Crystal Moonstone
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The Crystal of Intuitive Flow

Cancer zodiac signs Cancer
Scorpio zodiac signs Scorpio
Water element Water
Air element Air
Moon planet Moon
Sacral Third Eye Crown
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Moonstone Guided Meditation

Our guided moonstone meditation takes you on a journey into your subconscious realms to find the gems of insight hidden in the darkness & come into a state of balance, calm & peace that you can carry with you.

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The message

Moonstone’s Message To You:

You have an incredible well of wisdom deep within you,
hidden in the darkness of your unconscious,
in the space between the ebbs and flows.
By shining the light on what seems to be dark,
you’ll discover the depths of your power,
your capacity to heal, nurture and restore yourself
from the inside out.

Take me with you into the dark places within
your mind, heart, and spirit,
and I’ll shine a light there,
revealing your innate harmony, wisdom & gifts,
showing you how much beauty
there is yet to discover within yourself,
and how connected you are to all the magic
of the Universe.



Moonstone helps you to…

  • Come back into rhythm
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Release emotional patterns
Crystal Moonstone Story Background
Crystal Moonstone Story

The Story of Moonstone

Born from the light of the full moon and nurtured by the arms of a goddess, moonstone is a glowing crystal full of wisdom to enhance your intuitive awareness, bring emotional healing, and help you find internal balance.

Cast in a pearlescent white with flashes of electric blue, moonstone is an illuminator of inner shadows, helping you see clearly into the unconscious mysteries, into the dark parts of your psyche, to reveal all the magic and answers you hold within you.

Known as “the celestial pearl” in the ancient Daoist tradition where moonstone has been used for centuries for healing purposes, it plays an important role in any rituals and magic to do with using the power of the full moon, and carries supremely feminine energy connected to “the sea of yin.”

It’s believed that moonstone absorbs its celestial powers at night and that those powers grow as the moon grows in light during its waxing phase, culminating at the height of the full moon, and then spilling all that psychic energy out during the waning phase, heightening clairvoyance, intuitive insights, lucid dreams, and even premonitions.

Moonstone’s strong connection to the lunar cycles, to the ebb and flow of energy, helps bring you back into internal balance with your own natural cycles and the rhythms of your body, balancing your hormones, bringing better sleep, and allowing you to find restoration and renewal in your mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s dig deeper into all the magic that moonstone holds and how you can use it to benefit your everyday life.

Crystal Moonstone Property Background

Moonstone Healing Properties

Element Water


Moonstone is deeply connected to the element of water, associated with emotional energy, intuition, the push and pull of the tides, and the cycles of the moon itself.

This water energy gives moonstone the ability to connect to our deepest held emotions and inner selves and also helps to nourish the fluids in the body, flush the lymphatic system and restore internal balance.

The water element is associated with the kidneys which, in traditional Chinese medicine, are seen as the essence of your life force energy. They form your survival instinct, are part of the reproductive process, and are associated with alchemy, transmutation, and the birth of creativity.

When you feel exhausted, drained, or uninspired, it can often mean that this life force essence of your kidneys is also depleted, and moonstone contains the perfect water energy to replenish it so you can come back into balance, feeling nurtured from within and able to better go with the flow of life.

Element Wind


Moonstone also holds the element of air, associated with the mind, the cosmos, and the breadth of infinite space. In this way, moonstone heightens your mental awareness and inner perception as it calms, clears, and quiets a chaotic mind.

It shines its glowing light into the dark corners of your psyche to help you consciously see what’s been hiding in the shadows, the beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving you, keeping you tethered to old stories and versions of yourself.

This air energy helps you break free from those old patterns and wounds, from the detrimental cycles, and realign with the depth of wisdom and intelligence you hold deep within.

Air also connects moonstone to the lungs, where it helps clear anxiety and ease emotional tension held in the chest, and can help decongest and clear the lungs, allowing you to take deeper, fuller breaths and find a sense of peace within you.

Chakra Sacral


Moonstone’s water energy connects it to your sacral chakra, found in the lower abdomen, where the waters of your body are processed, filtered, and released.

The sacral chakra is your literal or figurative “womb space” where sensuality and creativity are felt within you, where your desires are born, where your gut instincts lie, and where you store, process, and release emotional energy in your body.

Moonstone is very closely connected to this energy of reproduction, of creativity, of making something from nothing, of creating new potential out of the vast darkness.

Working with it helps the sacral chakra come back into balance with itself, to release the heavy, dense and stagnant emotions that have been held there, and connect you back to that vital life force essence within you so your creative impulses can flow freely.

Physically, moonstone works with the reproductive and urinary organs associated with the sacral chakra, bringing harmony back to your reproductive cycles, helping you eliminate toxins from your body, and increasing fertility and sexual function.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

With its flashes of electric blue light, moonstone activates the powers of the third eye chakra where your inner vision is accessed, where you connect with your intuition, perceive information, and cultivate your psychic senses.

The third eye is associated with the pineal gland which is the regulator of your body’s hormones and natural cycles, such as your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.

The lunar energy that moonstone contains, the cyclical rhythm that lives inside it, has a very harmonious effect on the pineal gland to bring your body’s cycles back into alignment, soothing hormonal imbalances, helping you sleep better, and encouraging insightful dreams to come through.

Consciously working with moonstone helps expand the perceptions of your third eye to see into the subconscious wounds, blocks, and limiting beliefs rattling around in your mind and heighten your psychic awareness, increasing clairvoyant visions. Moonstone helps release the grip of the shadows and brings new clarity and insights to the surface.

Chakra Crown


Its reflective white sheen connects moonstone to your crown chakra, where it expands your awareness into a perception of the spiritual world in which you live, helping open you up to more magic, mystery, faith, and belief in the unseen realms.

Moonstone’s effect on the crown chakra helps you tune into the support and guidance of nature and the spirits all around you, helping you become more in sync with the natural world and its cycles.

It’s a beautiful crystal to help quiet the mind and cultivates a sense of inner peace, acceptance, and calm presence.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Moonstone has supremely yin energy, which is feminine, receptive, calming, quiet, and inwardly directed. Yin is the blackness of the yin/yang duality, associated with the expanse of wisdom and potential, with creation and intuition. Moonstone is often associated with goddess energy which is the harnessing of this divine yin frequency.

Use moonstone when you need to increase your own yin essence, to lean back into receiving mode, dive into the mystery of yourself, slow down, restore yourself, and increase your sense of ease and calm.


Moonstone has a cooling effect which can be useful in balancing anything from heated emotions and hot tempers, to inflammation in the body and hot flashes. When you feel too much heat building within you, literally or figuratively, moonstone can bring in a cooling balance to provide some relief.


Moonstone has a cleansing effect that spurs detoxification and elimination in the physical body, emotions, and psyche. It clears out heavy, dense, and toxic energy, helping it drain out of the head and lungs and move down into the lower body where it can be processed and released for good.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Moonstone is typically clear to white, or shades of yellowish-brownish, with a luminescent glow that seems to come from within, called adularescence.

White stones are associated with purity, peace, clarity, calm, and divinity, which moonstone fully embodies. White is also the color associated with the lungs, and the lungs are the organ associated with the moon.

The highest quality moonstones contain a signature blue flash when they hit the light, and are the ones to look for to have the greatest effect on your third eye & expanding psychic perceptions.


Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase feldspar which is an igneous rock. Igneous rocks form under tremendous levels of heat and pressure in the core of the Earth, which increases their hardness, strength, and stability.

This translates into the energetic quality they hold, making them strong supports to aid in treating our most deeply rooted emotions and conditions, giving Moonstone the ability to transform us at the deepest levels of our being.

Moonstone’s chemical composition is potassium aluminum silicate, and potassium has a diuretic effect, aiding in Moonstone’s capacity to decongest and clear the lymphatic system, lungs, and urinary tract.

Use Moonstone When...

You’re feeling…

anxious, imbalanced, stressed, agitated, irritable, overwhelmed, worn out, insecure

You’re struggling with…

hormonal imbalance, infertility, impotence, irregular menstrual cycles, major life transitions, emotional baggage, insomnia, jet lag

When you want…

a calm mind, emotional balance, peaceful sleep, safe travel (especially at night), support in new beginnings, creative inspiration, intuitive guidance, heightened psychic perceptions


Crystal Moonstone Use
Crystal Moonstone Life Background

Using Moonstone in Everyday Life


Use moonstone to help you get clear on your vision for your life and to help you release the limiting beliefs and unconscious barriers in the way so you can consciously manifest your desires in the world.

Hold or wear it as you set your intentions, as you envision, as you reflect on what you want to create. It can help you unleash your creative process and crystallize your vision.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

The relationship that moonstone affects the most is the one you have with yourself, deepening your awareness of your inner needs, desires, and limitations, helping you expand your sense of yourself, step into your inner power, and awaken to a new vision of who you are.

With this wisdom unleashed within you, you’ll see it reflected in your ability to become clearer in the other relationships you have in your life and see whether or not they support you in uncovering your true self.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Moonstone is a wonderful tool for shadow work as it helps bring light to what’s been hidden in the subconscious realms. It offers gentle, nurturing support as you dig inward to self-reflect, journal, and search within yourself for the answers.

Keep moonstone near as you do this work, and it will encourage a safe, creative, gentle expression of the shadows you discover, and help you arrive at a place of acceptance and peace with them as you learn to love and embrace your whole self.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

As a stone of the subconscious realms, moonstone helps you receive more insight and meaning through your dreams, to remember them more clearly, and even help you become lucid in your dreams if that’s the goal.

Moonstone also helps you drift off to sleep more easily, calming insomnia and allowing your body to breathe easy, rest, and recuperate. Keep a moonstone under your pillow or by your bedside.

Self Care
Self Care

Try laying with a moonstone on your lower abdomen to help release stored emotions from your sacral chakra, and also to help bring your reproductive cycles back into harmony. Place one on the center of your chest to catch a deeper breath, release anxiety, and find more ease in your day. Place one on your third eye area to help clear your mind of stress or overwhelm and enhance your psychic and clairvoyant perceptions.

You can also wear moonstone as jewelry, or carry it with you daily, to help your body acclimate back to homeostasis and realign with its natural cycles, and keep you connected to your intuition throughout the course of your day.


Moonstone is an excellent crystal to meditate with, as it deepens your mental clarity and power to envision, and brings in a fresh perspective and calm presence. It can be a tool to help you get more into a meditative state if you’re feeling frazzled or like you can’t sit still.

Our guided moonstone meditation takes you on a journey into your subconscious realms to find the gems of insight hidden in the darkness & come into a state of balance, calm & peace that you can carry with you. 🌝

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Moonstone Guided Meditation

Our guided moonstone meditation takes you on a journey into your subconscious realms to find the gems of insight hidden in the darkness & come into a state of balance, calm & peace that you can carry with you.

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Crystal Moonstone Connection Background

Moonstone Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet

The Moon

Moonstone is ruled by the moon, of course, activating and heightening its energies of mystery, magic, and illumination. The Moon helps you dive into your unconscious mysteries, to see beyond the veil, and better understand your inner motivations.


Cancer is traditionally the sign associated with moonstone because of their shared ruler, and focus on emotions, intuition, comfort, and protection. Cancer reflects moonstone’s nurturing, yin essence.


Moonstone’s energy is also closely linked to Scorpio through its ability to help you plumb the depths of your shadows, activate your intuitive awareness and psychic senses, and to ease you through the big transitions in life, all the metaphorical deaths and rebirths.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight 

Phase 218, Scorpio 8*

Bring this image to mind, the stillness, the quiet, the reflections it brings, the sense of peace… this describes the energy that moonstone brings to your life.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Moon

Moonstone is associated with the Moon card in tarot, which is all about mystery, illusion, and magic, and helps you dive into self-reflection and become aware of what’s been hidden from your conscious view.

The High Priestess

Moonstone also resonates greatly with the High Priestess energies of going within yourself, becoming still and quiet, and learning to decipher and trust your intuition.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Spirit Animal

White Owl

Moonstone hearkens to the spirit of a white owl and its ability to see clearly through the darkness and rely on its keen intuition. Owls are associated with discernment and wisdom, with the accumulation of higher intelligence and the ability to see a wide view of any situation. White owls in particular represent the letting go or death of what’s old, to make way for the spirit and magic of what’s new to unfold.

Snow Leopard

The spirit of the snow leopard relates to the feminine energy of moonstone, its power and strength, its agility and flexibility. Think of the coldness, stillness, and quietude of the snow leopard’s habitat and its ability to protect itself and survive by using its instincts, heightened perception, and highly attuned senses- this reflects the energy of moonstone.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Moonstone Varieties

Moonstone comes in a range of colors beyond white, all with similar healing qualities as described above, with a few differences:

Peach Moonstone

When found in peach/yellowish colors, moonstone has more of an effect on the sacral and solar plexus chakras and on the physical body, than it does on the mental realms, and works to bring the body’s cycles back into rhythm and heal emotional wounds.

Black Moonstone

Found in a range from black to grey, these darker moonstones add a grounding quality to the heightened energy moonstone normally carries, and bring additional shielding from the absorption of negative or dense energies.

Rainbow Moonstone

This is not technically a moonstone, though it is also a variety of feldspar, rainbow moonstone is actually a type of clear labradorite that shimmers with a rainbow of colors. It brings all the same healing qualities as moonstone plus a little twinkle of rainbow magic that can help clear the whole chakra system.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Moonstone + Sunstone

Pair with sunstone to balance its yin energy with some yang, marrying inspiration with action.

Moonstone + Obsidian

Pair with obsidian to help purge, ground, and release any heavy/dense/dark emotions that moonstone brings to light.

Moonstone + Ocean Jasper

Pair with ocean jasper for a double dose of cooling energy to soothe anxiety, agitation, and any excess heat in the body, including from hormonal changes.

Crystal Moonstone Connection Item
Crystal Moonstone Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Moonstone

The best way to cleanse moonstone is outside in the fresh night air, under the light of the full moon, where it can absorb all the beautiful energy of the moonlight and release what it no longer needs down into the earth.

You can also use water to cleanse your moonstone on a more regular basis, simply by running it under the tap for a few moments, or through a natural stream or creek, or even the ocean waves if you have access. You can let it rest in spring water for a couple of hours, but don’t leave it submerged for too long.

You can also use air as an element to cleanse moonstone with, wafting it through some incense or herbal smudge smoke, or even using sound to clear it. You can place it by a singing bowl, tuning forks, or let it listen to some binaural beats, healing mantras, or even the hum of your own voice.

Be careful not to leave your moonstone out in the sunlight, as it could not only discolor or harm the stone, but the sun can also greatly disrupt the natural yin essence moonstone holds through an onslaught of yang energy.

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