Crystal Ruby
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The Crystal of Empowered Vitality

Cancer zodiac signs Cancer
Aries zodiac signs Aries
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Fire element Fire
Earth element Earth
Sun planet Sun
Root Sacral Heart
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Ruby Guided Meditation

Ruby guided meditation audio will take you on an incredibly healing, self-transformational journey, connecting you with your crystal on a deep spiritual level!

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Crystal Ruby Message Background
Crystal Ruby Frame

The message

Ruby's Message To You:

I am here to remind you
of the flame that burns inside you
the support of the ancestors behind you
the security of the earth beneath you
& the grace of the cosmos above you

I activate the aliveness of your being
the throbbing impulse in your bones
the cosmic weave of sacred cells
the warmth moving through your veins
the fiery passion of your essence

you were born to be healthy & happy
you are here to be richly satisfied
you are worthy of all your desires
you are capable of immense strength
you are more powerful than you know

I connect you back to the root of you
ground you into the truth of you
unlock the doors in the heart of you
to allow abundance to flow to you
& for all your power to return to you


Ruby helps you to…

  • Step into your power
  • Increase your vitality
  • Follow your passions
Crystal Ruby Story Background
Crystal Ruby Story

The Story of Ruby

Born from a holy fire in the heavens and deposited into the blood of the earth, ruby is a stone of power and nobility that ignites the fires within you. It empowers you to claim your metaphorical throne and all the abundant riches that come along with it, by devoting yourself to that which sparks the most passion in your heart.

The second hardest mineral, ruby carries the essence of strength, grounding you into your body, increasing courage and confidence, inspiring you to rise as an impassioned force for creating your desires here on earth. Its rich blood-red is filled with life-force energy, throbbing with the pulse of Spirit. It’s invigorating, building physical and energetic vitality, sparking your fervor for life.

Named from the Latin “ruber” meaning red, ruby’s incredible color and durability made it a gem revered by most ancient cultures throughout known history. At one time, it was more precious and coveted than diamonds. In Sanskrit texts, ruby is referred to as “Ratna Raj”, the “king of gemstones,” and it has been used by royalty to amass great power and wealth. It can help you embody your inner king or queen, stepping fully into your confidence and self-worth to live life to the fullest.

While ruby does help you cultivate material wealth and security, it does so by first establishing your sense of inner security, bringing your most empowered self to the surface to discover what you’re truly capable of. It has fiercely protective energy that gives you the courage to live with conviction and heartfelt devotion to what you love most.

Energizing and sensual, this is a crystal that will get your juices flowing, literally and figuratively, connecting you to your innate sense of pleasure and desire. It helps you feel embodied and powerful, nourishing the blood in your veins and the roots of who you are.

Ruby reminds you how essential it is to let your life-force energy propel you into love, passion, and the brilliant fire of being alive!

Crystal Ruby Property Background

Ruby Healing Properties

Element Fire


Ruby’s deep red associates it with the element of fire and with the heart. It’s a stone that engages the creative spirit within us, that lights the flame of our desires and passions, and helps us use our internal fire to spur us forward toward love, wealth, and abundance.

Although fire moves with speed and fury and will at some point always burn itself out, Ruby’s essence of fire feels like a slow burn- a simmering crockpot, a volcano brewing deep beneath the ground, a woodstove that’s tended to keep you warm all winter long. It’s the fire of devotion, of love, of life-force energy.

The same fire that propels us can also burn us when it becomes anger, agitation, and resentment. Ruby brings balance to that internal heat when it starts to rise too high, and can also re-light your flame whenever you feel low, lost, dark, or tired.

Element Earth


The intense strength, stability, and durability of ruby align it with the earth element. It’s a stone you can use to ground into your body, into your innate power, and into the wisdom you carry in your bones.

Ruby is solid, sturdy, and supportive. It lifts you up when you fall down, it strengthens you when you feel weak, and it can rejuvenate your physical energy and vitality to help you keep moving toward all you want to accomplish in life.

When you need to focus on what’s in front of you, put in the practical action, and do whatever it takes to see things through, ruby is a beautiful stone ally to have by your side that will arm you with courage, confidence, and self-trust.

Chakra Root


The root chakra is where we feel security, safety, and strength. It’s our connection to the earth and our bodies. It’s where our physical power lies. Ruby’s deep red color activates your root, opening and amplifying its energy to help you feel at home and empowered in your body.

Ruby builds your sense of strength and stability in who you are and who you want to be. It helps you better understand and fulfill your needs, to claim space in the world, and ground into the worthiness that you were born with. It can transmute the fears that lie here, the unconscious and instinctual wounding and pain, and early childhood experiences of trauma and confusion.

This potent stone has very deep, penetrating power that sinks to the root of your being and beneath it, down into the root of your struggles, into your bones, into your DNA, into your ancestral lineage, clearing through time and space until you find solid, safe ground to stand on.

Chakra Sacral


Ruby is also a beautiful stone for sacral chakra healing, which is the seat of our emotional awareness, instincts, and where our life force energy resides, known as “the sea of qi.”

Our sacral chakra connects to our desires, sensuality, and passion, our creative energy and urges, all of which ruby has the power to stoke within us. It’s a stone that activates and empowers your sacral to retain its life force energy for your benefit, rather than fully exhausting it on external situations, struggles, and feeling the emotional energy of everyone around you.

Ruby is emotionally and psychically protective, like a shield around your “sea of qi” to hold in all that beautiful creative, life-force energy to fuel you forward into doing what makes you feel good, what empowers you, what helps you feel strong and purposeful.

It can also help burn away any dense, heavy energies in the sacral, where sexual trauma and shame are often held, transmuting it into personal power to grow your self-worth and trust in yourself and others.

Chakra Heart


In Traditional Chinese Medicine where ruby has been used as a medicinal stone for thousands of years, red is associated with the heart, and ruby is one of the preeminent heart stones.

It stimulates circulation in the heart, gets it pumping, balances its energy, and moves the blood. For any blood-related disorders or issues, or anything where you need to build up more internal energy or get things circulating again, physically or emotionally, ruby is a great crystal ally to choose.

It builds strength and stamina in the heart chakra, fostering your resilience, your faith in yourself, and your ability to get up again after heartbreak, loss, or pain. Like in the other chakras, ruby does its slow burn to go deep into old wounds held here to transmute them into strength.

It also is a love stone, for stable, steadfast love that’s loyal and true. It opens you to understanding the kind of love you’re truly worthy of, and to attracting the kind of love you desire and deserve.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Masculine, invigorating, and direct, Ruby carries a yang energy that stimulates physical vitality and strength. Its vibration is slow, deep, and penetrating. It moves into the heart of the problem, into the root of the situation, all the way down into the DNA.


Ruby has a slow-building energy that increases progressively and steadily over time- it builds the health and vitality of the blood, it builds up your strength and confidence, and it builds passionate, loving energy.

This building effect carries a foundation of stability beneath it. Rather than a sudden increase in energy, it’s a slower, more sustainable increase that builds upon itself. It creates a very strong structure within you that will be much harder to break or knock down when faced with trauma, struggle, upset, or any big upheaval in life.


This intense red stone stirs up energy and circulates it all around the body. It moves the blood, moves the qi, and stimulates and shifts stagnant, stuck energy. It also helps to circulate out the past, clearing old wounds and bringing fresh new life-force energy in.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Ruby is found in a range of shades from pale pink to blood red to cabernet. Its rich, vibrant coloring is said to contain the “fire of life,” linked to the blood in our veins. When you think of ruby, you can think of blood, the heart, and the aliveness of being.

Its intense red color and strength are what has made it one of the most coveted and prized gemstones throughout history. Red is a color of nobility, courage, and impenetrable strength. Red is satisfaction, enthrallment, and action, it’s the rosy cheeks of health and happiness, and ruby embodies all of these beautiful qualities.


Ruby is aluminum oxide + chromium.  It’s a rare type of corundum that is basically tainted by chromium during the crystalization process, which turns it red. All other shades of corundum are what we know as “sapphires.”

A 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, second only to diamond, rubies are incredibly strong. They’re formed under great pressure and heat and only in rare conditions, which not only adds to their allure and value but also imbues them with the energetic qualities to support you when you feel under intense pressure or are moving through hardship or struggle.

Use Ruby When...

You’re feeling…

exhausted, insecure, lethargic, under pressure, manic, obsessive, agitated, confused, bored, unenthused, drained, blocked, dissatisfie

You’re struggling with…

lack of faith or confidence, a dark night of the soul, emotional trauma, poor circulation, willpower, blood pressure issues, broken heart, grief, victim or lack mentality

When you want…

clear emotional baggage & ancestral wounds, increase your life force energy & will to live, gain strength during hard times, get unstuck, make a decision, move forward, have courage

Crystal Ruby Use
Crystal Ruby Life Background

Using Ruby in Everyday Life


Ruby is one of the preeminent stones used for centuries by nobility to increase their power and attract and accumulate wealth. It’s a crystal fit for your inner king or queen to help you stay centered, grounded, and seated in your power, expectant and confident that you can achieve whatever you set your sights on.

Ruby is a stone for action, for momentum, for moving forward and doing the thing. It will help you stay focused and dedicated towards all that you want to manifest in your life, to plug into the practical effort required to make things happen, and maintain your energy and stamina to do so.

Pair it with clear quartz or citrine to get crystal clear on exactly what you want to create for your life, and then turn to ruby to help you satisfy those desires, strengthening your ability to meet your goals and bring them to fruition in the real, physical world.

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

An aphrodisiac, ruby amps up your passion and sensual hunger, your craving for love and connection. If you’ve been feeling blah, bored, or uninspired in the intimate realm, keep ruby in the bedroom to fire things up and circulate the dull, dreary energy out, bringing new, fresh energy in.

From the higher planes of spiritual love to the most instinctual animal desires, ruby restores a vibrancy for life, connection, and intimacy, and a passion for pleasurable experiences. It also helps increase physical energy and sexual stamina, as well as fertility.

Ruby is not just a lusty stone though, this is a crystal of commitment and communion, a beautiful choice for marriage, encouraging steadfast love and a strong union with one another. It helps create deep intimacy and connection, bonds that are incredibly hard to break. It nurtures fidelity and security in relationships of all sorts.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

With ruby’s ability to work its energy down into the deepest places within our psyche and soul, it can be an incredibly good tool for shadow work. It’s particularly helpful for root-related issues, the sort of shadows you carry in your blood, that you inherited genetically or karmically, the ones from when you were carried in your mother’s womb up to your experiences as a small human acclimating to the world.

For all the unconscious fears and resentments and tethers to the past that are still held within the dark crevices inside you, ruby acts as a slow and steady force to powerfully and permanently uproot them. It helps you access the deepest places within you, including ancestral wounds and past life issues you’re still carrying with you.

If you’re currently doing any sort of therapy, bring ruby with you to your sessions, hold it as you unearth the pain, and allow it to help you transmute it. You can also journal or do visualizations or hypnosis to help you dig into your unconscious, and use ruby as an anchor to keep you steady and strong as you do the hard and necessary work of healing the past.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

With its energy of grounding and security, ruby is empowering & protective while you sleep, keeping you tethered to the earth and shielded from psychic attack. If you’re experimenting with dreamwork, this can be a good stone to add to the arsenal as a protective crystal for your subconscious, while other crystals do the work of heightening and honing your consciousness.

Its grounded strength also provides clarity to the mind to help you bring your dreams out of the astral realm and applied to your real-world life. If you’ve been wrestling with nightmares or tossing and turning, feeling unsafe in any way as you sleep, put ruby by your bedside to banish dark energy and help you fall asleep feeling safe and protected.

Self Care
Self Care

Wear or carry ruby with you when you need a boost of energy or confidence for the day, and when you want to feel powerful and strong. Wearing a ruby ring on your middle finger will invigorate the blood and keep your qi circulating throughout the day.

Lay with ruby at the base of your spine beneath your tailbone to activate your root chakra and ground into your physical strength. This placement will also help you connect with ancestral wisdom and heal ancestral wounds.

Make a crystal elixir with ruby using the indirect method, by placing a ruby in a glass, and placing that glass in a bowl of distilled or filtered water. Leave it to rest overnight and in the morning, you can drink the water, or combine it with 25% alcohol to save it, and then use a dropper to take 4-6 drops under your tongue as needed. This is a beautiful way to work with ruby energy for the long haul as it takes time for its energy to work its way down into your roots.


Meditating with ruby can be a powerful experience to help you deeply connect with yourself and your inner power. When you feel weak, fragile, or vulnerable, when you feel unsure or insecure, meditating with ruby can help you release the density and pain of old wounds and fear, and align back into your strength, courage, and confidence.

It lifts you up when you’re low, it builds your strength when you’re weak. It can help you remove toxicity and patterns and pain that have haunted you or kept you stuck for your entire life, or even lifetimes before. It’s for the deep work, for forming incredible and lasting bonds with your inner self, with your soul, with the flame of spirit that lives within you.

❤️ Our guided ruby meditation takes you on a deep & empowering journey to release blocks & pain from the past & step into the full strength of your power in the present. 🔥

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Ruby Guided Meditation

Ruby guided meditation audio will take you on an incredibly healing, self-transformational journey, connecting you with your crystal on a deep spiritual level!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Ruby Connection Background

Ruby Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet

The Sun

This powerful stone is ruled by the Sun, reflecting its magnificence and life-giving qualities. It carries the strength of yang fire, the power of creation, and endless abundance. The sun’s influence gives ruby the power to help you step more fully into who you are and shine your heart’s unique gifts into the world.


A traditional birthstone for Cancer, ruby brings emotional strength and balance while amplifying the fierce loyalty Cancers naturally possess. It brings grounding & security when you’re feeling unsteady or unsure, and increases sentimentality and devotion to those you love.


This fiery stone of strength and passion is a perfect match for Aries energy. It promotes courage and confidence, helping you rise into your leadership qualities and move forward boldly. It can help balance and channel Aries’ natural fire into dedicated action.


Ruby captures the essence of the Leo heart within its crystalline matrix, encouraging love-fueled action and romantic gestures, awakening the power of love that lies inside you. It connects you back to your vitality and joy, helping you embrace the richness of life.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

Gondoliers in a Serenade
Phase 110, Cancer 20*

Ruby is the crystal of the heart, it beats with the essence of enduring love, and this image of gondoliers serenading brings to mind the romance, beauty, and intimacy of a couple in love, cruising down the river, looking at nothing but each other.

This carries the Cancerian undertones of nostalgia and comfort and peaceful connection with those you love. It represents being pampered and cared for, allowing yourself to float down the river of pleasure for a bit without guilt or worry. Ruby helps you align with and fulfill those innate needs and desires, to relish in love, and in life itself.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Emperor

Associated with Aries energy, the Emporer is cloaked in ruby red robes and represents the strength and dignity of royalty, of being a grounded leader, and of having loyalty to people or a cause. The Emporer holds deep courage, confidence, and clarity, also embodied in the essence of ruby, which can help you step into your divine leadership qualities, recognize your self-worth, and embody more of your royal self.


Associated with Leo energy, the Strength card shows a woman standing over a lion unafraid, kindly petting it. This reflects the deep strength that ruby holds, not only in its  fierce and protective qualities but also in its ability to help you become vulnerable with your fears, to walk right up to them and pet them on the head. Ruby doesn’t wince when it comes to facing the darkness, as it knows that life is the most powerful force of all.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Crowing as the sun resurrects each morning and bursting with power and confidence, a rooster, just like a ruby, embodies yang, solar energy. This is the power to ward off the darkness, to stand strong and fully embody exactly who you are.

A rooster is incredibly virile, able to fertilize a whole brood of hens, full of physical and instinctual energy. They strut around like the emperor of the hen house, protective, reliable, and enthusiastic.

In Roman mythology, the rooster is connected with the love story between Ares & Aphrodite, or Mars and Venus, just as ruby is a symbol of passionate and enduring love.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Ruby Varieties

Ruby comes in a few different varieties, all with similar healing qualities as described above, with a few differences. Ruby naturally grows in combination with a few other minerals which create a unique harmonization of each stone’s individual effects:

Star Ruby

This is a rare variety of ruby that contains an optical effect called “asterism” that reflects the light in a 3 or 6-point star formation. Energetically, the star ruby spreads its energy out more, it has a dispersive effect, and also a stronger connection to the divine realms.

Ruby Fuschite

This red and green stone is a naturally formed combination of ruby and nurturing fuschite, making it an excellent heart healer. It feels gentle, peaceful & grounding.

Ruby Zoisite

Another naturally growing duo, zoisite adds a higher vibration to ruby’s grounded energy, enlivening the third eye chakra & aligning your actions with your inner vision.

Ruby Kyanite

Kyanite also grows naturally with ruby and in combination they bring amazing psychic protection, heightening your intuition, clarifying your instincts, and bringing wisdom to light.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Ruby + Blue Sapphire

A natural pair as they’re both a form of corundum, ruby and blue sapphire balance each other’s energies out to bring you into more strength and clarity. Together they ignite your inner fire while cooling off anger, ground you while they uplift, and strengthen your conviction to your truth.

Ruby + Tiger Eye

Pair with tiger eye if you want to roll like gangbusters toward all that you want if you’re ready to conquer, create, and run straight into your dreams. These two stones together are a powerhouse duo of energetic charge and yang fire energy.

Ruby + Jade

Pair with jade to bring a harmonic balance to the heart, open to more abundance, health & wealth on all levels, and restore your physical and emotional body. An exquisite pair to attract joy and richness, to help you live like royalty.

Crystal Ruby Connection Item
Crystal Ruby Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Ruby

A great way to cleanse ruby is to use the element of fire in some way. You can run it safely through the flame of a candle a few times, let it rest near the fireplace or campfire for a while and soak in the heat, or run it through the smoke of some incense or an herbal smudge as a quick cleanse when you want to work with it.

For a once-monthly more thorough cleanse, you can rinse it under cool water for a few minutes until it feels like its energy has been renewed, then dry it with a soft cloth and lay it outside in the sunshine for a short time to charge it up with vital yang energy.

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  • Love Ruby! It has been part of my journey. Great write up Jena, and guided meditation is incredible!

  • I was drawn to todays article on Ruby and decided to buy the guided mediation. A whole lot of synchronicities unraveled…my grandmother (who is very special to me) gave me a ruby ring when I was little, which I immediately pulled out of my jewelry drawer. I picked a Tarot card and pulled the Emperor, which I have been pulling a lot along with the Strength card. Then I did the meditation and am already beginning the energy move within me, giving me the strength I need on my current journey (currently working on moving through traumas, gaining inner strength, and taking on a leadership role in my latest project). So grateful to moon omens for providing the very information I didn’t even know I needed!

    • Oh. My. Gosh!!! I love hearing this so so much! It all sounds so aligned. Thanks for getting the meditation and I’m so glad you could feel your energy start to shift after it. That’s the intention. Keep dedicated, you got this! I can feel the fire from you! ❤️‍🔥

  • This is exactly what I need today! I have a record keeper Ruby that is frequently my gratitude rock (the rock you carry around with you) but I haven’t worked with it in a while and now is the exact time! I never thought to purify it with flame, but I am going to sit in meditation, purify the Ruby, and then carry it with me to remind myself of my vision each time I touch it. ❤️✨❤️

    • Ooh, awesome, a record keeper one! I hope you’ve connected back to it since reading this post, if not, this Cancer season is the perfect time to do so! Thanks so much for sharing 🙏

  • I love ruby, it’s my birth stone (July Leo)
    This article was so amazing to read all of the different properties and meanings. My wedding ring has a big ruby instead of diamond. Also, there are several smaller rubies along the band, it’s one of a kind, my husband had it made specifically for me 🥰 I didn’t know they were the second hardest next to diamonds, cool surprise ♥️

    • Hey, fellow leo! I’m an August leo. 🦁 That’s so amazing you have ruby in your wedding ring- that’s for some steadfast, passionate love alright! Amazing. Thanks so much for reading!

  • Awesome I feel a strong connection to Ruby now thanks to your article and I feel this is a crystal that I need work with❤️

    • You can find some great inexpensive raw pieces out there- I hope you find one you love! The meditation is also a great way to work with its energy whether you have a ruby or not. Thanks so much for reading! ♥️

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