Crystal Indigo Gabbro
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crystal icon Indigo Gabbro


Indigo Gabbro

The Crystal of Mystical Alchemy

Cancer zodiac signs Cancer
Virgo zodiac signs Virgo
Scorpio zodiac signs Scorpio
Earth element Earth
Fire element Fire
Air element Air
Moon planet Moon
Root Third Eye
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Price Box Background

Indigo Gabbro Guided Meditation

Our guided indigo gabbro meditation takes you on a deep clearing and release of toxic energies and then lifts you into the astral realm to communicate with your higher awareness.

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Crystal Indigo Gabbro Message Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Message Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Frame

The message

Indigo Gabbro’s Message To You:

Surrender your baggage
and shake off your fear
I am here to help you
alchemize and clear

I will absorb your toxins
and relieve your pain
lift your consciousness
and show you the way

Back to the deep wisdom
held within your bones
into the insight and magic
of your eternal home

Into the seat of your
spirit’s power and grace
so you can discover
your rightful place

Grounded in who you are
centered and whole,
aligned with the higher
dictates of your soul



Indigo Gabbro helps you to…

  • Transmute harmful energies
  • Adapt to stress
  • Enhance intuitive awareness
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Story Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Story Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Story

The Story of Indigo Gabbro

Born from the fiery magma of the earth that slowly cooled and crystallized, indigo gabbro is magical and mystical and moves into the deepest parts of you to unearth the light of wisdom. One of the most significant stones in the world of vibrational healing, this is a tool of alchemy and transmutation that has a very unique ability to turn harmful, toxic energies into beneficial ones.

This little-known stone comes from a power spot in Madagascar and is infused with the sacred energy of its environment. A modern stone for the modern world, indigo gabbro has been found through extensive vibrational research and testing to be the most powerful and effective stone we know of today to mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs, and transmute toxic energies in your body, mind, emotions, and the space around you.

Grounding and stabilizing, indigo gabbro is also unique in the vibrational frequency it holds which is incredibly centering and balancing. With its dark and light coloring mix and wide array of included minerals, it has the ability to bring disparate elements together into a harmonious blend. This quality transfers to its energetic ability to balance the disparate energies within you, releasing and lightening what’s heavy and dense, and grounding and stabilizing what’s erratic or overstimulated.

It’s been likened to a “stone adaptogen” that can energetically help you adapt to stressful situations to maintain your calm center internally even through chaos. It’s one of the most helpful tools to use for mitigating everyday stress, anxiety, fear, and worry, and for when you’re going through major changes or upheavals in your life to bring you back to a state of homeostasis whenever you need it.

The true magic of indigo gabbro is found in its spiritual qualities though, as once you feel centered within yourself, it allows you to move deeply into the depths of your soul and rise high into the heights of your perception. It accentuates and develops your intuitive awareness and opens new doors of understanding and perspective to help you unearth the wisdom you need in the moment you need it. It can take you on a mystical internal journey of discovery and then place you firmly back on the ground to utilize all your insights to create more harmony and wholeness throughout your life.

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Property Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Property Background

Indigo Gabbro Healing Properties

Element Earth


Incredibly settling and grounding, indigo gabbro harnesses the element of earth to connect you to your own internal strength and stability. When you’re feeling imbalanced, restless, overwhelmed, disconnected, or otherwise in need of inner stability, this is a beautiful stone to work with.

It helps release toxic, harmful, detrimental energies down into the earth, releasing the waste from your energetic field as compost to spur new growth. It roots you into your body, into the present moment, grounding excessive or erratic thinking, bringing calm, internal peace, and centeredness, and helping you move forward in life with clarity and self-integrity.

Element Water


Indigo gabbro also carries a strong essence of water with its ability to help you balance your emotions and express your creativity. It helps you flow around obstacles and adapt to any situation, just like water adapts and changes to whatever environment it’s in, from the ocean to a river to the inside of your glass.

Supremely cleansing, it helps you release dense, heavy emotions, anything you’re carrying within you that doesn’t resonate with health, vitality, and vibrance. It connects you with your soul essence and intuitive awareness and helps you stay centered and stable on the surfboard of life as you ride whatever emotional waves may come.

Element Wind


The air element of indigo gabbro lightens, raises, and cleanses your perceptive awareness, helping you see above the chaos with a clear view. It opens you to the realms of the unseen, helping you communicate directly with Spirit and your higher self to receive the messages and information you most need to help you find internal balance.

Its air energy sweeps in to clear things out, to release the well-trodden paths of belief systems and thoughts that aren’t serving you in reaching your highest purpose, and to bring in new ideas, perspectives, and insights that are expansive and enlightening, so your mind and spirit can open to new possibilities and ways of seeing the world, and yourself.

Chakra Root


You can use indigo gabbro to cleanse and clear every chakra in the body, as it’s an incredible absorber of toxic and detrimental energies, all those fears, insecurities, self-criticism, and harmful emotional attachments and patterns. This power comes from its black coloring which relates to the root chakra, to our sense of security, strength, and belonging on this Earth.

This is a deeply grounding crystal to connect you with the steadiness, stability, and centering energy that the Earth holds, as it surrounds you with a field of harmonizing frequencies. It will absorb and release the toxicity held in your body and throughout every chakra down, guiding it out through your root and back into the Earth.

When you feel lost, low, weak, confused, or emotionally cluttered or overwhelmed, it will help you get your feet back firmly on the ground, nurturing your inner power and life force energy, helping you connect back with the innate creative and intuitive intelligence that you carry within your bones, within the very foundation of who you are.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

After you ground into the power of this physical world, indigo gabbro then helps lift you up with its indigo and violet bands of energy into the realm of the mind, inner vision, and higher senses, broadening and honing your awareness to be more receptive to the wisdom of the spirit planes and clear insight from the depths of your soul.

It’s a highly spiritually activating stone, igniting your psychic senses and lifting you into higher, deeper, and wider levels of consciousness, to expand your knowledge about yourself, your soul’s lineage, your purpose, and your innate connection to the essence of who you are, which spans lifetimes.

It enhances imagination and intuitive messages, bringing visions, clear knowing and deep remembrances, innovative insights, and aligned inspiration to guide you. Things become clear, truth is revealed, and knowledge is unveiled as you work with this stone, guiding you to the right messages, motivations, and inner prompting that will help you come to your center, remember who you are, and act from that aligned place within you.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Indigo gabbro holds a very centering vibration which brings balance to your entire energetic system. Only a few stones carry this specific frequency which has been likened to an adaptogenic herb in stone form, to help you find a place of calm centeredness within you even in stressful situations and environments.


One of the best stones to absorb toxic, detrimental, or harmful energies from your system, indigo gabbro is like a sponge for any frequencies that are out of alignment. It pulls those heavy, dense energies down and out through the earth, clearing your entire central column and all the chakras of energetic sludge so you feel light, clea,  and aligned.


This is one of the most incredible stones for not only absorbing harmful energies but actually transforming them into beneficial ones. This is incredibly unique for a stone and the reason why it’s one of the best choices to use for EMFs and other “negative” energies we encounter in daily life, not only to block them but to transmute their frequencies.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Indigo gabbro is a deep black with mottled patterns of light indigo, violet, and greyish white, and occasionally with sparkling inclusions of metallic or shades of green. Its dark coloring is the toxin absorber and destroyer, and the lighter colors uplift and transmute harmful, detrimental energies, giving it an extraordinarily balancing energy.

Black and indigo are associated with the kidneys in traditional Chinese medicine which is the storehouse of our vital essence and energetically, where we hold, store, and process our emotions. Indigo gabbro is a beautiful choice to help you release and transmute stuck emotions and reconnect with your vital essence and inner power.


Technically not a crystal, indigo gabbro is a type of dark, course-grained igneous rock called “gabbro” which is made up mostly of quartz and purple and blue feldspar, giving it its unique coloring and where it got its name from. It also contains small amounts of many other minerals and metals. There are other types and colors of gabbro, but indigo gabbro is found only on the island of Madagascar.

Feldspar is also what labradorite and moonstone are made of, which both carry this same energetic signature of heightening inner vision, intuition, and reflection that indigo gabbro holds. The intermixing and mingling of various minerals all in harmony with one another create indigo gabbro’s outstanding ability to bring disparate and disharmonious elements into grounded balance.

Use Indigo Gabbro When...

You’re feeling…

imbalanced, detached, overwhelmed, bogged down, helpless, lacking purpose or personal power, lost, confused, cloudy, unclear, disconnected, hopeless, chaotic, stuck

You’re struggling with…

toxic beliefs and behaviors, bad habits, stress, big life changes, anxiety, fear, sensitivity to EMFs, subconscious blocks, imbalanced or unstable emotions, lack of self-esteem or direction 

When you want…

balance, alignment, energetic protection, stability, expansion, heightened intuition, to explore past lives, integrate your shadows, connect with your soul’s inner guidance, find your center 

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Use
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Life Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Life Background

Using Indigo Gabbro in Everyday Life


As a powerful stone that connects with both the higher realms and physical reality, indigo gabbro can help you bring your higher wisdom and intuitive insights down to Earth to turn into tangible creations and transformative experiences.

Many times it’s our own state of being, our emotional blockages and the amount of stress we’re carrying that can hinder our intentions and goals from becoming reality, but working with indigo gabbro puts you in a grounded, clear, balanced state of being to attract positive and beneficial experiences and energies into your life.

It can also broaden your perspective to new possibilities and insights you weren’t capable of seeing before by clearing detrimental influences and opening your psychic senses. Wear or hold it as you’re setting your intentions, place it on your third eye to gain a clearer vision of beautiful possibilities for your future, or lay it over your solar plexus on your upper abdomen to help clear and restore your inner power and faith in yourself that you can create anything you set your mind to.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

An awesome stone to use for shadow work, indigo gabbro attacks and attaches to the root cause of the negative, harmful, or detrimental thoughts, emotions, and subconscious patterns swirling within you and releases and alchemizes them. It brings conscious awareness to your shadows so they no longer hinder or hold you back, helping you embrace and accept them as part of the wholeness of who you are.

Hold it or have it near you as you self-reflect and introspect, and it can help you see inside yourself in ways you may not have been able to access before. You can meditate with it or sit with it for a few moments before you start journaling or asking your inner self questions, to give you greater insight into your subconscious motivations, ancestral wounds, past life experiences, and more energetic entanglements that may be affecting your current reality.

Indigo gabbro helps you embrace and accept your inner shadows, bringing harmony to the dualities within you to help you understand your whole self and come fully into your power. Once you bring the light of awareness to your shadows, they can be integrated and processed so you can transform weaknesses into strengths and darkness into light, rewriting the underlying patterns you’ve been living in.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Beneficial for the whole body, indigo gabbro brings awareness to your physical state of being and restores vitality and overall health and wellness, bringing you into a state of wholeness.

It’s incredibly detoxifying and helps mitigate the harmful effects that EMFs and other toxic or detrimental energies in the environment or in your body may have upon your health, boosting your strength, resilience, and ability to recuperate from stress, illness, exhaustion, or any physical imbalance.

Place it directly on the body on different areas of tension, pain, or stress to help you find relief. You can also wear or carry it with you to promote good physical health, boost your energy, endurance, and immunity, and stay grounded and present in your body.

Self Care
Self Care

A beautiful stone to work with for daily energetic protection in life, you can wear or carry indigo gabbro with you to help you stay grounded, calm, and release stress as it arises. It will also protect you from toxic energetic interferences you may encounter throughout the day. You can place a pyramid or tower directly by your wifi router and other electronics at home or the office to keep the entire space clear and protected.

It’s also an incredible stone for emotional cleansing, and often just holding it up to a specific area of your body where there’s tension or trapped emotions can help them release. You can also lay down and place a stone anywhere on your body to remove detrimental energies and restore yourself to a harmonious state.

Starting and ending the day holding your indigo gabbro in between both palms for 5-10 minutes, breathing deeply, and making a conscious connection with it, is a great way to incorporate it into your daily self-care routine and receive all the energetic and spiritual benefits it brings.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Indigo gabbro is a beautiful sleep stone that can be used to enhance lucid dreaming and dream recall, and also to help you sleep more peacefully and access wisdom and insights from your subconscious through your dreams.

Place a small stone under your pillow, or you can keep a large palm stone, sphere, or point by your bedside to help alleviate stress in the mind and body and allow you to drift off to sleep more peacefully. It will cleanse all your chakras and surround your auric field with its protective and stabilizing essence so you wake up clear, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

If you’re using it for dream work, you can set a specific intention before bed around an issue or problem you’d like to work through in your dreams, or ask that the indigo gabbro guide you to cleanse and release whatever’s necessary and open to the divine messages that lie inside your subconscious mind. You can keep a dream journal or write notes on your phone to help you recall and process the messages and insights you receive.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

This mystical stone deeply enhances the intuitive and imaginative qualities of the mind allowing the clear insight of your intuition to pierce through the veils of your subconscious. It’s a stone of immense wisdom, helping you access information and messages from the spirit guides that are currently working with you to access the higher wisdom you must hear now to move into a more expanded and aligned version of yourself.

From past life remembrances to astral travel, indigo gabbro connects with the infinite cycles of time so you can explore both the past and future and bring the insights and wisdom you find back into your present reality to experience life differently.

Place it on your third eye to help open and activate your intuitive awareness and increase your perception and understanding of the unseen energies within and around you. You can also wear it on a necklace or bracelet to have its energy in your field throughout the day so you can stay calm, open, and receptive to the magic, messages, and synchronicities unfolding all around you.


An incredible stone for meditation, indigo gabbro roots you into your body, into the present moment, and helps you come into the center of yourself. It connects you to the stability and strength of the earth while also lifting you into a higher awareness and perspective, helping you access your intuitive intelligence.

It’s a good choice to calm a frazzled nervous system when you feel like you can’t sit still or calm your mind enough to meditate. Holding a stone in between your palms and feeling the pulse of your energy move through the stone brings almost instant calm. You can also lay down with it placed on your third eye or down at your root chakra to help you fully release the energetic gunk and connect to the calm center inside yourself.

🖤Our guided indigo gabbro meditation takes you on a deep clearing and release of toxic energies and then lifts you into the astral realm to communicate with your higher awareness. 🛸 

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Price Box Background

Indigo Gabbro Guided Meditation

Our guided indigo gabbro meditation takes you on a deep clearing and release of toxic energies and then lifts you into the astral realm to communicate with your higher awareness.

Buy Guided Meditation
Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Background

Indigo Gabbro Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


A stone for the deep dark work, for connecting to your inner strength and resilience, and empowering you to embrace transformation in your life, indigo gabbro deeply resonates with the energies of Scorpio. This is the archetype where decay, death, and rebirth happen, and indigo gabbro is a beautiful stone to have on your journey of releasing the harm and toxins in your life to be rebirthed into a fuller expression of your power.


This stone helps you release stored and stuck emotions and unfelt expressions of yourself, all the things that Cancer part of you wants to protect, keep within, and may even hide from yourself. It gently nurtures and holds you with a strength of alignment that’s guided by the natural forces of the Earth to help ground and balance you when the tides of your emotions are threatening to drown or swallow you up.


The grounding, cleansing, and purifying energies of indigo gabbro resonate with Virgo energy, guiding you back to the balance and order inherent in the natural world. It helps you move the clear insights and messages from your higher mind down into the practical reality of everyday life. It’s a beautifully supportive stone to keep you clear and centered through all the ups and downs, staying adaptable and flexible like mutable Virgo, so you can make the necessary changes in your daily habits to restore your physical and spiritual health and vitality.

The Moon

Shining a light through the darkness of the unconscious shadows, the Moon corresponds to the healing, enlightening energies of indigo gabbro and its ability to help you illuminate the mysteries of your soul. The Moon rules our emotional senses and intuitive energies which are both heightened and clarified by indigo gabbro, helping you process and release what must go.

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Item
Tarot Cards


A symbol of internal and external balance, this card depicts an angel with one foot on the earth and one foot in the water representing a connection with both the material and spiritual worlds, the conscious and subconscious, and finding the beautiful balance in between both. The angel pours water from one cup to the other suggesting the easy flow and alchemization of emotion and subconscious thought.

These are the same energies indigo gabbro holds, helping you connect with the center of balance within yourself and in all areas of your life, so you can find harmony between dualities and an internal place of calm and patience, even in stressful situations. It’ll help you keep one foot on the ground and one connected to your highest intuitive awareness so you can marry both within the center of yourself to guide you through life with balance.

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Item
Spirit Animal


This ancient symbol of a snake eating its tail represents the infinite cycle of life- death and rebirth, destruction and creation, dark and light- and finding the balance between these dual forces. It’s an alchemical symbol representing that which can never be destroyed, showing that energy never disappears but perpetually changes shape and form, being reborn again and again.

This balancing between dualities and understanding of the infinite cycles of life is exactly what indigo gabbro helps you connect with. Snakes are also synonymous with transformation as they constantly shed their skin to become anew, and in the context of an ouroboros, this also points to life’s ability to self-regenerate and the internal, energetic transformations we go through in order to arrive at a point of wholeness.

These are exactly the energetic qualities that indigo gabbro holds as it connects you to infinite time and space and a holistic understanding of the cycles of life, and the internal transformations happening within you.

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Indigo Gabbro + Selenite

Pair with selenite for an amazing cleansing duo to help you fully clear and release any dense energies from your entire central column and let in the light of pure awareness.

Indigo Gabbro + Moonstone

Pair with moonstone to enhance the emotional cleansing qualities, connect more deeply to your intuitive awareness, and enhance your creativity.

Indigo Gabbro + Clear Quartz

Pair with clear quartz to amplify and direct the energies of indigo gabbro and heighten its clarifying, purifying effects.

Crystal Indigo Gabbro Connection Item
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Care Background
Crystal Indigo Gabbro Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Indigo Gabbro

Indigo gabbro is the closest thing to a truly self-cleansing stone because of its beautiful blend of absorbing and transmuting energies, so you don’t need to cleanse it often.

Upon first acquiring your stone you may like to give it a cleanse to release any energies it has accumulated before it came to you, and also as a way to connect with its energy. You may also want to give it a quick cleanse after doing any deep healing or cleansing work with it.

For a quick and easy cleanse, you can simply rinse it under cool water. For a more thorough cleanse, place it on the earth overnight to dispel its accumulated energy and return it to homeostasis. You can also recharge it by placing it on a bed of hematite overnight.

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    Crystal Indigo Gabbro Recommend Background

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