic shielding if you’re feeling especially spongy, sensitive, or over-emotional.

Fluorite + Jade

Pair with jade to ground and solidify the clear intentions and insights fluorite helps you receive, and to help you use your focus and concentration towards creating more stability, healing, and growth in your life.

Crystal Fluorite Connection Item
Crystal Fluorite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Fluorite

You can cleanse fluorite with the element of air or wind, using smoke from incense or an herbal smudge, especially made of rosemary, as that’s an excellent pairing for fluorite’s mental cleansing energy.

You can also give your fluorite a quick cleanse under cool running water, and recharge it by the light of the full moon or the few days leading up to it. You can also recharge it by setting it on a bed of clear quartz or an amethyst cluster overnight.

It is relatively fragile and easy to chip and break. Be careful not to drop your fluorite onto a hard surface. It’s suggested to wear or work with your fluorite more for short-term use, when it’s needed, more than as an all-day-everyday stone, because of its softness and halogen content.

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