Crystal Smoky Quartz
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Smoky Quartz

The Crystal of Empowered Clarity

Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Earth element Earth
Saturn planet Saturn
Crystal Smoky Quartz Price Box Background

Smoky Quartz Guided Meditation

Our guided smoky quartz meditation takes you on a deep inner journey to release stress and struggle, and manifest the life you desire for yourself.

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Crystal Smoky Quartz Message Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Message Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Frame

The message

Smoky Quartz’s Message To You:

In the center of chaos
lies the still ground where I stand
I’ll protect and shield you
as you take my hand

I’ll root you into the Earth
strong, centered, and clear
while absorbing your pain
and releasing your fear

Strengthening your body
and stilling your mind
I’ll absorb the toxic density
and help you realign

For grounded discernment
and increased endurance
reach for me when you need
stability, security, and self-assurance


Smoky Quartz helps you to…

  • Ground into the present
  • Transmute dense energy
  • Bring your dreams to life
Crystal Smoky Quartz Story Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Story Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Story

The Story of Smoky Quartz

Born out of the pulsing rhythms deep within the earth, smoky quartz is a master grounding stone to tap you into your inner strength, stability, and security no matter what tries to rock your world. It roots you down into the support and vitality of the physical world, helping you take practical action toward manifesting your dreams with a sense of determination and endurance that’s unshakable.

Smoky quartz wants to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled. Often when we become stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed, we neglect our basic needs. We don’t eat well or sleep well, and it can feel harder and harder to take care of ourselves as the cycle perpetuates. This is the crystal to snap you out of those cycles of self-neglect, pull you out of a head full of worry and into your body, into this moment, so you can see what actions you need to take right now to help you first survive, and then to thrive.

Its darkness signifies energy that helps us draw within, tap into our inner strength and resources, and find the answers that lie hidden inside our depths. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, black is associated with the kidneys, which house our life force energy, the inner well we draw upon to create, express, give, and receive. Smoky quartz strengthens the energy of the kidneys, boosting your physical endurance, vitality, sense of fulfillment, and inner strength.

As a dark-colored quartz, smoky quartz both absorbs and transmits frequencies, which means it can either activate or dissipate energy depending on your intention. It’s an excellent stone to dispel and release any dense, dark, heavy energies and emotions, anything that feels stuck within you, or that’s been hindering your ability to feel stable, strong, and able to move forward. It creates a shield of sorts throughout your energetic field that dispels toxic frequencies, including everything from the ill intent of others to harmful EMFs and radiation.

What smoky quartz activates within you is a grounded connection with the present moment, your physical body, and your environment, increasing your awareness and ability to discern the best direction to move forward in and make clear, confident decisions along the way. It brings self-assurance and inner stability, to help you take a stand, make a move, or connect with your own sense of power and ability to do anything you set your mind to.

It’s highly clarifying and grounding for a mind that’s flying away with anxious thoughts and what-ifs, to help you focus on right now and the next step to take to get where you want to go. It brings mental focus, concentration, and a mindset of determination to help you pull all those bright ideas and dreams you have down to earth and make them real. It’s the perfect crystal tool to bring you down from the clouds where you can take action to make sure all your needs are fulfilled and manifest the life you truly desire!

Crystal Smoky Quartz Property Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Property Background

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties

Element Earth


Smoky quartz is one of the preeminent earth energy stones to work with to quickly pull you right back down to the ground, back into your body, to focus on what’s here in the physical world. It’s the perfect stone to get you out of your head, which is where most of us tend to live, most of the time. Smoky quartz grounds you into the energy of the earth, plugging you back into its stable, supportive essence to help you feel that sense of security within yourself.

This is a beautiful choice when you need to get practical, get into action, and just do the thing. It calms and clarifies the mind, settles heightened energy, and releases heavy dense energy down into the earth to bring you back into harmonic alignment within yourself. When you’re grounded and aligned, you feel strong, clear, and capable.

Smoky quartz harnesses the energy of the earth to make the intangible tangible and help you cement your ideas into concrete reality. When you need to get organized, stay focused, make grounded, rational decisions, and harness your endurance, this gorgeous earthy crystal will be an excellent tool for you.

It’s a great stone to pick when you’re moving through big changes or transitions in your life, especially those that feel shaky, chaotic, or overwhelming. Whenever you can’t find solid ground to stand on, smoky quartz can be that earth force you need to help you come back to the calm, stable center within you, despite any circumstances.

Chakra Root


Your root is your connection to the earth, and where you feel a sense of strength, stability, and belonging. This is the chakra that guides your basic needs and primal instincts and wants to ensure your survival first and foremost. Smoky quartz activates, strengthens, and directs the root chakra energy to connect to the earth and anchor you into its innate support.

When you have a happy, healthy root chakra you feel safe, strong, secure, and satiated, like all your needs are met. Working with smoky quartz helps you develop a healthy root that will keep you plugged into the support of the physical world and your own body, helping you take action to meet your needs, which in this world is not just shelter, food, and water but also having the money to provide those things as well as a sense of safety, security, and feeling of belonging.

If these primal needs aren’t taken care of first, you can’t progress into the next stage of attaining your desires. Smoky quartz addresses both of these essential aspects of life by helping you gain a sure footing in this physical world by taking the practical steps necessary and making wise decisions.

It also helps you release all the blocks, barriers, and conditioned beliefs held here in the unconscious of your root chakra, namely based in the fear we may have experienced before the age of five, to help you rewrite the script of your life and start seeing clearly how capable you are and how much inner power you truly possess.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


One of the best grounding stones on earth, it roots you into the present and connects you to your body, discharging static, disruptive, or interfering frequencies from your aura. Calms and settles the mind and nerves, helping you release stress and struggle.


Strengthening and shielding, it protects your energy, grounds you into a sense of safety and security within yourself, and increases your strength and endurance. Helps you process fear and stuck emotions with grounded support. Protects from EMF radiation.


Smoky quartz clears and purifies your energetic field by absorbing and neutralizing dense and toxic energies from your physical, emotional, and mental bodies as well as from your environment. It’s like an energetic filtration system.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


The coloring of smoky quartz ranges from a pale yellowish tinge to a dark brownish-grey or black. It’s semi-translucent with smoky undulations of color running through. It’s a clear quartz that’s been naturally irradiated, creating its darkened color. Smoky quartz that appears very black and opaque has often been heat treated or artificially irradiated to deepen its color, so ask questions and know what you’re buying.

Smoky quartz is dark and clear at the same time, which gives it the ability to absorb and reflect the light at the same time. It absorbs density, heaviness, lower vibrations while also reflecting a brilliant clarity that settles and stills the mind and connects with higher vibratory energy. This makes it an excellent crystal to help you find alignment between your higher and lower needs by connecting to the earth and the heavens at once.


Smoky quartz is silicon dioxide + impurities of aluminum. It’s naturally irradiated by the decay of the rocks surrounding it which colors the aluminum it contains, creating its brown or grey coloring.

It has a framework silicate structure which moves energy up and down, in and out, bringing balance wherever it’s needed. It also has a trigonal crystal shape, which relates to the element of fire, to our inner fire, sparking our purpose and determination.

Use Smoky Quartz When...

You’re feeling…

heavy, stressed, exhausted, anxious, spun out, overwhelmed, spacey, unsure, stuck, vulnerable, unsafe, insecure, “not enough”, powerless, weak, lost, despondent, neglected, too in your head 

You’re struggling with…

important transitions, a big decision, huge life changes, struggles & challenges, grief, money issues, subconscious blocks, a cluttered mind, headaches, life chaos, victim mentality

When you want…

determination, self-assurance, stability, calm, confidence, presence, strength, clarity, focus, to take action, manifest your dreams, release emotional weight, clear toxicity, protect your energy

Crystal Smoky Quartz Use
Crystal Smoky Quartz Life Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Life Background

Using Smoky Quartz in Everyday Life


Smoky quartz is one of the best manifestation stones you can work with, as its strong connection with the earth helps you pull higher, etheric energy down into physical form. You can use it to help you bring your ideas and goals to life and your spiritual insights down to earth where you can take practical action steps to move forward towards making all you want to manifest a reality.

Wear or hold smoky quartz as you’re setting your intentions, working towards your goals, or planning for the future. You can write down your intentions or what you want to manifest on a piece of paper, fold it up, and place it beneath a smoky quartz point or cluster and it will broadcast them out to the Universe and help you ground them into real life.

It’s not a sit-back and dream kind of crystal- it’s the crystal you grab when you are ready to get focused and take determined action toward making what you want to see happen. Use it when you’re ready to claim and step into your personal power.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Smoky quartz brings its grounded, calming qualities into all your relationships as well, especially as you shift and transmute your own dense and toxic energy, you will see your relationships shift and grow in the same way. On the other hand, smoky quartz is also a beautiful choice to help you stand in your strength and personal power in relationships when you need to, when you’re being manipulated or abused, to help you find safety, security, and confidence to take the necessary steps to make big changes in your life when you need to.

You can also use it when you need to release toxicity or grief from past relationships, to help you clear the way forward to experience something more in alignment with what you truly need to feel supported and secure in a relationship.

Keep a smoky quartz point, cluster, or sphere in any area where you want to detox or dispel the energy, or if you want to clear the proverbial air after a fight or from unspoken tension. You can also wear it as a personal amulet to keep your energy clear from infiltration of unwanted or negative energy from anyone else. It will absorb and transmute the energies in a room or environment, so keep one in your shared spaces to foster more respectful, grounded, rational energy between all.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This is a beautiful and supportive stone for shadow work to help you go to the root of your pain and transmute the dense energy it holds, allowing you to heal and shift into clearer, more secure energy. It’s especially good for dealing with fear in particular, and any situation, feeling, or circumstance that holds fear at its root, to help you consciously see it and release the power it’s holding over you.

Smoky quartz is a crystal to help you find and stand strong in your inner power, and will keep you safe and protected as you venture into your inner cave to see what shadows are hiding there. It can help you process through the heavy and dense emotions stored within your unconscious and release their grip on your psyche, allowing you to find the courage and inner confidence you need to go forward in life, no matter what your mind gremlins or anyone else may have to say about it.

Hold or have smoky quartz near as you venture into the dark of your shadows, via visualization, journaling, or by answering some deep shadow work prompts. You can also lay with smoky quartz on your lower abdomen or groin for 10-15 minutes, taking slow, deep breaths, to specifically target your buried, unconscious emotions for cleansing and release.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

An excellent pain reliever, you can use smoky quartz wherever you feel pain or inflammation, either by rolling a tumbled stone, sphere, or massage wand over the area, or by laying down with a stone over the area and breathing calmly. Roll it on the bottom of your feet to help with high blood pressure and ground your energy.

It supports the kidneys and adrenals, and can be used to help treat low-back pain, exhaustion or chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, infertility, low libido, or urinary issues. It can also help with coughing or wheezing, as the kidneys grab qi, or life force energy, from the lungs, and smoky quartz assists with this process. It’s warming for cold extremities or joints, especially in the lower body.

Place it on your body over the lower abdomen to bring support and detoxing to the organs and systems in the lower body. Massage it over areas of pain in your body or to break up inflammation. It’s very helpful for headaches- gently massage it on your temples, at the inner corner of your eyebrows, or wherever you feel the most pressure.

Self Care
Self Care

When you’re neglecting your basic needs, ignoring your primal instincts, being so busy with all the to-dos and things to think about that you forget to take care of yourself, or feeling so detached and despondent that you just don’t even care about helping yourself, well smoky quartz is the perfect stone to center you back into your body and make sure all its needs are being met, so you can feel strong, secure, and capable.

This is a very protective stone to wear daily, especially in places where you may encounter a lot of different people or energies, to help you stay grounded and centered in your own energy field. It creates a shielding effect around your aura to dissipate any interfering, unwanted energy from entering your field. It’s a great stone for empaths to help you separate your emotions from those of others, and shield yourself from absorbing other people’s emotional energy unconsciously.

Wearing a smoky quartz point necklace facing downward is a great way to constantly absorb and transmute any dense, toxic, or unwanted energies hanging around in your aura, environment, or that you encounter throughout the day.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

A great tool to keep with you if you’re doing any high-vibratory, floaty, out-of-body type work, exploring the astral realms, or channeling intuitive guidance from the cosmos, smoky quartz is like a tether to the earth, to your body, to guide and protect your energy during any intuitive exploration.

It grounds and lifts your frequency at the same time, connecting you to both the support of the earth and to the wise discernment of your highest knowing. It’s very clarifying for the mind to help you channel higher wisdom into wise solutions for your real-world issues and struggles.

Wear or carry it anytime you’re consciously tapping into your intuition or working on developing it, to help you stay focused, clear, and concentrated on how to apply the spiritual information and insights to your real world, everyday life.


Meditating with smoky quartz is incredibly grounding, rooting you into the earth and into the present moment. It pulls you right out of your head and into your body, to connect with the strength, stability, and support of the physical world.

This grounding effect drains the mind of chatter and helps you stay clear and open to receive divine wisdom during your meditation. Place it down by your tailbone as you sit in meditation, and it will help funnel your inspired ideas and insights into your body where you can act on them, use them, and make them real.

🖤Our guided smoky quartz meditation takes you on a deep inner journey to release stress and struggle, and manifest the life you desire for yourself. 🪨

Crystal Smoky Quartz Price Box Background

Smoky Quartz Guided Meditation

Our guided smoky quartz meditation takes you on a deep inner journey to release stress and struggle, and manifest the life you desire for yourself.

Buy Guided Meditation
Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Background

Smoky Quartz Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Smoky quartz resonates greatly with Capricornian energy, to increase your dedication and endurance and keep your footing as you climb proverbial mountains in life. Use it to stay focused on your long-term goals as you take each step along the way, and to increase your Capricorn-style logic, rationality, and organization to regain control in your life.


A great antidote to stress and worry, smoky quartz harnesses Virgo’s earthy practicality to help you make beneficial changes in everyday life. It increases intelligence and concentration, bringing Virgo-like discernment to the forefront to help you make wise decisions, take practical action steps, and stay grounded through any changes in your life. Cleanses and detoxes the body, mind, and soul to bring you into internal alignment.


The courage, strength, and determination that smoky quartz embodies are connected to Leo’s energy. It’s a stone that helps you embody your inner power and not let any darkness in your life outshine your light. It settles drama and heightened emotion, and increases your lion-like awareness and connection to your instincts and intuition, so you can leap through your fears and confidently create the life you want.


When you’re ready to get down to business and take responsibility, smoky quartz helps you embody the Saturnian virtues of discipline, order, and structure. It pulls you right out of delusion and confusion to focus on the practical steps you need to take to succeed. Saturn wants you to work for it, to show effort and dedication toward what you truly want, and smoky quartz can help you achieve that.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

An Industrial Strike… 

Phase 68, Gemini 8*

Bring this image to mind of workers on strike, with protest signs on the corner, demanding for their essential needs to be met rather than allowing their life force to continually be depleted.

This is the energy of enough is enough, when you stand your ground, stake your claim to your personal power, draw boundary lines, and learn how to protect yourself. And this is the frequency of energy that working with smoky quartz can help you step into.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Seven of Pentacles

This card in the suit of earth shows a man leaning on his hoe, admiring his abundant garden and the growth that he’s cultivated. There’s a sense of exhaustion, noting the hard work and physical effort it takes to create an abundant garden and be able to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

It’s a card about holding a long-term vision, putting in the work, persevering, and investing for the future, and smoky quartz is one of the best crystals you can use to help you put in the real-world effort you need now to successfully manifest those far off dreams and goals.

This card also serves as a reminder not to neglect your own needs and burn yourself out by working too hard or else you’ll be too tired and grumpy to enjoy your manifestations when they come! Smoky quartz helps support and realign you when you’re feeling exhausted, drained, or overworked to restore your inner vitality and help you create the organization and structure you need to create sustainable results in your life.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The tortoise is deeply connected to the vibrations and rhythms of the earth, they are safe and secure within themselves, they are their own home, they belong to themselves. They represent endurance and perseverance with the ability to keep moving forward and never give up. Their shell and tough skin provide protection and shielding from the external environment.

All of these themes are deeply resonant with the energy that smoky quartz carries, and its ability to ground us into the now, slow us down, protect our vital life force, and focus our attention on just the very next step we need to take, and then the next, and the next, until we have everything we need to feel safe, secure, and at home within ourselves.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Smoky Quartz Varieties

There are a few varieties of smoky quartz, all with the same healing qualities as described above with a few bonuses:

Smoky rutilated quartz

This smoky variety has golden rutile running through it, which amplifies and directs energy and holds a very high frequency, bringing more uplifting, joyful qualities to it.

Smoky tourmalinated quartz

With threads of black tourmaline running through it, this is a dynamic duo of grounding and protection to absorb and dispel all negative, toxic energies, like a psychic vacuum.

Smoky elestial quartz

Also known as skeletal quartz, this variety is more structured and blocky looking, with etched formations on its surface that are said to be ancient record keepers, making them powerful stones for healing and intentional work.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Smoky Quartz + Amethyst

Pair with amethyst for a perfect mix of grounding and heightened awareness to empower your intuition and instincts and bring calm relaxation to your entire system from head to toe.

Smoky Quartz + Hematite

Pair with hematite for an amazing grounding duo that feels nurturing and supportive, to build you back up when you feel low or depleted, and increase your emotional, mental, and physical strength.

Smoky Quartz + Citrine

Pair with citrine for mega-manifestation magic! These two powerhouse stones together will keep you moving forward towards all that brings you joy and able to bust through any obstacles along the way.

Crystal Smoky Quartz Connection Item
Crystal Smoky Quartz Care Background
Crystal Smoky Quartz Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Smoky Quartz

For a quick cleanse whenever you need it, once a week is good if you’ve been wearing or carrying your smoky quartz regularly, you can simply rinse it under cool running water and dry with a soft cloth.

For a more thorough cleanse and to recharge it, you can bury your smoky quartz in the earth overnight. Be sure to leave a marker so you know where to find it. You can also bury it in the soil of a healthy houseplant.

Smoky quartz can fade in bright sunlight and will start to lose its natural yin nature, which moves energy inward and downward, when exposed to too much yang sunlight.

A smoky quartz with a point on each side can be used to cleanse other stones by placing the stone you want to cleanse touching one point of the quartz, and a pile of sea salt touching the other point. The smoky quartz will discharge any dense, negative, or static energies from the other crystal and dispense them into the bed of salt.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Smoky Quartz or crystals in general!


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    Crystal Smoky Quartz Recommend Background

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