Crystal Carnelian
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crystal icon Carnelian



The Crystal of Ignited Passion

Leo zodiac signs Leo
Aries zodiac signs Aries
Earth element Earth
Fire element Fire
Sun planet Sun
Root Sacral Solar Plexus
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Carnelian Guided Meditation

Our guided carnelian meditation takes you on an empowering, grounding journey to release subconscious fears & blocks & restore your innate vitality, creativity & passion for life!

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Crystal Carnelian Message Background
Crystal Carnelian Frame

The message

Carnelian’s Message To You:

I am
the fire of desire
passion in action
the spirit of aliveness
a blazing heart
embodied pleasure
a vortex of creation
holding the light
rooted in the earth
resolute & determined
burning the past
moving what’s stuck
refilling your well
fueling your life force
easing your pain
strengthening your body
protecting your flame

I am
a torch guiding you
ever and always
back home



Carnelian helps you to…

  • Fire up your passion
  • Create energetic boundaries
  • Replenish your energy
Crystal Carnelian Story Background
Crystal Carnelian Story

The Story of Carnelian

Born from the blazing fire of a sacred heart, carnelian is a powerful crystal to ignite the creative flame within you, transmute dark and heavy energy, and fuel you toward fulfilling your deepest soul-level desires. It brings strength, endurance, and a deep connection to your gut knowing to help you understand what you want, what you deserve, and what you’re capable of.

Protective and emboldening, carnelian is a highly grounding stone to help you take action on your heart’s guidance, shift your emotional energy, and charge up your internal batteries. It’s clearing and invigorating, breaking through energetic blocks and emotional stagnation to build up your life force energy and help you connect with the things that fuel you in life and spark an internal yes within your gut.

Like a ripe, juicy orange, carnelian’s energy is refreshing, energizing, and full of zest, reconnecting you with your innate passion and creativity, with your sensuality and desire, to help you follow what brings you pleasure and embrace the sparkling goodness that exists in life with both arms.

Holding the flame of divine light within it, carnelian helps you release the ghosts of shock, trauma, death, and tragedy. When you need to find and connect with the light or release guilt, shame, and grief from the past, carnelian’s powerful energy comes in to move what’s stuck, encouraging release, flow, and letting go.

It helps you break down the dams that have been built from past experiences, freeing up your flow of energy, while also supporting you in creating healthier, stronger boundaries to contain and preserve your vital energy while fulfilling your desires to share your gifts and create what you want for your life.

Let’s dig deeper into all the powerful energy carnelian holds to help you find more strength and vitality in everyday life.

Crystal Carnelian Property Background

Carnelian Healing Properties

Element Fire


Holding the spark of life, carnelian can relight the eternal flame within your heart and protect it from being extinguished. The element of fire connects with passion, creation, vibrance, and enthusiasm, and this fiery stone promotes all those things and more, fanning the flame of the spirit that lies within you.

Its fire energy is grounded in the earth, it’s a low, everlasting burn, not running wild and out of control, which gives it the ability to temper and balance the fire energies within you, turning up the heat on your soul desires and creative urges, and turning down the temperature on fiery feelings like anger, aggression, and frustration.

Carnelian is a beautiful balancing tool to harness your fire energy and fuel it into creative action and fulfilling your pleasures, into following the things that spark innate joy and curiosity within you. It will keep your candle burning strong so you can live a passion-filled life and bring your heart’s highest dreams into reality.

Element Earth


The earth energy of carnelian tempers and balances its fire energy, grounding it into the body and the physical world. This is how spirit becomes form, how light becomes material, how ideas are manifested. The earth energy brings in strength, courage, and tenacity, and carnelian’s power to energize the physical body.

Earth energy is also incredibly supportive and nourishing and it’s embodied in this stone’s ability to connect you with your innate needs and wants and help you move into action to fulfill them. It’s calming and balancing, encouraging you to connect with your bodily senses and allow them to guide you.

Carnelian is grounding and cleansing for your energetic field, connecting you to the pulse and rhythms of the earth and all its incredible wisdom, helping you release the past, build strong energetic boundaries, and stand in your strength and power.

Chakra Root


Grounding, emboldening, and empowering, carnelian (especially a rich red-colored piece) is a beautiful stone to help open and stimulate your root chakra. It helps greatly when you’re developing your sense of belonging, safety, and security in this world, or the strength of your physical body and endurance, empowering you emotionally and physically to keep moving toward the light.

The root is where your unconscious fears and ancestral wounding are held in your energetic system, and carnelian brings the courage and strength to face and release these wounds and tethers on your energy, to step boldly into the present moment and take the necessary steps to change the course of your future.

The root chakra is where we connect to the nurturing and palpable support of the earth, and carnelian acts as a beautiful bridge to bring all the nourishing strength of the earth’s energy up into your body. It clears stuckness and stagnation and moves your feet into action toward pursuing all that matters most to you.

Chakra Sacral


The sacral chakra houses the well of your life force energy. It’s here where you create from, where you feel passion and desire and the instinctual pull of your gut. This life force energy is what propels you into the world and it’s greatly enhanced, nourished, and protected by carnelian.

For anyone who feels like they give all their energy out to all the people and projects and problems in life and have very little left for themselves, carnelian is the stone that will not only revitalize your inner well but also protect you from spilling all its creative waters out to everything else without nourishing yourself first.

A beautiful crystal to help you nurture your desires, embrace pleasure, and create from an innate place deep within you, carnelian strengthens sacral chakra function, cleansing and restoring its energy, increasing your sense of vitality and passion for life.
It’s also an incredible stone to help you release not only your own emotional baggage but all the emotional energy you’re holding for others. A beautiful tool for empaths and those who are very sensitive to external energies, carnelian acts as an invisible shield around your aura to dispel negative, dense, and depleting energies and keep your internal batteries charged up.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

Carnelian also has an uplifting and invigorating effect on the solar plexus, the seat of your soul and ego, where you feel into who you are and what you’re here for. When you feel like you’re stuck, questioning, or unsure about your direction, this stone can help light your path forward and get your feet walking on it.

When you lack confidence or clarity around your purpose, it’s often linked to a solar plexus blockage or stagnation, and carnelian’s energy stirs up, stimulates, and moves any stagnant energy out, building up your sense of yourself, dissolving fear, worries, and frustration, helping you take action on manifesting your creative ideas into reality.

Your power and creativity are expressed into the world through the light of your solar plexus, and carnelian, especially the yellow-toned stones, will help you engage in life and pursue what truly lights you up with more vitality, openness, and courage.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


When you want to stoke the flames of your creativity and desire and move out stagnant, dense, or negative energy, carnelian is the ignition switch to get your qi flowing, clear out what’s stuck, and bring in more light. It activates your lower three chakras, grounding you into the power and strength of your body, heightening your drive and ambition. It’s motivating, encouraging, and energizing, sparking passion and action, activating the vital essence within you.


Although it’s a stone of fire, carnelian’s balanced and cleansing nature helps to clear excess heat in the body and emotions, calming frustration, anger, mood swings, and tempers, as well as high blood pressure and anxiety. It cools off resentment and hostility, allowing for the release of old wounds. It helps you calm your jets and prioritize your own needs when you’re overwhelmed, too busy, and on the verge of burning out, to ensure you keep your eternal flame alive.


When you feel depleted, exhausted, or worn out, carnelian refills your inner well giving you energy, stamina, and momentum. It nourishes the blood, replenishes your energy, and recharges your batteries. It helps you better absorb and utilize nutrients, increasing your physical and emotional stamina and health.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Carnelian is an orange-hued beauty ranging from deep rust reds to vibrant fire orange to pale yellowish tones.

In Daoist stone medicine, yellow connotes the earth and red is fire, so when combined into orange, it’s seen as fire moving into the earth. Orange stones stoke digestion, burning away impurities, including digesting old thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns that have been stuck within you.


Carnelian is red chalcedony made of silicon dioxide and iron. Oxides are supportive and nourishing with quick-moving energy, and iron is incredibly supportive and nourishing to the blood in particular, providing energy and stamina.

Use Carnelian When...

You’re feeling…

exhausted, unmotivated, lethargic, overwhelmed, burnt out, unstable, bored, stuck, depleted, tense, aggressive, frustrated, weak, too in your head, overwhelmed

You’re struggling with…

releasing past trauma & shame, chronic fatigue, absorbing other’s emotions, reproductive issues, low sex drive, inflammation, low energy, procrastination, anxiety

When you want…

clearer energetic boundaries, nourishment, vitality, physical stamina, endurance, confidence, to follow your passions, to tap into your creativity, sensual stimulation, more drive for life

Crystal Carnelian Use
Crystal Carnelian Life Background

Using Carnelian in Everyday Life


Carnelian energy wants the most out of life. It wants to go forward, to blaze ahead, to move through the world with a bold, warrior spirit. Wear or carry it when you’re ready to build more confidence and go after your true desires. It’s a stone that helps you take action on what you want to manifest in life and helps you face your fears head-on.

This is a stone of creation, for you to use as a conscious co-creator of your life. Carnelian aligns you with delight, pleasure, and joy, moving you towards that giddiness in your belly, towards what lights you up inside. It clears the emotional blocks out around your self-worth and confidence to help you become more magnetic to your deepest soul desires.

Use carnelian to help you jumpstart into action and be bold and courageous in sharing your creations, your joy, and what lights your soul on fire with the world! Keep it on you or nearby as you brainstorm and create.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Carnelian is great for romantic relationships to enhance sexual passion and desire. It shifts your focus out of your head, into your bodily sensations, reconnecting you with pleasure and the present moment. Put it in your bedroom to heighten sensuality and physical stamina, but move it back out again when you’re ready to get some sleep as it can be highly stimulating.

It’s also helpful in creating healthy boundaries in all your relationships, protecting your vital essence and energy, and encouraging you to express your true emotions. It’s a stone that will help you be bold and courageous in your love, take action on your heart’s desires, and really savor all the joy and pleasure you can find through your relationships.

To bring a new spark and energy into your relationship, find a carnelian crystal (maybe a heart-shaped one) to dedicate to the relationship you want to amp up. Hold the stone in your palms and state your intentions and desires for your relationship out loud into it. Then keep this stone with you or in a place where you can see it and check in with it daily.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

When you’re dealing with shadows around your own self-worth, holding shame and blame and resentment in your body, or feeling like you constantly give all your energy away to everyone else but yourself, carnelian is a superb tool to help you shore up those energetic boundaries and start to understand the connect with the inherent value and creative gifts you hold within you.
For the times when you’re feeling worthless or unmotivated, undervalued or uninspired, or if you have deep emotional blocks around sharing your creative essence or expressing your sexual energy, carnelian ignites and balances the flame within you, activating your fire where you need it, dissolving sticky blocks, judgments, and misbeliefs about yourself, allowing you to engage with the strength and inner power you contain.

Our lower three chakras hold a lot of dense, stuck, and stagnant emotional energy, sometimes for our entire lives if it’s never addressed, and carnelian clears and activates all the lower charkas to get that heavy, toxic energy moving out. Lay with it on any/all of these lower chakras and allow it to stir up the natural vital essence of who you are and what you’re here for!

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Carnelian is an excellent stone to get in touch with and develop faith in your bodily intuition and instinct, in the internal GPS you carry within your sacral chakra. Especially if you are a being with a defined sacral, you’re someone who needs to rely on your gut yeses and nos to guide you forward, but often they can be hard to feel or to trust when we’re inundated with so much information and so many different energies all day long.

Carnelian pulls you back into the pulse of your own internal answers, into the rhythm of your body, so you can feel and trust and know that your internal yeses and nos are true, that the magnetic pull you feel is meant to be followed, and that your body knows exactly what you need at any given moment.

Hold a carnelian over your belly button and close your eyes. Breathe, ground into your body, and begin asking yourself yes or no questions. Listen to your body’s immediate responses. Allow the wisdom of your bodily intuition to guide you.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Carnelian breaks up stagnancy and accumulation in the energy body as well as the physical body, which translates to its benefits in breaking up cysts, fibroids, and kidney stones, and relieving cramps and low back or abdominal pain.

It’s balancing and nourishing for the blood which benefits in treating infertility, impotence, menopausal symptoms, and high blood pressure. A carnelian sphere or tumbled stone is perfect for rolling over your body for any cramps, aches, or pain to increase the blood flow in that area and get the good energy flowing again.

Carnelian clears heat, which includes inflammation, acute pain, stress, or constriction in the body. It stimulates the digestion and absorption of nutrients and increases overall well-being and vitality.

Self Care
Self Care

One of the best self-care stones to have in your arsenal, especially if you consider yourself to be an empath or psychically sensitive, carnelian is incredibly restorative, protective, and rejuvenating for your physical and energetic bodies.

Not can you use it as an actual tool for different self-care practices, but its energy encourages the act of self-care itself, inspiring and motivating you to take action on your needs and desires, to put energy into nurturing yourself, and do the things that will restore your vitality. It’s a stone of filling your own cup first so you can give to others from an overflowing well of energy, rather than depleting yourself for their benefit.

Throw a carnelian in the bath with you as you relax and release any heavy, dense, and stuck emotions. Hold one over your sacral chakra and imagine its warm, orange light surrounding you with creativity, joy, and courage. Keep one in your pocket to amplify your strength & physical stamina while you exercise, or just to keep your energy up throughout the day. Hold it and breathe anytime you need to recharge your internal batteries.


Meditating with carnelian is uplifting and inspiring, activating and energizing! It’s a perfect stone to use for movement meditations while you’re doing something active like yoga, qi gong, dance, or a nature walk.

You can also do a sitting meditation with it to help you ground and center your emotions and nervous system, bringing your awareness to your bodily sensations while cleansing and clearing out any dense, stuck energies.

🔥 Our guided carnelian meditation takes you on an empowering, grounding journey to release subconscious fears & blocks & restore your innate vitality, creativity & passion for life! 🧡

Crystal Carnelian Price Box Background

Carnelian Guided Meditation

Our guided carnelian meditation takes you on an empowering, grounding journey to release subconscious fears & blocks & restore your innate vitality, creativity & passion for life!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Carnelian Connection Background

Carnelian Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


With its ability to stoke your courageous, warrior-like strength, carnelian greatly resonates with the energy of Aries. It’s a stone that will help you take action, take initiative, and move with the instinctual desires of your body and innate knowing, as Aries demonstrates so well.


Carnelian incites courage and creativity, urging you to follow your desires and what brings you joy and pleasure, which fits the Leo vibe to a tee. Use it to tap into the creative fire and lion-like strength you hold within you, bringing out your confidence and determination to proudly follow the guidance of your heart.

The Sun

With its fiery essence, orange glow, and strong life-force energy, carnelian is ruled by the magnificent power of the Sun to help you tap into all the joy, vibrance, and light it brings. It will clear out the emotional darkness and bring consciousness to what truly makes you feel alive and worthy and the powerful radiance you are here to share with the world.

Crystal Carnelian Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Harvest Moon 
Phase 357, Pisces 27*

Bring the image to mind of a great orange-tinged full moon rising in the dark autumn sky, signaling harvest time! A period of communal sharing in bountiful abundance, a time filled with gratitude, blessings, and joy, and taking pleasure in all the rewards you’ve gained for your past efforts…

This describes the joyful, exuberant energy of carnelian, a feeling of being filled up from within with the endless beauty and physical pleasures of being alive.

Crystal Carnelian Connection Item
Tarot Cards


This major arcana card is about harnessing the full power of your inner strength with gentleness and awareness. Carnelian helps you do just that, increasing your physical strength as well as your emotional stability. It strengthens the walls of your personal boundaries so you can retain your essential creative energy for yourself. And it helps you tap into the inherent strength you carry and use it to move through life with courage, pursuing what your heart truly desires!

Ace of Wands

This card is a beacon of new creative spark and fire burning within you that you’re ready to bring into the world! It’s a signal of following your heart and allowing your creative fire to be your guide, as you move with the pings of natural inspiration and motivation and stay dedicated to creating your own path ahead. This card resonates with that spark of fire that carnelian holds to light you up to your true potential and inspire you to passionately stride forward towards creating the life you truly desire!

Spirit Animal


The stone of Kings, carnelian helps you embody the noble strength and fiery passion of a lion. Grounding and emboldening, it can help you step into your confidence and courage, dropping you into your body and helping you move with your instincts. Lions also know how to rest, receive pleasure, and embrace joy, all things that carnelian helps you do for yourself so you can embody all the highest lion virtues.


The more feminine essence of carnelian is linked to the energy of a cougar, protective and powerful, the cougar knows how to create boundaries and reserve their strength, which is exactly what carnelian can help you do. They evaluate the world through their senses, patient and observant, with the wisdom to know the right time to act. A cougar on the prowl is passionate, sexual, and not afraid to enter into the darkness to find what it’s searching for, which is the same energy carnelian stokes within you.

Crystal Carnelian Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Carnelian + Jasper

Pair with any type of jasper to balance out carnelian’s activating energy with a calming, patient influence to further ground the fire it stirs up.

Carnelian + Garnet

Pair with garnet for extra oomph in clearing heat from the body, especially for menopause or hormonal imbalance.

Carnelian + Selenite

Pair with selenite to cleanse and clear the entire physical and energetic body of stagnant, toxic, and dense energies.

Crystal Carnelian Connection Item
Crystal Carnelian Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Carnelian

Carnelian is a firey stone, so a great way to cleanse it is with fire, sun, or smoke. You can carefully run a carnelian stone through a candle flame, or set it by a crackling fire for a while to soak up the heat. You can set it on the windowsill or outside in the morning or late afternoon sunshine, but be careful of midday bright afternoon sun as too much sun can discolor it over time.

You can also use smudge smoke from your favorite herbs, wood, or incense as a quick cleanse, or run it through some cool water to reset its fiery energy and restore its nurturing essence.

You can also hold the carnelian in your hands and imagine orange light energy running through it, like a fire, burning away anything that needs to be cleansed.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Carnelian or crystals in general!


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  • Beautifully written and very helpful information. Carnelian was calling to me and now it’s even clearer why.

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