Crystal Emerald
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The Crystal of Exponential Growth

Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Earth element Earth
Venus planet Venus
Crystal Emerald Price Box Background

Emerald Guided Meditation

Our guided emerald meditation takes you on a detoxifying, rebalancing inner journey to help you manifest the abundance & harmony your heart desires.

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Crystal Emerald Message Background
Crystal Emerald Message Background
Crystal Emerald Frame

The message

Emerald’s Message To You:

Emerald green rolling hills
Fresh, abundant growth
Spring bursting into life
A heart full and open

Purifying, clearing, releasing
Toxicity & density purged
Germinating a new seed
In the center of your being

Reaching for the light
Rooted into the earth
A pillar of strength
To build you back up

Expanding, stretching, growing
Alchemical transformation
Regenerating & restoring
Your inner foundation

A new storyline
With a happy ending
Health, wealth & harmony
Eternal love ascending


Emerald helps you to…

  • Heal & restore your body
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Open to love & abundance
Crystal Emerald Story Background
Crystal Emerald Story Background
Crystal Emerald Story

The Story of Emerald

Born from the deep fires of the earth and rising out of the surface like a towering tree, emerald is a pillar of heart energy that penetrates through to your very foundation to lift your spirits, open your heart, rejuvenate you when you’re feeling ill or weak, remind you of your value and purpose, and strengthen you from the ground up.

An ancient stone holding the wisdom of time and growth through the ages like rings on a tree, the oldest found emerald is estimated to be almost 3 billion years old. Highly regarded throughout ancient South American, European, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian cultures, emerald is known as one of Cleopatra’s most prized stones and was used in jewelry, burial ceremonies, for luck and protection, and medicinal purposes throughout the world.

This immense span of wisdom and connection with ancient cultures that emerald holds makes it a beautiful ancestral stone, one that moves into the roots of who you are to help you release what must go, and create a strong foundation from which to grow. It strengthens the heart, helps you catch your breath, and let go of old pain or beliefs that may be hindering your ability to thrive.

A stone of the heart, emerald is connected to harmony at its highest essence, to the purest truth. It’s an energy of everything coalescing and coming together, united by love. This makes it a great stone for strengthening relationships of all sorts, bringing in openness, acceptance, understanding, and mutual respect. It brings loyalty, truth, and open-hearted compassion to the surface in your friendships, love life, work life, and family relationships.

As one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones on earth, emerald possesses an inherent quality, value, and nobility within it. It carries an earned respect and perceived sense of worthiness that transmits through its frequency into your energy field, helping you lift your perception, realize your inherent value, and walk through the world feeling worthy of all the abundance you desire.

An exceptional stone for over-achiever types, emerald helps you release the stress of wanting to accomplish all your goals too quickly, bringing patience, acceptance, wisdom, and balance to allow for steady, cultivated growth so you can create the foundation for true abundance. Emerald brings openness, joy, and appreciation, helping you relish in the beauty of each present moment rather than anxiously striving for the future and missing out on all the gifts that are right here waiting for you.

It’s also one of the best stones for physical health, healing, and overall wellbeing. Ancient Daoists used it to release “poisons” from the body, and even old alchemical lore suggests emeralds can counteract poison. This idea of “poison” applies broadly to anything toxic that can create illness in any way- physically, mentally, or emotionally- as emerald teaches and reminds us that all physical manifestations first begin on the energetic level.

It’s this energetic root of disease, illness, and imbalance that emerald targets, which is what makes it such an amazing healing stone to bring an abundance of health and wealth to your life on every level!

Crystal Emerald Property Background
Crystal Emerald Property Background

Emerald Healing Properties

Element Earth


So divinely connected with nature and its innate abundance and growth, emerald is an earth stone. But more specifically, it’s tied to a certain energy that grows up, out of, and throughout the earth, sprouting up like pillars of wisdom and strength. That element is wood, which is what ancient Daoist stone medicine links emerald to.

Wood is the energy of springtime, full of new beginnings and renewal. It’s the energy of growth itself, of expansion and achievement. It’s the divine connector point between the heavens and earth, ever stretching into the sky while simultaneously anchored deep into the ground through its roots. This is the energy that emerald brings, like a pillar of support to lift you to new heights of insight, wisdom, and abundance, while also helping you build and maintain a strong and secure foundation, rooted in the physical world.

This glowing green stone is strong, yet still soft and nurturing. It has a resilient strength, the strength of flexibility. Trees embody this idea as they bend and flex through the harshest winds, and possess a resilient fortitude that endlessly seeks new growth, even after a fire or storm sweeps through them, as long as its roots are strong and nurtured.

Emerald nurtures and nourishes your roots to help you grow strong and steady while maintaining flexibility, to help you always stretch towards the sunlight with a resilient heart, and to help you grow back even stronger after you break or fall down. It’s a supporting, nurturing crystal to help you grow like the tallest tree in the forest, supported by the earth beneath you, the relationships you have with those all around you, and the divine intelligence of the cosmos above, in perfect harmony.

Chakra Heart


The heart is the body’s center point, the harmonic point of balance, and this is exactly where emerald brings you: into your heart. Into the center of balance within yourself. Into harmonic alignment where your mind, emotions, body, and spirit can all communicate with each other and be in agreement.

The great wisdom of emerald understands that your emotional healing is of utmost importance and that it’s accessed through the heart space. This is where you open the doors to tremendous growth, acceptance, love, and balance, the kind that can change your whole way of being, bringing health, joy, abundance, understanding, and prosperity on whole new levels.

But first, you have to detox and clear out the wounds, the resentment, and the walls of protection you’ve placed around your heart. Emerald is a beautiful stone for that too, one of the best detoxification stones on the planet, to detox the dense, heavy, or poisonous emotions you’ve been holding within your heart, and turn them into rich soil from which to grow new life.

Through its cleansing, balancing, and expansive effects, emerald opens you to more kindness, compassion, self-worth, and feeling in love with life. It nourishes, balances, and adds stability to the emotional body, helping you process old wounds, restore your vital life force energy, and reconnect you with your sense of appreciation for life.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


The energy of emerald moves downward, stabilizing static, chaotic, overwhelming thoughts and emotions. It brings you back into your body when you’re stuck in your head, and grounds higher insights and intuitive wisdom to help you actualize your ideas. Builds physical, emotional, and mental stability, supported by the Earth itself.


Emerald is a beautiful balancing stone, to bring your mind, heart, and body into harmony. It clears and uplifts dense, dark, or heavy emotions, and calms and cools heightened, heated ones, bringing balance. It consolidates energy into the center of your being, and clears toxic, harmful, pathogenic frequencies, creating harmony from within.


Stress-relieving and calming, emerald has a cooling energy that clears heat in the body- from inflammation and pain to heated emotions like anger, frustration, or resentment. If you’re hot-headed or impatient, striving and pushing yourself too far or too hard, it will help you “cool your jets” to create sustainable growth.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Emerald is a gorgeous green, ranging from a dull mossy green in raw form to a vibrant kelly green to teal in gem-quality crystals. It can be opaque or transparent, with the most precious emeralds used as gemstones for jewelry having a high level of clarity.

Green is associated with health, wealth, abundance, life, and vitality. It’s all about growth. Green is the frequency of the liver in traditional Chinese medicine, and emerald works with the energetics of the liver to bring self-regeneration, detoxification, and invigoration to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.


Emerald is a type of beryl, sibling to Aquamarine (blue beryl) and Morganite (pink beryl). It’s a base of beryllium aluminum silicate + chromium. The chromium is what gives emerald its stunning shade of green.

It has a “ring silicate” inner structure, which disperses excess and toxic energy out of the body, which aids in emerald’s detoxification abilities. It has a hexagonal crystal shape which is regulating and balancing in nature, giving emerald a harmonizing influence. This hexagonal shape is associated with the wood element in Daoist stone medicine which is aspirational and growth-oriented.

Use Emerald When...

You’re feeling…

shy, indecisive, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, burnt out, stressed, nervous, lacking, resentful, angry, frustrated, fidgety, distracted, closed-off, self-critical, jealous, imbalanced

You’re struggling with…

illness, fatigue, money issues, making decisions, lack of focus, low self-worth, victim mentality, pessimism, speaking from the heart, comparison, feeling “not enough”, perfectionis

When you want…

balance between heart & mind, physical detoxification, abundance, joy, pleasure, flowing health, strong relationships, luck, beneficial outcomes, understanding, patience, acceptance, harmony

Crystal Emerald Use
Crystal Emerald Life Background
Crystal Emerald Life Background

Using Emerald in Everyday Life


One of the most renowned stones of abundance, emerald helps you understand what true abundance is by increasing your health, wealth, love, and happiness in the present moment, tapping you into the endless gifts of life. It helps you be generous with that abundance as well, reminding you that the more you give, the more you expand like a tree rooted firmly into the earth, strong and secure in your ability to always keep growing and thriving.

You can use it to focus your intentions and harness wisdom from the higher planes to guide you towards positive outcomes, new possibilities, and lucky turns around every corner. It can also help you see visions more clearly and tap into your higher intelligence for advice to guide your decisions. It’s been used in magical rituals for centuries.

Hold an emerald in your hand while you visualize or write out a beautiful vision of abundance that you want to live in, filled with security in love and money, harmony in your health and relationships, and whatever abundance you want to call in. Then carry that emerald with you, or place it on an altar or intentional place where you can check in with it, hold it, and soak up its vibration daily, to keep you focused and moving forward towards all you want to manifest.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

One of the best stones for love and relationships, emerald creates harmony within and without, spreading from your heart into all your relationships. It’s a beautiful stone to symbolize eternal love that’s solid and true. It can also help you call in and attract the kind of love you desire and deserve in your life, and get clear on exactly what that is.

It can heal fractured relationships, help you feel more open, understanding, and compassionate towards others, really allowing you to lead from your heart space. It’s also a great stone for friendships, family, work relationships, teams, groups, or any communities you’re in, holding a vibration of mutual respect and understanding, allowing your heart energy to open wide into more acceptance, appreciation, and nurturing support towards all who you’re in relationship with.

Give an emerald to a loved one as a symbol of love and commitment, honesty, and pure intention, and it will bring an abundance of loving energy and growth to that relationship. Hold it in your hand as you dream of the love you want for your life, and it will help you settle for nothing less than you deserve as you step fully into your value and self-worth so you can attract someone in alignment with your highest self. 👑

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This gorgeous green beauty uplifts you when you’re feeling low, and helps you restore and renew your strength and sense of self when you feel lost. It’s a beautiful stone for shadow work, especially when you’re dealing with a lack of self-worth, self-value, or purpose, to help you break through the toxic patterns and misbeliefs about yourself. It’s an illuminator of victim mentality and anywhere you’ve been unconsciously holding yourself back from healing, growing, or thriving.

After shining the light on and shedding the toxic and poisonous beliefs you’ve been operating from, it pulls them up from the roots and moves you back into your heart space to plant new seeds. Its heart connection does wonders to help you embrace and accept yourself, understand your innate value, and begin treating yourself with more respect and admiration.

Do some shadow work journaling while holding or wearing emerald to help you gain new insights you may not have been able to access before. It will put you in touch with the innate intuitive wisdom and answers that live inside you. Hold it as you visualize yourself moving out of the grip of your shadows, into a bright new world full of luck, love, and abundance.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Emerald is a preeminent physical healing stone and is especially helpful for chronic illness. It builds and consolidates life force energy to help you recover and recuperate. It’s the regeneration stone. Incredibly detoxifying, it absorbs toxins and excess energy and clears the body of its “poisons” of all sorts.

It helps with infertility, impotence, hormonal imbalances, and menopausal symptoms. It aids in recovery from adrenal fatigue or exhaustion and provides relief for headaches, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and allergies or sinus issues. It’s a wisdom stone that benefits neurological issues like Parkinson’s or dementia and helps clear toxicity from the blood and parasitic infections.

Emerald also helps you see clearly how the disease, illness, or diagnosis you’re dealing with has roots in your belief system and emotions, and it works to address those underlying, deep-rooted causes of disease in the body through its nurturance, detoxification, and ability to consolidate and regenerate energy.

Lay down, relax, and place an emerald over your heart space or anywhere on your body that needs detoxification and healing. Breathe and allow the emerald to spread its harmonic healing through your whole body. Imagine your body being restored, regenerating, growing new cells, and harmonizing internal systems. Work with your emerald as long as you need to slowly detox, recuperate, and find strength and relief.

Self Care
Self Care

This sparkling green gem helps you embrace and love yourself, to feel at peace and in harmony with yourself. No more fighting or belittling yourself, emerald is here to help you love on you and start to truly understand the immense value you hold in this world.

When you’re feeling “not enough” in any way at all, grab your emerald and wear or carry it throughout the day to uplift your heart, mind, and spirit into one of confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, knowing that you’re acceptable and lovable exactly as you are.

It can be especially helpful during transitional phases of life, from puberty to elderhood, especially when negative or critical thoughts around your own body are holding you back in some way from loving yourself or accomplishing your goals. It’s a beautiful stone for elders or anyone in a state of feeling weak or vulnerable, to restore your inner strength, vitality, and harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

Ancestral & Past Life Work
Ancestral & Past Life Work

This ancient stone of earthly wisdom can help you connect with your ancestors to gain insight, clarity, and help from the foundation of those who came before you. A stone of family relationships that works with the roots of who you are- think of your family tree- emerald holds a pillar of wisdom that’s been passed down through generations, and you can use it to channel that wisdom, strength, and knowledge through you.

It can also help heal the wounding and trauma that’s been passed down ancestrally, especially around any health and money-related issues, detoxing the limiting belief systems and uprooting patterns of disease to restore harmony throughout your energetic system in the present.

Hold an emerald in your hand and place it over your heart, with your other hand ready with pen and paper to write. Close your eyes and breathe while you think about a certain ancestor you wish to connect with, or a struggle you’re dealing with in your life that could be connected to your family lines. You can ask a question or just bring something to mind you need advice on. Breathe and wait for images, words, memories, or feelings to come, and start writing down everything you experience and any insights or wisdom that shines through.


A great crystal to wear or hold during your meditation, emerald enhances focus, concentration, and your ability to envision clearly. It’s a stone to use with intention while focusing on what you want to grow or build in your life, what you want to see thrive. It’ll stoke your joy, ambition, and openness to all the possibilities that exist.

If you’re feeling stress or anxiety about money struggles, self-worth issues, or health challenges you’re facing, sitting with emerald in meditation regularly, with pure-hearted intentions for the healing you’d like to see in your life, can help you come back into internal balance, and maintain a resilient strength to guide you through any obstacles along your path.

🍀Our guided emerald meditation takes you on a detoxifying, rebalancing inner journey to help you manifest the abundance & harmony your heart desires. 💚

Crystal Emerald Price Box Background

Emerald Guided Meditation

Our guided emerald meditation takes you on a detoxifying, rebalancing inner journey to help you manifest the abundance & harmony your heart desires.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Emerald Connection Background
Crystal Emerald Connection Background

Emerald Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


As the May birthstone, many Taureans already know and love emerald. It captures the beautiful, sensory, abundant energies of Taurus and helps you consolidate your energy and resources to grow and thrive in your life. Use it to inspire patient perseverance towards fulfilling your desires. Taurus brings the seeds of creation to life, making ideas real and tangible, and emerald helps them grow into an abundant garden of joy and delight.


The other May baby, emerald also carries the energy of Gemini as it clarifies the mind, sparks brilliance, and heightens intellect. It’s also a beautiful balm for anxiety, nervousness, or overwhelm when your mind is running over time. Connected to the divine wisdom of the Universe, this green gem enhances clear and honest communication from the heart and can help you stay steadfast toward your goals until they’re achieved, rather than getting distracted by every new shiny thing.


As a stone of truth, justice, beauty, and balance, emerald also resonates with the beautiful air energies of Libra. It’s a crystal that benefits and strengthens relationships of all sorts and helps with wise decision-making when you feel unsure or indecisive. Emerald harnesses the meeting point where insight meets intellect, able to bridge the gap between the mind and heart and bring them into alignment. It’s even said to bring good luck in business relationships and legal proceedings, which is Libra’s domain.


Taurus and Libra’s ruler Venus is the goddess of love, relationships, abundance, self-worth, appreciation, generosity, pleasure, beauty, growth- all the energies that emerald carries. It’s a true Venusian beauty to connect you with all those qualities anytime you need to harness your own worthiness, grow more love in your life, create financial stability, enhance understanding between you and the people in your life, enjoy more beauty and pleasure, and bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a goddess stone of royal beauty, magic power, and a connection with the highest divine wisdom of creation.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

A Jewelry Shop 

Phase 53, Taurus 23*

Bring this image to your mind of a jewelry shop, perhaps one filled with gorgeous glittering gemstones like emerald… Feel into the feelings it conjures for you~ perhaps beauty, abundance, worthiness, and the enjoyment of material treasures and pleasures…

This Sabian symbol is inherently about the emotions it conjures, of feeling valuable, like you’re enough, and deserving of the best things in life. It’s a visual that captures the Taurean themes of self-worth, creative beauty, obtaining our material desires, and being driven by our senses.

There’s an inherent sense of protecting the things you find most valuable in life, not only sparkling gems like emerald, but the gems of wisdom, love, and truth that live within you, the kind of inner gems that emerald enhances in you. These are what make you inherently worthy to experience all the abundance and beauty you want in this world.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Empress

The Empress is seen sitting on a throne, holding a scepter in one hand and enjoying the abundance of nature all around her. She’s the mother archetype, an earth goddess, representing growth, expansion, abundance, generosity, fertility, and love. She is the essence of Venus, and emerald holds the essence of her energy.

Emerald helps you tap into having more than enough, into BEING more than enough, relishing in the fruits and pleasures of the world, being present and enjoying each moment as it comes, and being ever-generous, always knowing there’s so much more where that came from.

The Empress’ energy of feminine nurturance and sustenance, the fulfillment of all your needs, and appreciation for all the blessings and gifts in this world is exactly what working with emerald helps you embody, so you expand and enjoy the experience of being alive and being able to feel love, joy, and pleasure.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Imagine sprawling hills covered in green grass with happy cows grazing under the sunlight- that’s the vibe of emerald. Fresh, abundant, easy, joyful, expansive, healthy, embodied, present, and appreciative.

Cows are symbols of wealth, strength, abundance, and the sharing of resources to help others grow and thrive. They’re the providers of nourishment through their milk and meat to a large swath of humanity. Considered sacred in India, the cow represents Mother Earth and all her abundant resources.

A cow’s energy is nurturing and gentle, connected to nature and the idyllic sense of peace it can bring. Cows are symbols of peace and prosperity, in love, money, health, and all areas of life. They’re connected to their body and senses and rely on their instincts, which is what emerald can help you do for yourself, connecting you with the inherent wisdom in your bones.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Emerald Varieties

Emerald has a few different varieties, mostly named for their place of origin, such as Zambian Emerald, Brazilian Emerald, or Colombian Emerald. There are a few rare varieties as well:

Trapiche Emerald

One of the rarest varieties of emerald from Colombia, this has a six-pointed star pattern within it that looks similar to a spoked wheel. It’s not a light effect or reflection, it’s a dark pattern fixed within the gem itself and is created by black carbon impurities.

Cat’s Eye Emerald

Extremely rare and sought-after, this type of emerald has a “chatoyant” effect which reflects the light in a column down the center, looking similar to a cat’s eye.

Star Emerald

Another rare variety found in Brazil and Madagascar, this type of emerald has an “asterism” effect which reflects the light in a star-shaped pattern, bringing more cosmic, spiritual energy to it.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Emerald + Ocean Jasper

Pair with ocean jasper to cleanse & purify old belief systems & rebalance body mind & soul back in harmony with nature and the personal rhythms that guide you.

Emerald + Hematite 

Pair with hematite for grounding, strength, and energetic protection, to connect with internal fortitude and nourishment, to cool and slow things down.

Emerald + Ruby

Pair with ruby for an exceptionally strong royal pair of crystals to imbue you with fortitude and inner power and truly lead with your heart in life.

Crystal Emerald Connection Item
Crystal Emerald Care Background
Crystal Emerald Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Emerald

The easiest way to cleanse emerald is in running water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. You can recharge it with a quick 30-minute sunbath, but don’t leave it in the sun too long or in any extremes of temperature, as it can get dried out or damaged and develop cracks within it.

If you have a gem-quality emerald that you want to take extra care of, you can rub a bit of baby oil on it after cleansing and charging it to help preserve it and fill in any cracks.

For rough or tumbled stones that aren’t too precious, you can also leave them outside on the earth under a waxing moon to both cleanse and recharge the emerald’s energy.

*Note that many emeralds sold today are “lab-grown”, man-made artificial gems, which do not carry all these beautiful healing qualities, so be informed, ask questions, and know what you’re buying!

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Emerald or crystals in general!


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    • Hi Natalie, thanks for reading! First place I’d look for an emerald is locally, and if not, I’d suggest searching Etsy for raw emeralds and find a crystal shop on there that looks reputable and has good reviews- there’s also lots of emerald jewelry to be found on there 🙂

  • I am great full to learn so much about Emerald stone it’s such an important information one can use thank you keep up good work

  • Crystal Emerald Recommend Background
    Crystal Emerald Recommend Background

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