Crystal Chrysocolla
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crystal icon Chrysocolla



The Crystal of Divine Expression

Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Water element Water
Venus planet Venus
Root Heart Throat
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Chrysocolla Guided Meditation

Our guided chrysocolla meditation takes you on a calming & cleansing journey to release emotional blocks, free your expression & open your heart.

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The message

Chrysocolla’s Message To You:

When you speak with love
when you speak in truth
all the channels open up to you
the dams all break
the walls fall down
as you surrender to the sound
of your own beating heart
which knows the way
and has all the right words to say
where divine wisdom echoes
through tunnels and caverns
and truth becomes easy to discern
that’s where I’ll meet you
in supportive embrace
holding you with compassion & grace
calming your mind
cooling your fires
so you can flow toward what you desire
so you find your power
to create the life of your choice
by using the frequency of your voice



Chrysocolla helps you to…

  • Express from the heart
  • Find emotional balance
  • Tap into the divine feminine
Crystal Chrysocolla Story Background
Crystal Chrysocolla Story

The Story of Chrysocolla

Born through transformation, created by the weathering of one mineral into another, this Goddess stone dressed in the colors of the earth brings forth your divine feminine essence and the expression of your authentic truth. A watery stone that allows your emotions to flow freely, chrysocolla’s nurturing, supportive essence guides you in being better heard and understood, as well as truly listening to others, bringing more patience, understanding, and ease into all your communication.

This extends to the way we speak to ourselves, as chrysocolla can calm your critical voice and negative self-talk, helping you speak to yourself with kindness and compassion, the way you deserve to be spoken to. It allows you to be easier on yourself, not so judgmental, or berated by guilt or expectation, helping you choose your words with love like you would for a best friend to show acceptance and support, and help them feel heard. Chrysocolla holds the energy of a friend like that who will listen to you, nurture you, and help you hear the truth that lies within your own heart.

Its high water content makes it a powerful conductor of energy, or qi, flushing out what’s stuck, stagnant, heavy, or repressed within your emotions, thoughts, and physical body. The water within it can be imprinted with intention to conduct energetic information, making it a beautiful healer and tuner for your emotional state, to bring everything back into resonance and harmony.

It’s especially good for clearing energy trapped in the chest and throat, the unsaid words and self-blame, the broken hearts and shame, the guilt, anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed, or like you’re about to blow, chrysocolla smooths, cools, and clears those stuck emotions, thoughts and their physical expressions, out of your body, out of your energy field, and then nourishes you with compassion, balance and the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Its feminine essence is good for all people at different times in life, but it can be especially nurturing for females who are feeling exhausted, overtaxed and out of balance, speaking and thinking aggressively, full of fire or feeling nothing at all, to bring in the essential wisdom of water, of being in the flow, of allowance, acceptance, and letting go, to help you recover your center of balance and regain connection with the brilliance of your feminine intuition, compassion and ability to receive.

It’s truly a beautiful stone for any human who wants to open up to more patience and compassionate expression and learn how to better nurture themselves and others.

Crystal Chrysocolla Property Background

Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Element Water


This aqua blue stone is a hydrous silicate which means it contains molecular water in it. This water content is responsible for much of its healing qualities, physical and metaphysical, as water holds, stores, conducts, clears, and transforms energy. It’s nourishing, cleansing, and regenerative, imbuing chrysocolla with all those energies.

Always moving and ever-flowing, water is constantly changing and creating change. Chrysocolla’s water content helps guide you to flow through the pressures, stresses, and changes in your life, to navigate around the boulders of struggle and strife with the gentle ease, and immense internal power, of water.

Water represents our emotions, the flow of our expression, the well of compassion we hold within our hearts. When water becomes stagnant, it rots and corrodes. When water is flowing, it generates and moves energy. When your emotions and thoughts become corrosive or stagnant, chrysocolla can flush out the heaviness and density with the cool, clear waters of compassion, acceptance, and honest expression.

Chakra Root


Calming and grounding, chrysocolla opens and clears the root chakra, connecting it to the earth and opening a portal for dense energy to release so energy can flow throughout your system. Inherently connected to the feminine, yin energies of the earth, it helps heightened, activated, overwhelming energies in the body to descend, release, and consolidate.

Think anxiousness, a hyperactive mind, excitability, irritation, anger, etc- these are all heightened states that chrysocolla can help bring down to earth, lowering the temperature valve on your internal stress meter.

It brings nurturing, assurance, and support from Mother Earth herself, plugging you into the strength, flexibility, and grace of this abundant goddess we reside upon. It helps you access your inner resources to help you create the security and loving support you’ve been looking for within yourself.

Chakra Heart


A beautiful heart healer, chrysocolla clears and restores energy in the heart chakra, which includes the physical heart and lungs. It’s beneficial for the respiratory system, deepening and regulating the breath and helping to connect our breath to the higher planes for direct interaction with divine consciousness.

It cleanses heaviness, density, and stagnant energy from the heart chakra, the sadness, grief, rage, resentment, brokenness, guilt, and pain that you may be holding onto. It works quickly to open the gates of the heart and bring in fresh new energy filled with compassion, integrity, acceptance, and an ease of being that can flow around any obstacles like water.

Chrysocolla’s stunning teal color connotes that its heart and throat energies are linked and merged together, and this connection is what makes it such a powerful tool to help you express yourself with gentleness and love from a full heart.

Chakra Throat


One of the best stones for the throat chakra, chrysocolla clears and opens its energy allowing for the free flow of compassionate communication. It brings gentleness, nurturing, and the divine feminine essence into the expression of your thoughts and feelings, and helps you better listen to what others are really saying. It amplifies your sensitivity to hear what’s unspoken, to read between the lines, and better receive others from a depth of emotional awareness.

This makes it a beautiful stone for anyone who wants to be uplifting and empowering with the words they choose, who wants to communicate with love and help others feel heard and nurtured. It’s perfect for teachers, writers, speakers, therapists, coaches- anyone who wants to be mindful of their words and communicate with openness, acceptance, and ease. It will help you communicate in a way that is well received by others, so you can feel heard and understood.

Traditionally used by musicians to empower their singing voice, chrysocolla governs sound healing, whether through words, frequencies, music, or vibrations. Hold or wear it during any sound healing treatments, while you play or listen to music, or while you use your own voice to amplify the healing resonance of the sounds. Use it while you chant, sing, or speak mantras, affirmations, or intentions to allow your honest, emotional expression to flow.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Chrysocolla is very cooling, emotionally and physically, which can help lower high blood pressure and fevers, soothe burns, and calm anger, frustration, and other heated emotions. Wherever there is heat being experienced via pain, swelling, inflammation, redness, hot flashes, etc., chrysocolla’s cooling qualities can help bring balance.


Incredibly nurturing, think of chrysocolla’s water content as nourishment for your inner waters. It nourishes the blood and fluids of the body, nourishes an aching or broken heart, and nourishes your energy when you feel depleted or exhausted to bring you back to a harmonious center within.


Chrysocolla’s high copper content, paired with water, is incredibly conductive. It moves energy from one point to another, flushing out what’s stuck or stagnant. It conducts qi, your internal life force energy, to move and flow within you, which is conducive to overall health and well-being.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


A stunning sight of natural beauty, chrysocolla is found in ranges of bright blue, cyan, and blue-green to green, sometimes with brown or black matrix mixed in. It’s the colors of the sea and the land and reflects the calming, cooling, open, and expressive energies of the color blue.

It’s mostly opaque and found in rounded globular forms and botryoidal masses (that look like a little clump of grapes), in stalactites, crusts, and veins, and is sometimes coated in a shimmering layer of glassy quartz druzy.



Chrysocolla is a hydrous copper silicate. It’s a secondary mineral to copper which means it doesn’t exist unto itself- it’s created as a result of the weathering and oxidization of copper ore.

It lacks a definitive chemical composition and has a hard-to-define crystalline structure that is mostly considered amorphous, but recent studies think it to be orthorhombic. This crystal structure relates to the yin quality of fire in Daoist stone medicine which means it moves fire energy downward, cooling, clearing, and consolidating heat in the body and energy field, and can be used for detoxification.

Use Chrysocolla When...

You’re feeling…

depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, resentful, fiery, stifled, stuck, sad, guilt-ridden, mentally cluttered, anxious, stressed out, hyperactive, nervous, moody

You’re struggling with…

emotional imbalance, expressing yourself, communicating with love, insomnia, feeling heard or understood, impatience, irritability, inflammation, aches and pain, throat or respiratory issues

When you want…

compassion, receptivity, openness, freer expression, nourishment, rejuvenation, emotional balance, stronger divine connection, to speak or sing with confidence, calming, cooling, to empower your words and voice

Crystal Chrysocolla Use
Crystal Chrysocolla Life Background

Using Chrysocolla in Everyday Life


Chrysocolla is a feminine stone that manifests things through flow and divine timing. It’s not a make a list, cross things off, go, go, go get it type of stone- it’s a sit back and allow yourself to receive all the divine beauty that’s meant for you kind of energy.

Its power lies in your voice, giving your unique expression, your personal vibration, the power to call in what you want for your life by expressing the truth of who you are from an authentic and heart-centered perspective. It brings inner security, inner support, and inner guidance to help you express and create what you want to see reflected in the outer world.

Use it to state your intentions out loud for what you want to manifest, what you’re calling in, what you’re ready to receive in your life! And then work with it to clear out the emotional blocks that are currently in the way, and it will help you be open and ready to receive what’s coming in and to hear all the support and guidance your divine messengers are giving you along the way.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

A beautiful relationship aid, chrysocolla facilitates patience and loving communication between people, helping you express your feelings and thoughts honestly from a heartfelt and open place. Wherever there are walls or blocks in your communication with others, chrysocolla can help flush them through and bring in an openness and acceptance between both parties.

One of the most important ways chrysocolla does this is not only by its effect on your words, helping you choose loving words from the heart, it also helps you develop sensitivity to what’s being said, allowing you to truly hear another and listen openly, without judgment, and without formulating a response or counterargument in your mind. Chrysocolla will bring calm, patience, and openness that allows for more honest and loving emotional communication between people.

Its divine feminine essence really shines in relationships, cooling tempers, frustration, anger, and conflict, bringing in a more flowing expression of love through kind communication, nurturing supportiveness, and open-hearted listening.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Chrysocolla is an excellent physical healing companion that strengthens the lungs, facilitating greater breath capacity and overall respiratory function, and helps regulate and strengthen the thyroid, and is useful for treating infections especially those related to the throat or tonsils.

Incredibly nourishing, it’s also detoxifying for the liver, kidneys and intestines and helps reoxygenate the blood and rebuild cells. It’s ability to nourish the fluids of the body makes it an excellent aid for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, stimulating milk flow while nursing, and soothing PMS symptoms and heavy menstrual bleeding or clots.

It’s also soothing for general muscle cramps, arthritis, tendonitis, and bone issues, and is regulating for many symptoms associated with diabetes. Its cooling effect can be used to lower blood pressure and fevers, soothe burns, and calm hot flashes and inflammation, especially in the eyes or mouth.

You can place a stone on the corresponding area of your body where you’d like treatment, use an elixir made by the indirect method for internal healing, or wear/carry one with you while symptoms are present or healing is needed.

Self Care
Self Care

Chrysocolla and sound healing work hand in hand, as its highly conductive qualities act like a frequency device to carry the vibration of the sound’s energy through to your very cells, throughout the waters of your being.

Try laying down with chrysocolla on your throat or heart space while you let the sound of solfeggio frequencies, sound bowls, chanting, mantras, or any music that feels healing to you wash over you. The stones will help channel the current of energy created by the sound into your body, into your being, washing out any static, stagnant energy and bringing in the harmonic flow created by the sound vibrations.

You can also hold or wear it while singing or chanting, using the power of your voice to clear and create whatever energy you desire! It’s a beautiful stone to wear over the throat or heart for everyday use for anxiety and stress relief, to help you stay cool, calm, and collected and flow through the day with more ease while bringing more kindness, consideration, and openness to your communication with everyone around you.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

A beautiful stone to keep under your pillow or by your bedside, chrysocolla’s calming effects help induce sleep, perfect for when you have a busy brain or insomnia. Its cooling effects can also help with night sweats and generally reduce inflammation and pain.

It also helps your sleep be more restful, restorative, and regenerative for your physical healing, as that’s when much of the natural detoxing, processing and rebalancing of our organs, emotions, and thoughts happen, but only when we receive truly deep, nourishing sleep. Chrysocolla aids in all these essential processes to help you wake up feeling more balanced and restored.

It’s also a great stone to pick if you want to increase your intuitive and prophetic dreaming and receive spiritual communication from your guides and divine connections through your dreams. It creates a more easily accessible subconscious so that you can better decipher and discern the answers that are already waiting within you.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

This beautiful stone of communication includes the ability to enhance your communication with your own intuition, with spirit, and with your psychic senses. It turns up the dial on your extrasensory hearing, or clairaudience, allowing you to better receive the incoming messages and guidance from the divine and hear them clearly.

It can help you channel divine wisdom through your words, whether spoken, written, or just felt and thought. Use it during automatic writing or journaling to ask yourself questions and allow the words to flow forth without judgment or stopping, to see what your internal awareness has to say.

You can ask your chrysocolla stone to help you connect to the wisdom of your guides, angels, highest self, the earth, whatever energy you want to receive guidance from, and it will channel it through you in whatever ways you can hear and receive it best, allowing your intuition to flow. Use it if you ever feel blocked or doubtful of your intuition to break down those walls and bring through the truest information authentic to your soul.


An excellent meditation stone, chrysocolla calms the mind and helps regulate the breath fostering an easier, deeper meditative experience. It can help you sink into a yin state of intuitive reception where you’ll hear guidance from your unseen helpers in spirit. It’s a very powerful stone to wear while chanting mantras or doing breathwork if that’s a part of your meditation practice.

Although it’s primarily a throat and heart stone as we’ve discussed, you can also place chrysocolla on your third eye during meditation to bring a heightened state of consciousness and help focus and center your mind to intuit divine messages.

🌊Our guided chrysocolla meditation takes you on a calming & cleansing journey to release emotional blocks, free your expression & open your heart. 🩵 

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Chrysocolla Guided Meditation

Our guided chrysocolla meditation takes you on a calming & cleansing journey to release emotional blocks, free your expression & open your heart.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Background

Chrysocolla Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Chrysocolla embodies the Gemini love for words, empowering your written and spoken communication with truth and love. It calms an anxious or busy mind and helps ground and concentrate scattered or overexcited energy. Use it when you’re writing or speaking to help your words carry the vibration of openness and compassion.


When you spend a lot of time and attention taking care of everyone else, as Virgo energy does, chrysocolla reminds you to serve your own needs as much as you do those of others. It helps calm that Virgoan critical voice and allows you to focus on what’s good, what’s working, and what’s moving forward in your life, helping you create more balance each day.


This heart-centered stone of the divine feminine belongs to the goddess of love, helping you tap into your inner tenderness, align with your true self-worth, and radiate a gentle love from your heart. Chrysocolla softens the edges of life, bringing more ease, pleasure, and joy, helping you move through the world with the compassion and grace of Venus.

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Water Sprite

Phase 296, Capricorn 26*

A water sprite is like a water fairy, an elemental being with effervescent energy, lightness, and freedom. It’s an expression of spirit, like mist from a waterfall, a vibrational sense of joy and awe in the form of water!

Water energy moves through an endless cycle of change and regeneration, from ocean to cloud to rain to river, over and over again. This transformative ability is inherent in chrysocolla as it guides you through life’s cycles and changes, in all their many forms, while helping you maintain a sense of lightness to express your effervescent spirit!

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Queen of Cups

Cups represent our emotions in tarot, and the queen of cups is the epitome of compassion, nurturing balanced emotions, and intuitive flow. She spreads love unconditionally through an overflowing cup, feeling completely nourished, secure, and fulfilled from the inside out. She nourishes herself first, allowing her to give generously with no sense of martyrdom or depletion, understanding the importance of self-love and focusing on your own emotional health to be able to truly nurture others.

She’s connected to her emotions always, but never overwhelmed by them, allowing for their constant flow. She trusts her heart and inner guidance, recognizing her connection and support from the divine. She’s able to connect with others on an emotional level and leans into her intuition rather than logic to navigate through life. This is exactly the energy that chrysocolla nurtures within you.

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Spirit Animal


With a voice that calls the rain, frogs represent transformation through water and sound. The frog’s voice is the strongest and water is an incredible conductor of sound which spreads the frequency of their vibration far and away. This is an absolutely perfect match for chrysocolla’s watery, sound healing energy.

With links to both water and land, frogs are considered to be magical beings that bring both elements together and are symbols of metamorphosis and creative power. Frog energy is highly sensitive to the emotional state of others and instinctively knows how to act and what to say to offer honest sympathy and compassion. These are exactly the qualities that working with chrysocolla helps you embody.

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Chrysocolla Varieties

Chrysocolla grows amongst other copper-bearing minerals as they’re all in various states of transformation and becoming, and is often found and sold as a mixed stone. Here are some common varieties of chrysocolla mixes:

Chrysocolla Malachite

This is a powerhouse yin/yang duo of transformation! Chrysocolla softens the extremity of malachite’s energy, and malachite further empowers the emotional shifts and reprogramming of subconscious wounding to create deep changes in your life.

Azurite Chrysocolla

This blend heightens the spiritual reception and connection of chrysocolla and focuses more on clearing blocks in the third eye and mental space, widening perception and infusing the mind with more love from a heightened awareness.

Eliat Stone

This is a blend of chrysocolla, malachite, and turquoise found only in copper mines in Eliat, Israel. It is strengthening and protective, for emotional boundaries and resolving old wounds and trauma. Helps you express your thoughts clearly.

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Chrysocolla + Clear Quartz

Pair with clear quartz to activate and potentiate chrysocolla’s energy, making it stronger, to direct it into specific areas of the body, for use in grids, or as an elixir pairing.

Chrysocolla + Moon Stone

Pair with moonstone for a double dose of beautiful yin support to help you relax, go within, nurture yourself, clear and express your emotions, and rebalance your feminine.

Chrysocolla + Aquamarine

Pair with aquamarine to be more receptive to learning new information, broadening your mind to expansive insights, and to bring more clarity and conviction to your inner knowing.

Crystal Chrysocolla Connection Item
Crystal Chrysocolla Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Chrysocolla

As a beautiful stone so connected to the earth, you can place chrysocolla directly onto the natural ground overnight to allow it to dispel any excess and dense energy it has collected, and be recharged by the vibrations of Mother Earth. You can also let it sit beside some natural moving water if you have access to it, like a river or stream, for it to soak up the vibrations of the flowing water and restore its energy.

You can also place your chrysocolla in a copper dish or on a slab of copper to recharge it, or on a bed of hematite to cleanse and recharge it.

Chrysocolla is relatively soft and also is a hydrous crystal with high water content, so keep it away from direct sunlight or intense heat, or else it may dry out and crack. Also try to keep it in a spot where it can naturally take in moisture that’s present in the environment, rather than hidden away in a box or something. While ambient moisture is good and a quick rinse in water may be ok, you don’t want to leave it immersed in water or left outside in the rain as that can also cause it to wear.

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