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The Crystal of Clear Truth

Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Air element Air
Fire element Fire
Earth element Earth
Water element Water
Jupiter planet Jupiter
Crystal Turquoise Price Box Background

Turquoise Guided Meditation

Our guided labradorite meditation takes you on an out-of-this-world journey into the cosmic realms to find inspiration, insight, and perspective and bring it down into your body to help you create magic in everyday life.

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Crystal Turquoise Message Background
Crystal Turquoise Message Background
Crystal Turquoise Frame

The message

Turquoise’s Message To You:

From the blue realms
of Father Sky
I fly on wings
of the divine
and merge into
the dusty earth
to open your eyes
to your worth
to unleash the ties
around your voice
and open your mind
to the freedom of choice
to unite you with your
authentic self
and help you tap into
the true meaning of wealth
with eyes wide open
to see the truth
I unearth the wisdom
from deep inside you


Turquoise helps you to…

  • Accept & embrace change
  • Live in integrity
  • Find & express your truth
Crystal Turquoise Story Background
Crystal Turquoise Story Background
Crystal Turquoise Story

The Story of Turquoise

Born where the heavens meet the earth, this gorgeous sky blue stone stands at the gate between the material world and consciousness itself. Believed to be a representation of “Father Sky” in Native American cultures of the American Southwest, and known as the “Mysterious Gate” in ancient Taoist culture, turquoise has a long and beautiful history of supporting humans to connect with the cosmic forces and a divine expression of themselves.

Turquoise may be the oldest gemstone used in human history, found dating as far back as 6000 BC in what is now Iraq and spreading throughout time and many ancient cultures throughout Egypt, Tibet, Central Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the American Southwest, and more.

Found in hot, dry places around the world, turquoise is a hydrated mineral that retains water. This ability to store and conserve water and nutrients translates to how it affects you energetically as well, as it helps you retain your vital energy and essence, building up and conserving your energy and connecting you with the instinctual intelligence of your body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, turquoise relates strongly to the soul of the liver which is said to hold onto emotional trauma and wounds from the past, as well as worries and anxiety about the future. Turquoise helps balance and cleanse the liver energetically and brings you back to the present where expansive peace and possibilities exist.

A stone that represents the earth and sky, this blue-green beauty anchors you into a sense of security and groundedness within yourself while opening your consciousness to divine wisdom at the same time. It helps you be comfortable with yourself, allow and accept change in your life, and step into integrity with your divine truth, so you can live in harmony and wholeness.

Crystal Turquoise Property Background
Crystal Turquoise Property Background

Turquoise Healing Properties

Element Wind


All elements

Turquoise is connected to the element of infinite space, of all that is. It encompasses every element- earth, water, fire, air, and ether. It’s an ancient and wise stone that helps bring all of the elements within us into divine wholeness.

It holds the strength, stability, and nourishment of the earth, able to help build you up from the inside out, instilling more confidence and grounded power.

Its water energy nourishes and moves fluids in the body, easing inflammation, breaking up stagnant and stuck energies, and flushing out emotional density and confusion.

Its fire energy is warming and transformative, creative and expansive, helping you rise into new beliefs that are in integrity with the fire that burns within your soul.

Its air energy is the wide expansive energy of truth, of an expressed voice, of the ability to move freely and honestly throughout this life and find a calm peaceful state of mind.

Chakra Throat


The throat is associated with the element of ether, of sound and vibration, where things are not seen but can be heard and felt and resonated with. The throat is the bridge between our heart and our mind, it’s the bridge between our emotional body and our mental body, which makes turquoise a beautiful match as it’s a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

Turquoise helps cleanse and clear the throat chakra of any constraints, cords, and conditioning, releasing tethers held around your self-expression, and helping free your voice to speak with clear, compassionate wisdom. It brings openness, patience, tolerance, and integrity to the throat chakra, aligning it with its highest virtue of truth and helping bring all facets of you into harmonic alignment with that truth.

The more greenish-hued turquoise varieties pull in more heart chakra energy, and those with yellow and brown tones activate more solar plexus energy, but they all encourage the expression of truth and create a channel for divine wisdom to be clearly understood and honestly spoken.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Turquoise holds a beautiful balance between the yang qualities of Father Sky and the yin qualities of Mother Earth. It meets them right in the middle, supporting your connection with your physical instinct and your divine intuition, helping you come back into balance within yourself, uniting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit into one integrated whole.


This beautiful blue stone builds energy in your life, from restoring your physical vitality to building up your self-esteem and confidence. It also stimulates tissue regeneration, rebuilds bones and teeth, and helps you accumulate nutrients in your body. It builds spiritual bridges as well between the earth and our higher consciousness.


Think of a clear blue sky as a metaphor for turquoise’s ability to clear the air, literally and figuratively. It clears out toxins, clears stagnant and harmful emotions, clears clutter and confusion from the mind, clears out conditioning and obstructions to the truth. It’s even been used for “cloud busting” to clear harmful chemicals from the air.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Semi-hard and chalky, most often opaque in sky blue or robin’s egg blue. The blue color comes from its copper content, and it can veer more towards green or yellow with different mineral inclusions. The amount of water also affects its color and the more dehydrated it is, the greener it appears.

Its stunning blue-green color is associated with new beginnings, tranquility, truth, and freedom. It’s the color of openness, possibility, clarity, and expanded sight, bringing calm, peace, perspective, and inspiration.


Turquoise is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate.

Hydrated means it contains water which gives it a cleansing effect and increases conductivity. The copper is also conductive and helps move the blood and qi, the life force energy flowing inside you. Aluminum clears heat. Phosphates build and store energy in the body, building bones and teeth.

Use Turquoise When...

You’re feeling…

stuck, panicked, anxious, stressed, depressed, out of balance, dishonest, lonely, lost, irritable, unpredictable, unstable, unmotivated, uninspired, fearful

You’re struggling with…

self-confidence, forgiveness, impatience, not accepting change, inflammation, pain, finding your purpose, making decisions, trusting yourself, being authentic, connecting to spirit

When you want…

whole body balance, inner harmony, clarity, confidence, faith in the divine, protection, peace, stability, to speak your truth, a wider perspective, heightened awareness, loving communication

Crystal Turquoise Use
Crystal Turquoise Life Background
Crystal Turquoise Life Background

Using Turquoise in Everyday Life


A very inspiring and empowering stone, turquoise can help you connect with a sky-high vision of your life and all the possibilities that exist. Use it to help you bust through limiting belief systems and perspectives that have held you back from realizing your vision, and to connect with the wealth of wisdom, answers, and pathways that exist all around you.

Hold or wear it as you state your intentions, incantations, or magic spells out loud, and it will carry the vibration of your words straight to the ears of the divine. It helps you realize your dreams, take inspired action, and move out of stuckness, around your fears and stumbling blocks, towards the end goal, with the wider vision always in mind.

Use turquoise as you reflect on what you’re ready to release from the past, or plan what you’re ready to create in the future, and it will help you use your inherent insights, instincts, and inner vision to manifest your dreams in the present.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Calming, peaceful, and open, turquoise is a beautiful stone for relationships to encourage loving and honest communication from the heart. It opens you up to more compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance toward others, bringing more harmony and wholeness into relationships of all kinds.

It’s a friendship stone above all, igniting kindness, joy, tolerance, and togetherness, helping you come into the right relationship with your inner self first so you can then bring your whole, true self into your relationships with others. When you allow yourself to be seen, heard, and accepted fully for who you are, you also learn how to embrace and accept others in the same way, and this honest reciprocity and harmony between all things is an energetic signature that turquoise brings.

Give turquoise as a gift to a friend or loved one to encourage open and honest communication between you two, or wear it whenever you want to stay loving and kind in your responses and speak from your emotional center.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This gorgeous blue stone helps you unearth both the truths and lies that are hiding within your subconscious, bringing them to the light of your awareness so you can break through old ways of believing and perceiving and expand into a wider, brighter perspective.

In Tibetan magic, turquoise was used to summon the shadow soul and return it back to the body, to bring the spirit self back into wholeness. As a beautiful stone of all elements, turquoise is a great one to choose when you’re ready to put the fractured or forgotten pieces of yourself back together, embrace change, and step into the wholeness of your being.

You can’t walk authentically through life without eventually facing and embracing your shadow, and it’s this reclaiming and recognition of the deep truths within yourself that turquoise brings to the surface to help you step into full integrity with you are and who you came to this beautiful Earth to be, not what others expect of you or who you’ve been conditioned to be.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

An excellent healing stone for the physical body, turquoise promotes overall health and the circulation of good, flowing energy throughout your whole body. It can draw out toxins and pain, strengthen the body, and ease many symptoms of disease.

Turquoise’s warming effect moves qi throughout the body, circulating your energy and moving stagnancy and inflammation out. It also nourishes and moves the fluids in the body and invigorates the blood, improving circulation to the extremities.

It’s good for breaking up any accumulated energy and can relieve abdominal and menstrual cramps, headaches, fluid retention, and general pain in the body. It also settles the nervous system and helps open the chest and lungs to relieve anxiety. It clears and opens the pineal gland helping with overall systemic balance and alignment with the body’s natural rhythms.

Self Care
Self Care

Turquoise is inspiring and uplifting to the mind, body, and soul, and brings the emotions back into balance. It’s a beautiful stone to use when you’re working on self-forgiveness or want to unleash more self-confidence, as it’s ultimately about seeing the truth, the whole truth, and accepting yourself for who you are, exactly as you are.

It’s a beautiful stone to move out stuck or stagnant energy and keep things flowing. It will circulate and harmonize the energy that’s around it. It works most effectively for self-care when it’s worn throughout the day or carried in a pocket or right against the body. It has a peaceful, balanced energy that can be worn daily or anytime you want to feel more whole and aligned from the inside out.

You can also hold it against your forehead or chest to calm stress or anxiety and open up to more inspiration. Hold it at the throat or wear a necklace or earrings made of turquoise to bring more compassion to your communication, and open up your psychic senses to communicate clearly with the divine.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

As a bridge between the spirit and material worlds, turquoise increases your ability to hear and communicate clearly with your guides, divine ancestors, and intuitive intelligence. It aids in soul retrieval and remembering your past lives, and has been used as an amulet of spiritual protection by cultures throughout history, connecting it to the ancestors of the Earth at large.

Used in ancient rituals to access the past and future and collective consciousness, you can use turquoise to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors and channel their guidance. It will help you connect to the lessons learned from your past lives and ancestral lineage to bring their wisdom into your present-day reality.

By the same token, it can also help you see how the burdens and pain along your soul and family’s lineage is still affecting you now, so you can escape the shackles of ancestral beliefs, karmic baggage, and soul contracts that are not in integrity with who you have become, and make the changes you need to in order to break the patterns, shift the cycles, and create a beautiful experience of wholeness here in the present.


An uplifting and enlightening stone to meditate with, turquoise calms and clears the mind, centers the emotions, and brings the body and spirit into harmony with one another. It’s grounding and inspiring at the same time, opening up your imagination and allowing your mind to receive clear insights and expand into new possibilities and perspectives.

It acts as a bridge between the past and future, bringing you into the present moment. Wear or hold it while you meditate to expand your awareness, heighten your psychic senses, and tap into your instinctual knowing.

🩵Our guided turquoise meditation leads you on an inner vision quest to connect with divine wisdom and discover the truths that lie within you. 🏜️

Crystal Turquoise Price Box Background

Turquoise Guided Meditation

Our guided labradorite meditation takes you on an out-of-this-world journey into the cosmic realms to find inspiration, insight, and perspective and bring it down into your body to help you create magic in everyday life.

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Crystal Turquoise Connection Background
Crystal Turquoise Connection Background

Turquoise Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Sagittarius energy seeks the truth above all and turquoise helps you better see and speak what’s true for you, to open your eyes to the boxes you’ve been caged in, and help you break free and explore the wide terrain of possibilities and express your divine wisdom.


Turquoise is the color of Gemini and as a stone it brings out the free-spirited qualities and smooth, easy communication of Gemini energy. It helps calm and focus a scattered mind and brings a positive mindset, wide-open perspective & higher intelligence.


Turquoise holds similar expansive energies to Jupiter, helping raise and widen your perspective, stay optimistic, and plug into your faith in the divine. It helps you tap into Jupiter-style luck, abundance, and trust in both the material and spiritual worlds.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

An Old Native Woman Selling Beads 

Phase 57, Taurus 27*

As this woman sells beads to passersby, she is anchored to her sense of self. The beads are a gift of her talent and skill, of her resourcefulness, and an homage to her heritage. She possesses a depth of wisdom that can only come through the experiences she’s gained over the years on the path to elderhood. She rests in the seat of her soul which is not shaken by external circumstances.

This wisdom and clear sense of ourselves is what turquoise opens us up to, helping us express the gifts of our soul, indifferent to circumstances and perceived obstacles.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The World

The world represents our journey through the cycles of life and arriving at a point of completion, integration, and harmony. It’s the closing of one chapter and relishing in a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and accomplishment before we begin the next leg of the journey. It’s the place where all things come together- all the elements and all corners of the Earth are represented, and our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds are combined.

The world is the culmination of experience and the development of true wisdom when we come into balance and find wholeness within ourselves. This wholeness is the essence of turquoise energy, the essence of truth, and a reflection of the union it creates between the material and divine planes.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The hawk flies through the turquoise blue skies with a powerfully clear vision, sharp instinct and insight, and a strong connection to the spirit world. Its energy lifts you into higher realms of perspective and perception so you can see the truth of the bigger picture. It’s a symbol of freedom, swift movement, taking action when the time is right, and connecting with the power of the spiritual forces.

Hawk spirit brings divine messages and clear insight from your intuitive wisdom, and is a signal of tapping into your psychic vision and hearing to discern what can’t be seen or heard with your physical senses. It acts as a bridge between higher and lower realms, just like turquoise, uniting divine intelligence with physical strength and prowess, and the natural with the supernatural.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Turquoise Varieties

There’s only one kind of turquoise, but there are over 30 different varieties that are named after the specific mine or locality the turquoise is from, which all possess the same healing qualities as described above. A few notable ones are:

Golden Hill Turquoise

Described as one of the most distinct and most “chemically pure” types of turquoise, this was originally found in Kazakhstan and is noted for its color that ranges from light baby-blues to lavender with a light-brown matrix mixed through.

Bisbee Turquoise

A highly-prized and rare turquoise sourced from copper mines in Bisbee, Arizona with a stunning bright aqua-blue color against a reddish coppery matrix.

Carico Lake Turquoise

This Nevada-born turquoise often carries vibrant spring green tones due to its zinc content, along with gorgeous clear-lake blues. Considered highly unique and collectible.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Turquoise + Pyrite

Pair with pyrite to help you create and manifest from your divine wisdom and see your soul’s purpose come to life as you walk through any obstacle with confidence and clarity.

Turquoise + Malachite

Pair with malachite to welcome big transformation into your life, to help soften and lift malachite’s powerful energy, and support your emotional and spiritual growth.

Turquoise + Blue Sapphire

Pair with blue sapphire to rewrite the old narratives and create lasting changes in your life around how you express your knowledge and share your truth.

Crystal Turquoise Connection Item
Crystal Turquoise Care Background
Crystal Turquoise Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Turquoise

Cleanse your turquoise with gentle methods, using smoke or sound is a great option, or you can place it on selenite or a bed of hematite overnight, or leave it on the windowsill under the new moon overnight to recharge its energy.

You can also place it on some dry earth outside under the elements for awhile to cleanse and restore its vital energies, but be careful placing it in direct sunlight as its color can fade from heat and bright light. It’s also porous and will absorb water so don’t put it on the wet or dewy ground for long, as it can discolor it. You may also want to avoid cleansing it with water directly as the metal content in it can start to rust.

Most turquoise sold today has been stabilized to help it keep its color, but natural, raw turquoise is more porous and can become darker or greener from absorbing the oils on your skin. Avoid getting any soaps, lotions, or oils directly on your turquoise jewelry while wearing it.

Also, be mindful that many stones sold as “turquoise” are often dyed howlite or magnesite. These stones do not hold the same healing energies as turquoise. Make sure you look for real turquoise from reputable dealers- ask questions about where it came from and any processing involved to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

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  • The information about turquoise is so intriguing and relatable. I have several pieces of turquoise jewelry I purchased over 50 years ago and have always loved it. Although I haven’t worn it in years I’m now inspired to start wearing it again. Thank you!

    • Ooh that’s amazing! Turquoise is such a beauty, so cool you’ve been collecting it for so long. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  • This information was ment for me to read and remember my higher divine is speaking to to me and bringing me back to my Native American roots. Thank you for sharing and for being sent to me to read 🫶💫✨💫🫶💫✨💫✨🫶

    • Oooh yes, I love it! I think you’ll really like the meditation for it, it takes you on an inner vision quest 🙂 So glad you found this article when you needed it! 🫶

  • This is brilliant- I didn’t realise Turquoise was such a powerful stone. It’s just what I need today- thank you Moon Omens for your inspiring writing.

  • Thank you!!! This was awesome. I’ve always been drawn to turquoise since I was a kid. After reading this I’m going to check out what I have and look for a few good pieces to wear and enjoy.
    Thank you! 🫶🏻

    • You’re so welcome! Turquoise is so gorgeous, love that you’ve been drawn to it so long. I have a turquoise bracelet my dad gave me as a kid that I still treasure. Hope you find a beautiful new piece to bring home!

  • I have always been drawn to Turquoise, and reading about all its properties and healing element, I understand why! I will definitely be checking out the meditation and keeping this stone with me throughout the day. Thank you so much for all if this great information.

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    Crystal Turquoise Recommend Background

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