Crystal Tiger Eye
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crystal icon Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye

The Crystal of Aligned Action

Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Earth element Earth
Fire element Fire
Mercury planet Mercury
Root Solar Plexus Third Eye
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Tiger Eye Guided Meditation

Our guided tiger eye meditation helps you clear and center your energy and takes you on a journey through the jungle of your mind to cultivate courage, clarity, and inner strength.

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Crystal Tiger Eye Message Background
Crystal Tiger Eye Frame

The message

Tiger Eye’s Message To You:

I am the eye of discernment
Heightened perception & awareness
Alert, focused & determined
Radiating strength & prowess

With feet connected to the earth
& ears open to the divine
I shine clear insight & purpose
through the clouds of your mind

I ground you during instability
Sure-footed & ready to act
I settle you into self-confidence
With the courage to walk your path

I separate density from lightness
So you can rise into what’s true
Face your fears & leap forward
Awakening the tiger within you



Tiger Eye helps you to…

  • Step into your purpose
  • Ground & protect yourself
  • Gain confidence & vitality
Crystal Tiger Eye Story Background
Crystal Tiger Eye Story

The Story of Tiger Eye

Born amidst instability, tiger eye lives in an in-between state, in the process of moving from one form to another. Its shimmering striations look like strands being pulled in separate directions as the heavier hematite inclusions have begun to separate and fall away, while the lighter mineral content rises up, which if left to fully form, would eventually become jasper.

Thus, tiger eye is a solidified moment of transition, the captured essence of the state of becoming. This is a metaphor for the healing power it carries as it’s able to “separate the clear from the turbid” according to Daoist stone medicine, helping the dust settle in your energetic body, allowing the dense, heavy energy to fall away and the clear, light energy to rise.

This stone may call to you most when you find yourself in a state of instability, of trying to become something, or figuring out how to manifest your ideas into form. When life feels tumultuous or chaotic amidst big changes or upheavals, tiger eye can keep you grounded, clear, and taking steps forward aligned with your higher purpose.

Named for its resemblance to the shimmering eye of a tiger, this stone holds the power, strength, and integrity of its namesake. It awakens the tiger energy within you, the courage, confidence, and will to move forward through your fears or any obstacle that comes your way.

A highly protective stone, worn by ancient Roman soldiers during battle, tiger eye protects your mind, body, and emotions from stagnation and holding onto dense energy, as it clears the auric field, clears the critical thoughts, and strengthens your inner sense of vitality, determination, and stability.

A beautiful tool to use during big transitional periods in life and times when you feel like you’re struggling, tiger eye brings your attention to the perpetual patterns, habits, and self-destructive behaviors going on, so you can make better choices for your personal well-being moving forward and see the struggles as opportunities to become aware of your true purpose and path.

When you need a little added pressure, a catalyst, a push to propel you forward, tiger eye amps up your ability to take initiative in life with boldness and charge forward on the path to your highest calling with ferocious clarity.

Crystal Tiger Eye Property Background

Tiger Eye Healing Properties

Element Earth


Earth is the element of stability, security, safety, and physical presence, and tiger eye helps you ground into all of these qualities within yourself, harnessing your physical power and capability to take aligned action toward your goals and dreams.

It simultaneously stimulates the lower chakras as well as the mind, connecting thought forms and inspiration with the grounded, practical steps you need to take to bring your ideas to life in the real world.

When your life is feeling shaky or unstable, when you’re in the middle of a big transition or growth period, tiger eye can act as a centering force to help you find solid ground within your own body and the present moment, bringing support, strength, and stability to your whole being.

Element Fire


Tiger eye stokes the quick-moving flame of creativity, drive, passion, and life force within you. It holds the fire energy of inspiration and divinity.

It brings clarity and light through the fog and clouds of the mind, burns through the sludge and muck of heavy, dense energies and emotions, and keeps your inner flame burning, bringing determination, confidence, direction, and a strong motivation to act.

When you’re feeling exhausted, lifeless, confused or just need some oomph, tiger eye’s fire energy is invigorating and uplifting, engaging your willpower and intellect, stimulating your desire to succeed, to thrive, and to rise into alignment with your soul’s higher purpose.

Chakra Root


The root is where you find safety and security in your own body, a connection to the physical world and your physical strength, your ability to take action and move forward, and your sense of belonging within yourself and in the world around you.

Tiger eye is a beautiful stone to stoke this root power, grounding you into your body and into the essence of who you are. Its layered formation cuts through the layers of your subconscious down into the root of buried emotions and unconscious wounds, to help you unburden yourself from the shackles of the past and move courageously into a brighter future.

When you feel insecure within yourself or with money, it’s often a root chakra related issue, and tiger eye is a great tool to help you ground into a sense of inner security, break through the old patterns that’ve kept you stuck, and rise into more self-assurance. It’s a stone that reminds you you have the power within to create, do, or become anything you want.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

This golden crystal is strongly related to the solar plexus chakra and has a strengthening effect on the spleen which lives here. The spleen is the seat of our instinct and bodily intuition, which tiger eye can enhance your connection with, clearing out the static and stagnant energies in the way of you receiving and acting on your own inner guidance.

The spleen is where many unconscious fears are energetically held within our body. Tiger eye can help alleviate these fears by strengthening your confidence and self-esteem, and aligning you with your purpose so you can manifest your deep soul’s desires and accomplish what you’re meant to here on earth.

Tiger eye also spurs digestion, emotionally and physically, breaking up stagnation and sifting through dense energies, helping you digest old wounds and trauma and see them more clearly, separating the gold nuggets of wisdom from the slop of pain.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

An incredible stone to help clear the mind, tiger eye brings balance and grounding to the third eye chakra helping you discern the truest path, the right decision, and the best way forward. It can be used for scrying and activating or developing one’s clairvoyance.

It enhances your intuitive and psychic awareness, heightening your subtle senses like a tiger prowling in the darkness, helping you separate illusions from reality and misaligned beliefs from the truth of who you are. It can help ground and neutralize obsessive or delusional thoughts.

It improves concentration and can even strengthen eyesight, and is soothing for the entire nervous system. It can help you gain clarity around your vision for your life and then, through its connection with the solar plexus chakra, bring that vision into fruition with clear and decisive action.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Tiger eye energy is clear and direct, focused and fast-moving. It’s a stone of the solar ray, enhancing physical and mental energy, vitality, strength, and direction, all those yang qualities within you. It brings encouragement and light during difficult times, stoking your internal power and motivation to always keep moving forward. It also tempers and balances yang energy when it gets extreme, always bringing you back to your center.


Its high iron content helps tiger eye absorb and retain heat, which makes its energy perfect to help fire you up, catalyze you, and energize you when you need it. It can warm you up to new ideas and new perspectives, as well as break up stagnant or blocked energy to get it moving again, reducing inflammation and pain.


As a stone of the in-between states, tiger eye is a beautiful tool for harmonizing disparate energies, moving any imbalances or extremes back towards their center point. Wherever there is inner or outer duality or strife, tiger eye works as a mediating factor to bring conflicting energies back into alignment with one another

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Tiger eye is shimmering in golden brown layers, and can also be found in deep red tones and dusky blues. It has chatoyancy, reflecting the light like a tiger’s eye. This chatoyant effect, highlighting all its many layers, is also a visual representation of its state of instability, of trying to become, still in the process of being stretched and separated.

Chatoyant crystals are highly self-reflective, allowing you to shed brightness into the dark inner layers of your inner self. Its golden brown coloring reflects its groundedness, pragmatism, and connection with both the earth and the sun, with its golden glints of divine light and wisdom.


Tiger eye is made of silicon dioxide (which is quartz) + iron. The quartz has a very activating, generative, yang effect and the iron relates to the blood and life force energy of the body.

It has a trigonal crystal structure which relates to the element of fire and carries the energy of forward momentum, pushing you to act on your creative impulses and realign with your highest awareness and goals.

Use Tiger Eye When...

You’re feeling…

depressed, worried, anxious, insecure, unfocused, unmotivated, achy, heavy, stuck, doubtful, chaotic, untethered, lost, inadequate, unworthy

You’re struggling with…

low self-esteem, lack mentality, money issues, inflammation, fatigue, big life changes, fear, inner obstacles, loss of direction, seeing clearly, making decisions, concentrating

When you want…

actualize your goals, conquer your fears, move forward in life, clear your mind, make a decision, stay grounded through big transitions, harness willpower, gain confidence

Crystal Tiger Eye Use
Crystal Tiger Eye Life Background

Using Tiger Eye in Everyday Life


Tiger eye’s beauty, strength, and golden glow are symbols of wealth and prosperity, and it’s a perfect crystal to work with to help you conquer whatever goals or ambitions you have in life. It’ll enhance your sense of purpose and focused momentum on taking action on all that you want to manifest.

A stone to find your sense of enoughness and raise your self-worth, tiger eye brings more self-awareness to help you see clearly your gifts, your goals, and what needs to change or be resolved for you to move forward in life. It heightens the clarity of your intuitive responses so you can trust yourself and take aligned actions.

You can place it in the S or SE corners of your home, the fame and wealth areas according to feng shui, to bring more energy into those parts of your life. Or keep it on your desk as you create, build your dream, and take action on your goals. It can also help you find or create work that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose so you can feel more fulfilled.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Tiger eye, in its layered formation, symbolizes how relationships are built over time, layer by layer. It’s a beautiful stone to help mediate and bring differing opinions and ideas together into a more grounded, rational understanding.

Where things are getting heated or over-emotional in your relationships, tiger eye can bring order and stability and help you see things from a clear mind and logical perspective so you can take steps to move into more balance and cooperation.

It’s really a stone to build your personal strength and integrity, fostering your sense of self-worth and balance from the inside out, which will help bring more strength, integrity, and balance into all your relationships and interactions with others.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Tiger eye helps you initiate the path of self-discovery and get curious about the hidden depths within you. Use it to stay grounded and secure as you work through the layers of buried emotions within, and it’ll help you clearly see the issues that need to be resolved and addressed.

It separates the muddy thoughts, the criticisms and confusion, the things you don’t want to admit or look at, from the light of truth and purpose that resides within you, helping you clarify your intent, walk courageously through your fears, and bust out of old patterns of self-sabotage and unworthiness. Its influence allows you to see struggles as an opportunity to become more conscious of your personal evolution, purpose, and path.

Hold a tiger eye stone up to your forehead, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Allow the dense and heavy thoughts to settle and separate as new awareness rises, bringing practical solutions and next action steps.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Tiger eye helps clear the lens of your inner vision, bringing clarity and discernment to the mind and amplifying the voice of your intuition. It’s a beautiful stone to work with to alleviate fears and anxiety around tapping into your intuitive gifts and to keep you grounded while you explore your subconscious and play in the etheric realms.

It offers energetic protection and cleansing to keep your mental energy clear from delusion and illusion as you’re doing spiritual work, and helps you find faith and confidence in your own inner impulses, learning how to trust yourself to discern what’s true for you and what direction to go in.

Tiger eye can be used for scrying, which is the act of seeing into the stone to discern messages, signals, visions, and answers. When placed on the third eye, tiger eye can help you develop your clairvoyance, or clear intuitive vision.

Self Care
Self Care

A great crystal to wear or carry with you daily, just holding tiger eye can help raise your self-esteem and make you feel like you’re enough. It will heighten your awareness and attention throughout the day, helping you see through your fears, patterns, and habits to make better choices for your personal well-being.

Lay with it over your solar plexus, below the notch of your ribs, to spark your confidence, enthusiasm, and endurance. You can also wear it as a bracelet or keep a stone in your pants pocket throughout the day to affect the lower chakras and keep your stamina and motivation up.

You can use a tumbled tiger eye stone or wand to gently massage areas of pain on your body, especially for a headache on your temples. Try placing it on your eyes or cheeks for inflammation or sinus congestion. Massage the cuticles on your fingers or toes with it (containing meridian points) to release emotional baggage.


A great stone for meditation, especially for beginners, tiger eye helps focus and settle the mind and separate the clear thoughts from all the gunk and mud. It’s grounding when your mind is restless or spinning out, and centers your energy back down into your body, into your center of willpower and purpose.

🐯Our guided tiger eye meditation helps you clear and center your energy and takes you on a journey through the jungle of your mind to cultivate courage, clarity, and inner strength. 💪

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Tiger Eye Guided Meditation

Our guided tiger eye meditation helps you clear and center your energy and takes you on a journey through the jungle of your mind to cultivate courage, clarity, and inner strength.

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Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Background

Tiger Eye Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


A beautiful stone for harnessing the mental dexterity of Gemini energy, while also settling it down into clear, rational thinking and follow-through. When bouncing between decisions and weighing all the what-ifs, tiger eye can help you make decisions you stick with and act upon, aligning your mind, body, and soul back into integrity.


Tiger eye fosters creativity, boldness, and willpower to go after your wild dreams and bring them into reality. It harnesses the sunny, yang energy of Leo, engaging your drive to thrive, be happy, and express your life’s gifts to the world! It’s a great stone to balance and temper the ego while stoking your ambition to pursue your highest purpose.


With its energy of grounded strength and resolute determination, tiger eye resonates strongly with Capricorn energy, helping you stay grounded, focused on moving forward, and able to climb any mountain you want to conquer. It can bust you out of analysis paralysis, self-doubt, or worry, and give you the courage and gumption to go after your most ambitious goals without letting fear or external obstacles stand in your way.


This stone that links the mind and soul resonates with Mercury, the planet that rules the mind and communication and moves with great speed. This reflects tiger eye’s forward-moving energy and constant striving to become, and its capacity to create clear, rational thinking to propel you toward your purpose and what excites you most.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Watchdog Standing Guard

Phase 317, Aquarius 17*

Bring this image to mind and tune into the watchdog’s grounded, alert presence, ever at the ready to use its strength to protect what it needs to…

That’s exactly the kind of energy that tiger eye embodies, helping your own soul become a watchdog guarding your mind, body, and heart, protecting your nervous system, empowering your strength, and helping you find internal clarity.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Chariot

The Chariot shows a brave warrior, protected with armor, swiftly moving forward through life with a strength of will and determination, focused on what’s right in front of them. These are all the beautiful, strong energies that tiger eye carries, bringing alignment between thought and action, helping you be decisive and keep moving forward, especially as you travel through the big transitions in life.

Six of Wands

This card is about confidence, progress, and achieving your goals, showing a man wearing a victory wreath riding a horse through a crowd of cheering people. It resonates with tiger eye’s energy of helping you reach victory and success, of facing your fears with courage and finding the self-assurance within to feel worthy of admiration and recognition.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The spirit animal for tiger eye is the tiger itself, fiercely independent, protective, and strong in both body and spirit. The tiger relates to tapping into your primal instincts, trusting yourself, and being discerning about where to focus your energy and attention, all things a tiger eye stone can help you with in life.

The crystal is named after the glowing eye of the tiger which is able to see clearly through the darkness and narrow in on its target with focused intent. When you work with tiger eye, it allows you to harness that tiger-like vision and higher awareness, and to feel the energy of the tiger’s willpower, confidence, and determined focus.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Tiger Eye Varieties

Tiger eye comes in a few different colors that each have similar healing qualities as described above, with a few differences:

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue tiger eye has a higher iron content which moves the energy inward, giving it more of an effect on the bones and the kidneys. This color connects the solar plexus and throat chakras together bringing more confidence to your expression. Blue tiger eye can also be found under the name “hawk’s eye.”

Red Tiger Eye

Red tiger eye has higher jasper content which moves the energy outward, making it more invigorating and giving it a greater effect on circulation and the blood. Red tiger eye is empowering and recharging.

Tiger Iron

This is a powerful natural combination of tiger eye, hematite, and red jasper. As tiger eye is the state in between hematite and jasper, tiger iron captures the whole spectrum of evolutionary energy from start to finish, making it powerfully grounding, balancing, and invigorating.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Tiger Eye + Hematite

Pair with hematite for a beautiful yin+yang synergy to bring grounded balance and harmony to the mind and emotions.

Tiger Eye + Tourmaline

Pair with tourmaline, any color variety, to engender strength and fortitude, and protect and nourish your emotional energy.

Tiger Eye + Clear Quartz

Pair with clear quartz to amplify and direct the energy of tiger eye and increase its clarifying aspects.

Crystal Tiger Eye Connection Item
Crystal Tiger Eye Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Tiger Eye

You can cleanse tiger eye under running water once a week or so if you’re wearing it or carrying it with you regularly. You can also use smoke from incense or an herbal smudge for a quick cleansing when you need it.

For a more thorough cleanse, perhaps once monthly, you can leave it out on the earth overnight to be recharged by its natural energetic frequencies and the cosmos above. This will both cleanse and recharge it.

You can also place tiger eye in the sunlight for 3-4 hours to recharge its vital yang energy. Then you can use the warm stones for a massage treatment on yourself afterward.

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