Crystal Jade
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The Crystal of Cultivated Wisdom

Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Earth element Earth
Venus planet Venus
Heart Solar Plexus
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Jade Guided Meditation

Our guided Jade meditation takes you on an inner adventure to connect with your heart’s wisdom, expand your consciousness & take a quantum leap into your most rich & fulfilling life.

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The message

Jade’s Message To You:

I am the wisdom keeper
The Buddha meditating under the tree
An elevation of consciousness
Expanding you into the wholeness of your being

I am endless patience
A ladder to lift you up
A foundation to rest upon
Building what no one else can tear down

I am dedicated intention
A reflection of the divine
An alchemical process of refinement
Uncovering the core essence of who you are

I am your authentic reflection
A teacher of essential truth
The promise of an awakening
Cultivating the highest virtues within you


Jade helps you to…

  • Step into your potential
  • Build strong foundations
  • Grow & evolve spiritually
Crystal Jade Story Background
Crystal Jade Story

The Story of Jade

Born through an immense process of spiritual evolution and alchemy, jade holds the highest wisdom of the entire stone kingdom and is one of the most respected and valued crystals in the world. It’s been embedded into human history through almost every ancient civilization and is a healing tool still used today in many cultural practices.

Jade’s energy is that of a benevolent king who is virtuous, full of integrity, compassion, and a great respect for the Earth and his kingdom. This is a powerful stone that fundamentally explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, including our connection to our inner nature and our authentic alignment with it.

In Daoist thought, agate evolves into jasper, which evolves into chalcedony, which evolves into the emperor of crystals, jade. This lineage of solidified wisdom that jade comes from, an evolution that builds upon its foundation to create more order and potency through each transformation, is the exact essence of the energy that this crystal imbues into your life.

Jade is the wise elder, the seasoned survivor, who holds great experiential wisdom through the alchemical processes it has experienced over millions of years. And once the student is ready, once you can truly honor and respect the deep knowledge it has to share, jade becomes the teacher of deep spiritual evolution and how to cultivate your highest virtues.

Known as “the precious stone” in Chinese culture where it’s still revered and used in daily life, jade holds the most precious gift of all inside it- knowledge. This is the true knowledge that has been cultivated over lineages, the knowledge of our ancestors, the knowledge of the Earth, the knowledge that lives deep within the essence of humanity.

Jade bestows the gifts of this knowledge within your heart and soul, within your very breath, to help you consciously transform into your highest evolution. It helps you realize and respect the shoulders you’re standing upon in order to know what you know now, and have what you have now.

We have all been built by what came before us, a rung upon a great ladder of progression. Jade reminds us that it is our duty to rest upon that foundation in order to build ourselves up, cultivate a life in alignment with the truth of who we are, and one day become the shoulders our ancestors will stand upon to progress the evolution of consciousness further.

If you’re ready to learn the immense and potent teachings of jade, keep reading to see how to work with the wisdom of this crystal in everyday life.

Crystal Jade Property Background

Jade Healing Properties

Element Earth


Jade is associated with the earth element, as it’s a stone of structure, support, and nurturing. Earth is stable, steady, and consistent. It holds the cycles of time and the slow progression of evolution that moves humanity forward. Abundant with resources, and bursting with life, the Earth offers us a wealth of opportunities to thrive, and jade can help show you how.

The entire natural world is captured in the essence of jade and its slow evolution of constant growth and refinement. It’s a beautiful crystal to help you reconnect with nature, realign with its rhythms and cycles, and bring your body, mind, and soul back into internal alignment. It can also help you connect deeply to the innate nature of your own soul, without any pretenses, falsehoods, or masks, so you can build a life of purpose and integrity.

Jade is like the tallest tree in the forest that’s witnessed the whole evolution of human history and holds all the wisdom collected through time. Its roots run so incredibly deep that it has an ingrained, enduring connection with the earth. It’s able to flex through the eons of time while remaining steady in the incredible strength of its foundation.

Jade encapsulates these beautiful energies of the natural order of things, the cyclical, spiraling progression of life, and the impetus that every living being has within it to grow. This stone holds the kind of wisdom that can only be developed through time, patience, experience, and dedication to one’s spiritual evolution.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is the seat of both your ego and your soul, where the light within you shines forth into the world. It’s the center of willpower, motivation, self-esteem, and forward momentum, and jade is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing all of these things in alignment with your highest, truest, purest path.

Just as agate aspires to one day become jade, jade is a stone of aspiration, stoking a yearning within you to grow into the wholeness of yourself, to align your ego with your soul, and walk with integrity, patiently, one step forward at a time.

This is a crystal for the long and steady journey, for the big missions, for the things you aspire to cultivate, create and complete in your life. It will arm you with steadfast diligence toward your goals, steadying your nerves and activating the impervious strength that lives within your bones.

Jade builds your character and courage, regenerating your life force energy. If you need more willpower, follow through, and discipline in life, this stone will help you develop more respect for yourself and cultivate an inner fortitude that no one and nothing can break.

Chakra Heart


The center of our body, the center of the earth, the center of the universe, lies at the heart. This center of our being is activated, energized, and illuminated by jade. This is a crystal that embodies harmony, integration, and integrity, realigning you to follow the compass of your heart and its innate wisdom.

The heart center is where we exchange emotional energy with the people and creatures and world around us. It’s where we both give love, admiration, and respect and where we receive it. And when the heart has closed down the gates of giving, it has also closed itself off to receiving all the love that it deserves and requires to thrive. Jade is a tool to help you confidently reopen those gates and allow the heart’s energy to flow.

Jade asserts and grounds the heart’s knowing into steps you can confidently take forward, into more assurance in yourself, and more respect for yourself and how you interact with the world. It inspires deep commitment towards what the heart wants most, and the goals that align with your highest virtues.

This gorgeous green stone harnesses the energies of patience, serenity, compassion, and loyalty, which all live within the heart. Jade is here to support and protect you, to encourage you and push you, and to help you strive and grow higher than you ever thought you could, supported by the strength of your inner center.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Jade brings order to chaos, harmony to what’s out of balance, and alignment to anything that’s out of whack. It’s an energy of purity and respect, an energy that guides you to walk the path of righteousness. It carries the divine wisdom of the natural order, of one step following the other, of sustainable growth that happens through a systematic process.


Jade has been used for millennia to build the qi, or life-force energy, in the body. Its energy is additive, expansive, progressive. It builds upon the past to create a secure, abundant future. When you feel weak, insecure, or undeserving, it builds you back up. It builds a strong and steady foundation within you to help you grow. And it helps you build lasting things of the highest quality to leave a legacy for future generations.


Jade is for growth. It speeds and nurtures inner growth, physical healing, emotional maturity & mental expansion, taking what was and growing it into something better, stronger, healthier, happier. Jade energy is thriving, always growing, always learning, and retaining all the wisdom gained in every iteration prior. Stick it in your plants and it will help them grow. Wear it on your body and it will help you grow. It regenerates your energy, vitality, and urge to thrive on this abundant earth.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Jade comes in a wide variety of colors including white, blackish grey, yellow, and lavender, but it’s most well-known for its gorgeous shades of green, from very subtle hues to intense green shades. The most coveted jade is known as “imperial jade” and is a semi-transparent, rich emerald green. Jade is smooth with a shine emanating from it and an interesting streaked or mottled appearance.

The color green is the energy of growth, regeneration, health, wealth, and the beauty of the natural world. Green relates to the heart chakra and in traditional Chinese medicine, it relates to the liver, both of which are areas of the body that jade helps to detoxify and bring back into balance.


Whenever jade is referred to, it’s actually talking about either of two different minerals, jadeite or nephrite. These are both metamorphic rocks made up of tiny interlocking crystals which makes jade extremely tough and durable. There have been tools found made from jade that date all the way back to the Neolithic age.

Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate with all sorts of other mineral inclusions. This is often more rare and expensive. Nephrite is a calcium magnesium iron silicate, and is the most durable form of jade and the one most often used in carvings. It also rings out a musical note when it’s struck. Jade is pure harmony.

Use Jade When...

You’re feeling…

exhausted, chaotic, overwhelmed, off balance, out of integrity, lost, insecure, anxious, stagnant, unsure, non-commital, aggressive, hostile, self-loathing, defeated, guilty

You’re struggling with…

lack of motivation or inspiration, self-doubt, inconsistency, illness, cycles of change, living in two worlds, hiding your true self, accepting responsibility, rising into your purpose

When you want…

begin a new cycle, evolve your beliefs, develop spiritually, connect with divine wisdom, complete a large goal, build your inner foundation, feel secure & supported, increase wealth of all sorts

Crystal Jade Use
Crystal Jade Life Background

Using Jade in Everyday Life


Jade has a slow and steady frequency to help you stay focused and determined toward your long-term goals, to stay dedicated to the process of achieving, to grow and build something from the ground up, and create what your heart truly desires on this Earth.

Long held as a stone for wealth and abundance to help you manifest your dreams, that all can be true with jade, but the results are not overnight- they come in due time, when they are earned, and when they can be fully received and appreciated by you.

Jade is the professor of stones, the Emporer, the awakened one. It knows that in order to build true lasting wealth, health, prosperity, and all the riches that one seeks in the material world, you have to first build a foundation of spiritual wealth within yourself. This is how jade helps you not only manifest your dreams but to create your life in integrity with your highest purpose, and to build true wealth and a legacy of wisdom to share with future generations.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

An excellent stone for relationships, jade shows you how to be loyal to your own heart and not be swayed by external influences. Once you’re loyal to yourself, then you can truly be loyal to another. Jade stokes your ability to commit and stay dedicated to the people you love in your life.

The energy of jade encapsulates the cycles of growth and the natural order of things, from childhood to elderhood, and all the different rites of passage we walk through in between. It’s a stone that supports growth through love, devotion to family, and respect for oneself and others. It can help heal strife and tension in relationships, even just by lifting your consciousness, which then extends out to everyone you interact with.

Jade brings longevity and growth to relationships, it brings patience, understanding, and mutual respect. It’s a beautiful stone to give as a gift to those you respect, or to a loved one who is starting or graduating from something big in their life.

Jade is also a great stone to help you build strong boundaries in your relationships, starting by deepening your sense of respect for yourself so that you naturally begin to earn the respect of others in a deeper way.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

Jade expands the wisdom of the soul to reach through time into the eons before and after you, which are all connected through the threads of your heart. It’s the stone embodiment of the divine wisdom of the earth, the history keeper who has seen every stage prior, who has witnessed all the growth that’s ever happened.

Use jade when you want to tap into the collective strength and wisdom of your ancestors, to be able to stand on the foundation of their experiences and hard-earned lessons to see a better way of life, a way out of the spirals, a way to rise into a higher level of consciousness.

When you work with jade to heal and restore yourself, you come back into alignment with your inner nature and heart’s wisdom. All the experiences of your ancestors and all your lives prior, plus your own past experiences, act as rungs on a ladder you can climb to reach higher states of being, more fulfillment, more joy, and more sense of purpose.

Jade arms you to build upon the past, to have an absolute appreciation for it, and to use it to rise into the abundant state of being that is your natural birthright.

Self Care
Self Care

A beautiful tool for self-care, jade is the stone of longevity and living a long healthy life. Wearing jade as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket is a great way to use it as it interacts with your energy field quickly and will help purify the body throughout the day, filtering out energetic impurities. You may even notice its color change as you work with it and it absorbs toxins from your blood and qi.

It’s a great choice to revitalize you after illness and keep your immunity strong, especially when worn over the thymus gland in the center of your chest. You can also look for a gua sha or face roller made out of jade to gently massage the skin and support lymphatic drainage.

Place a jade stone on the center of your chest, right on your sternum, or beneath the notch of your ribs, and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes, simply allowing the crystal to absorb the toxic energies. Then listen with your heart to hear the virtues it has to share with you. This is an excellent self-care practice to support your growth, lift your spirits, and bring you more harmony and balance in daily life.


A beautiful meditation stone, jade holds immense wisdom to bring you into the stillness and richness of your heart and the strength of your inner foundation.

It’s calming, soothing, protective, and encouraging. It heightens your perspective to help you see the truth of yourself clearly. Meditate with it to calm your nerves, rejuvenate your energy, and connect with appreciation, compassion, and a higher perspective.

💚Our guided jade meditation takes you on an inner adventure to connect with your heart’s wisdom, expand your consciousness & take a quantum leap into your most rich & fulfilling life. 🐉

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Jade Guided Meditation

Our guided Jade meditation takes you on an inner adventure to connect with your heart’s wisdom, expand your consciousness & take a quantum leap into your most rich & fulfilling life.

Buy Guided Meditation
Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Jade Connection Background

Jade Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


The planet of love and appreciation connects most with the energy of jade, which helps bring harmony to the heart space and whole body, opening you to more gratitude, generosity, peace, and patience. Jade reminds you of the pleasures of being a human in a body on this beautiful planet, and carries the highest virtues of love including loyalty, understanding, and compassion.


Jade’s longevity and timeless nature strongly resonate with Capricorn energy, as they’re both concerned with structure, order, and building something of quality and lasting value to create a legacy and earn respect. Jade strengthens and activates the highest aspirations of Capricorn, helping you build true wealth in all its forms, stay responsible to your heart, and have the willpower to conquer any goals you set your mind to.


As an earth element stone, jade resonates with the Taurean energy of cultivation, growth, and putting in the labor and effort required to create tangible results. The Taurus archetype is about cultivating your resources and innate skills to create an abundant life of pleasure and joy, and jade can help you do just that with focused dedication, an enduring spirit, and an open heart.

Crystal Jade Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd

Phase 78, Gemini 18*

Imagine this scene for a moment, and what feelings come to mind… This symbol can be about feeling like an alien or an outsider, unable to communicate with those around you, and relying on your native tongue to express yourself clearly.

From the viewpoint of the two men speaking, it’s about feeling secure enough to be yourself even when surrounded by those who don’t understand you. It’s an exchange of ideas and consciousness for those with ears to hear it.

Jade is like a wise friend who speaks your native language, who understands the motives of your very soul, and will always be there to acknowledge you, hear you, support you, and respect you.

Crystal Jade Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Wheel of Fortune

This card represents the cycles and systems of life, the natural progression of things, the endless spiral of time that we dance with. These gigantic themes are all housed in the ancient and wise energy of jade, which builds upon the past to create a stronger, more stable, and abundant future. The wheel of fortune often represents luck coming your way, the tide turning, a new cycle of life about to begin, and jade is the perfect match for those energies and a beautiful gift to give to yourself or a loved one when a big change is happening.


Jade also holds the energies of the Justice card, the center of balance between the scales, and coming back into harmony within yourself. It’s about bringing order to your internal systems, as well as societal ones, and restoring the natural balance between extremes and polarities. Jade harnesses the oneness at the center point of yourself, where mutual understanding and respect between people, and between humanity and the earth, can be found.

Crystal Jade Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The dragon is a powerful symbol that’s been used all over the world throughout human history to represent the transformation of consciousness. And there is a dragon that lives within you, to help guide you into an upward spiral of metamorphosis and progression, so you can ascend to new levels of awareness and access the true virtues of this human life such as compassion, dignity, benevolence, courage, gentleness, tolerance, and wisdom.

The dragon lives curled up at the base of the spine, representing the unconscious mind. And as it awakens, it rises up through the spine to the top of the crown chakra where it connects with true consciousness. Dragon energy moves in spirals, like a serpent, cycling through seasons of time. It’s the ouroboros, a neverending cycle of growth and evolution, death and rebirth. It’s the kundalini rising, it’s conscious evolution, it’s the elevation of the frequency of the body. Jade harnesses this energy of the dragon into stone form.


Crystal Jade Connection Item
Jade Varieties

Jade comes in a range of colors beyond green, all with similar healing qualities as described above, with slightly different energetic focuses. Here are some other colors you might find:

White Jade

This color affects the mental realms more, bringing calm, ordered, and supportive thinking. It sparks devotion, especially in family relationships, and is said to cultivate the virtues of benevolence and purity.

Black Jade

This may come as black or dark to light grey, which is linked to the kidneys and our life force energy, where we feel internal support. Black jade is helpful when moving through challenges and is said to cultivate the virtues of clarity and trust in yourself.

Lavender Jade

This color raises its energy into the spiritual realms and dream world, opening you to vast portals of wisdom. Lavender jade is said to cultivate the virtue of an open mind that’s able to continually question its beliefs and expand its wisdom.

Yellow Jade

This color aligns more with solar plexus energy and is said to stimulate the virtue of loyalty. This is for staying true to yourself and dedicated to following your inner wisdom. It encourages loyalty to your own soul to benefit society as a whole.

Crystal Jade Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Jade + Lapis Lazuli

Pair with lapis lazuli to get crystal clear on your truth, your purpose, and how to use the inherent magic you were born with and share your gifts in service to the world.

Jade + Rose Quartz

Pair with rose quartz to increase your self-esteem and self-worth and get your self-love game on point! This is a beautiful, nurturing combo for big growth and self-acceptance.

Jade + Emerald

Pair with emerald for an extremely detoxifying and restorative duo of green healing energy. Emerald enhances and strengthens the power of jade, solidifying it into reality.

Crystal Jade Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Jade

Jade is a crystal that needs to be cleansed thoroughly, especially after you first get it, and cleansed regularly as it easily absorbs toxic and impure energies.

The best way to cleanse it is to return it to the arms of the Earth overnight to release its accumulated energy and restore its frequency back to its natural state. You can let it rest on the roots of a tree, on the dirt or grass, or even in the soil of a happy and healthy potted plant if you don’t have a safe spot outside to keep it. This will cleanse and refresh its energy, like a reset button.

It’s okay if it gets some sunshine and rain, though long exposure to the elements over many days may dry it out or damage it, but an overnight stay should be a-ok and then it will be ready to support your growth again.

You can also soak it overnight in some ocean water, or mineral water with sea salt added, and then let it dry out in the sunshine.

Give it a good overnight cleanse like this once a month if you’re working with it regularly, or anytime you’re coming back to it after not using it for a long time.

For a quick cleanse when you need it, you can run it through the smoke of herbs or incense, or run it under some water for a few minutes until it feels energetically lighter to you.

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  • This is such an incredible work Jena. I love Jade, and I need to incorporate it more into my daily life. Such a powerful crystal, wow! I truly enjoyed Jade guided meditation and meeting with dragon! 😀 I am sure I will come back to it many times. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Lukas! 🙂 Jade is a special one, so ancient- I know the most beautiful piece will find you when the time is right 🙏

  • I truly look forward to these articles. The work that is put into them show the passion and dedication that goes into bringing them forth to us. These articles bring such perspective and awareness to the natural resources we have available to us, that can guide us on our paths. Thank you 🙏🏼

    • Thank you so much for reading, and glad you can see all the hard work and love that goes into them! 💕

  • 💚🤍 just absolutely a necessary read to better understand the stone and its wonders. Thank you for this knowledge. Green has been my new black lately and now I see why…. It makes me “feel” more peace in my heart. Now I want to place one on my heart and let it talk to me. Thanks for this.

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