Crystal Lepidolite
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The Crystal of Calm Transitions

Scorpio zodiac signs Scorpio
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Water element Water
Fire element Fire
Neptune planet Neptune
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Lepidolite Guided Meditation

Our guided Lepidolite meditation is a relaxing & uplifting journey to help you release heavy emotions, find calm & connect with your inner gifts.

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Crystal Lepidolite Message Background
Crystal Lepidolite Frame

The message

Lepidolite’s Message To You:

When you feel low and heavy
I’ll lift you up
When you’re drained and tired
I’ll fill your cup

When your mind is spinning
I’ll bring you calm
For anxiety and worry
I’ll be your balm

I’ll raise your awareness
I’ll give you wings
So you can relax and enjoy
the perspective it brings

I’ll lift you up and out
of the pain and struggle
and surround you
in a comforting bubble

Of peaceful serenity
and the freedom of ease
where divine wisdom
wafts through the breeze

For life’s big transitions
I’ll hold your hand
As you gracefully
transform and expand


Lepidolite helps you to…

  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Soothe intense emotions
  • Ease through transitions
Crystal Lepidolite Story Background
Crystal Lepidolite Story

The Story of Lepidolite

Born in sparkling layers rising up from deep within the earth, lepidolite is a highly uplifting stone for the most intense and stressful times of your life. Its energy lifts you high up above the fray, above the issues, struggles, and stress, to a place where you can access clarity, insight, and a higher perspective connected to divine wisdom.

In Daoist stone medicine, it’s known as “the stone that lifts up heaviness” as it draws away from the magma within the earth, rising up and lifting out. It’s one of the best healing crystals to use when you’re feeling heavy, low, weak, or lost, to lift you into a state of calm relaxation, acceptance, and ease. It’s a stone that brings sweet relief when you need it most and is best used during acute stress and intense emotions, right as you’re experiencing them.

Lepidolite is the most common lithium-bearing mineral and is mined for its lithium content to be used in everything from batteries to glass to medication. Lithium can be used as a mood stabilizer, and this emotionally balancing quality is what gives lepidolite its soothing essence and ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and depressive states so well. Daoist stone medicine sees lithium as affecting the blood and uses it to draw the emotional charge out of the blood level itself.

It’s also excellent for settling highly erratic mental states, whether you’re feeling too mentally cluttered and stuck in your head, or veering into the extremes of mania, delusion, psychosis, or obsession. Lepidolite is one of the best crystals to have for your mental health to access an open and accepting state of mind that’s connected to divine truths, above the clouds of conditioning, illusion, and limiting beliefs.

This sparkling lavender stone is especially helpful during major transitional periods in your life, to help you peel off the layers of emotional baggage and transform into a higher version of yourself with more ease. Even the most wonderful transitions can come with added stress, like moving, getting a new job, getting married, having a baby, graduating… Lepidolite can stabilize and ease your mind and emotions through these big life events, as well as during the hardest transitions in life, such as heartbreak, loss, or feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom. It’s also an excellent tool to help you more easefully transition out of addictions and obsessions, into more calm, balanced, peaceful life patterns.

Turn to this purple stone of serenity to give you wings and lift you up and out of the chaos and heaviness whenever you need it. Its energy feels floaty, free, playful, and full of spirit, reminding you of your connection with the magic of the Universe, and restoring your faith in yourself, in your intuition, and in the wisdom of divine consciousness.

Crystal Lepidolite Property Background

Lepidolite Healing Properties

Element Water


Water is connected to the emotional body, and lepidolite can calm intense or out-of-balance emotions so well. It’s supremely soothing, bringing healing to the emotional body, helping you flow through big changes and transitional periods in your life with more ease and a sense of inner peace.

In Daoist stone medicine, water energy relates to the kidneys which hold and store our creative life force energy. They’re like our energetic batteries, and lepidolite is able to restore your internal balance and recharge your batteries when you’re feeling low, run-down, exhausted, or like you don’t want to go on.

It’s a beautifully comforting and uplifting stone for when you’re experiencing some of the lowest of the low emotions, or the manic, anxious high-intensity ones, to restore your balance and help you rest in the peaceful, calm state of the inbetween, like floating on a cloud above a still lake.

Element Fire


The fire energy in lepidolite is that of the violet flame, a divine fire. This is the fire of higher intelligence, cosmic wisdom, and divine love, that holds the knowledge of all that is. This is the fire that burns through impurities and the veils of illusion, confusion, and delusion, to help you see clearly from a higher awareness.

This fire energy stokes your insight, creativity, and awareness. It stokes your sense of hope, faith, and belief in divine magic. It’s cleansing, activating, and calming all at the same time. When fire and water mix, it creates steam, which rises high into the air, and this is the gentle and uplifting quality that lepidolite carries.

In Daoist stone medicine, fire energy relates to the heart, which is beautifully benefitted by lepidolite’s calming, soothing energy. Fire is the energy of transformation and transmutation. It shifts, changes, and moves things forward, and lepidolite helps your heart stay emotionally balanced and your mind clear and aligned through any transitions you’re going through in life.

Chakra Crown


Lepidolite brings calming serenity to any chakra where you feel you need it, but its vibration is most closely linked to the crown chakra at the top of your head. This is where you find your sense of faith, optimism, and connection with the divine. When your mind is overactive, you’re feeling agitated, on edge, or easily triggered, lepidolite will calm, settle, and balance those energies.

When your crown chakra is clear, open, and flowing, you can feel and trust your intuitive senses and maintain a higher awareness and perspective about your life as you’re moving through it. This is the beautiful quality that lepidolite brings, helping you access higher dimensions of thought and wisdom, to connect with your higher self, your guides, and the divine knowing of the cosmos. It opens you to the collective consciousness and unity thinking, bringing more peace and balance to your mind and emotions.

When the crown chakra is closed or extremely imbalanced, you may find yourself veering into psychosis, mania, delusion, depression, or complete loss of faith in yourself and the Universe. Lepidolite balances these extreme energies, opening the crown, releasing dense, dark energies, lifting everything into a more clear and balanced state where you can channel divine wisdom and connect to calm peace in the present moment.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Lepidolite draws energy up and out, lifting heaviness, detaching from the material world, lifting you out of intense, acute emotional experiences. It uplifts the mind and mood out of low, dark, dense states and elevates the spirit. Use it when there’s something you need to rise above in your life, to help you reconnect with your higher awareness.


This flaky lavender stone sheds the different layers of itself, which helps you shed and release the layers that have been built up in you. Use it to release old thoughts, emotions, conditioning, behaviors, or identities that are no longer aligned with your highest expression of yourself, and to shed your proverbial skin during transitions in life.


When your nerves, worries, and brain activity are heightened and flying away, lepidolite settles. When you’re in the darkest lowest most stressful times of life, it uplifts you into calm. When your emotions are intense and overwhelming, it softens and soothes them. Lepidolite stabilizes and balances the whole system.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Lepidolite is most often found in light lilac, pinkish, or violet, but can also be colorless, pale yellow, or grey. Manganese inclusions create the purplish/pink coloring. It has a pearlescent luster with bits of mica glitter that shimmer in the light.

It’s flaky and grows in sheets that can be peeled away, like pages of a book. This signifies its energetic ability to help you peel away the built-up layers of emotions and mental conditioning that aren’t serving you, like an exfoliant for the emotional body. These layers also provide emotional boundaries and protection.


Lepidolite is a silicate made of potassium, lithium, and aluminum. Potassium regulates fluid metabolism in the body, aluminum helps soothe the nerves and calm the spirit, and lithium affects the blood. It’s a lithium-rich mica and is mined for lithium ore and as a source of mica.

It’s a very soft and flaky stone. The softness equates to its soft and gentle energetic vibration that can almost immediately uplift you into a higher state of calm and peace. The harder lepidolite stones are embedded with quartz, making them better to use as gemstones.

Use Lepidolite When...

You’re feeling…

stressed, anxious, purposeless, depressed, heavy, obsessive, overwhelmed, stuck in the past, pensive, sad, pessimistic, mentally cluttered, obsessive, nervous, manic, restless, codependent

You’re struggling with…

grief, betrayal, loss, change, big transitions, manic depression, addiction, heartbreak, negative self-talk, emotional trauma, shock, erratic behavior, insomnia, OCD, neurological issues

When you want…

calm mind & emotions, patience, peace, faith in yourself & the Universe, optimism, positivity, divine connection, confidence, gentleness, ease, emotional balance, to break old patterns

Crystal Lepidolite Use
Crystal Lepidolite Life Background

Using Lepidolite in Everyday Life


If you want to manifest calm, balance, peace, and ease in your life, lepidolite is one of the best crystals you can choose. It’s also beneficial for anything you want to manifest if you have anxiety or chronic overthinking that often gets in the way of you achieving your goals or staying focused on what you’re working towards.

If self-sabotage, critical thoughts, or an endlessly circling mind keep you in procrastination, confusion, or doubt about your abilities to manifest what you desire, then lepidolite is a stone to work with to help you ease those worries and mental clutter that can get in the way of your clear intentions and the frequency you want to send out to the Universe.

Wear or carry lepidolite to instill inner faith, confidence, creativity, imagination, higher perception, and awareness to guide you with calm assurance forward to make your dreams come true.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

This is a great stone for developing self-love, self-trust, and your relationship with the divine. It clears pain and patterns in the emotional heart space, opening you up to more trust, faith, and compassion toward yourself and others.

It’s also a comforting blanket for times when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety surrounding a relationship, to help you find more patience, acceptance, understanding, and ease. It can help you be clear-minded and make better decisions around the next step to take in any relationship situation or struggle you’re going through.

As the crystal of calm transitions, lepidolite is a top choice for any time you’re going through a big transition in your relationships- whether through commitment, loss, or welcoming someone new in. These situations can all bring a host of big feelings and are ripe for releasing our unconscious wounding and patterns, and wearing or holding lepidolite can keep you calm, cool, collected, and able to see the whole picture with more clarity of mind.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

A beautiful emotional healing stone, lepidolite helps you lift up and out of intense, heavy emotions while they’re happening. It’s a stone for acute use, for the anxiety, stress, depression, fear, or mania you’re dealing with now, in this moment, even if it’s being triggered by buried or underlying pain.

Hold lepidolite in your hand and take 7-10 deep breaths, to allow it to settle your nerves and heighten your awareness to see from a new perspective. It brings presence and acceptance of your current state of being and helps you see new possibilities and ways to uplift yourself above the old shadows, patterns, and cycles that may be tying you down.

You can dig through the emotional layers to release the shadows and cleanse old wounds with this uplifting stone, helping you heal and move on from them, taking the insights and wisdom you gained to help you have an easier road ahead.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

As a lithium-rich crystal, lepidolite aids in mental health and neurological disorders, benefitting manic depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, compulsive or erratic behavior, and obsessive or sleep disorders. It’s a soothing balm for heightened or frazzled nerves, or nerve damage or pain. Just hold it in your hands, wear it, or place it on your chest or forehead when you need some relief.

As a purple stone, it’s a combination of blue and red, which in Daoist stone medicine, relate to the kidneys and heart. Lepidolite restores your energy when you’re exhausted or your adrenals feel tapped, it aids in reducing heart pain, palpitations, and arrhythmia, helps calm after shock or trauma, and supports through physical transitions such as menopause.

It’s also helpful for healing addiction to substances. Massage it three finger widths above the wrist crease on the inside of your arm to help with this. You can also massage it on cold or painful joints to help warm and stimulate them.

Self Care
Self Care

Lepidolite is so relaxing and relieving for stress, anxiety, depression, nerves, tension, or whenever your mind is not your friend, or your feelings are overwhelming you. Hold it in your hand and close your eyes and you can almost feel your spirit rising into relief, relaxation, and calm wisdom.

Use it during any sort of stressful transition, whether you’re moving house, dealing with loss, or getting a new job- anything heightening your sense of worry or nervousness can be soothed with lepidolite’s calming essence.

Carry it or hold it whenever you’re encountering a stressful situation or have to do something that makes you feel nervous or tense, and it will help you feel more calm, patient, uplifted, and able to ease through whatever situation you’re in. You can also get multiple small stones to place in a grid around a certain area or room to surround yourself with its cleansing, uplifting lavender light.

Make sure to pair it with a grounding stone like smoky quartz if you’re the type who’s already very cerebral and dreamy and to help keep you anchored on the ground while receiving lepidolite’s beautiful calming benefits.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

This relaxing stone helps relieve insomnia by relaxing the mind so you can fall asleep more easily and stay asleep. As a door to the unconscious and astral realms, it encourages dreaming and can help you receive messages and insights through your dreams. You can also use it to ensure more calm or lucid dream experiences, especially if you’ve been having anxious, fearful, or chaotic dreams lately.

Sleep with a stone under your pillow or even while holding it in your hands for comfort, relaxation, and relief. It’s a great stone to keep by your bedside so you always receive its healing energy while you sleep, restoring your mind while releasing doubt, fear, and negative spirals of thinking, so you can wake up feeling more clear, inspired, and aligned with your higher awareness.


Meditating with lepidolite is extremely calming, relaxing, and uplifting, especially for mental restlessness, obsessive thinking, anxiety, or fear. Wear or hold it as you sit in meditation, focus on your breath, focus on the feeling of the lepidolite against your skin, and allow it to calm and settle your mind and uplift your spirit to find a sense of peace above the chaos.

You can also lie down during your meditation and place lepidolite in the center of your forehead, above your head, or right behind your neck at the base of your skull to help release mental clutter and conditioning and open up to more intuitive insights and revelations.

💜Our guided Lepidolite meditation is a relaxing & uplifting journey to help you release heavy emotions, find calm & connect with your inner gifts.🪻

Crystal Lepidolite Price Box Background

Lepidolite Guided Meditation

Our guided Lepidolite meditation is a relaxing & uplifting journey to help you release heavy emotions, find calm & connect with your inner gifts.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Lepidolite Connection Background

Lepidolite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Lepidolite grows in flat layers that look like fish scales, which is not its only connection with the sign of the fish. It enhances your imagination, intuition, and divine connection. It also helps settle and balance any delusion, confusion, mania, or mental chaos, all shadow aspects of Pisces energy. Use it to uplift your spirit into the higher realms of wisdom and divine love, where you can connect with that Piscean sense of peace and oneness with all that is.


Scorpio energy creates healing through metamorphosis, which lepidolite is a beautiful aid for, when you’re ready to acknowledge and release buried pain, and move up and out of the trauma and attachments, into a higher resonance of your being. For any intense times of change in your life, for dealing with the deepest darkest emotions and helping you find light and clarity through it all, use lepidolite to connect with your Scorpionic inner wisdom, shed your proverbial skin, and come into an emotional rebirth.


With its highly uplifting and floaty vibes, lepidolite harnesses the energy of Neptune, ruler of Pisces, and planet of imagination, illusion, and spirituality. Use it to connect with your inner magic and expand your creativity and belief in the divine. Helps you lift out of material world worries into an ethereal state of Neptunian intelligence, which comes through your psychic senses, higher awareness, and artistic expression.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Bunny Metamorphosed into a Fairy… 

Phase 233, Scorpio 23*

Bring this image to your mind of a bunny transforming into a fairy, right before your eyes, and think of all the words you might use to describe such a scene…

Soft, fluffy, cute, gentle, magical, playful… these all describe the energies of lepidolite and its ability to lift you out of the mundane struggles and strife of daily earthly life, into the airy-fairy freedom of feeling light, worry-free, and connected to the divine.

The idea of metamorphosis is also very potent when it comes to lepidolite, as it aids in your inner transformation to help you release guilt, grief, and pain and replace it with relaxation, lightness, and peace.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Star

This major arcana card is associated with hope, rejuvenation, and healing, the exact qualities that lepidolite offers. It’s a symbol of optimism, positivity, and moving beyond old wounds to rise into a heightened sense of power and connection with the Universe.

The star rises high above the earth, detached from worldly worries, and is in connection with the natural rhythms of the cosmos, making it a symbol of rising above life’s challenges, which is exactly what lepidolite helps you do. It helps you tap back into your innate power, magic, and faith so you can keep looking up and keep moving forward.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Dragonflies are symbols of adaptability through transformation, just like lepidolite. When this animal spirit shows up, you know it’s time for a change in your life. They embody lightness, grace, and ease, able to fly high above emotional shifts and sways and adapt to any situation. This sense of lightness is what lepidolite connects you with.

The dragonfly also invites us to look for the magic, positivity, and light through even the darkest situations, just like lepidolite. Like dragonflies buzzing around a pond, they invite you to observe the waters of your emotions without attachment, from a higher perspective. They’re also indicative of seeing through illusion and are connected with the realm of the fairies, which is the perfect match for lepidolite’s uplifting and magical energy.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Lepidolite Varieties

Lepidolite comes in a a few different color varieties and combinations, all with similar healing qualities as described above with a few differences:

Yellow Lepidolite

This luminescent yellow variety is soothing for stress and affects the solar plexus chakra more to brighten self-esteem and confidence.

Gem Lepidolite

This is the highest quality specimen of lepidolite, with brilliant flashes of light in it. From Brazil. Also sometimes sold as “flashy lepidolite.”

Lepidolite in Pink Tourmaline

These often grow together and can be found as a unique combination stone, which is sometimes sold as “unicorn stone.” Pink tourmaline adds amazing heart-healing support.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Lepidolite + Smoky Quartz

Pair with smoky quartz if you tend to float away, to keep you rooted to the earth while you let your spirit fly, and ground and transmute any dense emotions as they arise.

Lepidolite + Lithium Quartz

For a double dose of calming lithium goodness, plus the activation and directional energy of quartz, these two purple stones make a super soothing duo for stressful times.

Lepidolite + Apophyllite

Pair with apophyllite to find clear direction in life and bring so much light and healing into every area of your life.

Crystal Lepidolite Connection Item
Crystal Lepidolite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Lepidolite

This soft stone readily absorbs vibratory information, so you’ll want to cleanse it often while you’re working with it. An easy way to do this is to rest it on top of selenite overnight, or you can also let it rest in a bed of dry sea salt to absorb the frequencies out of it.

You can recharge it for a couple hours in the sunlight, as the mica will reflect, absorb, and be recharged by the light quickly. Don’t leave it in bright direct sunlight for longer than that as it can discolor. You can also recharge it in a bed of hematite.

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