Crystal Sunstone
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The Crystal of Breaking Through

Leo zodiac signs Leo
Aries zodiac signs Aries
Fire element Fire
Sun planet Sun
Sacral Solar Plexus
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Sunstone Guided Meditation

Our guided sunstone meditation takes you on an invigorating journey to help you break through energetic barriers, amplify your inner light, and shine confidently in the world.

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Crystal Sunstone Message Background
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The message

Sunstone’s Message To You:

The doors are open
It’s time to break through
The only limitations
That are stopping you
Are your own perceptions
Of the cage that you’re in
But the door is unlocked
It always has been
The stories of restriction
Are holding you back
Keeping you stuck
In a spiral of lack
But there comes a time
When old cycles get boring
And you can feel the throb
Of curiosity imploring
That you discover what’s on
The other side of your fear
Walk right through it
See that it’s clear
You are no longer bound
By illusions of old
You are already free
Shine bright and be bold



Sunstone helps you to…

  • Have faith in your power
  • Know your worth
  • Break through obstacles
Crystal Sunstone Story Background
Crystal Sunstone Story

The Story of Sunstone

Born beneath a rumbling mountain in a pool of molten lava and thrust into the sun’s light by the force of a volcano, sunstone harnesses the energy of fire, creation, momentum, and breakthrough to help your personal power surge to the surface to be revealed.

This vibrant crystal captures the essence of the sun- its divinity, power, abundance, joy, light, and generosity. Like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds of your consciousness, it helps clear the veils, dispersing illusion, confusion, and the subconscious beliefs that have kept you caged.

At a fundamental level, it’s a stone of faith. It ignites your faith in yourself, in the support you have from the unseen, and in your ability to make your word your deed and create what you most desire here on earth.

Sunstone evokes the spirit of your authentic soul and asks it to shine its light out boldly, despite fear, shame, and any underlying stories. It connects you back to that essential spark of creation within you, to propel you forward toward your passion and joy, straight through anyone else’s ideas, opinions, or expectations of you.

This vibrant, shimmering crystal shines the light on the power you already possess and the abundance available all around you, asking you to claim your birthright and step into your most shining, golden self. Once you do, you’ll be able to spill that abundance out to others through authentic service and smiles, through your warmth, generosity, gifts, and radiant essence.

Sometimes we’re so used to being restricted, stuck, and repeating the same cycles again and again that even once we become aware of the cage around us, we don’t know how to step out of it and fly free.

Sunstone is a beautiful crystal to help you break out of the old trappings of who you thought you were and step into the full expression of who you truly ARE.

Crystal Sunstone Property Background

Sunstone Healing Properties

Element Fire


Sunstone holds the energy of fire, from both the molten lava of the earth and the light of the sun. Fire energy is ascending, it rises up, moving into the mind, clearing our consciousness, and transmuting heavy or dense emotional energies.

Sunstone’s fire energy carries the flicker of joy, laughter, and awe. It helps you feel lighter, brighter, more energized, and protected. It feels loving, generous, expansive, and warm, guiding you toward what will bring you fulfillment and nourish your soul.

When fire energy is in balance, you feel happy and exuberant, full of creativity and vitality with a clear mind, open heart, and strong inner drive. When fire is lacking, you can feel depressed, stuck in the mud, doubtful, inhibited, and unable to take action. Sunstone will fan the flames of your inner fire to get it burning bright again.

Fire energy is our authentic self-expression, our natural motivation, it’s the sense of purpose and pleasure that we derive from movement, creation, action, and connection. Sunstone activates and amplifies the fire energy within you so you can radiate your soul’s expression out to the world.

Chakra Sacral


The sacral chakra is the seat of our life force energy. Sunstone activates and invigorates the sacral chakra helping you harness your creative life force to use it for your personal goals, desires, and passions, spurring you toward what will bring you pleasure and fulfillment, rather than allowing your energy to be drained by other people’s desires and expectations of you.

It’s a beautiful stone to help you clear out the emotional energy you’ve absorbed from others, breaking the cords and energetic ties, and repairing the places where you’ve been losing your fuel. For anyone struggling with being a people pleaser and putting everyone else’s wants and needs before their own, sunstone can help you create healthy energetic boundaries.

Sunstone particularly helps the pelvic area, moving stagnant energy which benefits the reproductive organs, kidneys, and menstrual cycle. The kidneys are the powerhouse of the body, like our batteries, and sunstone fosters their communication and connection to the heart. This helps boost your sense of self-worth, connects you to your innate desires and motivation, and can help alleviate anxiety, panic attacks, and fear.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

Sunstone resonates with your inner sun, the solar plexus. This is the energy center that holds your personal power, your sense of who you are, and your ability to take action. When it’s clear and open, you’re able to move forward with momentum and ease, in whatever direction your sacral desires steer you.

When your solar plexus energy is depleted or stagnant though, you can feel unmotivated, stuck, worried, and full of self-doubt. Sunstone helps you fire up the engines of your solar plexus, burning away stagnant emotions and boosting your confidence, enthusiasm, and drive for life.

The solar plexus chakra is also intimately connected with the mind and how you “digest” your thoughts and emotions. Sunstone can shift your outlook to help you see clearly through the doubts and subconscious fears that often get lodged here, helping you shine your wisdom into the world, share your gifts generously, and lead others with integrity.

This is a crystal that brings creativity, confidence, and clarity into your life. It urges you to break through any barriers along the pursuit of your goals so you can find true joy and fulfillment. That all happens through the solar plexus chakra, where consciousness manifests into physical reality.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Yang energy is forward-moving, penetrating, and masculine. Sunstone activates the yang energy of the body and moves it upwards, clearing sadness, stuck emotions, and dense, cyclical thought forms. Use it when you need to increase your yang essence to move into action mode, harness your power, and gain momentum.


Sunstone is warming, like the heat of the sun. When it’s a cold or dreary day, it can warm your fingers and toes and get the blood moving. When your heart feels cold or you’re frozen in fear, sunstone brings warmth to the spirit, opening you to more love and connection, and increasing your generosity and kindness.


This fiery orange beauty stimulates the movement of energy in the body, invigorating the blood, increasing circulation, and bringing motivation and creative drive when you feel the blahs. It’s energizing and invigorating for the mind, body, and spirit.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


This light-filled stone comes in a range of bright, coppery oranges. It’s semi-transparent with a sparkly, metallic luster that looks like glittering stars- this is called aventurescence. This shimmering effect mirrors sunstone’s ability to help you see all the glimmers of light within yourself, and the world around you.

Orange stones bring exuberance, creativity, passion, and vibrancy. They’re associated with the digestive processes, our emotions, and our subconscious behaviors. Sunstone burns away any stagnant energies in these areas, helping your natural enthusiasm and joy rise to the surface.



Sunstone is a variety of feldspar, a cousin to moonstone and labradorite. The sparkling metallic bits come from inclusions of either hematite, goethite, or copper.

Sunstone’s chemical composition is calcium aluminum silicate. Calcium provides strength and stability and its silicate structure gives it a harmonizing and stabilizing effect.

It has a triclinic crystal structure which is associated with the pelvic region, giving sunstone the ability to clear away stagnation in this area by moving energy upwards and outwards.

Use Sunstone When...

You’re feeling…

hopeless, worried, anxious, ashamed, unmotivated, exhausted, unworthy, stuck, caged in, timid, depleted, deprived

You’re struggling with…

depression, fear, doubt, low self-worth, a lack mentality, menstrual irregularities, overwhelm, emotional heaviness

When you want…

joy, abundance, confidence, courage, optimism, hope, faith, freedom, personal power, healthy boundaries, self-discipline

Crystal Sunstone Use
Crystal Sunstone Life Background

Using Sunstone in Everyday Life


Sunstone is a powerful manifestation crystal to boost your momentum and motivation, break you out of lack mentality and victim mode, and help you take inspired action to bring your ideas to life.

This is a stone that expands the consciousness, bringing a ray of hope in through the dark clouds of the psyche. When you’re fueled by hope, by the expectation of change or a positive outcome, you’re naturally spurred into taking action which is the most essential step of manifesting your desires into reality.

Use sunstone to help you manifest goals around creating more abundance and wealth, increasing your self-worth and confidence, following your passions and creative desires, and amping up the joy and pleasure in your life.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

As a crystal of pleasure and vitality, sunstone can bring the heat into your love life and intimate relationships. It increases sexual desire and stamina and helps you move your awareness out of your mind, into the pleasure and sensations of your body. It also stokes a spirit of excitement and adventure, in and out of the bedroom, helping you forge your bond and find more joy in your relationship in myriad ways.

Another thing sunstone is great at is breaking you out of the past perceptions of yourself that may inhibit your sense of connection and intimacy with others. It can soothe shyness, insecurity, and critical self-talk, amping up your confidence to be yourself, love yourself, and feel worthy of giving and receiving pleasure. It helps you embrace the joy of love and what it feels like to share your true self with another.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Sunstone can be very helpful in bringing light to what your ego has been clinging to, helping you see the false stories and self-beliefs you’ve been carrying around, the hidden motivations you weren’t aware of, and the ways you’ve been neglecting or abusing your power.

Once we can see these things clearly within ourselves, we can begin to dismantle them and create new stories from the heightened consciousness that sunstone provides. It’s a crystal that can help you break free from the emotional attachments, self-imposed cages, and societally conditioned confines to see who you really are, what you really want, and that you have the power to manifest the life you truly desire.

Self Care
Self Care

Sunstone carries a joyful and optimistic energy that’s great for everyday use. It’ll help motivate you to practice good self-care in general, reminding you that you can’t pour from an empty cup and that you must fill yourself up first before giving your energy away to everything else.

When you wear sunstone as a necklace, it’ll move that empowering yang energy upward into your heart. This can treat depression and feelings of low self-worth, and clear fear and doubt from the mind.  It’s also an excellent stone for exhaustion so grab it whenever you’re feeling tired, depleted, worn out, or like you’ve lost your oomph.

Sunstone also helps treat hormonal imbalances and irregular menstrual cycles. Try rubbing one in a circular motion around your belly button for 5-10 minutes to bring relief to this area. You can also wear a sunstone bracelet or ring or keep one in your pocket to have it affect your pelvic area throughout the day. Try pairing it with moonstone to bring your natural cycles back into harmony.


Sunstone clears the mind and uplifts the consciousness, making it a beautiful stone to meditate with. It’ll bring clear thinking, inspired ideas, and next action steps your way. Use it as you visualize what you want your day to look like or what you want to manifest. Use it to get clarity around your soul’s deepest desires and dreams, to brainstorm, or dig into your creative well.

It’s also a great choice to use during movement meditation, as it has such active energy. Wear it or have it near while you’re practicing qi gong or yoga, on a walk, or dancing around the living room to help free you from your mind’s constraints and connect you to your body.

🌞Our guided sunstone meditation takes you on an invigorating journey to help you break through energetic barriers, amplify your inner light, and shine confidently in the world. ✨ 

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Sunstone Guided Meditation

Our guided sunstone meditation takes you on an invigorating journey to help you break through energetic barriers, amplify your inner light, and shine confidently in the world.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Sunstone Connection Background

Sunstone Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Leo is also ruled by the sun and resonates deeply with sunstone energy, which heightens confidence, courage, and joy, and helps you shine your creative spirit into the world. It also helps temper any self-doubt, aggression, and stubbornness, bringing a healthy masculine strength and self-discipline to the forefront.


Sunstone also resonates with the fiery energy of Aries, their optimism, bold spirit, and ability to surge forth into the world. It brings clear thinking and relief to hot tempers, irritability, and overzealousness, helping you keep your inner fire balanced to lead others with the light of integrity.

The Sun

Sunstone is ruled by the sun and holds all the power and frequencies of the solar ray. The sun in astrology represents your ego and spirit, your identity and soul’s expression- it’s who you are. Sunstone helps you inhabit these characteristics of the sun, its warmth, generosity, faith, and integrity, helping raise your consciousness in service to life.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

The Zuni Sun Worshippers 

Phase 140, Leo 20*

This symbol is about participating in a sacred ritual that heightens your consciousness and connects you back to the power of nature. It’s about receiving strength and life from the abundant generosity of the sun, and having it renew your faith- in yourself and the world around you- reminding you of your deep connection to Source.

Sunstone illuminates the spirit, awakening your faith. Imagine it guiding you into a beautiful ritual in service and appreciation for the light of the sun that shines within you.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Sun

The Sun card in tarot represents success, abundance, and good things coming your way. It brings radiance, joy, vitality, and enthusiasm, and is a sign that you’ll be able to break through any challenges along your way. This matches sunstone’s energy beautifully as it helps you start walking on an abundant path full of possibilities and positive outcomes.


Six of Wands

The six of wands is a fire element card about self-confidence, achievement, and gaining recognition for your success. It speaks of conquering your obstacles, having faith in yourself, and receiving rewards along the way. Sunstone harnesses all this energy as it acts like a cheerleader, boosting your confidence and encouraging you to keep moving forward.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Lions in almost every culture throughout history have had an association with the sun- its heat, strength, and nobility. On one hand, they’re confident, bold, and fiercely protective of their family, and on the other hand, they’re happy to luxuriate in the sun, romp around and sleep all day.

Lions represent both the power and playfulness that sunstone’s energy brings and its ability to help you harness your courage and devotion toward pursuing your goals, and also remember the importance of pleasure and joy.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Sunstone Varieties

There are many varieties of sunstone that carry the same qualities as described above, with slight differences in their appearance. A few of the most notable ones:

Oregon Sunstone

This is a rare, gemstone-quality sunstone hailing from a small town in the rugged high desert of Oregon, USA. It contains copper inclusions, which are found nowhere else in the world, and as such was named the state of Oregon’s official gemstone. It comes in a range of tones from light pink to deep red, champagne to vibrant orange, and even green due to the copper’s influence.


Star Sunstone

This variety of sunstone comes in a gorgeous shimmering orange color and has what’s called an asterism effect, where it reflects the light in a four-rayed star formation.

Cat’s Eye Sunstone

This variety of sunstone is sparkling brownish-orange with an effect called chatoyancy, where it reflects a luminous band of light down its center as it moves, like a cat’s eye.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Sunstone + Moonstone

Pair with moonstone to balance sunstone’s yang energy with some yin and marry your creative fire with your intuition. This is also a perfect combination to encourage hormonal and emotional balance.

Sunstone + Labradorite

Pair with labradorite to heighten your psychic senses and inner vision so you know where to focus your creative energy, and to help you move forward through big changes in your life.

Sunstone + Hematite

Pair with hematite to help you stay grounded, strong, and protected as you forge ahead with projects, plans, and creative endeavors. Hematite will help cool and ground any excessive fire energy that sunstone stirs up.

Crystal Sunstone Connection Item
Crystal Sunstone Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Sunstone

The best way to cleanse sunstone is outside under the rays of the sun. Try to avoid the high heat of the midday sun as that may fade the color of your stone over time, but morning or late afternoon when the sun is low are great times to set your sunstone outside to soak up the light.

The sun will cleanse and recharge your stone with vibrant, life-giving energy, while the earth below helps ground and discharge any excess or disharmonious energy it has absorbed.

You can also cleanse sunstone under some water, or with smoke, and then place it on a sunny windowsill for a few hours to recharge in the light, if you don’t have a good outdoor spot to put it.

Leaving it on a clear quartz or citrine cluster overnight is also an easy way to cleanse and recharge its energy, and can be done as often as needed.

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  • hi. In which hand should I wear sunstone to feel all the great energies of joy, breaking out of depression, old self, feeling abundant confident , developing self discipline and taking actions, allowing myself to become the beacon of light that I am meant to be.

    for all of the above qualities to work.

    • Either hand you feel called to, we have yin (receiving) and yang (giving) energy in both our hands. If it’s on a ring, whatever finger it fits on is perfect! 🙂 Really the easier it is for you to work with, the more you just do whatever feels intuitive to you, the more you’ll be open to receiving all the subtle and beautiful effects with any crystal.

  • This is the most extensive information I have ever since in one place on a crystal. So much so that I have to have it😍. I am working on my sacral chakra and this is right up my alley. Thank you so much for this info.

    • Yay, that’s what we’re striving for! I love sunstone, it will light that sacral up! ❤️‍🔥 Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂

  • beautiful article! i feel this energy calling me at this moment of my journey. i receive and welcome the energy of sunstone into my story today 🌞

    • Yes LeighAnn, let the radiant sunstone energy in! Our guided meditation is an awesome way to connect with it too, with or without having the stone itself 🌞

  • I appreciate this info so much! Sunstone is one of my fave, this was very informative! I can’t wait to try some of this. I carry sunstone with me daily! Thank you so much!

    • Oh that’s awesome you carry it with you, and now you know why you were called to it! 🧡 Thanks for reading & sharing 🙂

  • Thank you so much Moon Omens, for the wisdom you share. After reading your articles for a couple of months, today I bought my first few crystals to start my journey with them. I already can feel the energy that’s pouring in me!

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