Crystal Obsidian
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The Crystal of Grounded Balance

Scorpio zodiac signs Scorpio
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Earth element Earth
Water element Water
Pluto planet Pluto
Sacral Root
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Obsidian Guided Meditation

Our guided obsidian meditation helps you release all the heavy, dense, & stagnant energies you’ve been carrying, to gain more confidence & inner strength and come into a state of grounded balance.

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Crystal Obsidian Message Background
Crystal Obsidian Frame

The message

Obsidian’s Message To You:

My shine shows your reflection
My smooth soothes your nerves
My weight anchors your emotions
Bringing balance when life swerves

My cool quells the inner fires
My earth absorbs your pain
My strength supports your stability
Releasing past trauma & shame

Let go of what’s heavy within you
Give it all over to me
I will protect & guide you
So your soul can be wild & free




Obsidian helps you to…

  • Ground & protect yourself
  • Tap into inner strength
  • Release emotional pain
Crystal Obsidian Story Background
Crystal Obsidian Story

The Story of Obsidian

Born where hot lava meets cool water, obsidian is a volcanic glass with powerful grounding and healing properties. It roots spiritual forces down into the earth where you can feel them and act on them, to manifest your ideas in the physical realm.

Extremely reflective when polished, obsidian has been used in many ancient cultures around the world as a tool for divination and scrying. Dubbed the “Mirror of the Incas”, it can be used to see your reflection, both literally and figuratively, showing you the true depth of who you are

Since it’s a type of glass, obsidian has very sharp edges and can be finely cut. It was carved into arrowheads by many native peoples as far back as the Neolithic era. The first acupuncture needles in ancient Chinese medicine were made of obsidian, and it’s still being used to create some of the most precise surgical scalpels today.

Obsidian’s connection to the earth and water grounds and roots you into your internal strength and power, while helping your emotions process, release, and flow. It can help you get to the root cause of your unconscious wounding and negative cycles, empowering you to break free from the past to land squarely in the present moment, full of possibility.

Dubbed the “wizard stone”, obsidian connects you to your inner shadows, your past lives and lineage, and your subconscious self. It strengthens your connection with your inner knowing, ancestral wisdom, and the natural magic you hold within your bones. It’s been used for millennia by shamans and psychics for divination, prophecy, and protection, and to remove dense energies and entities.

Let’s dig deeper into all the power obsidian holds and how you can use it to find more balance and magic in everyday life.

Crystal Obsidian Property Background

Obsidian Healing Properties

Element Earth


Obsidian’s energy is the earth in motion. Formed by hot lava slowly stretching across the earth and then cooling rapidly into a glass as it meets the water, this stone harnesses the energy of quick, yet stable transformation.

Its earth essence is extremely grounding and protective, connecting you with a sense of security and strength from the inside out, nurturing your connection with the physical world as well as all the spiritual forces that are part of it.

When you’re feeling very airy or fiery, obsidian brings you back into your body and an awareness of the present moment. This creates a sense of calm, balanced stillness within your center.

Element Water


As the other essential element of its creation, the water content in obsidian directly connects to our emotions and subconscious awareness, and to this stone’s amazing ability to swiftly move stagnant energy and clear blockages.

It flushes out the emotional body, releasing heavy, gunky, funky feelings, thought forms, and beliefs out of your system, clearing the way for new awareness and energy to come in.

If your internal waters feel like they’re overwhelming or about to drown you, obsidian unclogs the drain allowing your emotions to process, release and come back into balance.

Chakra Root


Obsidian is a powerful stone to open your root chakra and connect your grounding cord deep down into the earth. This brings a sense of power, presence, and inner stability, rooting you into a sense of self-assurance, strength, and belonging.
This also connects you to your own roots- your ancestors, past lives, and past stories about yourself. It can help you clear out the dead and diseased roots of pain and trauma, to allow the healthiest roots within you to thrive. This nurtures the whole flower of your being, supporting you from the inside out.

Obsidian opens the flow of energy to and from the root chakra, moving supportive, stabilizing energy up from the earth and into your body, and carrying heavy, dense energy out of your body and down into the earth to be composted.

When your root chakra is clear and flowing like this, connected to the ground beneath your feet, you feel powerful, stable, and sure of yourself, like you have everything you need to create everything you want.

Chakra Sacral


This powerful stone also has an important relationship with the sacral chakra, where our body sends and receives, filters through, processes, and stores emotional energy.

This is where a lot of our emotions can end up getting stuck within the body. It’s where much of our shame, blame, fear, and emotional wounding from childhood resides, and obsidian has an affinity for absorbing the heaviest, densest emotions we carry within us.

Obsidian can break the energetic cords and attachments found in the sacral center and helps you release the energetic baggage and stories you’ve been empathically carrying for others, freeing you to feel your true self, and what you want and deserve in life.

Obsidian boosts your self-worth and self-confidence, increases your trust in your intuition, and brings the ocean of emotions in your sacral center back into a balanced ebb and flow.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Obsidian grounds your energy field, helping you feel connected to the earth, supported by your own body, and secure within yourself. It roots your spirit into the physical plane, providing strength and stability, allowing any density and heaviness in your aura to release its weight down into the earth.


Obsidian is lava that rapidly cooled down, and this cooling effect is part of its energetic essence. When held in the hands or placed beneath the feet, it disperses heat from the center of the body, relieving physical and emotional inflammation. When you feel like you might explode like a volcano, obsidian cools things off, allowing the heat and steam of anger and frustration to escape, so you can come back into neutral balance.


The water content in obsidian effectively conducts energy flow. It moves stuck, stagnant, and dense energy out while bringing clear, fresh energy in. It moves you into action and forward progression, encouraging you to allow the flow of the Universe to carry you.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Obsidian is glossy, jet black in color with a reflective sheen. It can look dark brown and semi-translucent in the thinnest areas. This dark coloring associates it with the stability, strength, and power of the earth, and its ability to absorb dense energies like a sponge.

It’s formed by lava that cooled off so fast it became glassy. This reflective sheen mimics its ability to help us see ourselves and to reflect the light that’s all around us, both literally and figuratively.

In spots that are chipped off or broken, you can often see water-like ripples on the surface, like an imprint of the energetic and elemental forces that created it.


Obsidian is a type of silica dioxide with a small amount of water, gases, and other minerals included. The water content helps it move chi, or get the energy flowing.

It has an amorphous structure and is not technically a crystal at all, it’s volcanic glass. Formed by the intense heat and pressure of the earth, it’s an igneous rock, which is energetically stable and can treat the deepest levels of our being.

Use Obsidian When...

You’re feeling…

anxious, overwhelmed, restless, irritable, ungrounded, indecisive, stuck, pessimistic, insecure, victimized, confused, vulnerable

You’re struggling with…

depression, grief, shock, “cold feet”, pain, tension, anger, resentment, blocks & attachments, emotional wounds, aggression, fear

When you want…

ground into your strength, cultivate courage, balance your emotions, break old patterns, get to the root of your pain, shield your energy field, release the past

Crystal Obsidian Use
Crystal Obsidian Life Background

Using Obsidian in Everyday Life


One of the best manifestation stones to work with, obsidian brings rapid and clear transformation to your life and can help you release a lot of the blocks, beliefs, and limitations that can get in the way of manifesting what you truly desire.

Hold obsidian as you envision what you want to create for your life, and it will help you bring that vision into physical reality. Use an obsidian tower to broadcast your intentions out to the Universe and receive clear thinking, confidence, and direction to help you ground them into your life.

This stone will help you stay present, strong, and self-aware as you move forward toward your dreams, and shield you from any negative and dense energies that pop up along the way.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

If you want to strengthen your connection to your innate wisdom, obsidian helps you connect with your intuition in an embodied, grounded way.

Instead of lifting you off into the ethers to connect with spiritual guidance, obsidian moves you down into the spiritual forces of the earth, into the roots of your magic, into the darkness of your inner self, to help you see all the intelligence and wisdom that’s right here within your body.

Use obsidian as you visualize or journal, to help you tap into the clarity and answers you hold within. Ask a question and stare into an obsidian sphere and see what thoughts and visions it brings to your mind- this is an ancient method of divination called scrying which obsidian has historically been used for.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This reflective black stone is one of the best crystals to use for shadow work. It helps you become aware of the dark places within you, so you can see what’s been hidden, abandoned, or forgotten. It moves you into those inner caverns with courage and support, so you can shine a light on what’s there and accept it, release it, and transform it- like magic.

Obsidian is a beautiful guide to show you the lessons, wisdom, and strength you’ve gained from all your past experiences, and to help you discover and embrace the deepest gifts you hold within you.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

There is so much magic and wisdom we can access through our ancestral lineage and past lives, and obsidian is a great tool to help you tap into that knowledge that’s carried deep within your soul.

There are also a lot of bounds, tethers, and ties from our ancestral lines that must be broken, karmic cycles to be shattered, and inherited trauma to break free from. Obsidian is a powerful support for that as well, helping you release patterns, chains, and attachments from your body, from your roots, from your DNA.

Hold obsidian during past life regressions or as you connect with your ancestors during visualization or journaling. Ask it to help you shed and transmute all the old pain into the light of wisdom to guide your way forward.

Self Care
Self Care

One of the best stones to reach for when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or heavy with emotions, obsidian will bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance.

Holding it in your hands or placing it beneath your feet is one of the best ways to disperse any negative energy, stress, tension, or any weight you’re carrying, helping you feel more grounded and secure within yourself.

Place it over your navel to help you release repressed emotions and any energy you’ve absorbed from other people. Rub a smooth, polished piece on sore or inflamed muscles and joints. It helps break up stagnation and increase the flow of good energy, both physically and emotionally.


Obsidian is a beautiful meditation tool, especially when your mind and emotions are feeling tumultuous. Its powerful grounding energy helps everything settle, allowing the heaviness to separate and fall away, back into the earth, as the lightness buoys up within you.

Obsidian brings awareness to the subtleties of your subconscious as you sit with yourself, allowing you to interact with your shadows, patterns, and fears from a place of grounded, calm awareness, without judgment. Meditating with obsidian in this way can start to uncover deep acceptance for yourself, bringing a sense of inner security that can’t be shaken.

🌟 Our guided obsidian meditation helps you release all the heavy, dense, & stagnant energies you’ve been carrying, to gain more confidence & inner strength and come into a state of grounded balance. 🌱

Crystal Obsidian Price Box Background

Obsidian Guided Meditation

Our guided obsidian meditation helps you release all the heavy, dense, & stagnant energies you’ve been carrying, to gain more confidence & inner strength and come into a state of grounded balance.

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Crystal Obsidian Connection Background

Obsidian Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


As a stone of deep reflection and transformation, obsidian is a perfect match for Scorpionic energy and is often considered their birthstone. It heightens sensory perception while calming and grounding the intensity of emotions. It’s the perfect companion for those Scorpio-style deep dives into your psyche and can help you communicate with past loved ones and spirit helpers, especially during Scorpio season when the veil is thin.


Obsidian also complements the energy of Capricorn, helping you stay grounded and keep progressing, even through the hard climbs in life. It can help you access and release any repressed emotions as you learn how to truly trust and rely on your powerful intuition to guide you. When you feel unstable or unsure, obsidian gives you confident legs to stand on and the courage to move forward.


Pluto is the planet of rebirth and regeneration that knows some things must die, must end, must be cleared away, in order for new things to be born. Obsidian embraces this energy, sweeping out the cobwebs of old thoughts, feelings, patterns, and behaviors that aren’t serving you any longer, to bring in the fresh energy of insight, clarity, presence, and possibility.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Woman Rises Out of the Water, A Seal Embraces Her
Phase 1, Aries 1*

At the first degree of Aries, this symbol reflects rising out of the emotional waters of Pisces and transforming into a new expression of energy. This symbol is about strength meeting tenderness. It’s about new realizations and awareness coming to light. It’s about moving forward, with vulnerability and courage, away from what you’ve known and into a new cycle of life.

Bring the image to mind of a woman rising out of the water, the energy of it, the sensations and sense of freedom it brings… And feel into the sensitivity and awareness that comes when a seal embraces her, the expanded awareness and sense of connection with her body, with the moment, and with nature. This describes the kind of energy that obsidian brings to your life.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Tarot Cards


Breaking the ties and bounds of the past, releasing your trauma, saying goodbye to old stories, and stepping into a transformed version of yourself, that’s the kind of energy that obsidian embodies and what the death card’s wisdom is all about. Obsidian helps you surrender to the things that you must let go of to create fertile ground to plant the seeds of change that you’re looking for. It helps you stand stable and strong during even the most difficult transitions and transformations in your life.

The Devil

This card is about the material world versus the spiritual world, and all the trappings,  addictions, and obstacles that can pull us off course during our stint here on earth. Obsidian is a calming remedy for the mental traps and crushing weight of emotions, from the pain of shame and shadows. When you’re feeling lost in the world or disconnected from the light of your spirit, obsidian connects you back to your true self again, helping you see the light that’s all around you and within you.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Obsidian shows you how to retreat into your inner sanctuary, like a bat retreating into the darkness of a cave. A bat is incredibly aware and intuitive as they fly through the darkness, just as obsidian helps you confront your inner shadows and learn to rely on your senses and keen intuition to guide you through life. The bat totem is about letting go of the past, facing your fears, and breaking through emotional barriers, which is exactly what obsidian helps with.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Obsidian Varieties

Obsidian comes in a range of varieties, all with similar healing qualities as described above with a few differences:

Snowflake Obsidian

With tiny white spatters of cristobalite inclusions, snowflake obsidian is great at bringing balance to duality, to the highs and lows, helping you feel more centered and whole within yourself.

Mahogany Obsidian

This variety has hematite or magnetite inclusions, which create gorgeous striations of brick red running through it. These combined minerals make this a powerhouse grounding stone that activates all the lower chakras.

Rainbow Obsidian

This gorgeous variety is highly reflective with iridescent rainbows that shimmer from within, due to tiny particles of magnetite. It’s extra helpful for self-reflection and emotional release.

Apache Tears
These tiny, lumpy bits of obsidian are said to be created by the tears of the Apache people out of grief for their fallen warriors. As such, they bring support through times of sadness, loss, and grief, bringing healing to our deepest wounds.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Obsidian + Amethyst

Pair with amethyst to balance your grounded root with an open crown, to connect with both the earth and the ethers at once, for head-to-toe healing.

Obsidian + Rhodonite

Pair with rhodonite to help release grief and wounds from the heart space, and to ground into more compassion and understanding for yourself and all those around you.

Obsidian + Hematite

Pair with hematite for a double dose of grounding energy to relieve extreme stress or anxiety, help you land from shock or trauma, and soothe overwhelming emotions.

Crystal Obsidian Connection Item
Crystal Obsidian Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Obsidian

The best way to cleanse obsidian is in warm running water for a few minutes. You can also charge it up in the sunlight for a day, to reinvigorate its energy.

Another good way to cleanse obsidian is on a bed of hematite overnight, which helps it ground and release the energy it has absorbed, and reconnect with its volcanic origins. You can also place it on the earth or in the dirt for 24 hours and it will be cleansed.

Be sure to cleanse it often as it absorbs a lot of heavy, dense energy, especially after any particularly emotional release with it or shadow work session.

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  • What are ethers? Also my friend gave me the Crystal and it disappeared while I was in a very bad relationship

    • The ethers or etheric realm is the spiritual soup we’re all in, the energetic realm surrounding us, the cosmos 🙂

  • I have just been to a crystal warehouse today. It was a beautiful place 😍 and guess what? I bought an obsidian bracelet. When I got home, I had this email waiting for me! ❤️👌

  • So what’s really crazy is I don’t know much about crystals. I ordered some from Etsy and received them today which I was very excited about. Again, I don’t know much about crystals but I was drawn to the black obsidian stone and ordered two necklaces as well as smaller similar stones. I then received this email/extremely insightful information that came right in time. I googled this stone but I’m just in shock at how much information you shared about it. The universe is WILD! Can’t wait to read more! Thanks so much 💕

    • YES! These are the kind of synchronous moments I live for! When you know you’re totally aligned and being supported by the Universe. Love that obsidian found you 🙂 It’s truly one of my go to favorites. Have fun on your crystal journey, you’re in the right place! 🤍

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