Crystal Ocean Jasper
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crystal icon Ocean Jasper


Ocean Jasper

The Crystal of Flowing Peace

Cancer zodiac signs Cancer
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Earth element Earth
Water element Water
Moon planet Moon
Root Heart
Crystal Ocean Jasper Price Box Background

Ocean Jasper Guided Meditation

Our guided ocean jasper meditation takes you on a deeply relaxing & nourishing journey to release emotional baggage & tap into the wisdom & peace that lies at the center of your being.

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Crystal Ocean Jasper Message Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Message Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Frame

The message

Ocean Jasper’s Message To You:

Calm and steady through the breeze
I will set your mind at ease
as ocean rhythms ebb and flow
I guide your energy where to go
Bringing you back into balance
whispering wisdom through the silence
so you can find an island of peace
and relax enough to finally release
the burdens, stress, and overwhelm
with my nurturing energy at the helm
grounding you into a state of presence
where you can access the core of your essence
where creativity knows no bounds
and inspired solutions can be found
once you stop resisting and surrender
your soul’s true nature will be remembered


Ocean Jasper helps you to…

  • Ground & release stress
  • Flow around obstacles
  • Find patience & peace
Crystal Ocean Jasper Story Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Story Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Story

The Story of Ocean Jasper

Born at the base of a cliff on the edge of the sea, ocean jasper marries the power and stability of the earth with the calming, cleansing energies of the ocean. It can help you ground and release stress and dense energy and align back with the innate rhythms and timing of your body, and nature as a whole. It helps anchor your attention and focus to the here and now so you can find peace, balance, and stability from within.

A beautiful balm to aid us during times of strife and stress, it was named ocean jasper as a nod to where it was originally discovered on the NW coast of Madagascar beneath an ocean cliff that could only be seen and accessed during low tide. Veins of it have since been found more inland as well, but the name is still apt to describe the ocean-like swirls, ripples, and wave formations on its surface, as well as the cleansing, calming, and balancing effects of its energetic frequency.

The patience, perseverance, flexibility, and strength it took to find and harvest this material by hand during the low tide and then transport it back by boat, as it was not accessible by land at all, is a beautiful metaphor for the quality of patience, diligence, and aligning with right timing that ocean jasper brings into your life.

It represents a beautiful convergence of energy, where the steady earth and always moving ocean meet in harmonic alignment. This brings a blend of rational, practical action-taking and the ability to always keep moving and flowing. This frequency helps you find ways to flow around the obstacles and barriers along your path and let go of the reins of control a bit to allow the current of life to carry you where it needs to.

Ocean jasper is a beautiful tool to help you through change, to keep you grounded, clear, and flexible in your decision-making, and to help you stay calm, patient, and present no matter where the waves of life take you, knowing that when you’re in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Universe, it will gently and safely carry you to your soul’s destination. You just have to stop resisting and fall into the flow.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Property Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Property Background

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

Element Earth


Jasper’s earth energy is incredibly stabilizing and strengthening. It’s one of the great nurturers of the stone world, bringing a sense of grounding and connection with nature and the healing frequencies of the Earth itself.

Its essence is comforting, settling, and supportive, to calm the mind and nervous system, allowing you to fully rest and feel safe in your body and in your present moment experience. It feels soothing and relaxing, like watching the dynamic and undulating waves of the ocean from the stable, safe, comforting beach.

As a mix of many different minerals coming together at once, ocean jasper’s unique combinations of colors and patterns colliding together are a metaphor for its ability to coalesce all your scattered and chaotic energy into something beautiful, balanced, and harmonically aligned. Reach for it when life feels intense or overwhelming to connect with that calm center of balance within you.

Element Water


Ocean jasper carries the energy of the ocean waters. It’s steady, soothing, nurturing, and grounding. It brings you back into the rhythms of your own internal tides, your emotional ebb and flow, helping you release stress and worry and regain a sense of inner balance. It also allows divine inspiration to come through as you realign with the unique flow of your creative forces.

Wherever there is tension or stuckness in your emotional or physical body, ocean jasper will gently, patiently, and always eventually, break it down and wash it completely away, whether it’s a cluster of conditioned beliefs that are no longer serving you or the physical manifestation of accumulated energy, such as a cyst.

In Daoist stone medicine, ocean jasper regulates the triple warmer meridian which is the energetic pathway responsible for circulating energy, fluids, blood, and hormones, and it also controls our fight, flight, and freeze response. By balancing the triple warmer, ocean jasper helps calm your adrenal response, relieving stress and tension, and bringing balance to your emotions and both the literal and metaphorical waters of your body.

Chakra Root


Ocean jasper’s strong connection with the earth makes a beautiful stone to ground and calm the root chakra. When your root is out of balance, you may experience fear and insecurity, or overtax your adrenals in constant flight or fight mode. Ocean jasper is a beautiful healer for all these things, to calm your nerves, soothe your fears, release toxic and dense energies stuck in the root chakra, and help you connect with the security and strength that is inherent within you.

Its energy is strong, patient, and wise, understanding of the natural cycles of life, the seasons, and time itself. It helps you plug into this wisdom and patience to take a breath, connect with your calm center, and understand that no matter what struggles, strife, or situations you’re dealing with, this too shall pass, as all things do.

Reach for ocean jasper when you need to feel calm and nurtured from within, and when you need to ground and connect with your body and the present moment. It will help your root chakra stay open and flowing, connected to the power and energy of the Earth.

Chakra Heart


Ocean jasper often has swirls of green or pink in it which are the colors of the heart chakra. Its emotional balancing effects also aid the heart greatly, helping you let go of old baggage and pain and release dense, heavy, or trapped emotions in the heart so they can process and flow through you.

The heart is the center of balance within your body and where you access peace and balance within yourself. Ocean jasper taps you into this center of balance and the neutrality, acceptance, and ease that comes when you operate from your center. This is the point of integration within you, which is exactly the beautiful energy that ocean jasper provides, helping you integrate the highs and lows and all sides and shades of yourself to arrive at that center point of balance between them all.

Hold or wear it over your heart to help you open up to more self-love and self-respect, and cultivate a sense of wholeness and balance that can only stem from a healthy, open, vibrant, and flowing heart space.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Ocean jasper balances the yin and yang energy of the body, bringing internal systems into harmonic balance, replenishing depleted energy, releasing excess energy, soothing the mind, emotions, spirit, and physical body, bringing you back to your center.


This is a beautiful stone to ground and stabilize your internal energy as it plugs you energetically into the Earth so you can discharge static, intense, or overwhelming emotions and energies and intake clear, vibrant energy from the cosmic forces.


The cooling energy of ocean jasper works on the physical and energetic level to cool hot tempers, annoyance, and frustration, calm stress and anxiety, or cool hot flashes and night sweats. This cooling element also balances excess or heightened emotions.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Mostly opaque with some translucence, with multicolored swirling patterns in a huge variety of colors. Often found in shades of white, brown, green, pink, red, and yellow. It’s a kind of “orbicular jasper”, called such because of its spherical-shaped patterns that look like tiny bullseyes, flowers, or stars. It also sometimes has little holes and caverns filled with sparkly quartz druzy, like an ocean cave.

Formed by volcanic dynamics, it cools very slowly allowing it to combine with many other minerals while it’s forming which creates its incredible color ranges, swirls, and patterns. Ocean jasper is a trade name for this one particular type of jasper that’s found only in one location in Madagascar. There are eight different veins found here all with different color tones and patterning.


Ocean jasper is a silicon dioxide with various mineral impurities including iron, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

It starts its life as rhyolite, a type of volcanic rock, and through its evolutionary process it becomes completely “silicified”, or embedded with silica, which creates a conglomerate of different microcrystalline quartzes in different colors. And that’s what jasper is, a microcrystalline quartz.

This slow transformation into a more solid, more strong, more crystalline form is a beautiful metaphor for how it affects you energetically, filling in all the cracks of your psyche with the purity, clarity, strength, and flexibility of silica, bringing you into a more crystallized, solid, and wisened version of yourself.

Use Ocean Jasper When...

You’re feeling…

frustrated, angry, resentful, stuck in the past, spacey, anxious, worried about the future, blocked, unsure, unable to progress, out of balance, unfocused, stressed, tense

You’re struggling with…

overwhelming emotions, excessive highs and lows, big changes in your life, emotional baggage, self-sabotage, feeling stuck, insecurity, creative blocks, adrenal fatigue, overthinking

When you want…

emotional stability, integration, alignment, balance, peace, ease, creative flow, patience, presence, calm nerves, inner stability, a quiet mind, whole body balance

Crystal Ocean Jasper Use
Crystal Ocean Jasper Life Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Life Background

Using Ocean Jasper in Everyday Life


Working with ocean jasper clears and crystallizes your focus, directing it toward where you want your energy to flow in life. It helps you find that middle ground between striving and surrender where the magic of manifestation happens.

Manifesting your vision is not all planning and hard work, although that’s part of it. It’s also not all sit back and envision and dream, although that’s part of it. When you’re ready to marry and integrate these two forces within you and be able to flow between them as needed, ocean jasper can be a great tool to help you manifest what you want in your life.

Hold it, wear it, or have it near as you’re working, journaling, planning, or making intentions, to help you clear your mind, to stimulate creativity, and open you to divine ideas and insights you can use in the physical world. It’ll help you ground your visions into reality, while also helping you see ways to flow around any obstacles or struggles that come as you progress toward your goals.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Ocean jasper is a beautiful stone to cultivate a loving and respectful relationship with yourself, that will then bleed out into how you treat others and allow them to treat you. When you’re seeking more self-esteem, self-trust, and self-respect, ocean jasper offers strength and support to guide you into seeing all the ways you can nurture your own heart to create peace within yourself.

When you have emotional baggage getting in the way of you moving forward or feeling content in your present relationships, wear or carry ocean jasper with you to help clear the way for things to start flowing. Its heart energy opens you to surrender, to receive, to accept what is, and not keep your heart closed down in self-protection. As a stone of harmonic alignment, it helps ground this higher heart energy down into the earth in the form of taking practical actions and staying dedicated to what brings you joy and peace in your heart.

This peaceful, soothing essence radiates into your relationships with others, especially if you have a big ocean jasper as a focal point in the center of a room or in a space where people gather. It will spread its calm, cool, collected vibes to the whole environment it’s in, keeping conversations grounded and respectful, opening up more lines of connection and mutual understanding between people, and absorbing any dense or imbalanced emotional energy.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Work with ocean jasper to help you access and dissolve your emotional blocks and baggage, and refocus your conscious awareness toward the peace that exists in the present moment, rather than focusing on problems from the past or anticipating those that might come in the future. This stone places you in perfect balance between the earth and cosmos, between the past and future, so you can integrate the lessons you need to and flow with the energy that’s present and here for you right now.

Any anger, blame, resentment, and frustration you hold within you, consciously or unconsciously, can create more heat or fire in the body which can create inflammation in the body, high blood pressure, or overly defensive or aggressive reactions. Ocean jasper can cool these emotions down and release the tension created from them, helping you release your attachment so you can find a true sense of peace and balance within yourself.

Hold it or place it on your body while your meditate or rest, to help you access and release old emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. You can also hold or wear it while you journal or answer shadow work questions to help you access deeper emotions and unearth what might be keeping you stuck. Carry it with you to stay above the fray of any heated emotions and flow with more ease throughout your day.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Ocean jasper is a supreme healing stone for the physical body, as it’s so connected with the earth and the material realm. It can bring overall physical wellness and balance and is especially useful in helping to circulate the fluids of the body, which is essential for the health of many internal organs and systems.

When you have indigestion, bloating, nausea, or need help with your digestion, gently massage ocean jasper on your belly, on the midline between your belly button and the notch between your ribs, and it will help settle your stomach and move and process through any food stagnation, as well as any emotional stagnation held here.

You can hold or wear it throughout the day to aid with heat symptoms, especially those that are hormonally related such as hot flashes during menopause. It’s also balancing for the adrenals, calming stress and reactivity throughout the day, and supporting your overall sense of stability, vitality, and well-being.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Ocean jasper has a calming effect on the hypothalamus gland which is responsible for our sleep cycles. Just as the ocean has a steady rhythm and cyclical nature, ocean jasper helps you return to your own natural rhythms and realign with your cyclical nature, which in turn has a beneficial effect on your circadian rhythm and your ability to fall and stay asleep.

Place ocean jasper under your pillow or near your bedside to bring the soothing calm of its grounded ocean frequencies to your aid. It will help dispel excess energy and calm and quiet your mind so you can fall asleep more easily.

You’ll absorb its nurturing, supportive essence and release toxic and stagnant thoughts and emotional patterns held in your subconscious while you sleep.

Self Care
Self Care

One of the best stones for self-nurturing and helping restore your mental, physical, and emotional balance, ocean jasper is a beautiful stone to use in your self-care routine. Wearing it as a bracelet is an effective way to have its energy in connection with your pulse, with your meridians, keeping the currents of its energy flowing within you. You can also carry it with you in a pocket throughout the day.

Use it to help you move out of stuckness and imbalance. Whenever you feel like you’re coming up against a wall, internal block, or something that’s stopping you from moving forward or feeling better, ocean jasper will help these stuck, stagnant, heavy energies start moving again.

It can also help you find a better flow in the daily rhythms of your life, and flow with whatever changes you’re moving through with a more grounded sense of inner security and the ability to access inner peace inside yourself, no matter how tumultuous the waves of life may get.


This soothing, calming stone is an amazing one to meditate with, as it grounds you into your body and the present moment while also lifting your awareness into a higher connection with the divine, with nature, and all the magical gifts contained within it.

Hold ocean jasper as you sit in meditation, or lay down and place it on your groin over your root chakra for more grounding, over your heart for more whole body balance and physical and emotional restoration, or above your head to help clarify your vision and open to divine wisdom.

🌊Our guided ocean jasper meditation takes you on a deeply relaxing & nourishing journey to release emotional baggage & tap into the wisdom & peace that lies at the center of your being. 🤍

Crystal Ocean Jasper Price Box Background

Ocean Jasper Guided Meditation

Our guided ocean jasper meditation takes you on a deeply relaxing & nourishing journey to release emotional baggage & tap into the wisdom & peace that lies at the center of your being.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Background

Ocean Jasper Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Ocean jasper aligns with the higher Capricornian energies of the Sea-Goat, a mythical creature who lives in the balance between the material and spiritual realms. Use it to help you harness this blend of practicality and intuitive awareness to reach your goals with compassion, with a beautiful balance between inspired action and creative flow, knowing when to climb, and when to swim as you let the currents of the Universe carry you.


As a beautiful stone to cultivate emotional balance, ocean jasper resonates with the creativity, intuitive awareness, and emotional flow of Cancerian energy. Use it to help you get in touch with and release any dense, heavy emotions that have been weighing you down, and to help you find balance between the ebb and flow of your own emotional tides. It will help you feel safe, secure, and peaceful within your own skin.


With its quiet subtlety and direct connection with the ocean tides, ocean jasper’s energy resonates greatly with the Moon, helping bring your internal rhythms back into alignment with the rhythms of nature. The Moon moves through cycles, constantly flowing and changing, drawing you inward into your intuitive center to seek answers within yourself rather than from the external world, and ocean jasper helps you align with this beautiful instinctual flow of the Universe while offering nurturing, protective support to guide you.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

Heavy Traffic on a Narrow Isthmus 

Phase 334, Pisces 4*

An isthmus is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas, like a land bridge. Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus would create interaction between many different people and also restrict the flow of energy and resources, potentially creating stuckness and frustration.

This symbol is about the need to apply discipline, controlled focus, and patience in order to deal with the frustrating realities of life, while also seeing that restrictions on one level, ie: not being able to get your car through the traffic quickly, create opportunities for expansion and connection on another level, ie: opportunities to connect and communicate with others, and with yourself, while you’re waiting for the traffic to clear.

This is in vein with Ocean Jasper’s lessons as it reminds us that when we feel stuck, restricted or like we keep running into blocks in one area of our life, we can instead shift our focus to where there are no restrictions and no resistance, where the energy is naturally flowing, and that’s how we can cultivate patience, presence, and balance.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Item
Tarot Cards


This major arcana card resonates with the energies of ocean jasper as it’s all about coming back into balance within yourself.

Where you’re too stuck in the material, it brings encouragement to rise into the answers within the divine. When you’ve been flying too high in delusion it brings you back down to earth. When you’re overwhelmed or overworked, it invites you to rest, restoring your mind and body. Where there are dense, heavy emotions tipping the scales, it relinquishes the weight of the burdens and brings equal amounts of space and lightness in.

When you need to restore balance in your life, or if you draw the temperance card in a reading, using ocean jasper can help you integrate its lessons and come to a place of restful balance within yourself.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The spirit animal for ocean jasper is the mythical Sea-Goat, a creature with the body of a goat and the silvery tail of a fish. This is the highest iteration of Capricorn, representing an integration of the physical and spiritual worlds, of practical action and intuitive flow. The Sea-Goat knows marries that upward-climbing goat energy with the intuitive wisdom and instinctual forces of the fish.

You can use ocean jasper to cultivate this beautiful, powerful energy of the Sea-Goat to help you both climb to the greatest heights of achievement while also swimming down into the depths of emotional and intuitive intelligence. It will remind you that you don’t always have to push, climb, and strive and that often, the answers come when we lean back, surrender, and go with the flow.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Ocean Jasper + Moonstone

Pair with moonstone for a powerful yin duo to move you into the flow of life, allow your emotions to express, process and release, and help you access the wisdom and guidance that lies in your intuition.

Ocean Jasper + Selenite

Pair with selenite for a head-to-toe cleansing of dense or dark energy, to fill your entire aura with light and bring you into a beautiful, quiet state of grounded peace and calm in the present moment.

Ocean Jasper + Lepidolite

Pair with lepidolite to stay grounded while you also raise into a higher awareness, to release mental stress and anxiety, and bring grounded perception to the mental realms.

Crystal Ocean Jasper Connection Item
Crystal Ocean Jasper Care Background
Crystal Ocean Jasper Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Ocean Jasper

The quick and easy way to cleanse ocean jasper is under running water once a month or so, or after you’ve been using it consistently.

To give it a more thorough cleanse and recharge it at the same time, leave it outside on the earth under the moonlight or early morning sun, and the earth’s energies will discharge any excess or dense frequencies the jasper has absorbed, and restore its natural harmonic vibrations.

You can also recharge its earthy energies by placing it on a bed of hematite overnight.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Ocean Jasper or crystals in general!


Tell us what you think


  • Very revealing messages for me. It is a clear message of my journey. Born January 20, this stone is an asset for me at this point. I will definitely purchase.

  • I want to thank you all for this info, I have recently bought one and now I understand why. Also I am grateful that you have told me how to look after it better. Its so very special, love to you all ❤️

    • Love right back to you Michelle, thanks for reading. 🤍 I love when you buy a crystal on a whim only to realize why later on 🙂 It’s pretty magical!

  • Loved this ! This spoke to me on so many levels and as an earth sign along with water element placements in chart add learning growing evolving from past implementing more soul work this stone could be my go-to for …meditation physical body ailments and daily life..the list goes on.. without revealing too much it would be like my first aid kit! Thank you so much love and gratitude to you moon omens. 💖

    • Oh that’s awesome, you were meant to find this then, Melissa! Thanks for sharing and hope you find a gorgeous, nurturing piece of ocean jasper for yourself 🙂

  • Crystal Ocean Jasper Recommend Background
    Crystal Ocean Jasper Recommend Background

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