Crystal Hematite
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The Crystal of the Grounded Warrior

Aries zodiac signs Aries
Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Earth element Earth
Mars planet Mars
Root Throat
Crystal Hematite Price Box Background

Hematite Guided Meditation

Our guided hematite meditation takes you on a grounding journey to release the weight of heavy thoughts & emotions, surrender into the support of the earth, and bring yourself back into balance.

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Crystal Hematite Message Background
Crystal Hematite Frame

The message

Hematite’s Message To You:

Root into the earth beneath you,
for you are a flower too,
an iron rose, a heart with thorns,
soft and strong, love and scorn.
You are never one or the other,
you are always both within each other.
You contain every opposite within the whole
but I unify the divisions within your soul.
I integrate your shadow with your light,
bridging earth & spirit, bringing ideas to life.
I guide you back to the center within your body.
I fortify your blood with rich vitality.
I nurture your will & strength to survive.
I expand you into your potential to thrive.
I reflect back the courage you already possess,
arming you with inner security and prowess
to create a life of true harmony,
balanced between all polarities,
with determination to carry you far,
grounded in the wholeness
of ALL that you are.



Hematite helps you to…

  • Ground into your strength
  • Balance between polarities
  • Bring ideas into reality
Crystal Hematite Story Background
Crystal Hematite Story

The Story of Hematite

Born from the iron-rich blood of the earth, and scattered abundantly throughout its body, hematite is a deeply grounding, nurturing, and strengthening stone that has a long relationship with humanity.

Known as the “bloodstone” in ancient Daoist and Greek texts, and named for ‘haimatites’, the Greek word for blood-like, this metallic grey crystal becomes a deep red when it’s ground down. The ‘red ochre’ powder it produces has been used for millennia as a pigment and medicine, dating back as far as 164,000 years ago when it was used by ancient peoples to paint cave walls.

Hematite is extremely dense and heavy for its size, used by pearl divers to help them descend against the buoyancy of the ocean. Its weight and density are incredibly grounding, helping you descend as well- into the depths of your strength, into the well of your willpower, into your essential connection with your body and the earth.

Hematite has been called ‘The Iron Rose’, and iron is one of the most strengthening, nourishing elements on our planet. Metaphysically, it helps heal wounds around our maternal lineage and penetrates deeply into our roots to nourish us from the ground up.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, hematite is recognized as a blood builder. When your blood is flowing freely and abundantly in your body, your life is able to flow freely and abundantly as well. When you build the blood, you build your physical strength, stamina, and fortitude, while also building the vital force of your spirit, increasing your joy, optimism, and vitality.

The density and magnetic pull of hematite are able to pull information, intentions, and ideas down from the mental plane into physical reality. Its energy coalesces mind and body into one, moving you into real-world action, creation and manifestation. It brings rational, practical thinking and an iron resolve, giving you warrior-like focus and determination to bring ideas to life.

This metallic, silvery stone is like armor to protect your aura, a shield to defend against unwanted energy, a magic mirror reflecting the truth that lies within you. It’s ultimately a crystal that brings wholeness, balance, and harmony, helping you move away from polarization, within you and around you, to integrate the contrasts and ground into the center of it all, into the power of now.

Crystal Hematite Property Background

Hematite Healing Properties

Element Earth


Earth is the energy of grounded strength, stability, and support. It’s reliable, nurturing, abundant, and provides for all our needs. Hematite carries the essence of this earthy energy and moves it into your being, helping you feel stable, secure, and supported in your body and in your life.

Its iron content moves energy downward, rooting you into the earth, plugging you into its stable, steady current, its magnetic pull, and nourishing essence. It connects you with presence and patience, realigning you with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature.

The weight of hematite pulls your consciousness down out of the clouds, into your body, anchoring your awareness into the here and now. It grounds the frenetic energy of scattered or manic thinking into practical plans, physical action, and an optimistic attitude.

This stone acts like an iron bridge between the mental realm and physical reality, grounding light and higher consciousness onto the earthly plane.

Chakra Root


Hematite is one of the most grounding stones in the mineral world. It stabilizes and nourishes root chakra energy, plugging your grounding cord into the heart of the earth. It helps clear scattered and chaotic energy from all the chakras, from your whole auric field, moving it down and out through that root chakra connection.

The root is where our sense of security lies, our feelings of safety, power, and the ability to have our needs met. It’s where we feel a sense of belonging, or lack thereof, in our body, our family, our society, or as a human on this planet. The root is our energetic connection to the physical world, where our instinct, strength and determination live.

Hematite is one of the most nourishing crystals to help provide your root chakra with the sense of security it needs for you to feel stable, strong, and able to take action toward your desires. It anchors you into your body, into the present moment, with the knowledge that you have absolutely everything you need, right here and now.

This is a protective, nurturing stone to help a disconnected root chakra heal, release its old attachments and pain, and reconnect with the powerful support of the earth beneath our feet.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Hematite is predominantly yin, with its dark, heavy, cooling essence that’s connected to mother earth. It carries a mix of yang energy though as well through its fiery red essence, encompassing both masculine and feminine, higher and lower, light and darkness. It brings this centering force between the polarities of your own body, addressing whatever is needed to bring you back into harmonious alignment.


Hematite’s energy is magnetic, helping you attract the things you need in life to feel complete, and bring more harmony and balance. It pulls life force energy up from the heart of the earth into your body. It strengthens your own magnetism in life, bringing opportunities, support, optimism, and courage to go after what you want.


This iron content in hematite makes it deeply nourishing to the body, mind, and soul. It nourishes the blood, increasing oxygenation. It nourishes the spirit, building the strength of your character, and helping you feel stable, supported, and capable. Hematite’s energy fills you up from the inside out, making you feel fulfilled and nurtured, like you have everything you need.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Most often you’ll find hematite as a metallic grey-black, but it can also be brown or red, especially in raw form. Its dark color lends to its grounding abilities and is connected to the root chakra and the kidneys. Its red color links this root chakra energy back with the heart, supporting the blood and vitality of the whole body.

Hematite specimens come in a wide range of appearances. They can be grainy, bulbous, blocky, clustered, or polished smooth to a metallic sheen that’s as reflective as a mirror.

Reflective crystals are shielding, bouncing back negative energies from where they came. They also help you look inward to see yourself differently, like a magic mirror, and can be used for psychic scrying.


Hematite is a very prevalent stone occurring in almost every kind of environment, and is in large part what creates the red rocks and dirt found all around this earth. When iron oxidizes, it rusts and turns red, and hematite is quite literally iron oxide.

Iron is an incredibly nourishing mineral that transports oxygen to the blood, strengthening your vitality, stamina, and strength, physically and energetically.

Use Hematite When...

You’re feeling…

anxious, spacey, overwhelmed, imbalanced, confused, irritable, disconnected, irrational, hysterical, paranoid, nervous

You’re struggling with…

anxiety, adrenal fatigue, low self-worth, fear of abandonment, insomnia, high blood pressure, past wounds, unmet needs

When you want…

presence, patience, focus, strength, balance, courage, common sense, practical solutions, determination, vitality, empowerment 

Crystal Hematite Use
Crystal Hematite Life Background

Using Hematite in Everyday Life


Hematite is a powerful manifestation stone that brings dreams, aspirations, and ideas into physical reality. It has a strong, descending energy that pulls consciousness down from the mind and upper realms, into your physical body and the material plane.

You can use it when you’re setting intentions for what you want to manifest to help you stay focused and see the practical steps necessary to achieve your big dreams. Use it as you envision yourself releasing the past and freeing yourself from the shackles of old patterns, as you step into your happy self. Use it when you need to muster the strength and inner security to go after what you truly want for your life!

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

A stone of balance and integration, hematite can also help bring harmony into your relationships. As you find more acceptance and nurturing for yourself from within, as you begin to stand a little taller, feel calmer, and trust in your inner strength, all that beautiful energy seeps out into all your other relationships, helping you find more acceptance, peace, and security with the people in your life.

Also, the iron content in hematite in particular is associated with maternal energies, the giver of life. It’s a great stone to work with when you need help healing wounds around your relationship with your mother, around your own birth, or to clear traumas inherited from your mother’s ancestral line. It can also give you the strength and inner nurturing to be able to “mother yourself” when necessary.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Hematite will give you the strength and courage to plumb into your shadows and conquer the battles of the subconscious mind. Its weight goes down into the roots of you, into your bloodline, helping you release unwanted energy from the past, so you can own your power in the present.

Very cleansing and supportive during the process of integrating and accepting your shadow, hematite acts like an anchor guiding you back to your center, helping you see both the depths of your darkness and the intensity of your light from a perspective of the whole, encompassing all of who you are.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

This reflective stone helps attune the mind to better discern and perceive intuitive insights, acting like a bridge between the spiritual and material planes. Use it to help you embody and integrate the messages you’re receiving from your intuition to put them into practical use in the real world.

It’s also protective and strengthening for your auric field and helps keep you connected to your body when you’re working with the higher realms, especially during astral travel, lucid dreaming, or psychic journeying.

Self Care
Self Care

Grounding, invigorating, and harmonizing, hematite is a beautiful tool to help you nourish your body and give you a sense of balance to take through the day.

Wearing or carrying it helps with blood circulation and iron absorption, giving you more vitality to take on the day with optimism and inner balance. Keep one in your pocket down by your root chakra or wear it as a bracelet or anklet to help you stay grounded when you need it. Try placing hematite on the lower back, over the kidneys, to cleanse emotional baggage and recharge your body’s energetic battery.

Another excellent way to get grounded with hematite is to rub a tumbled stone on the soles of your feet. Its subtle magnetic effect helps open the etheric chakras on the bottom of your feet to cleanse out all the heavy ick and reconnect your energy field back to the earth. This is a great self-care time-out anytime you need to get out of your head.


Hematite is an excellent tool for meditation when you want to get grounded and connect to your body and this present moment. It’s the perfect stone to grab when you’re anxious, your mind is reeling or you’re feeling spun out. It will cleanse your aura, clear your mind, and acts like an energetic anchor to plug you back into the earth.

Hold it in your hands as you meditate, or you can place it beneath your root chakra (between your legs or under your tailbone) or beneath your feet. This will activate and ground your energetic being into the strength, stability, and nourishment of the earth.

🌞Our guided hematite meditation takes you on a grounding journey to release the weight of heavy thoughts & emotions, surrender into the support of the earth, and bring yourself back into balance.

Crystal Hematite Price Box Background

Hematite Guided Meditation

Our guided hematite meditation takes you on a grounding journey to release the weight of heavy thoughts & emotions, surrender into the support of the earth, and bring yourself back into balance.

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Crystal Hematite Connection Background

Hematite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Hematite carries the powerful warrior energy of Aries who fights for what they want and is strong in conviction and courage. It’s a crystal that will help you access that heart-pumping, full-throttle side of your own power, while also balancing out the head-first energy of Aries, helping you slow down and make more rational, practical decisions to move forward.


The grounded, nurturing qualities of Virgo also resonate with hematite’s energy. Virgo makes the spiritual physical, bringing higher consciousness down through the body, just as hematite does. It’s a stone that helps you lean into those Virgo qualities of dedication, discernment, and nurturing your own mind & body in order to better serve your gifts to the world.


Hematite is actually the mineral that gives Mars its red color! Imagine a strong warrior smearing hematite’s red ochre pigment on their face before battle, or in ritual. That’s the energy of Mars that hematite carries within it, arming you to be ready to courageously stride forward no matter what obstacles may lie ahead.

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Boxer Entering the Ring

Phase 21, Aries 21*

This symbol is about being prepared to step up and fight for what you want, to defend what you believe in, and rely on your steely determination and iron strength.

This is that lifeblood energy that hematite carries, helping you feel prepared, confident, and strong enough to face whatever challenge is in front of you.

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Knight of Pentacles

This card represents the need for grounding, patience, and a methodical, step-by-step approach forward, which hematite provides. It helps you gain a clear view of where you’re headed, to assess the path before you walk it, and to plan, prepare and stick to your goals with determination, even when the road gets mundane or squirrelly. It’s a stone to keep you anchored and focused on your path.


This major arcana card is about finding a peaceful, harmonious balance within yourself, and within any situation life brings you. This resonates with hematite’s ability to bring you back in balance within yourself, helping you stay steady during the storms, patient and centered, and to find the middle ground between extremes so you can heal and restore your innate energy.

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The buffalo serves as a reminder that you already have everything you need, right within you and around you. It carries a powerful connection with the earth, with its cycles and rhythms, showing you that the most natural path to manifestation is by putting one foot in front of the other.

The buffalo brings harmony, helping you stay grounded and moving on the path forward, remembering that the journey is part of the purpose and just as important as the goal you’re walking toward. This all resonates deeply with the beautiful earthy and balancing energy of hematite.

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Hematite Varieties

There are many variations of hematite that carry the same qualities as described above, with slight differences in their appearance. A few of the most notable ones:

Specular Hematite

This is gem-quality hematite with a highly lustrous and reflective metallic sheen. It carries a higher vibratory energy than typical hematite.

Iron Rose Hematite

This is a stunning variety of hematite that grows in rounded tabular crystals that overlap one another, resulting in formations that resemble a blossoming rose.

Botryoidal Hematite

This is a type of hematite in its raw state that has bubbly, grape-like formations on its surface and still carries the signature sheen. These are mostly found in Morocco.

*Magnetic Hematite

While natural hematite does carry subtle magnetic qualities, what’s sold as “magnetic hematite” is most often artificial, made out of composite material, and contains intense magnetism. *This is often sold as therapeutic, but it does not contain any natural hematite, or possess its healing qualities- so know what you’re buying!

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Hematite + Sunstone

Hematite is a natural component in some sunstone, and is great to pair with it to help ground any intensity and transmute the dense energy sunstone helps bring to light.

Hematite + Malachite

Pair with malachite to help you pull out old trauma and stagnant emotions from the heart and body. Place hematite beneath your feet and malachite under the tailbone.

Hematite + Bloodstone

Pair with bloodstone to get a double dose of oomph that will build your blood and energize your body. This is a great combo for recovery and repairing your strength.

Crystal Hematite Connection Item
Crystal Hematite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Hematite

Hematite is such a cleansing stone in and of itself that it doesn’t specifically require any cleansing or recharging. Though if you’d like to, you can set it out under the moonlight for a night, or let it hang out with mama earth for a while to be restored.

Hematite is actually an amazing stone to use for cleansing the other crystals in your collection, especially copper-bearing stones, or any that you want to recharge with an earthy, yin energy.

It will draw out any dense frequencies the stones have collected and send it “back to earth”.

You can use a hematite slab or place a bunch of small tumbled hematite stones in a bowl, and place any crystals you’d like to cleanse and recharge on top of those for 2-3 days to fully renew their earthy vibrations and power.

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  • I love Hematite. Big part of my journey over the last 5 years as a part of Tiger Iron (Hematite, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye). Very powerful crystal.

    Love this write up Jena, brilliant work. Hematite Guided Meditation audio is a journey, I enjoyed and will enjoy it frequently. Bravo!

    • Thanks Lukas! I love hematite too and love that it’s been such a big part of your journey! I think I need to listen to the meditation again 🙂

  • I am new to all of this but I am loving the information provided. Thank you. I can’t wait to try some of it out

  • Had this crystal in my pocket today, makes so much sense why I chose it and the events of the day. Great info!

  • I was guided to this stone this morning. Unbelievable!
    Those chakras… you’ve been reading my mail.

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