Crystal Aquamarine
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The Crystal of Flowing Courage

Aquarius zodiac signs Aquarius
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Water element Water
Neptune planet Neptune
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Aquamarine Guided Meditation

🧜‍♀️ Our guided Aquamarine meditation takes you on a magical, uplifting journey to cleanse your fears, spark your courage & help you make your wishes come true. 🩵

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Crystal Aquamarine Message Background
Crystal Aquamarine Frame

The message

Aquamarine’s Message To You:

Let the waves wash away
your worries and fears
as the currents guide you
to why you’re here
to serve your purpose
express your truth
and tap into the
fountain of youth
receptive and open
to divine insight
the confidence & strength
to stand upright
through any chaos
anchored in truth
channeling the wisdom
that flows through you
so you can answer
the mermaid’s siren call
& find courage to keep swimming
through it all


Aquamarine helps you to…

  • Align with your truth
  • Live life courageously
  • Feel young, playful & free
Crystal Aquamarine Story Background
Crystal Aquamarine Story

The Story of Aquamarine

Born within the deep dark of the earth and rising like a pillar of light stretching towards the sky, aquamarine is a precious gem of the clearest wisdom to sharpen your mind and perception, heighten your intuition and intellect, and help you hear and heed your inner calling. Like a mermaid’s song calling from the breeze, aquamarine provides direction through magical inspiration and by guiding your inner compass to help you flow right towards your true purpose in life.

Named for the Latin “aqua marina”, meaning “seawater”, aquamarine harnesses the power, strength, nurturance, and guiding rhythms of the sea, as well as its soothing, calming, cooling qualities. It’s been mythically tied to mermaids, historically carried by sailors and sea merchants for protection, and seen as a fountain of youth by ancient cultures around the world.

Like bathing in a gentle aqua-blue sea under the sparkling sunlight, aquamarine releases stress and tension from the mind and body, and is incredibly calming and balancing for the emotions. It helps you let go of what’s no longer essential or needed, what’s no longer part of you, gently supporting you to release your attachments to people or things that are blocking your progress in life, so you may flow forward with more ease and joy, in a true expression of yourself.

When you feel lonely, outcast, unwanted, or unheard, it can help you release those internal burdens and find the inner strength to keep moving forward, allowing the universal currents to carry you in the right direction.

A beautiful tool to use while on the path of spiritual awakening, its clarity and wisdom heighten your awareness and sensory perceptions, so you can better tune into the subtle information available in the world around you. It merges intuition and imagination with rational intellect, aligning your mind and spirit to move you into the future you envision, on the path to reach your highest potential.

Aquamarine is the stone of knowledge, truth, and wisdom. It’s a beautiful crystal for very mentally active people, high-achievers, big-thinkers, and goal-oriented, future-focused types. It will not only help you expand and reach even higher heights of knowledge, it will dissolve any dogmas or misbeliefs you’re holding and lead you to more and more truth. You will learn a lot when working closely with this stone as it will open you up to the right teachers and information to help you progress towards more honesty, clarity, and light.

It’s also a stone of courage, as it works with the throat chakra and cleanses and protects the aura, boosting your confidence to express your true self, and your courage to face the deeper parts of your own psyche so you can align with your truth and become a pillar of strength to face your fears. It helps you find the clarity you need to overcome challenges in your life, promoting endurance and dedication towards your goals, and will keep you feeling cool and composed through intense challenges or transitions in your life.

Revitalizing and refreshing, aquamarine is like a cool swim on a summer’s day, empowering your youthfulness and inner vitality and giving you a fresh perspective. It restores the mind, body, and emotions, and rejuvenates the spirit, bringing out your playfulness, lightheartedness, and bright-minded perspective, even through the darkest moments.

Crystal Aquamarine Property Background

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Element Water


This beautiful crystal associated with the sea is, of course, a water element stone. It holds the openness and receptivity of water, and its cleansing energy, helping you release, let go, and flow where the currents of life take you. It brings the gifts of receptivity, openness, and acceptance.

This water energy is forward-moving, progressive, always flowing and changing, helping you stay constant, centered, and balanced through whatever changes you’re going through. Water has the ability to shapeshift to its environment to find a way to keep moving forward, to keep flowing, and this is where aquamarine’s energy of courage comes from, helping you to keep going towards your purpose in life no matter what, right around the obstacles, through the fears, and over all those self-created walls.

In Daoist stone medicine, the water element is associated with the kidneys which energetically store our life-force energy, our vitality, and our creative and emotional essence. This is also where fear is held, and fear is what diminishes that life force energy and throws us out of balance, keeps us stuck and not progressing forward, not reaching our dreams, not going after our creative desires.

Aquamarine works directly with this kidney energy to nourish and restore your life force, to help bring balance to the emotions, and help your creativity flow freely and easily. It pushes the density of fear out of the body, allowing for the unblocking of your emotional expression. It nourishes the fluids in the physical body and is especially nurturing for hormonal balance. This is why it’s a crystal that’s been thought of as the fountain of youth since ancient times, restoring freshness and youthfulness to the spirit until it’s radiating out of your pores.

Chakra Throat


This bright blue stone activates and cleanses the toxicity and constrictions held in the throat chakra, which is where we emanate and express our truth from. In order to fully be who you came to this Earth to be and to share all those divine gifts you came here with, your throat chakra must be open, flowing, unrestricted, and unbound by fear. This is exactly what aquamarine can help you with.

Like a mermaid’s siren call, aquamarine asks you to explore the depths of your imagination and heart’s desires. It connects to the divine through your crown chakra and activates and clears the third eye chakra, as well as opening and unblocking the heart chakra, but then it funnels all that clear mental and emotional energy through the throat chakra, through gentle communication and the channeling of divine wisdom. It allows your truth to come through without force, with calm clarity, understanding, openness, consideration, and playfulness.

It’s a beautiful stone to use if you have stage fright, fear of speaking in front of a crowd, or need help to calmly and clearly communicate your truth. It strengthens your courage to show up, speak up, and share what you know and how you feel. It clears the mind and connects you to higher intelligence, allowing you to channel that higher consciousness through your throat chakra into the honest expression of who you are!

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


This watery stone nourishes yin energy. It’s inward, intuitive, and receptive. It nourishes the fluids of the body and supports hormonal, adrenal, and thyroid balance. It moves energy downward, anchoring it into your body, and moves the waters of the body, breaking up stagnant energy. It puts you in touch with your feelings and intuition.


Aquamarine moves protective energy out to the layer of the skin and throughout your whole aura. It releases fear held in the body, allowing you to act and express yourself courageously. It’s historically been used as an amulet of protection when around water, especially if you have fear or nerves related to it. Brings peace of mind & inner security.


Soothing and settling, aquamarine cools and hydrates, physically and energetically, cleansing heated emotions like anger or frustration, and physical symptoms like hot flashes or rising blood pressure. It counters infections and inflammation. It helps you stay mentally and emotionally cool when encountering a challenge or struggle.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Aquamarine sparkles like the sea in translucent blue, ranging from a bright aqua blue to pale greenish blue to a more opaque whitish blue. The clearer the stone, the more it absorbs your intentions and the stronger metaphysical powers it holds.

It grows naturally in hexagonal pillars, like columns of an underwater sea kingdom, creating the sturdiness, encouragement, and sense of support it offers energetically.

Aqua blue signifies truth, freedom, new beginnings, renewal, and an open expanse of opportunities. It’s cool, refreshing, rejuvenating, bright and happy. All these beautiful qualities move into the forefront of your consciousness as you work with aquamarine.


Aquamarine is a type of beryl, sibling to emerald (green beryl) and morganite (pink beryl). It’s a base of beryllium aluminum silicate +iron. The iron is what gives aquamarine its shades of blue.

It has a ring-silicate internal structure, which disperses excess and toxic energy out of the body, moving it out through the skin, and cleansing it from your aura.

It has a hexagonal crystal shape which regulates and balances your internal energy, and is associated with the wood element, which is all about new beginnings and accomplishing your goals, which aquamarine helps you with.

Use Aquamarine When...

You’re feeling…

confused, lost, fearful, stifled, nervous, anxious, shy, indecisive, hypersensitive, highly emotional, stagnant, unmotivated, uninspired, frustrated, argumentative, close-minded

You’re struggling with…

life challenges, exhaustion, lack of direction, creative blocks, stage fright, sharing your truth, expressing yourself, living authentically, making clear decisions, allergies, hormonal imbalance

When you want…

courage, confidence, resilience, calm nerves, freedom of expression, a clear mind, forward progress, a fresh perspective, to let go of what’s holding you back, emotional balance

Crystal Aquamarine Use
Crystal Aquamarine Life Background

Using Aquamarine in Everyday Life


This brilliant blue stone is very heightening and clarifying for the mind, calming and activating at the same time. It cleanses away the dense, low vibrational, cyclical thoughts, clearing the way for new, refreshing thoughts to cascade their way in. This makes it a great stone to help you get clear on what you want to manifest and to release all the mind gremlins, criticisms, and judgments that are currently standing in the way. It allows you to more effortlessly and creatively flow towards the things you want to manifest, with courage and confidence.

Hold aquamarine or lay down with it placed on the center of your forehead as you dive into your imagination and envision your dreams for the future coming true. See yourself playfully enjoying the fresh perspective and new life experiences you’re creating for yourself. Ask the crystal to help you easily flow towards the right next step, the right teacher, or the right insight that will move you closer to the fulfillment of your goal.

You can also program your aquamarine with specific intentions. It’s a stone that wants to help you achieve, even your dreamiest most idealistic desires. You can speak your goals and dreams and desires into it, as it is a stone of the throat, and then either wear or carry that stone with you or place it on an altar or special place at home where you can check in with its energy daily until you find yourself living in your manifestation!

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

This is a beautiful crystal for relationships of all sorts to promote gentle communication, understanding, and compassion. It strengthens the longevity and stability of relationships to help them flow through the challenges that arise and stay strong together. Aquamarine can make a beautiful engagement stone or gift for a loved one.

On the flip side, it’s also an excellent crystal to help you leave those long-term relationships, jobs, or obligations that you feel have been keeping you stuck, hindering your progress or are not aligned with your truth. Wear or carry aquamarine with you when you need courage and confidence to move forward in life, even if that means letting go. It will help you release conflict, aggression, and resentment, to allow relationships to unblock and flow into new possibilities.

If you have a relationship you want to keep that’s breaking down or feels like you’re not connecting anymore- whether romantic, friendship, work, or family- you can gift aquamarine to someone you want to connect more deeply with and communicate more easily with, to help them break down their emotional walls and become more receptive.

Use aquamarine whenever you need to cleanse energy from the past in a relationship and move forward toward a more authentic expression of truth. It’ll help you overcome hard situations, flow through your fears to see what’s on the other side, and get the energy moving again in your relationships wherever it feels stuck.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Aquamarine is a beautiful light-bringing crystal to support and nurture you when you’re dealing with loneliness, grief, depression, anger, or any big challenges in your life. When you just feel exhausted and lackluster, uninspired, uncreative, or lacking faith in yourself or in the magic that exists in the world, this sparkling blue gem can lift you into a world of imagination, insight, and inspiration to help you gain a clear perspective.

It’s excellent for when you have reached the point of self-awareness where you realize you’re trapped in certain ways of thinking that you’ve been conditioned into. You can work with aquamarine to help you break free from dogma and outdated belief systems, open and expand your mind into new perceptions and awareness, and see life from a more holistic perspective where everything is connected.

Wear or hold aquamarine as you meditate, journal, or dig into some shadow work questions. It will move you out of your ego, into your higher mind, so you can see where you’re being affected by stuck pain, cyclical thoughts, or stagnant emotional energy. It helps you become aware of it and process and express it, which opens up a new clear path forward for you to walk through, into more light, openness, and truth.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

A beautiful healing crystal for the physical body, aquamarine has a strong affinity to the brain and bone marrow, and a special relationship with the endocrine system which is a network of glands and organs that run throughout the whole body and affect our hormones, energy, reproductive system, metabolism, and development. This makes aquamarine a beneficial regulator for our hormones, nervous system, and adrenals.

The pituitary gland is the master gland of the endocrine system which controls our water balance, for one thing, and aquamarine affects this gland to help balance the fluids of the body, whether you’re dehydrated or have water retention. This also affects the level of the skin, bringing moisture balance and a beautiful glow to the skin, which is part of where its association with “anti-aging” comes from.

It also affects the lungs and has been likened to a “stone antihistamine” in Daoist stone medicine where it’s used for both allergies and lung conditions, as well as treatment for hypersensitivity to one’s environment. Place it on the chest to clear the lungs and catch your breath. You can also place it on your forehead or rub it on your temples to help with a headache or migraine. Wear it against your skin throughout the day to help with hormonal and nervous system balance.

Self Care
Self Care

Aquamarine acts as a sort of bridge between the mind and heart, bringing your mental and emotional energies together in harmony to be expressed via the throat. Wearing it as a necklace over your chest will affect the heart and throat, to allow you to speak your truth with compassion and grace. Wearing aquamarine earrings, or laying with it on your forehead for a bit, can bring more clarity and higher insights to the mind to guide you through your day.

Wear or carry it with you whenever you need to cultivate more self-trust and flow through your days with more ease. It can help you release judgments, opinions, and criticism towards yourself and others throughout the day, along with the frustration and anger that can come along with holding onto those things so staunchly, minimizing inner conflict so you can feel light, free, and confident in yourself.

It’s also a great crystal to reach for when you feel like an empathic sponge, hypersensitive to the feelings of those around you. It helps you cut the cords between others that are sucking your vital life force energy and vitality away, while still retaining a connection of understanding and compassion. You can empathize with how someone else feels without actually having to feel it in your body, too. And anytime you feel too sensitive to be around others or like hiding away to protect yourself, aquamarine will get you back out into the world, expressing yourself with ease.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

A great crystal for connecting with and strengthening your intuition, aquamarine calms the monkey mind, quieting all those racing thoughts down, allowing for a heightened awareness and depth of perception to come through. It opens you to hearing the quiet wisdom from the divine and channeling the clear essence of your truth, allowing it to gently flow out of you with ease.

It heightens receptivity to intuitive information, to messages from the Universe, and to all the opportunities available to you. When you feel lost, deflated, or just not up for the challenge of life, aquamarine helps you lighten up, overcome, and keep flowing downstream, finding the easiest, gentlest way forward, but always moving forward.

Hold it up to your forehead as you visualize and imagine to strengthen the clarity of your vision and the insights you receive. It’s a magical crystal to use to connect with the etheric realm, your spirit guides, your angels, and highest self, as well as to the mermaid realm, for inspiration, direction, and widened perception that you can then express in creative ways in the physical world.


A beautiful meditation stone, aquamarine will quiet the conscious mind and help you sink into the realms of your subconscious and float away in your imagination. It’s uplifting, insightful, and eye-opening, offering you a clear channel to the wisdom you carry within you but that can be hard to access in normal daily busy life.

Sit with it in meditation when you want guidance, clarity, and direction, or whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed and need to fall back into the natural flow of life, releasing stress and anxiety, opening to trust in yourself, in the Universal rhythms, and the magic of life.

🧜‍♀️Our guided Aquamarine meditation takes you on a magical, uplifting journey to cleanse your fears, spark your courage & help you make your wishes come true. 🩵 

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Aquamarine Guided Meditation

🧜‍♀️ Our guided Aquamarine meditation takes you on a magical, uplifting journey to cleanse your fears, spark your courage & help you make your wishes come true. 🩵

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Aquamarine Connection Background

Aquamarine Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Aquamarine holds the intuitive, ingenious, brilliant-minded energy of Aquarius, helping you break free from the programming and indoctrination to get a clear vision of your true purpose and how you can express your uniqueness in this world. It’s a stone that gives you the courage to be yourself, bringing out your originality and ingenuity.


As the March birthstone, many Pisceans already know and love aquamarine. It enhances your intuition, imagination, sensitivity, emotional awareness, openness, understanding, and loving communication- all beautiful qualities of Pisces. It helps you find a balance between extremes and clarity through illusions, confusion, and conditioning.


This stone of a sparkling mind and flowing communication also carries some Gemini energy, stimulating your mental faculties. It marries rationality with intuition and brings calm focus to a mind that’s cluttered, overwhelmed, or running away too fast, allowing you to catch & communicate your brilliant thoughts with easy flow.


This magical stone of the mermaids belongs to the realm of Neptune, although it carries some Mercurial energies as well, the watery, emotional, intuitive, expansive energies of Neptune are most dominant. Aquamarine is a stone of inspiration and heightened perception that opens you to the subtle frequencies of the Universe and helps you pull its wisdom out of the ethers into the human mind, where you can discern and express it and use it to guide you forward.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

The Flow of Inspiration… 

Phase 346, Pisces 16*

This is such a perfect description of what aquamarine energy brings into your life, a flow of inspiration. What does inspiration really mean to you? When does inspiration happen? What does it feel like when you’re in the flow of it?

Inspiration is a state of reception that’s open to new ideas, new insights, new ways of seeing and thinking about things. Inspiration can only come in through the quiet moments between your thoughts and worries and wondering. It’s a communication with the divine, a signal of resonance between you and an intangible feeling or idea.

And when you’re in the flow of this inspiration, it means you’re clear, creative, and easily, effortlessly moving forward, without fear, worry, or judgement, just relishing in the enjoyment of each moment as it happens. This is exactly the energy that working with aquamarine can help you drop into.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Ace Of Cups

This card is all about new beginnings and starting fresh. It’s a sign of releasing your emotional baggage to start a new story, allowing for new love, new creativity, and new ideas to come through. Aquamarine matches this energy beautifully, bringing fresh inspiration to your life that’s fueled by your heart and higher wisdom, opening you to a world full of possibilities to explore.

The Ace of Cups symbolizes hope after enduring a great emotional challenge, which is exactly what aquamarine can help you do. It’s a card about expressing your heart and not being afraid to drink in a full cup of life! Aquamarine can help you go after your heart’s desires, express your truth, and find emotional balance and fulfillment.

The Star

On this card, a woman is seen pouring out water from a vessel with one foot on the earth and one in the water, representing a balance between heart and mind as she brings inspiration and divine wisdom to life through the expression of her gifts. This is a perfect encapsulation of aquamarine energy.

This is an Aquarian card about honoring yourself and your gifts and shining them into the world to nourish others with what you have to offer, and also to inspire them to shine their own light. It’s a card of healing, rejuvenation, and receiving nurturing from both the physical waters of the earth, and the spiritual waters of cosmic knowledge, both of which are energies aquamarine can connect you more deeply with.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Dolphins are highly intelligent, highly communicative, and connected to cosmic consciousness. They’re a perfect representation of the energy of aquamarine. They know how to flow with the waves of life, while being playful and enjoying surfing through them, not bowing down to any challenge.

Dolphins are communal, sociable, and agile, they move on instinct, mind, and body united by intuitive wisdom. They’re protective, courageous, magical creatures who emanate an incredibly high frequency throughout the waters of the earth. These are all qualities that aquamarine also holds and helps you embody in yourself.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Aquamarine Varieties

There are a few rare varieties of Aquamarine that possess the same healing qualities as described above:

Trapiche Aquamarine

An incredibly rare variety, this has a six-pointed star pattern within it that looks similar to a spoked wheel. It’s not a light effect or reflection, it’s a dark pattern fixed within the gem itself and is created by black carbon impurities.

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine

Exceptionally rare and sought-after, this type of aquamarine has a “chatoyant” effect which reflects the light in a column down the center, looking similar to a cat’s eye.

Moss Aquamarine

A relatively rare form of aquamarine that contains visible inclusions and impurities within the stone that look like green moss. Sometimes the entire crystal is tinted in green, like a seaweed-covered rock.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Aquamarine + Smoky Quartz

Pair with smoky quartz for a beautiful balance of water meets earth to spark you into action and help you bring your intuitive insights & creativity into the material world.

Aquamarine + Ocean Jasper

Pair with ocean jasper for a double dose of soothing, watery vibes to clear, cool, and calm any heightened, stressed, frazzled energies & help you flow with the waves of life.

Aquamarine + Emerald

Pair with its sibling stone emerald to ground and grow the higher awareness that aquamarine opens up and bring your ideas into tangible fruition.

Crystal Aquamarine Connection Item
Crystal Aquamarine Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Aquamarine

Aquamarine needs regular cleansing and recharging, daily if you’re working with it for healing purposes. You can do a quick cleanse in cool running water and then let it recharge in the sunlight for just an hour or so, or you can place it on a clear quartz cluster to recharge.

Don’t let it sit in direct sunlight for long periods of time or expose it to extreme temperature changes, especially heat, as it can get dried out or develop cracks and become prone to breakage. It can also become discolored from too much sun exposure.

If you have gem-quality aquamarine jewelry that you want to take extra care of, you can wash it in lukewarm soapy water, rinse it, and dry it with a soft cloth.

*Note that many aquamarines sold today are “lab-grown” artificial gems. They have the same chemical and physical properties as natural aquamarine, but do they carry the same metaphysical healing properties? We prefer natural, untreated crystals whenever possible. Be informed, ask questions, and know what you’re buying.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Aquamarine or crystals in general!


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