Crystal Bloodstone
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crystal icon Bloodstone



The Crystal of a Warrior Heart

Aries zodiac signs Aries
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Earth element Earth
Fire element Fire
Mars planet Mars
Root Heart
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Bloodstone Guided Meditation

Our guided bloodstone meditation takes you on a powerful grounding journey to connect with your inner warrior and open to courageous compassion.

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Crystal Bloodstone Message Background
Crystal Bloodstone Message Background
Crystal Bloodstone Frame

The message

Bloodstone’s Message To You:

When challenges or fears arise
I’ll help you see them through clear eyes
Raising you into a higher perception
Guarding you with fierce protection

When you’re stressed or panicking
Call on me for banishing
I’ll detoxify, release, and purge
Support your heart & steady your nerves

When crisis comes knocking at your door
That’s what my nurturing strength is for
To help you conquer your battles in life
& confidently rise above the strife

When you’re wounded, in need of healing
I’ll lift you up & stop the bleeding
Through any great adversity
I’ll restore your strength & vitality

Within you lies the heart of a warrior
That knows there’s nothing you can’t conquer
When you act with courageous compassion
Open your heart & put love into action



Bloodstone helps you to…

  • Release what depletes you
  • Restore your vitality
  • Act from compassion
Crystal Bloodstone Story Background
Crystal Bloodstone Story Background
Crystal Bloodstone Story

The Story of Bloodstone

Born from the blood of the Earth, bloodstone is a regenerative powerhouse to restore your strength, power, and will to live life courageously. Protective and nurturing, it circulates, moves, and nourishes the blood, clearing out stagnation and imbalances, which in turn also cleanses the emotions, mind, and spirit, allowing every part of your being to release whatever energy’s been draining you. It will revitalize your strength, vitality, and confidence to move forward despite any fears or obstacles.

Protective and shielding, bloodstone is a great crystal to reach for in a crisis or when you’re dealing with something hard or chaotic, especially related to illness or anything that’s depleting your energy. It helps you identify, come to terms with, and take action on releasing whatever’s draining you, whether it’s a behavior pattern, stuck emotions, habitual thoughts, or a certain situation or relationship. It can help you plug the energy leaks in your life so you can retain your vital strength and power.

A stone of the heart, bloodstone stabilizes and centers you within the core of your being, connecting your heart to the earth, empowering your health, well-being, and sense of feeling supported from within. It opens and circulates the energy within both your physical and energetic heart, opening you to more patience, acceptance, and compassion, enabling you to love from a sense of inner security and an understanding of your own value and power.

It has a rich history of use in ancient cultures around the world. In India, it was used as an aphrodisiac, and in Ancient China, for weather magic. Ancient Christians ascribe the stone as capturing the blood of Christ. The Ancient Greeks called it “heliotrope” (which you may still see it listed as today) and thought it preserved their youth and aided in divination and manifestation. Greek and Roman cultures also wore bloodstones to help them succeed in sporting competitions and battles. And in cultures throughout the world, bloodstone has notoriously been used to stop bleeding and hemorrhaging.

This is truly a stone of victory, increasing your motivation and warrior spirit to help you succeed at whatever you do in life. You can use it to overcome great obstacles and conquer all your inner and outer battles, to stand up for yourself, and fight for what’s right. It empowers you with the courage to face any adversities that come along while staying centered in your heart so you can live a long and prosperous life!

Crystal Bloodstone Property Background
Crystal Bloodstone Property Background

Bloodstone Healing Properties

Element Earth


Grounding, settling, centering, and calming, bloodstone carries the energy of the Earth, to root you back into your physical body and connect you with your strength, sense of perseverance, and vital essence.

It brings patience, nurturing, and support, just like the Earth itself, which is its yin energy, its essence of regeneration, restoration, and healing. Bloodstone settles heightened and frazzled energy, bringing it down to Earth, and softening the noise of a cluttered mind or heart.

It connects you to the power and magic of the Earth, of your body, and this material world, helping you see that you truly can create anything your heart desires in this physical reality.

Element Fire


Bloodstone is also invigorating, motivating, and empowering, spurring you into action, moving forward, and going after what you desire. This is its fire essence, its yang energy, and it’s a fire of inspiration, passion, and protection.

This fire energy is connected to the heart, to your spirit and purpose, to the light of your being, and bloodstone sparks and stokes this heart-fire within you, helping you take bold and impassioned action toward what lights you up and makes you feel alive.

The Earth energy in bloodstone grounds and balances this fire energy to create a solid structure and foundation for your natural inner fire to burn bright and strong for a long time, without burning out or losing fuel.

Chakra Root


Bloodstone activates the root chakra, grounding you into presence and your internal power. It stokes physical energy, endurance, and strength and stabilizes your mind and emotions to help you not only survive, but thrive.

The root is your connection to the Earth and your physical body, and all your inherent needs as a human. When it feels like these needs aren’t adequately being fulfilled, you may feel stifled, depleted, or unmotivated, and bloodstone is an awesome balancer for this to bring a sense of security and safety from within, and help you take action to make sure your every need is met.

The root chakra is where we hold both courage and fear, power and insecurity, strength and weakness. Bloodstone helps you release from the grip of this push and pull to surge forward and grow into your full potential, discovering what you’re really capable of.

Chakra Heart


Bloodstone is also a beautiful stone for activating and nurturing the heart, and will open you to more compassion and a ferocity of courage to guide you toward your heart’s desires in life. It instills more patience, understanding, and equanimity throughout your life and relationships.

The heart chakra is the center of harmony within our body and bloodstone helps get its energy circulating, moving, and flowing again, which releases any density, pain, and blockages that may be held there, restoring balance and vitality.

It’s incredibly beneficial for the physical heart as well, and for the thymus gland which plays a huge role in our immune functioning. Bloodstone boosts your immunity and overall health and wellness to bring more harmony to your whole being.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Bloodstone moves energy downward, lowering blood pressure and anxiety, settling frazzled nerves and scattered emotions. Grounding and centering, it brings you out of your head, back into your body. Calming, it turns down the tempo, and settles hyper and overactive energies.


This is a beautiful stone for releasing inner and outer blocks, unempowering beliefs, and energetic disturbances. It consolidates your energy and releases fear, clears out heated emotions like anger, irritability, and frustration, and detoxifies the mind, body, and emotions to restore your innate strength and balance.


Bloodstone is activating and empowering, circulating and moving energy, boosting your physical, mental, and emotional vitality, motivation, and will to push ahead in life. It gets whatever’s energetically stagnant or stuck moving forward again and replenishes what’s been depleted.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Bloodstone is opaque green to black or grey with signature red spots that give rise to its name. Chlorite or epidote color it green, and iron-rich hematite is responsible for the red splatters. This beautiful combination of strengthening, enriching, activating, and clarifying minerals creates the beautiful harmonic balance that bloodstone carries.

This rich green and red combination reflects the life-force energy of all things, from seed to sprout, the energy of growth with the foundational strength to support it. These are the colors of power, action, health, and vibrant healing. In Daoist stone medicine, green relates to the liver and red relates to the heart, bringing together the release of toxicity and the restoration of your vital essence for whole-body healing.


A type of microcrystalline quartz, bloodstone is made of silicon dioxide + iron. Quartz is a powerful aid in activating and transmuting energy, and iron is incredibly nourishing and strengthening, giving bloodstone its beautiful combination of energies that’s at once grounding and stimulating, to bring balance where it’s needed.

It has a trigonal crystal structure which relates to the element of fire, and gives it an ability to boost your energy and push you towards fulfilling your true desires and needs. It also helps balance out excess fire energy when there’s too much.

Use Bloodstone When...

You feel:

exhausted, insecure, unmotivated, burnt out, sick, lackluster, imbalanced, weak, worried, drained, depleted, stuck, too much in your head, unfocused, disconnected, unsure, fearful

You’re struggling with: 

illness, life challenges, big changes, bullying, low self-worth, blood disorders or bleeding, traumatic stress, anxiety, making hard decisions, procrastination, critical thinking, self-sabotage

You want:

courage, strength, inner security, groundedness, compassion, patience, support, prosperity, increased endurance, longevity, victory, to conquer something, to face fears, to find balance 

Crystal Bloodstone Use
Crystal Bloodstone Life Background

Using Bloodstone in Everyday Life


Bloodstone is an excellent manifestation stone and has been ascribed for thousands of years, in cultures around the world, to having the power to bring abundance, make intentions real on Earth, and release all the inner and outer obstacles in the way. It’s a stone to help you win in life, in all sorts of ways.

Bloodstone is specifically mentioned in what’s called the “Leiden papyrus”, an ancient Greco-Roman codex found buried with its owner in Thebes, Egypt, where it’s been translated to say: “The world has no greater thing. If anyone have this with him, he will be given whatever he asks for… Whoever bears this stone […] will find all doors open, while bonds and stone walls will be rent asunder.” This is exactly the energy that bloodstone brings to help you bust through the walls of fear, break out of the bonds of limiting beliefs and emotional trauma, and direct action toward accomplishing anything you want in this life.

Hold or wear bloodstone to help you take bold, courageous action guided by the heart. It’s a great stone to wear as an amulet over the chest or bracelet. You can also use it in prosperity grids and rituals to help ground your desires into reality.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Bloodstone is a wonderful tool to help you conquer challenges and overcome any adversities in your relationships, easing tension and struggles and settling the energy down. In the same way it restores your physical and energetic health, bloodstone reinvigorates and refreshes the health and vitality of your relationships, and can get things moving and circulating again where there’s been stuckness or struggle.

As a stone of compassion, it can help you understand where others are coming from and begin to see the emotional roots behind another person’s behaviors, which can help you approach them with more love and openness. You can wear bloodstone when you’re around others, or keep a tower or sphere in a central location where people gather to keep the compassion flowing.

Bloodstone also has that powerful warrior energy that will give you the courage to stand strong in what you believe in and act in integrity with yourself and your heart, no matter what anyone else says or thinks about it. This can help you find more inner strength and security in your relationships and create more balance in those that need it, just by acting in alignment with your own heart.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This powerful stone helps you see your shadows clearly and walk into the dark bravely, knowing that it can’t conquer you. It’s extremely beneficial for releasing energetic toxicity and those deeply seeded emotions you’re holding, especially fiery ones like anger, frustration, rage, and internal pressure.

Bloodstone helps you release and stabilize your emotions. Massage a tumbled bloodstone on your lower back to help you let go of fear and apprehension, or place or tape a small stone on the base of your sternum where your ribs meet to release deep trauma and interrupt your critical mind so you can gain some clarity and inner stability.

It’s a stone to help your spirit integrate with your body. When you feel disconnected, unwanted, like you don’t belong or want to leave this earthly plane, bloodstone pulls you out of the heightened state of dread, panic, or fear, sinks you back into your heart, into the roots of who you are, and reconnects you to the beautiful experience of being alive. It will show you how to walk with your pain, right through your fears, to find peace, balance, and security on the other side.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties

This nourishing crystal aids in the circulation of blood and other fluids in the body, and helps with blood-related issues or disorders, anemia, or any physical ailment that feels like it’s reducing your life force energy. It breaks up stagnation and clots, and moves, nourishes, and purifies the blood, which benefits the entire circulatory system and increases lymph flow.

You can rub a tumbled bloodstone on bruises or varicose veins to help break up stagnation. Try a bloodstone roller or gua sha on your face and neck to clear your lymphatic system and help with swollen tonsils or glands. Place or tape bloodstone on wounds to speed healing. Or do like the ancients do and run a bloodstone under cold water and then place it on an area to stop the bleeding.

This stone is very grounding and balancing for ADHD, anxiety, or a hyperactive mind, and can settle heart palpitations. For any ailment where it feels like energy is rising out of control, bloodstone will settle it back down. It’s a beautiful tool to help you look after your physical healing and a great stone for general health that you can use for everyday immune protection and vitality, as well as to support you through sickness or chronic illness and help you recover.

Self Care
Self Care

Bloodstone is very calming for the mind, for anxiety and hyper-thinking, whenever you’re more in your head than in your body, bloodstone can help pull you back down to earth, settling the rampant and critical thoughts down. It’s a beautiful stone to work with to help you gain clarity and learn how to tap into and embody the strength and power you carry within you.

An excellent crystal companion for self-care, you can use bloodstone as a massage tool for any aches or pain, even when that pain is internal or emotional. Place it on your heart to help you find centering and balance and release emotional wounds. Carry it in your pocket or wear it as a bracelet to help you stay grounded and embodied throughout the day.

Turn to bloodstone when you feel exhausted or lacking and are ready to increase your self-worth, self-compassion, and self-confidence. It helps you learn when in life to retreat, withdraw, and take care of yourself and when to get out there and fight for what you want.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Bloodstone can be a great stone to sleep with by your bedside or under your pillow, for its restorative and balancing qualities. It will help you clear and release toxins and keep your energy circulating, and you can integrate all its beneficial healing effects as you sleep so you wake up feeling more refreshed, restored, and revitalized.

It can also be helpful when you have a busy or cluttered mind that’s keeping you awake, to ground and calm racing or anxious thoughts. It helps you become present and embodied so you can return to the natural rhythms of nature and your body and sleep more easily when it’s necessary to restore and repair your mind, body, and spirit.

It’s also quite a magical stone that can connect you with the higher realms and your intuitive awareness as you drift off into dreamland. It’s said to stimulate dreams and help you cleanse and release trauma and toxicity through them, purifying your subconscious and energetic system as you sleep.


A lovely crystal for meditation, bloodstone helps you calm your mind and sink into the present moment where you can connect with your body and innate knowing. It helps dispel negative and toxic thinking and emotions, settles distractions, and centers you within your own being.

It’s a beautiful stone to help you tap into your inner warrior when you need that internal empowerment and security. It guides you back to your strength, instincts, intuition, and heart, to help you hear the rhythms of nature, and the rhythms of your own heart, so you can align with them both and come back into innate balance.

❣️ Our guided bloodstone meditation takes you on a powerful grounding journey to connect with your inner warrior and open to courageous compassion. 🛡️

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Bloodstone Guided Meditation

Our guided bloodstone meditation takes you on a powerful grounding journey to connect with your inner warrior and open to courageous compassion.

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Crystal Bloodstone Connection Background

Bloodstone Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


This warrior stone gives you the courage and tenacity of Aries, helping you take charge, take the lead, win in competitions and challenges, and step into action with confidence, without second-guessing yourself. It also is a great stone to calm and steady the reactionary, leap-before-you-look tendencies of Aries, so you can make wise choices from a clear mind and act with intention.


Bloodstone opens your heart to the compassion of Pisces, bringing altruistic motivation. It helps you empathize with others in a way that allows you to break through their walls with openness and understanding and can diffuse tense, aggressive situations by helping you take a heart-centered perspective. It also brings balance to the martyr tendencies and hyper-sensitive nature of Pisces by building grounded internal strength.


This blood-spattered stone can only belong to Mars, the God of War, who represents strength in battle, victory, power, and physical action. Bloodstone holds all these energies, igniting your courage and passion, helping you win your internal wars, and stand strong in challenging situations. It’s also a traditional birthstone for March, which is named for Mars, and adds another layer to its Pisces/Aries connection.

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

Two Awards for Bravery in War… 

Phase 293, Capricorn 23*

This symbol is about being recognized for your victories and courage, for your bravery in war not once, but twice! This is about perseverance and inner fortitude, harnessing the ability to overcome your adversities, fight your inner and outer battles, and come out the victor of life.

This symbol is a reminder of the virtues of receiving recognition for a job well done, for conquering your battles, and for braving this crazy thing called life, and that’s exactly what bloodstone helps you do. Whether you hear it from anyone else or not, you deserve to reward and recognize yourself for all the hard-fought battles you’ve won throughout life, and how strong and courageous you really are!

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Tarot Cards


Bloodstone’s energy aligns with that of the Strength card in tarot, on which a woman is seen gently stroking the head of a lion. This represents both the confidence and courage that bloodstone imbues in you, and also its generous compassion and understanding of the true force and power that love and gentleness hold.

The lion on the card is an expression of raw power and unbridled emotion, and the woman is unafraid of its wildness, and can harness and channel its power into her own feelings of inner fortitude and security. In the same way, working with bloodstone connects you back to your inner strength and self-knowing, helping you conquer low self-worth, doubt, and insecurity and connect with your patience, perseverance, and inner power.

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The bear is a symbol of strength, confidence, and courage, holding a great amount of internal power and steadiness, grounded and connected to the Earth. There is a maternal air of protective nurturing and compassion and a beautiful relationship with healing and retreat. A bear knows exactly when to consolidate and conserve their energy, and when to go into warrior mode to get what they need. These are all the same qualities that bloodstone brings out in you.

The shadow side of bear energy is aggression and acting solely on emotion, having unstable relationships, being slow to change, or getting stuck in fear. Bloodstone is also a great balancer for all these energies, calming explosive emotions, settling and balancing relationships, and helping you keep moving forward through any fears.

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Bloodstone Varieties

There aren’t any specific varieties of bloodstone, but you will see it sold under a few different names:

African Bloodstone

This particular bloodstone is usually more grey in color, rather than green, with more translucence and the same red inclusions. You will also sometimes see this sold as “setonite.” It’s found worldwide, but the best specimens are from South Africa and Madagascar.


This is the original name for bloodstone that’s still used at times today, meaning “to turn towards the sun”, as the stone was said to reflect the sunlight when wet. Today “heliotrope” is sometimes used to refer to the stones that don’t have that signature red splatter, but it’s also used synonymously with “bloodstone”- they are one in the same.

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Bloodstone + Green Aventurine

Pair with green aventurine for luck and money magic to bring in abundance, and also realize and relish in all the abundance you already have. Brings joy and exuberance.

Bloodstone + Pyrite

Pair with pyrite to boost bloodstone’s fiery yang energy and your ability to make wise decisions, conquer your goals, and manifest your desires into reality.

Bloodstone + Hematite

Pair with hematite to boost bloodstone’s grounding, nurturing, and protective energies, to settle and calm the mind, and draw inward into your inner power and balance.

Crystal Bloodstone Connection Item
Crystal Bloodstone Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Bloodstone

You can cleanse bloodstone under running water, and then recharge it in the sun to increase its warmth and yang energy, especially if you need to use it to increase your courage, stamina or help you take action. Try placing it under the sun for a few hours as it sets.

You can also both cleanse and recharge bloodstone by placing it directly on the earth, in the dirt or grass, so it can discharge excess energy and soak up the supportive, nurturing, healing qualities of the Earth. Try this method when you’re feeling ill, rundown, or need that kind of earthly support.

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