Crystal Blue Apatite
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crystal icon Blue Apatite


Blue Apatite

The Crystal of Free Expression

Aquarius zodiac signs Aquarius
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Air element Air
Mercury planet Mercury
Throat Third Eye
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Blue Apatite Guided Meditation

Our guided blue apatite meditation takes you on a transcendent journey to raise your perspective, plug into your intuitive knowing, and bring your dreams to life!

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Crystal Blue Apatite Message Background
Crystal Blue Apatite Frame

The message

Blue Apatite’s Message To You:

Feeling like you want to sing
Feeling like you can do anything
Feeling like you’re ready to let go
Feeling like you’re in the cosmic flow

Feeling like your voice can fly free
Feeling like you can truly see
Feeling like you’re part of everything
Feeling like you have wings

That’s the feeling that I bring
Lifting your spirit like a wellspring
Raising you higher so you can transcend
Expressing your truth so you can ascend

Into the astral, etheric planes
Where imagination and intuition reign
Where blue light surrounds you like a sea
As you speak your future into reality


Blue Apatite helps you to…

  • Communicate with confidence
  • Express your truth
  • Tune into your intuition
Crystal Blue Apatite Story Background
Crystal Blue Apatite Story

The Story of Blue Apatite

Formed from the bones of the Earth, holding deep knowledge and wisdom, blue apatite is a magical and enlightening crystal that helps you ascend into the astral mysteries, transcend your self-sabotaging and destructive patterns, and see from a higher awareness what’s true for you. It opens and expands your intuition and psychic awareness, connecting you to the deepest reaches of the celestial wisdom you carry deep within your bones.

Apatite is an incredibly prevalent mineral scattered across the Earth, and is the same mineral found in your own teeth and bones! This association means it can sink down deep, into the emotional patterns and habitual cycles that have perpetuated through your life, down into the foundation of who you are, to shine the light on how you can break free.

Freedom is the ultimate pursuit of blue apatite, the highest value it holds and imbues within you when you work with it. This includes the freedom of expression, the freedom to be who you are authentically, the freedom to create a life that feels truly joyful, and the freedom to know and speak your truth with confidence and clarity! It’s a gatekeeper crystal that opens the doors to new possibilities, portals, and perceptions of what you’re capable of creating.

Uplifting, cheerful, and filled with energetic delight, blue apatite is positively transcendent, lifting you up above the fog and frustrations of life and helping you break out of old cycles and stagnancy to claim your rightful place as a creator of your own reality. It’s a stone of manifestation, expression, and authenticity that helps you tap into your essence as a creator, showing you how to wield your mind and words wisely and direct them toward bringing your visions to life.

An airy stone of the mental realms, blue apatite brings light and space to the clutter and density of heavy or overwhelming emotions, allowing you to see things with clear insight from a higher awareness, so you can express and release your emotions rather than stifling them down. Blue apatite is very conducive to the flow of words and ideas and opens the channels for your higher wisdom, intuitive knowing, and inspired ideas to come through. It’s encouraging and supportive for all your communication, helping you feel connected to who you are and able to openly, honestly express yourself.

Blue apatite is a beautiful stone that brings inner stability to boost your confidence and charisma, and help you see the bright side of any situation. It has a playful, joyful spirit that’s enlivening and enlightening, reminding you of the infinite possibilities that exist in this creative playground we call life!

Crystal Blue Apatite Property Background

Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Element Wind


The element of air is associated with the mental realms, with your inner vision and communication. It’s the air we breathe, the words we speak, and the thoughts we think, which are all the areas of life that blue apatite has the most effect upon.

It’s a crystal that brings the right words, information, and insights to the forefront to help you clearly convey your message from a depth of wisdom and understanding. It brings in an air of easy breezy acceptance and openness to new perspectives and points of view, especially those that are expansive, expressive, and creative.

When you feel anxious, overwhelmed with thoughts, or too stuck in your head, blue apatite brings in a calming balance that can cut through the clutter and point straight to the truth of things, to the essential information, to the clearest insights.

Use it to help you communicate your ideas and thoughts with more ease, joy, and honesty and it will help you feel more connected to and understood by all those you share with, and by the unseen forces of the Universe.

Chakra Throat


A beautiful stone to activate and amplify the throat chakra, blue apatite helps you feel safe and comfortable to speak up and speak the truth, rather than hiding away or catering what you say around fear of other people’s reactions. It adds power to your expression and communication and helps your words become a conduit for your higher wisdom and intuitive awareness to flow.

If you often feel misunderstood or like people are misinterpreting what you’re saying, blue apatite can strengthen your throat chakra and help you communicate clearly. It aids with shyness and social anxiety and brings confidence in speaking, especially to larger groups. Use it to help you connect to others through your words with the inspiring, compassionate, enthusiastic energy that blue apatite holds.

To activate and open your throat chakra, hold blue apatite to your throat or lay down with it resting in the notch of your neck, and envision yourself speaking up saying what you want to say, speaking with power, clarity, and ease, speaking your truth and feeling understood. Wearing a blue apatite necklace is also a great way to impact the throat area.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

A great stone to activate and open your third eye chakra, blue apatite taps you into your inner vision and psychic senses, heightening your ability to see, hear, receive, and understand the messages and wisdom coming through from Spirit and your own highest wisdom.

Use it to help you heighten your awareness and perspective, to rise above the fray and frustration of the material world, and see with greater clarity how to reach your goals and create the life you want for yourself. Blue apatite will help you hone and harness your vision for the future so you can cultivate it in real life.

Lay down with blue apatite at the center of your forehead, close your eyes, and imagine yourself surrounded by a sea of blue light, the same vibrant color of apatite. Allow it to permeate your mind and aura and lift your awareness into a calm, clear, open, and accepting space where you can receive vital information, insights, and inspiration to guide you.

It’s a powerful stone to help you develop your visioning capabilities and explore the astral realms. Whenever you feel stuck and need to open up to a higher, wiser perspective for guidance, blue apatite will gladly take you there.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Highly uplifting, blue apatite raises your awareness, your perspective, and your mood, helping you rise above the fog to gain clarity and insight. When you feel low, lost, depressed, or down, this stone can lift you with its cooling, calming energy and help your mind focus on what’s good, what’s right, and what’s happy and positive in your life.


As a principal mineral found in bones and teeth, apatite provides structural, supportive, stabilizing energy, to strengthen your bones and help you stand upright and confident as you walk through life. It calms and clears dark, heavy, or “negative” emotions, bringing you into more inner stability and strength to overcome any challenges.


Blue apatite helps release emotions and toxins out of your body, sweeping them away like a broom, breaking up stagnancy and stuckness from the past so you can move forward into a clearer, brighter future. It’s particularly cleansing for the habitual, cyclical patterns you hold deep in your bones so you can step into a new reality.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Blue apatite can be found in sky blue to deep ocean blue to neon electric blue in color, and from opaque to transparent. It has a vitreous luster which means it has a shimmery, glassy appearance. Some blue apatites are fluorescent. They can be found in tiny raw shards to larger gem-quality stones, pillars, or big hunks.

Its vibrant blue color is calming, cooling, and uplifting, and resonates with truth and freedom, with free-flowing energy and expression, with expansive awareness and endless possibilities.


A calcium phosphate, blue apatite contains the essential elements for bone growth, which equates to the energetic elements essential for soul growth and emotional growth as well. It brings inspiration, optimism, and an internal stability you can build upon.

As a mineral, calcium builds, binds, strengthens bonds, and creates stability and hardness. Phosphates slowly build and store vital life force energy. The two combine in apatite to give it its powerful stabilizing and restorative effects.

Use Blue Apatite When...

 you feel..

stuck, whiny, confused, over-critical, depressed, apathetic, uninspired, frustrated, insecure, disheartened, unmotivated, lethargic, unsure, not excited or lit up by anything, anxious, shy

you’re struggling with..

issues with bones, teeth or gums, poor posture, creative blocks, self-criticism, pessimism, perfectionism, habitual patterns, self-sabotage, overindulging, overworking, low zest for life

you want..

freedom, release from the past, creativity, motivation, ambition, higher awareness, intuitive insights, clear communication, trust in yourself, to live authentically, to express your truth

Crystal Blue Apatite Use
Crystal Blue Apatite Life Background

Using Blue Apatite in Everyday Life


An amazing manifestation stone, blue apatite brings your words into form and helps you become more aware of how the words you’re choosing are actively creating the life you’re experiencing. You can use it to help you speak positive, encouraging, inspiring intentions into your life.

As a visionary stone, this crystal helps you get a clear vision of the future you want to create and opens you up to all the bright, creative, and expressive opportunities on the horizon. Once you’re clear on the picture of what you want your reality to look like, you can use blue apatite to speak it into existence.

Hold it up to your heart or between your palms and speak into the crystal directly what you want to manifest in your life, your clear intentions for the future, and beautiful affirmations of what’s possible. Then watch how the wisdom of blue apatite helps you bring it all into form. It will help you stay confident, creative, and clear-minded about the brilliant future you’re heading into, and always tapped into your intuitive compass to guide you forward.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

A great stone for improving communication in relationships, blue apatite helps you speak kindly and confidently, and to use your words to encourage and uplift others rather than to criticize or curse them by focusing on all that’s “wrong”. This is a crystal to help you speak what’s right into the world, to speak what’s beautiful, loving, and kind into your relationships, and to keep your mind focused on the higher vision for all the relationships in your life.

A beautiful stone of connection, blue apatite brings people together and helps everyone speak openly, honestly, and kindly to each other. It’s a great stone for groups of people, to help everyone connect through their differences and maintain a humanitarian outlook, in mind of what’s best for all involved. Keeping a blue apatite sphere or tower wherever people gather together can help keep everyone’s words flowing with more clarity, care, and consideration.

It’s also a perfect stone to work with if you feel confused or unsure in your relationships, to help you gain perspective and a higher awareness of your best path forward, so you can make the next right decision you need in order to walk into a future that feels bright, happy and honest to who you are, down to the depths of your soul.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Apatite exists within you, in your bones and teeth, and working with blue apatite in crystal healing can help strengthen, stimulate, and repair the bones, teeth, and gums, aid in healing fractures and posture issues, and can help mitigate and clear any potentially harmful effects of radiation on the bones and teeth, such as when getting xrays.

It affects our physical appetite as well, and can be used to increase metabolism, reduce cravings, aid in digestion, and help you make wiser decisions around food to increase weight loss and bring balance and healing to eating disorders or emotional eating issues. It’s also calming and settling for hyperactivity, ADHD, stress, and any other mentally taxing issues, creating more peace and clarity within your mind-body connection.

You can make an elixir with blue apatite to work with it on these levels for deep internal healing. It’s best to do this using the indirect method by placing the crystal inside a glass, and then placing that glass into a bowl of water overnight to allow the stone’s frequencies to radiate into the water surrounding the glass. The next morning, the water has become a blue apatite elixir you can drink.

Self Care
Self Care

For general everyday clarity, confidence, and ease, working with blue apatite can keep you focused on what’s positive and growing in your life, and not allow the obstacles and hindrances to drag you down.

It’s a beautiful stone to wear or carry with you daily to help keep your mindset and emotions balanced and flying high, and help you break through the internal patterns and blocks that aren’t aligned with your truth or what you want to create for your future.

Blue apatite is most effective with skin contact, so placing it directly on your thoat or third eye, holding it in your palms, or wearing it as jewelry is a great way to receive its benefits for self-care. You can also use apatite in your beauty routine by running the stone over your skin gently as if you’re cleansing with it, to rinse and release negative energies from your aura.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

A beautiful stone for sleep and dream work, blue apatite helps you tap into the subconscious realms to explore and extrapolate insights that are lying just beneath the surface. It can help you work through and process emotional issues and mental blocks in your dream world that have been hindering you in waking life. It also can increase lucid dreaming and help you recall and learn from your dreams when you wake up.

It’s also a great stone for astral travel and deep visualizations to tap into different states of consciousness, different timelines, spaces, places, and dimensions. Blue apatite is a gateway to expanded awareness and new levels of perception that you can access during sleep or deep visioning exercises, anytime you’re journeying through your subconscious realms.

Sleep with blue apatite under your pillow or by your bedside to encourage your subconscious insights to come to light during your dreamtime, and help you receive answers and new awareness while you sleep. You can also lay it directly on your third eye during deep relaxation or visualization to encourage clear visions and astral travel.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Blue apatite is one of the best crystals you can work with to help you access and develop your intuitive insight and connect with and channel higher wisdom from the astral planes. Wear or hold it whenever you need to get out of your own way and out of stuck patterns and behaviors and allow your intuition to guide you.

It opens up the lines of communication between you and your spirit guides, your highest self, Ascended masters, and all the wisdom of the cosmos. Keep it on or near you as you pull tarot or oracle cards, as you journal and ask yourself questions, or to have direct conversations with different energies. You can even ask the apatite itself for answers and insights as it holds a depth of wisdom to share.

When you work with blue apatite it’s like picking up the phone and dialing the Universe. Slow down and breathe with this powerful blue crystal for a few moments and allow it to crystalize your intuition and point you in the direction toward the information and answers you’ve been seeking, toward the right doors to open, toward the light that’s shining through the darkness.

Just stay open and aware of the thoughts, memories, sensations, urges, inner visions, and sudden knowings that come through as you’re working with blue apatite because they are all nudges and signals from your intuition. This crystal unlocks the door to your psychic power, to your inner knowing and all the magic you hold, to help you find the answers that have always been there, right inside you.


A highly uplifting stone to meditate with, blue apatite takes you on a high-flying journey into the astral realms, into crisp and insightful visions, and communicating with Sprit and the unseen forces of the Universe. Imagine yourself immersed in a sea of apatite-blue light and let its wisdom carry you.

When you’re feeling uninspired, unsure, unoriginal, or unhappy, sitting with blue apatite in your palms, or laying with a crystal over your throat or third eye chakra, will open up your awareness and creativity, and open new doors of perception that are exciting, uplifting and invigorating. Meditate with it to get you flowing again, to lift you up, and help you fly through life feeling free to be fully yourself!

💙 Our guided blue apatite meditation takes you on a transcendent journey to raise your perspective, plug into your intuitive knowing, and bring your dreams to life! 🪶

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Blue Apatite Guided Meditation

Our guided blue apatite meditation takes you on a transcendent journey to raise your perspective, plug into your intuitive knowing, and bring your dreams to life!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Background

Blue Apatite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Blue apatite helps you understand the mysteries of the Universe, to expand your knowledge, and stretch your perception to far-out places, which is very Aquarian energy. It brings heightened awareness and a depth of understanding, breaking you free from the chains of conditioning to fly and create a brighter future for humanity as a whole, embracing that Aquarius spirit.


A truly magical and mystical stone, blue apatite connects you to your intuitive insights and the depth of wisdom hidden in your dreams and subconscious mind, all Piscean territory. Uplifting for your mood and perspective, it brings clarity through the Pisces fog and helps you channel etheric energy into real-world creativity and expression.


A perfect stone for speaking and socializing, blue apatite greatly resonates with Gemini energy and will help your words flow freely and truly, so you can express your insights and ideas clearly and confidently. It also helps settle and soothe the overstimulated, nervous energy that Gemini can carry, bringing calm awareness to the forefront.


This planet of quick thinking and communication resonates with blue apatite’s ability to clear your mind, heighten perception, and allow your thoughts and words to flow freely. It helps you find creative solutions and new ideas, in true Mercurial fashion, so you never stay stuck and instead find yourself flying forward through life, swiftly and confidently.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Hindu Yogi Demonstrates Healing Powers 

Phase 304, Aquarius 4*

Bring this image to your mind… and feel into the level of spiritual practice and openness to the divine forces that the yogi holds, into his sense of dedication and ability to flex with ease no matter which way the wind blows. He carries an internal steadiness that’s derived from being in pure touch with his center, his truth, and the eternal truths of the Universe, acting as a clear channel for magic and insights to pour through.

This is a metaphor for the beautiful sense of spiritual openness, internal steadiness, and true authenticity that blue apatite can help you tap into.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Ace of Swords

The first card in the suit of air, which centers around intellect, inspiration, and inner vision, the ace of swords captures the positive energy, clarity of focus, and openness to new opportunities that blue apatite holds. On it you’ll see a hand holding a double-edged sword, breaking through the clouds, signifying breaking into new visions, new ideas, and new awareness to guide you forward, which is blue apatite’s specialty.

This card represents the need for you to cut through the confusion and chaos of the mind to see the truth clearly, and to heighten your perception to be open to new possibilities and perspectives, which is exactly what blue apatite can help you with.

The double-edged sword also reminds us that our words carry force and to wield them wisely. Blue apatite can help you harness and use the power of your words, and how you communicate them, to create endless possibilities in your life.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


A bluebird is a stunning and happy sight to see in nature, a reminder of positivity, joy, and looking on the bright side of life, a symbol of cheerfulness, rejuvenation, and the strength to overcome challenges while still singing! It feels like the exact same energy that’s encapsulated into blue apatite in stone form.

And as a crystal of the air element that’s all about expression, freedom, and reaching new heights of perception, a bluebird is the perfect symbolic match as it flies freely on the wind, spreading joy and confidently singing its song.

The vibrant blue coloring of both the apatite and the bluebird stand out as something very special, a symbol of truth and embracing your unique authenticity, as that’s where true happiness is found.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Blue Apatite Varieties

Blue apatite is a variety of apatite, which comes in many different colors. There are a few varieties of blue apatite in particular:

Blue Cat’s Eye Apatite

This rare type of blue apatite is gorgeous and flashy in the light, with a “chatoyant” effect that reflects light in a column down the center which looks similar to a cat’s eye.

Blue Green Apatite

A beautiful mix of blue and green apatite that results in a glowing teal or sea green color, adding more heart-healing qualities to the stone.

Neon Blue Apatite

Some of the brightest, most intensely colored crystals are sold as “neon blue apatite”.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Blue Apatite + Moonstone

Pair with moonstone for a beautiful balance of electric yang energy and soothing yin energy, to dive deeper into your inner depths and bring harmony to your whole being.

Blue Apatite + Aquamarine

Pair with aquamarine to up the ante on your creative expression, help your truth flow freely and easily, and apply all the higher wisdom and insights you receive.

Blue Apatite + Obsidian

Pair with obsidian to increase your emotional cleansing, help you ground and process whatever comes up, and stay strong and steady through any emotional waves.

Crystal Blue Apatite Connection Item
Crystal Blue Apatite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is a relatively soft stone, so you’ll want to use gentle cleansing methods with it. You can cleanse it with the element of air by letting it sit outside for awhile on a breezy day, running it through smoke, or even using vibrational frequencies and sound to cleanse it. You can place it inside or near a singing bowl as it’s played, or in front of a speaker playing healing frequency music, especially related to the throat or third eye chakra.

You can even use the power of your own voice and breath to cleanse your apatite by speaking into it with the intention that it be cleansed, refreshed, and restored, or blowing on it with the intention for it to release any spent energy.

You can also run it under some cool water for a quick refresh when needed, or leave it to rest on some selenite overnight for a more restorative cleansing. You can recharge its activated, powerful energy by placing it on a clear quartz cluster overnight.

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