Crystal Peridot
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The Crystal of Inner Riches

Leo zodiac signs Leo
Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Earth element Earth
Venus planet Venus
Solar Plexus Heart
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Peridot Guided Meditation

Our guided peridot meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to expand & sharpen your inner vision, cleanse & detox your energy & connect you with the light of your true purpose.

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The message

Peridot’s Message To You:

Come to me
To be cleansed & refreshed
To find & fulfill your purpose
To drive away the darkness

Bright & cheerful
I’ll be a buoy for your spirits
Ushering in abundance
Protecting you from the madness

I’ll build you back up
Hold you like a tight hug
Refill your inner cup

Clearing the blocks
I brighten your vision to see
That love & joy make you wealthy
Unleashing your true prosperity


Peridot helps you to…

  • Cleanse & detox your energy
  • Align with your heart
  • Fulfill your destiny
Crystal Peridot Story Background
Crystal Peridot Story

The Story of Peridot

Born from the light of the sun and deposited deep into the earth, peridot is the gem variety of olivine, one of the most prevalent minerals in the earth’s mantle. Formed by molten lava and brought to the surface by the force of a volcano or earthquake, or very rarely, by a meteorite crashing to earth, peridot holds a spark of light and life force energy created through immense pressure & chaos, making it a beautiful guide to help you navigate the pressures & chaos in your own life.

This “gem of the sun” has been coveted and used through antiquity by cultures around the world throughout known history. Known as chrysolite in ancient texts, it was a stone of high priests, royalty, and mystics and was considered one of the twelve magical stones that create miracles in ancient Daoist thought. It’s ascribed to having powerful visionary and mystical energies that awaken higher consciousness and true inner prosperity. Its power was known and cultivated throughout ancient Egypt as well, and some historians speculate that Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually peridot.

Peridot’s energy feels like a strong, powerful oak tree in a shining meadow filled with sunlight. It’s refreshing, reinvigorating, incredibly sturdy yet able to flex in the breeze. It’s grounded, wise, and inherently connected to the earth and all its inhabitants. It’s ever-abundant, always growing, confidently reaching its arms closer and closer to the light of the sun. It’s patient, friendly, trusts in divine timing and natural cycles of growth, and has no fear of letting go. These are some of the beautiful qualities peridot imbues into your being as you work with it.

The pressure required to create this glowing green gem mimics the internal state of being that it helps address. It’s perfect for times when you feel internally pressured, unable to meet expectations, or like you’re always striving and never arriving. This is a stone for over-achievers, workaholics, and those caught in the rat race of ever-progressing, to help you slow down, get present and aligned within your body, so you can realize everything you’re striving for is already right here.

When you need to catch your breath, are too focused on what’s wrong or how much farther you have to go still, when you can’t see the value of what you’re doing and feel lost or purposeless in the world, peridot is like a shining sun that sparks the light within your soul and allows it to expand outwardly, clearing out fog and density, helping you gain a clear vision of who you are and the purpose you have here on this beautiful planet.

A traditional stone for wealth and prosperity, peridot connects you to the true inherent wealth of all that lives within your soul, of all that’s available here in nature surrounding you, of all the support you have in the unseen realms, and the eternal connection you have to your highest self to guide you. It realigns you to your purpose, realigns your thoughts and emotions, and realigns your energetic body to help you step into the prosperity of your soul’s true worth and the abundance you already possess.

Crystal Peridot Property Background

Peridot Healing Properties

Element Earth


Peridot’s strengthening, energizing, and growth properties are associated with the element of earth. In Daoist stone medicine, it’s considered to be part of the wood element, and wood is the structure that grows from the earth. It’s regenerative and supportive, strong yet flexible, able to bend under pressure instead of break, giving peridot the ability to regenerate your vitality and joy for life, helping you flex with the winds of change.

The wood element rules the liver and when it’s out of balance or overtaxed, we experience anger and frustration. Peridot is highly detoxifying and cleansing for the liver to nourish its vital essence and release toxic debris, strengthening your inner foundation to help you find emotional balance, fulfillment, and a sense of inner security.

Wood is always growing, always reaching toward the light of the sun, but when out of balance, wood energy veers into over-achieving to the detriment of one’s own happiness, an insatiable striving driven by internalized pressure. Peridot balances this wood element within you, releasing the pressure valve, helping you let go of expectations and arrive into gratitude for the abundance that exists in this present moment.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is where our soul is housed, where we connect with our identity, power, and reason for being. From here, we extend our energy outwardly into real world, practical actions to make things happen. When you’re feeling unmotivated, uninspired, or stuck, unable to move forward or focus on what’s positive in life, it can often be due to a solar plexus blockage or dense emotional energy stuck here.

Peridot activates and cleanses the solar plexus, removing toxic debris that settles here such as doubt, anger, frustration, and feelings of lack, restoring your motivation, confidence, and inner drive to make your visions come to life. It amplifies and expands the light of your inner sun, revitalizing your sense of ease, joy, and happiness so you can align with your true purpose.

Its glowing yellow-green light sparks your inner vision, helping you understand your spiritual destiny and align with the highest callings of your soul. When you’re feeling under pressure or stressed out, peridot lightens the burdens of expectation, helps you release guilt and blame, and move forward from a calm, confident, clear vision of who you are, what you want, and what you deserve in life.

Chakra Heart


Dubbed a “master healer” in Daoist stone medicine, peridot strengthens the heart and stimulates healing and regeneration throughout the entire body. It’s a powerful cleanser for toxicity, density, and energetic parasites that are in the heart space, restoring emotional balance.

It activates and amplifies the heart’s light, expanding its radiance outwardly into the world through you, bringing a sense of overall gratitude, fulfillment, balance, wellness, and happiness from within yourself. Where there is density in your heart, peridot bursts through with a wealth of light, unlocking the doors to acceptance, ease, and letting go. It softens the hard edges of pain and trauma, allowing for healing and forgiveness.

This shimmering green gem shows you what prosperity is through the lens of your heart space, through cultivating presence and a true connection and awe with the world around you. It brings you into energetic resonance with nature and all the spirits that reside within it, opening you to experience more love and gratitude through a heightened awareness of the natural world and its inherent abundance and wisdom.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Used since antiquity as an amulet of protection against evil spirits, bad omens, or the ill intentions of others, peridot’s strong light can be used to drive the darkness away. Its strong cleansing effect protects against toxic and harmful energies coming at you from the outside world. Its powerful restorative quality moves into your whole aura, protecting your energy, your state of mind & your emotional center.


A master healer, peridot clears energetic toxins and debris from your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, removing stuck, stagnant energies, and clearing the way for its light to come in and restore your vital energy. Wherever there are detrimental, parasitic, harmful, or wounded energies within you, peridot cleanses, purifies, releases, and absolves. It helps you break toxic patterns and clear toxic thoughts and emotions.


At the same time that it cleanses, it builds you back up, restoring and replenishing your energy. It’s nurturing, nourishing, and nutrient-rich. It fills you up, restores your vitality, and brings you back to your essence. It’s healing and regenerative to the tissues, nourishes the blood, and breaks up stagnation, and provides stamina and internal strength.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Peridot is found in light transparent green to yellowish-green and is one of the few minerals that’s only found in one color. The intensity of its green depends on how much iron content it has.

Green is associated with health, healing, growth, and regeneration, all qualities that peridot embodies and helps cultivate within your life. Its yellowish tinge brings in the qualities of the sun, personal power, and joy, creating peridot’s bright, cheerful energy.


This sparkling green gem is magnesium iron silicate. Magnesium has a regulating, relaxing, alkalinizing effect on the body. Iron is building and nourishing, supporting strength and vitality. And it’s “island silicate” formation is energetically fortifying, strengthening resistance, and breaking up accumulations in the body and energy field. Altogether these elements bring the magically rich energy of peridot to life.

Peridot’s internal crystal structure is “orthorhombic” which relates to the yin quality of fire in Daoist stone medicine, which means it moves fire energy downward, reducing inflammation, cooling anger, reducing fevers, quelling the flames of anxiety, and settling nervous energy.

Use Peridot When...

You’re feeling…

under pressure, always striving, not “enough” somehow, weighed down, too in your head, purposeless, lost, angry, resentful, frustrated, impatient, exhausted, stuck in old patterns

You’re struggling with…

guilt, blaming yourself, over-achieving, too-high expectations, focusing on what’s wrong, over-critical mind, lack mentality, low self-worth, visualizing, health issues or illness

When you want…

internal balance & peace, restored vitality, fulfillment, purpose, joy, ease, happiness, health, wealth, confidence, clarity, focus, optimism, heightened awareness, overall wellness

Crystal Peridot Use
Crystal Peridot Life Background

Using Peridot in Everyday Life


Peridot can help you manifest wealth, health, prosperity, and joy on every level, by cleansing and clearing your energy and aligning you with your purpose in each moment. It does this through the inside out, helping you see and connect with the abundance that lives within you so you can then create it in your external life.

Use peridot when you’re setting your intentions for creating more health, wealth, or fulfillment in your life. You can hold it up to your heart or solar plexus chakra as you envision the easy breezy, joyful, vibrant, light-filled life you’re cultivating, envisioning yourself inhabiting your dreams as if they’re already right here.

Wear or carry peridot with you to stimulate your creative ideas and the energy to take action on them. It aligns all your subtle bodies as it’s in your energy field, and will help keep your energy clear, bright, balanced, and protected, so you stay in tune with your goals and serve your higher purpose.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

This healer of the heart has a beautiful effect on relationships by clearing out the toxicity and pain from the past and opening you to experience more inner love, abundance, and acceptance.

Where there are expectations and pressures in your relationships, peridot will help ease their grip, loosen things up, and stimulate more joy, lightness, playfulness, and ease. Where there is resentment, anger, or frustration in your relationships, peridot will release the tension, help purge the anger, and allow you to look at your life through the lens of self-value, self-respect, and radiant love to make clear decisions from that place.

Peridot is also an excellent stone to help you release toxic relationships from your life, as well as the internal toxic patterns that bring relationships like that into your life. It will help you let go and release the grief, pain, and trauma caused by past or present relationships, opening you up to forgiveness, allowing your heart to come back into alignment with your soul.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

A beautiful stone of the light, thought to be a protection against the darkness, this is a beautiful crystal to help you confidently witness your inner demons, accept them, release them, and integrate the lessons and learning they were here to teach you.

Peridot breaks down stagnant energy, which means it can break old habits and patterns, break down stored trauma, and break through stubborn and stagnant ways of being, perceiving, and feeling. It bursts through density, fog, and whatever’s clouding your vision to help you witness your true potential, true radiance, true gifts, and the wholeness that already exists within you.

Shadow work is largely about seeing the unseen pieces of ourselves, embracing the parts we’ve shoved down, neglected, or pushed away because we were told or conditioned to believe they’re bad or unlovable, and peridot helps you see all sides of yourself with love, refreshing your mindset to see yourself as already whole and complete unto yourself, to help you reengage with the lightness of your spirit and accept, embrace and forgive all parts of yourself.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Thought to banish away nightmares and dark spirits, peridot is a protective and regenerative stone to sleep with under your pillow or by your bedside. It can help relieve an anxious, busy mind and encourage restful, regenerative slumber.

Sleeping with peridot will bring physical healing and realignment while you sleep, repairing your cells and tissues, so you wake up feeling more refreshed, balanced, happy, and healthy, ready to take on the day with a positive, uplifted spirit.

Peridot increases clairvoyance and a heightened connection with your higher self which can bring increased psychic sensitivity and awareness in your dream state, allowing your subconscious to work through and release what it needs to and deliver insights & guidance through your dreams.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Peridot simultaneously cleanses and nourishes, it detoxifies as it restores, making it an excellent physical healing aid for chronic conditions or while undergoing conventional treatment for illnesses, to speed detoxification and healing. It can gradually regenerate and remove toxicity from all the tissues of the body over time.

It’s considered one of the most beneficial stones to regulate the liver and is useful for any conditions that would be improved by detoxing the liver including nausea, bloating, weight gain, IBS and other digestive disorders, skin conditions, and high blood pressure. With long-term use, it also helps improve memory, ADHD, and overall cognitive function and promotes mental clarity and focus.

It’s cooling for any heat in the body, including fevers, inflammation, and pain. You can tape small tumbled or raw stones or even peridot beads or jewelry onto particular areas of your body to bring healing to that spot.

Self Care
Self Care

Wearing peridot as jewelry is an amazing way to work with its energy in daily life, and is one of the most common ways it’s found because peridot is typically very small and often sold as beads or faceted gems for jewelry. In Daoist thought, peridot’s energy is nearly doubled if the stone is set in gold, so keep that in mind when choosing jewelry.

Peridot earrings will help keep your mind clear and bright, focusing your concentration and bringing heightened awareness. A peridot necklace over the chest will bring light, openness, and acceptance to the heart space and help detox and regenerate your entire system. A peridot ring or bracelet will affect your energy and internal system through the meridian it’s connected to.

Peridot worn anywhere on your body, stuck in a pocket, or placed in your energy field, will spread a protective radiance throughout your entire aura, keeping your energetic body clear and light, cycling dense energy through, bringing fresh light in.


Peridot is an excellent crystal to meditate with and simply holding or wearing it during meditation is an amazing way to stimulate healing and balance throughout your whole body. It helps stimulate creative visualization, so if it’s difficult for you to visualize things in your mind, meditation with peridot can improve this over time.

Sitting in peridot’s energy will help you release old toxic patterns, habits, and thoughts as it aligns all your subtle bodies, restoring your inner sense of joy, presence, and wholeness. It helps clear and concentrate the mind to focus above the fog of doubt, confusion, and expectation and rise into a higher awareness of all the abundance, balance, and prosperity that already exists in your life, helping you turn your attention toward it.

🌳Our guided peridot meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to expand & sharpen your inner vision, cleanse & detox your energy & connect you with the light of your true purpose. 

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Peridot Guided Meditation

Our guided peridot meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to expand & sharpen your inner vision, cleanse & detox your energy & connect you with the light of your true purpose.

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Peridot Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


This August birthstone embodies the warm, creative energy of Leo, boosting your confidence to shine your light in the world! Sparking a generosity of spirit & tempering the ferocity and aggression that can come with intense passion, peridot balances your internal solar essence and heart so you can pursue your purpose with lion-like fervor.


Peridot embodies the cleansing, purifying, and aligning effects of Virgo energy and relieves the critical thinking and internalized pressure that can come along with it. Perfect for focusing the mind on what’s right and good right here and now, peridot brings order & balance to the body, mind & spirit to help you serve your higher purpose.


With its strong connection to the earth, peridot is ruled by Venus, the goddess of value, resources, and love. Peridot exhibits the loving, open energies of Venus, its focus on joy and pleasure, increasing your connection to your inner resources and boosting self-worth and confidence to help unleash wealth, abundance, and material security in your life.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

An Old Fashioned Woman and Modern Girl 

Phase 126, Leo 6*

This symbol connotes the clash between old, traditional ways and a drive towards the new. It’s about our cultural values and how they shape our character. There’s a friction between the old and new, but in releasing your tethers to the past, you’re able to allow in a fresh perspective and open up your creative potential.

Peridot’s energy unites these two oppositions in a way. It brings a sense of freedom and rebellion to push beyond societal contexts and breathe fresh new life into the world, but to do so in a way that honors and utilizes the foundations and structures that have already been built to grow fresh new ideas upon.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Sun

Peridot feels like a drop of sunshine on the green earth, capturing all the essence of growth, vitality, joy, and exuberance, helping you come back into an inner state of confidence so that your light naturally and generously radiates out of you. The Sun card encompasses all these virtues that peridot possesses, helping you share your creative life force with the world around you without pressure or expectation but simply through the outpouring of the light that lives within your soul.

The Empress

The earthy and restorative energies of peridot align with the energy of the Empress, the bountiful and abundant goddess of earthly delights, who relishes in the present moment, finds beauty in everything, and creates and nurtures life. The Empress energies are supportive, healing, and regenerative like peridot, encouraging you to generously fill up your cup first so you can pour your energy out to the world without feeling depleted.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Spirit Animal

Nature Spirits

Not quite an animal, but peridot holds an intense connection with the spirit of nature itself and all the plant, animal, and mineral life within it. It’s like the etheric qualities of nature captured in stone form, housing the spirit, growth, abundance, patience, and wisdom of nature as a whole.

Peridot can help you communicate and connect with nature spirits, the unseen consciousness that inhabits flora and fauna, the fairies, elementals, and devas, the earth spirits and protectors of the land, and the spirit of other minerals. Its essence can help you see the magic, light, and consciousness within all things and the connection you have to it all.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Peridot Varieties


Peridot is actually gem-quality olivine, meaning the finest, top-grade, most translucent specimens of olivine are what we call “peridot.” Olivine typically is opaque and found in dark brownish green to brown stones, and carries similar energies as peridot, though not as potentiated.


This is the ancient name for peridot and occasionally specimens are still sold under this name. It is peridot, it’s exactly the same thing with a different name. Sometimes lighter, more yellow peridot is sold as “chrysolite.”

Pallasitic Peridot

This is a very rare and special variety of peridot with extraterrestrial origins, coming from a Pallasite meteor that fell to earth. These iron-rich meteors contain olivine along with a mixture of different metals and extremely rarely, the gem form of peridot.


This is an igneous rock that makes up a vast majority of the earth’s mantle and is largely comprised of olivine, plus other minerals, and thus holds the potential to contain peridot. Peridotite is extremely prevalent in the earth but gem-quality peridot is much more rare.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Peridot + Garnet

Pair with red garnet to help you cleanse and release old wounds and patterns from your root chakra, childhood, ancestry, and past lives, and increase your energy & endurance.

Peridot + Larimar

Pair with larimar for an increased therapeutic effect on the liver or to bring the cleansing, healing energies of peridot up into the throat to clear & restore a balanced expression.

Peridot + Smoky Quartz

Pair with smoky quartz to enhance its protective and clearing properties, shield your energy field, and help ground all the density that’s being released down into the earth.

Crystal Peridot Connection Item
Crystal Peridot Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Peridot

The best way to cleanse peridot is on the belly of the earth, returning it back to its home. You can leave it to rest on the ground around sunset and let it sit overnight under the light of the moon. Try doing this under a waxing or full moon to charge your peridot up with earth and cosmic energy, and on a waning or new moon to help it drain and release the energy it has accumulated back into the earth.

You can also stick it in the dirt of a houseplant if you don’t have ready outdoor access, following the same techniques, letting it rest fully overnight to be cleansed or restored by morning.

You can also do a quick cleanse of peridot by placing it in warm water for a bit, and then recharge its energy with clear quartz.

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  • Last night I had a dream I was given a green crystal to protect me from evil creatures, it made me somewhat invisible. I woke up and remembered it was called peridot. This was a comforting read, I’ll need to buy some… and in gold 😈

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