Crystal Malachite
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The Crystal of Empowered Potential

Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Capricorn zodiac signs Capricorn
Fire element Fire
Venus planet Venus
Heart Solar Plexus
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Malachite Guided Meditation

The Malachite guided meditation audio will take you on an incredibly healing, self-transformational journey, connecting you with your crystal on a deep spiritual level!

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Crystal Malachite Message Background
Crystal Malachite Frame

The message

Malachite’s Message To You:

You are worthy of love.
You are worthy of your souls deepest desires.
You contain a depth of courage & strength
ever at your disposal, lying in wait.
I am here to activate it.
I am the awakener.
The transformer.

I will prune the garden of your heart,
pull out its dried weeds of wounding,
the thorny brambles of trauma,
& twisted roots of pain,
to reveal the fertile soil of potential
that lies within your soul,
& help you plant the seeds
for what you want to create in this world,
& nurture their healthy growth,
so you may rise up,
supported & empowered,
into your most abundant, aligned,
& wholly appreciative self.

Malachite helps you…

  • Manifest your desires
  • Step into your power
  • Break emotional chains
Crystal Malachite Story Background
Crystal Malachite Story

The Story of Malachite

Born from the void of nothingness like a seed in the dark, malachite sparks the flame of creation in your heart and soul, igniting your confidence, courage, and love, urging you to keep growing towards the light of your own inner sun.

Called “the stone of emptiness” in ancient Daoist stone medicine, malachite is an example of nothing becoming something. It’s formed by the slow weathering drip drip drip of copper ore, a new mineral born from the residue of another, a state of alchemy and transformation captured in stone form.

Malachite harnesses this adaptable, transformative, regenerative energy and moves it straight into your body helping you face forward through your challenges, break through limiting beliefs and fear, and surge into growth.

Used for thousands of years in ancient cultures around the world as an amulet of protection, malachite’s energy permeates the aura releasing dense and heavy emotional energies from your field, unwinding the tangled web of thoughts in your mind, and harmonizing the frazzled frequencies of stress, worry, and self-doubt.

Malachite has maternal energy, but it’s not the soft and fluffy sort. It will support you and also push you. It coaxes you out of the nest of complacency and victim mentality, into the playground of creating the reality that you desire to live in.

In order to leave that nest of your comfort zone, you must have courage, confidence in yourself, faith in your soul’s guidance, and a connection to your deepest knowing. This is exactly the kind of energy that malachite activates within you, igniting the fire of your heart as a torch to light your way forward to your most abundant and vibrant life.

Let’s get into all the ways malachite can help you awaken to your full potential and feel more empowered in your life.

Crystal Malachite Property Background

Malachite Healing Properties

Element Fire


Malachite is associated with the element of fire, and it’s a great crystal to reach for when you feel the heat of internal pressure, frustration, anger, or resentment. It helps burn down whatever internal blocks are keeping you from not moving forward towards your soul’s calling.

Fire is a catalyst, it propels, it’s an instigator. It’s always in movement, always consuming until there’s nothing left to burn. It’s the spark of creation and a destroyer at the same time. It too is the energy of something created from nothing.

This is the essence of transformation, and this gives malachite the ability to help you release the stagnant and dense energies you’ve been carrying, to become light and able to flex and move with the breeze, and to spark new ideas that will help you grow.

Chakra Heart


Malachite is a stone for the heart, the center of balance within your body, and the center chakra in the middle of your chest. This is where we give and receive emotional energy and interact in relationship with all things around us. It’s where we feel acceptance, understanding, connection, appreciation, and love, or lack thereof.

When your heart is aching or in pain, or simply not feeling so harmonious, malachite is a beautiful tool to reach for. You can place it on the center of your chest to unearth buried emotions and purge any dense, stagnant energy from your heart space.

It can help with stress disorders and panic attacks, and in releasing deep traumatic wounds associated with abuse or betrayal. This is a powerful stone with a frequency that moves into the roots of pain, into the marrow of the bone, into the seed of the sprout, to purge what’s necessary in order to harmonize and regulate your emotional energy.

It clears out what’s unessential, dying, or decayed, what’s broken, fragmented or imbalanced from the heart chakra, so you may grow into more love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself and others, with more appreciation for this one wild and precious life.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

Secondary to the heart, malachite helps amplify and balance the solar plexus chakra. This is where both our ego and soul dwell, where we feel confidence and courage, where we summon motivation and the ability to take action on our ideas and manifest them into reality.

The solar plexus is home to our stomach, spleen, and liver, and when these areas of the body are out of balance we can experience a lack of self-esteem and disappointment, worry and anxiety, anger and frustration.

Malachite cleanses these areas of the body and brings them back into balance, increasing blood flow, clearing heat and energetic stagnancy, helping you release emotional blocks and feel more comfortable and confident in yourself.

It pairs the cleared and open energy of the heart space with a bright and shining solar plexus to help you forge ahead with conviction towards your heart’s desires. It’s a powerful tool to bust through the unconscious blocks around your self-esteem and self-worth to help you step into your soul’s true potential.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Even though it’s a fire element stone, malachite has a high water content. This means it can conduct and retain energy very well, which makes it nourishing for the fluids in your physical body as well as able to flush out and clear the emotional body. When you’re feeling fiery on the inside, malachite can flush out excess heat felt in the chest or gut.


Wherever energy is stagnant, malachite will help get it moving again. It can break down the inner dams, releasing stuck emotions, unconscious beliefs, cycles of conditioning, and anything else that’s been keeping you feeling stuck or under internal pressure. It moves energy inward and downward creating a purging effect.


Malachite has a very strong, amplifying energy that can regulate anything irregular in your internal cycles and systems, such as an irregular pulse, heartbeat or menstrual cycle, irregular sleep patterns, or blood pressure fluctuations. It can also regulate obsessive thinking, intense emotions, and self-esteem issues, bringing order to chaos and balancing imbalances.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Malachite is a marbled kelly green with dark to light swirls and striations. It can be smooth and globular or have needle-like fibers.

Green is associated with nature and life itself, with growth, healing, harmony, and heart energy. It also conjures the frequency of money, abundance, and wealth on all levels, of health and vitality. Malachite helps amplify all these energies in your life.

Its swirling patterns sometimes form spots that look like eyes, and the stones which have these are thought to be extra protective against the “evil eye.”


Malachite is a copper carbonate, and copper is an amazing conductor of energy. It moves chi in your body, clears stagnation, and purifies the blood.

It penetrates down to the marrow of your bones, giving malachite the ability to shift energy at the core of who you are, down to the unconscious patterns, conditioning, and very structure of your beliefs.

Use Malachite When...

You’re feeling…

frustrated, angry, under pressure, debilitated, disappointed, insecure, unmotivated, indecisive, worthless, fearful, worried, resentful

You’re struggling with…

low self-worth, money issues, self-doubt, emotional wounding, being stuck in old patterns, stepping into your power, moving forward, making changes

When you want…

support for your emotional growth, courage to take action, more abundance on all levels, more health and vitality, to cleanse & protect your energy

Crystal Malachite Use
Crystal Malachite Life Background

Using Malachite in Everyday Life


Malachite is a beautiful manifestation stone that helps you connect with your soul’s desires and bring them to fruition. It’s a crystal that captures the energy of evolution and growth, and it pushes you to do the same, helping you set intentions and plant the seeds for the dreams, desires, projects, and plans that you want to grow in your life.

Hold malachite as you envision or write down all that you’re grateful for in your life and all that you’re ready to create, call in, and expand into. Hold it up to your heart and breathe, and connect with the abundant and joyful feeling of all your soul’s desires coming to life. You can use this as a ritual for all you want to manifest.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Malachite is a powerful heart healing stone that cultivates more self-love, self-respect, and self-worth and enhances your commitment and integrity in relationships.

Since it pairs the heart with the solar plexus, it helps you put your love into action, to do the things your heart is yearning for, which can be excellent when it comes to showing your loved ones how you feel about them. It’s a crystal that can bring more harmony, understanding, and nurturing into relationship dynamics.

Malachite helps you hold your heart to a higher standard, keeping it strong and protected while still open for love to bloom, like a rose bush with thorns.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Very protective, malachite helps you dive into the emotional wounds of the heart and prune them away, to release the dead weight, debris, and toxicity of the past that has held you in patterns and cycles of struggle.

Those moments that broke your heart, the denials and dismissals of your pain, the deep grief that can’t be put into words… these are the sort of shadows we can hold in our heart space, and malachite is a great companion to help you bring them to the surface so you can acknowledge them, accept them, and free yourself from their unconscious grip.

Self Care
Self Care

Try laying with malachite on your navel or over your heart, and breathe. This will help release stored emotional trauma, pain, and old wounds that have been held here, clearing space for you to plant new seeds of possibility. Just be here, relax and release for at least 5 minutes as the malachite purges toxic energy from your body, or until your sense of harmony and vitality is restored.

You can also wear malachite jewelry or carry a stone with you to keep its protective, harmonizing energy in your aura throughout the day when needed. *Small caveat: It’s suggested not to pair malachite with silver, as this can trap or dampen its energy, so you may want to avoid malachite jewelry in silver settings.


Malachite is a beautiful stone to meditate with that will move you out of the mind and into the heart space. It’s cathartic and cleansing, powerful and protective, to nurture and support your heart and connect you back to the vital energy of your own soul’s light. Meditate with malachite when you want to cleanse away your doubt and fear and jump with two feet into the life that you so desire and deserve.

🌟 Our guided malachite meditation takes you on a journey through your heart space to clear emotional baggage and wounding & plant the seeds for all the abundance, joy, and growth that you’re ready to call into your life. 🌱

Crystal Malachite Price Box Background

Malachite Guided Meditation

The Malachite guided meditation audio will take you on an incredibly healing, self-transformational journey, connecting you with your crystal on a deep spiritual level!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Malachite Connection Background

Malachite Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Malachite is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, beauty, and harmony. Venus is the fertility goddess who brings abundance and heart-centered growth, and malachite harnesses these energies and amplifies them, enhancing your sense of balance in life and appreciation for all that you possess.


Malachite is also linked with Capricorn’s fierce drive and determination to keep moving forward, aim high, and set your sights on seemingly impossible goals for a challenge. Malachite activates your courage and strength, and has an ambitious, driving energy that’s set on growth and can help you accomplish your goals and succeed in life.


Also ruled by Venus, Taurus resonates with malachite’s energy of seeking pleasure and taking action on your desires. Taurus sows the seeds of inspired creation and wants to bring ideas to life so they can touch, see, and experience all the material joys in this world, just as malachite helps to bring your ideas into tangible reality.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

In A Portrait, the Significant Features of a Man’s Head are Artistically Emphasized
Phase 151, Virgo 1*

This is a strangely worded symbol that is ultimately about discovering what is most significant to you… What details are you choosing to focus on and emphasize? What are you placing your creative energy into?

It’s about discernment, how you see the truth of something, which utilizes both the mind and the intuition to discover the overall meaning of any situation. Are you living in a caricature of your life? Or are you living in integrity with your truth?

These are exactly the kind of questions malachite can help you discover the answers to.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Tarot Cards


Malachite’s energy is associated with the Judgement card which is about heeding that inner call within your heart, blending intellect with intuition, and finding acceptance of and liberation from the past. It’s ultimately about transformation and rebirth into a more authentic and aligned self.

The Empress

Malachite also resonates with the energies of The Empress who brings abundance and regeneration. It’s about finding security in oneself and tending to the seeds you’ve planted for your life so they may bloom. This is the energy that comes after a transformation, of learning to lean back and relish in all that you’ve created.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Spirit Animal

The Frog

Malachite resonates with the spirit energy of the frog, which is associated with awakening and transformation, as a tadpole becomes a frog, and is thought to be a symbol of opportunity and abundance on all levels.

Frogs are also a symbol of coming into your power, listening to your instincts, and cleansing your energy body to release emotional baggage, which are exactly the things that malachite helps with most.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Malachite Varieties

There is only one variety of malachite, but it is often found cohabitating with a couple of other crystals, creating blends:


This is a composite blend of azurite and malachite that pairs the green energy of the earth with the blue energy of the sky, uniting heaven and earth, enhancing psychic abilities, and bringing balance to your emotions.


This is a composite blend of chrysocolla and malachite that brings a grounded balance to the body and mind, heightens intuition, and enhances communication and emotional expression.

Velvet Malachite

This is a raw form of malachite that has layers of silky needle-like formations that look as soft as velvet and have a similar sheen in the light. They are mesmerizing and cuddly looking, but actually quite prickly to the touch.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Malachite + Lapis Lazuli

Pair with lapis lazuli for psychic protection and increased insight, to help you get clear on your purpose, concretize your vision for your life & unleash your magic.

Malachite + Copper

Pair with copper or other copper-based stones to amplify and quicken the healing effects of malachite, especially when acute, immediate relief is needed.

Malachite + Tiger Eye

Pair with tiger eye to stay grounded and increase your physical stamina and courage as you resolve old emotional wounds.

Crystal Malachite Connection Item
Crystal Malachite Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Malachite

Malachite is not a crystal to use all day every day forever. It’s a very powerful stone to use during periods of your life when you need to release emotional baggage, break chains and make real changes.

Because it absorbs radiation and toxic energy so well, and is such a powerful amplifier, it needs to be regularly cleansed after use or else it will start amplifying all that icky energy right back out to you.

After using it for meditation, an energy clearing, or wearing it all day, you want to give it at least a quick cleanse by running it through the smoke of your favorite herbal smudge or incense, or leaving it to sit on a sunny windowsill for a couple of hours. Avoid using water to cleanse it as it’s a relatively soft stone.

You can also let it rest overnight on a bed of hematite and it will be cleansed and recharged by the morning.

If you’ve been using it frequently over a period of time, or haven’t used it in a long time, you may want to give it a more thorough cleansing to fully renew its energy. For this, leave it outside in direct contact with the earth in a safe place away from moisture, and let it rest under the sunlight for 3-6 hours and it will be fully cleansed, recharged and ready to amplify your light.

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    • This is amazing, thank you Jennifer for the kind words and so glad it reached you at the perfect time! If you don’t have a good local place to find genuine crystals, online at Sage Goddess or even Etsy can be good places to shop. And the malachite meditation is an awesome and powerful way to work with its energy, even if you don’t have the crystal at all.

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