Crystal Selenite
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The Crystal of Pure Illumination

Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Water element Water
Air element Air
Moon planet Moon
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Selenite Guided Meditation

Our guided selenite meditation takes you through a full-body energetic cleansing & opens you to receive wisdom from your highest divine guidance.

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Crystal Selenite Message Background
Crystal Selenite Frame

The message

Selenite’s Message To You:

A quiet moment
in the silence within
to feel peace settle in
to raise your vibration

A mind uplifted
into the clear divine
so insight may shine
and all things align

The subtle softness
of angelic beings
heightened perceiving
and inspired believing

Intricate fibers woven
through your auric field
the truth is revealed
so you may be healed

Gathering rays of light
sending them in every direction
strengthening spirit connection
surrounding you with protection



Selenite helps you to…

  • Purify your energy
  • Connect with the divine
  • Find peace within yourself
Crystal Selenite Story Background
Crystal Selenite Story

The Story of Selenite

Born from the light of the moon, named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, selenite captures the magic and illumination of the moon’s cool, cosmic light that can shine through any darkness. Calming, soothing, and nurturing, selenite clears away the static and noise to connect you with the subtle whispers of your intuition and the wisdom that lies at the center of your being.

Cleansing and refreshing, you can wash your aura with selenite to remove dense or harmful energies or those you’ve picked up throughout the day that don’t belong to you. It’s a beautiful stone to use in your daily self-care routine to cleanse your energetic body just as you would your physical body.

Like pure white light captured in stone form, selenite amplifies the light within you and around you. Reflective, like the moon, it bounces light around the room like it bounces light around your consciousness, clearing the way for heightened perceptions and perspectives to come through. It settles the nerves when you feel anxious, stressed, worried, hopeless, or even under the weather, shining light into your mind, emotions, and body to shift your state of being.

Selenite’s fragility and softness are a mirror for its ability to work with the vulnerable, soft spots within you, the places that need comfort and protection. The times when you feel the most fragile and weak are perfect times to reach for selenite to allow its light to lift you above the fray, into hope, faith, and trust in the Divine.

This white stone of purity holds a beautiful peace and quiet within its vibration that feels like it settles into your bones, like you can breathe it in, like it’s circulating within your cells. It reminds us of the answers that come when we slow down, get still, and connect with all the light that exists within ourselves and the world around us.

Crystal Selenite Property Background

Selenite Healing Properties

Element Wind


Air governs the mental realm, including our thoughts, intuitive awareness, and psychic perception. When these things get clouded, foggy, or filled with static and noise from the external world, selenite’s energy comes in to clear the air, calm our minds, and sweep away the dense, stuck, heavy patterns, and perceptions.

The color white is associated with the lungs in traditional Chinese Medicine, connecting selenite to air again, to our very breath. Placing a stone on your chest with your palm over it opens the flow of energy in the chest and helps calm anxiety, especially when caused by a racing mind.

When the air element is balanced within you, your mind feels clear and bright, flexible and agile, and connected to the expanse of wisdom all around you. Selenite brings in this balance along with a sense of hope, inspiration, and illumination to the mental realms.

Element Water


Selenite contains water and is very energetically cleansing and purifying. Its water energy feels like it’s in the form of snow, as it’s very cold, it dampens the noise, and calms everything down. It feels fluffy, white, soft, innocent, pure, peaceful, and quiet. It’s reflective in the light, helping you be more reflective within yourself. It brings reverence, awe, coziness, and comfort.

Water is associated with our emotional flow and selenite has the wonderful ability to help us cleanse and clear out the heated emotions within us before we start to boil- the frustration, anger, aggression, irritation, etc, can all be calmed and quelled through the cool, refreshing water energy of selenite.

It also is hydrating for the fluids in the body and helps flush out toxins, impurities, and external pathogens. It flushes out the energetic body in the same way, moving out old stagnant energy and bringing in fresh, new light.

Chakra Crown


As a high-frequency stone of light, selenite connects with and opens the crown chakra, strengthening your perception of divine energy and allowing it to flood in through your crown chakra at the top of your head, and all the way down through your entire central channel along your spine. In this way, it really works to clear, cleanse, and bring light to every chakra in the body and your entire auric field.

A very uplifting stone connected to the realm of the angels and divine spirit messengers, selenite can help you find faith in yourself and in what lies beyond, connecting you to a higher awareness of possibilities and perspectives. It lifts, soothes, and calms the mind, connecting you with a greater sense of your purpose and place here in the world, allowing peace, calm, and clarity to trickle into every cell of your being.

It can help you press pause on the emotional roller coaster, allowing everything to settle down so you can see things through a heightened, clearer perspective. It increases patience and helps you go within and consolidate your energy into the center of your being so you have a place where you can always access a state of calm.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Selenite reflects light, beaming it out like a beacon. It gathers frequencies of light into itself and radiates them out, amplifying their frequencies, like a satellite dish. It also amplifies the light in your space, in your body, and in your environment.


It generates and regulates fluids in the body, flushing out accumulated, pathogenic, or toxic materials. In the same way, it breaks up stagnant, heavy, or dense energies within the emotional and etheric bodies. It cools and clears heated emotions or heat in the body.


Protective, like a shield of light around you, selenite insulates your own vital energy and inner light from external pathogens and interference. It’s a defensive stone that radiates light into your energetic field, promotes immune strength, and protects vulnerabilities.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


The purest forms of selenite are glass-like, translucent clear to yellowish, and more fibrous forms are opaque white with a satiny sheen, like the “satin spar selenite” we’re most familiar with. It can also be found in orange, green, and even black.

It’s multilayered, soft, very fragile, and flaky. It grows in big slabs, wands, or thin sheets, and reflects the light beautifully. Its clear/white color is associated with purity, cleansing, upliftment, enlightenment, faith, and a connection with the divine, which are all qualities that selenite helps embody within you.


Selenite is a type of crystallized gypsum composed of hydrous calcium sulfate and is a very soft stone.

Hydrous means it contains water, which is cleansing and helps create energetic flow. Calcium is calming and soothing, and it builds and strengthens energy. Sulfates are sulfur combined with oxygen, and these have an insulating effect that retains energy.

Put it all together, and you get the beautiful cleansing, healing, and protective magic of selenite.

Use Selenite When...

You’re feeling…

anxious, overwhelmed, heavy, dark, frustrated, stuck, tense, stressed, burnt out, scattered, cluttered, nervous

You’re struggling with…

boundaries, clarity, absorbing other people’s emotions, anxiety, anger, emotional baggage, subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, repeating past cycles

When you want…

detoxification, cleansing, hope, faith, upliftment, patience, peace, stillness, calm, connection with the divine, heightened intuition

Crystal Selenite Use
Crystal Selenite Life Background

Using Selenite in Everyday Life


Selenite aids in your manifestations by helping release the stagnancy and blocks that lie in the way of you reaching your goals. It cleanses the toxic thinking patterns, stuck and dense emotional energy, and disruptive frequencies you’ve absorbed from the external world.

It helps you return home to yourself, to your own natural energy, your natural desires, inclinations, dreams, and aspirations, so that you can tune into the highest possibilities for your soul without interference.

Use selenite to calm the noise, clear the static, and tune into what your innate inner voice has to share, into the wisdom of the quiet whispers within you, and it will guide you into a more effortless manifestation of all that is aligned with your highest vibration.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

As a purifier for all dense, stagnant, or unclear energy, selenite brings its clarity and light into your relationships, raising the overall vibration of your body, your energetic being, and your surroundings, including all those around you.

It can keep the air clear and harmonious between people, absorbing the lower frequencies and allowing for more calm interactions, openness, receptivity, and true listening between one another.

Orange selenite can clear and charge up the sacral chakra to get your literal and figurative juices flowing more and bring uplifted, creative energy into all your relationships, from romantic to familial ones.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

A beautiful stone for shadow work, selenite acts as a light through the darkness to clear out the cobwebs and shine into the dark corners of your psyche, your emotions, and your energetic being to see the truth of what’s there.

It raises your perspective and outlook on the future, helping you release and clear through the past and your subconscious patterns and wounds while letting in the light of hope, clarity, acceptance, and peace.

It’s immediately calming when placed on the chest or forehead, or anywhere that feels good on your body, to release trauma, tension, or anything that feels like it’s accumulating within you. It can help bring you to a place of calm and comfort within yourself where you can observe the shadows through a neutral awareness and lens of openness and compassion.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Selenite is one of the best stones for purifying and cleansing toxins, pathogens, and energetic debris to bring whole-body healing. You can place it anywhere on your body to draw out pain or tension, or even massage spots on the body with it to clear heat and inflammation.

Its cleansing effects are helpful to mitigate environmental toxicity, like after going through an airport scan or having x-rays done. You can also snuggle up with it or keep it under your pillow as you sleep to help you recover and heal more quickly from illness or injury. In the same way, you can place it beside your pets while they sleep to speed healing and recovery when they need it.

Selenite’s water content helps generate and regulate fluids in the body and can also be used to quell night sweats and hot flashes. It also can be helpful for lactating mothers who need to produce more milk, and has a protective effect on pregnancy in general.

Self Care
Self Care

The cool, shimmery qualities of selenite and its smoothness and weight bring almost instant calm to your mind and body when you hold it. Try lying down with it above your head or placing it on the centerline of your body and it will grasp the divine white light from all around you and bring it into your body, mind, and spirit for full cleansing and renewal.

You can also wave it around your body, throughout your entire aura, to cleanse, purify, and seal your energetic field. It’s a great idea to keep a selenite wand by your front door so you can use it to cleanse yourself as you enter your home to leave all the energy you’ve picked up from the external world behind you and enter with a fresh slate.

It’s also the perfect stone to keep all around your home in various spots to bring cleansing, purifying light into your whole space and to everyone who enters it. Try placing some by a lamp or candle to reflect their illumination even further and bring a beautiful glow and ambiance to your space.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

This stone of the moonlight helps you go within, self-reflect, and develop an awareness of your own inner light. It fosters clear communication with higher vibrational energies like your guides, angels, and highest self to help you gain awareness, clarity, and discernment.

You can use it to develop your connection with your intuition and better hear its subtle whispers, messages, and guidance, as it will help clear out all the static, noise, and interference.

It’s a beautiful tool to remove any doubts, fears, or blocks you have around tapping into your intuition and the realm of spirit, helping you calmly and patiently learn how to rest in your inner quietude and discover the answers that are already waiting within you.


One of the best mediation stones there is, selenite helps you release the tethers, tension, and trauma of this material world and lift your consciousness into the light of divinity, peace, and oneness.

It softens and settles your body down, helps your spinning mind relax and tune in, and brings your awareness to the center of your own being. It’s the perfect stone to help you find calm, clarity, and peace just by sitting with it and allowing its light energy to envelop you.

🤍Our guided selenite meditation takes you through a full-body energetic cleansing & opens you to receive wisdom from your highest divine guidance.🪽

Crystal Selenite Price Box Background

Selenite Guided Meditation

Our guided selenite meditation takes you through a full-body energetic cleansing & opens you to receive wisdom from your highest divine guidance.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Selenite Connection Background

Selenite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Selenite cultivates the purity, cleansing, discernment, and clarity of mind associated with Virgo energy. It’s also great to quell anxiety and soften the inner critic that Virgo can carry, and it uplifts perception out of the minute details into the bigger picture to bring perspective and peace.


The spiritual connection to divine Oneness that selenite opens within you is reflective of Piscean energy. It helps lift you out of the fog, misperceptions, and mysteries that Pisces energy can hold, into the clear, bright presence of being connected with all that is. Selenite holds the highest vibrations of Piscean-style intuition and free-flowing energy.

The Moon

Named after the moon goddess Selene, selenite holds the cool, luminescent essence of this lunar beauty. The moon represents our unconscious patterns, emotional responses, and intuitive discernment, and selenite is an amazing tool to help you explore the inner mysteries within yourself, calm your emotions, and bring light to the shadows for self-reflection and deep inner healing.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A New Moon that Divides its Influences… 

Phase 356, Pisces 26*

The new moon is the time for planting seeds of new beginnings, and the “division of influences” suggests a breaking off or separation from that which it came from. This symbol is ultimately about transitioning out of old patterns, habits, and perceptions into new ways of thinking, behaving, and believing.

Selenite holds this beautiful energy to “divide us” from our impurities and densities to allow new light, new ideas, and new opportunities to arise in their place. This symbol aligns with selenite in that it brings freshness, hope, and potential, and under the influence of 26 degrees Pisces, it incorporates a connection with our intuition to help us know what needs to be let go of in order for our lives to flow better.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Hermit

This Major Arcana card represents retreating within to seek your own counsel, with the light of your soul as your guide, to return to the inner sanctity and quiet calm that can only be found within the center of your being.

These are the same beautiful qualities that selenite offers, as it helps you retreat into your own energy, ask yourself the questions, and seek to find clarity through stillness, introspection, and reflection.

The hermit speaks of a need to remove yourself from the distractions of the external world and commit to the light of your own truth, and selenite can be a beautiful crystal guide to help you do that.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Spirit Animal

White Dove

White doves are a symbol of purity, hope, peace, gentleness, grace, devotion, holiness, and divinity, all the same qualities selenite holds.

Doves always find their way back home, while selenite has the ability to bring you back home to yourself. The dove has a heightened awareness, keen intuition, and presence of mind that selenite can help you embody.

These birds represent keeping faith in a higher power, in your higher self, and in your connection with the divine which is the exact energy selenite instills within you.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Selenite Varieties

Selenite comes in many varieties, all with the same healing qualities as described above:

Satin Spar Selenite

This is the most common variety of selenite you see sold, it’s very prevalent. It’s fibrous and opaque white with a beautiful light-catching sheen. Most commonly found in rods, slabs, or tubular forms.

Fishtail Selenite

This gorgeous crystal clear selenite comes in a layered “V” formation and connects with the highest, clearest light energy to heighten your consciousness. Also sometimes called “Angel Wing selenite.”

Desert Rose Selenite

A unique and beautiful form of selenite that’s shaped by the wind, water, and sand into blades that form little rosette patterns, which gives it its name. It’s very soothing in sandy white and more grounding than clear selenite.

Orange Selenite

This gets its beautiful peachy-orange color from inclusions of hematite, making it more grounding. A great stone for the sacral chakra and regulating the body’s fluids.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Selenite + Herkimer Diamond

Pair with Herkimer diamond (a variety of clear quartz) to strengthen and solidify the effects of selenite and amplify its light even more.

Selenite + Black Tourmaline

Pair with black tourmaline for a mega cleansing and protective duo to release the densest, heaviest energies and ground them into the earth while selenite brings in the light.

Selenite + Chrysocolla

Pair with chrysocolla to cleanse and open your throat and heart space and enhance clear communication through love.

Crystal Selenite Connection Item
Crystal Selenite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Selenite

As one of the most cleansing stones available, you can actually use your selenite to cleanse other crystals. You can find selenite “charging plates” sold for this exact purpose, but you can also use whatever selenite slab, wand, or hunk you have for cleansing other crystals in your collection- just leave them to rest on the selenite overnight.

This is a simple, safe method for cleansing most crystals, and can be a great way to welcome them when you first bring new crystals home.

Despite popular belief and information available, selenite does also need to be cleansed itself from time to time, especially if you’ve been using it for a lot of heavy energetic work. You can cleanse it by letting it rest in a safe, dry spot under the moonlight, or leave it to rest on a bed of hematite overnight.

Selenite is very fragile and easily breakable. It can shatter, splinter, and flake off pretty easily. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after handling it. You also don’t want to leave it in direct sunlight, submerged in water, or outside in the rain or dew, as it will start to lose its sheen and can deteriorate under the elements.

Be as gentle with your selenite as it is with you 🙂

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