Crystal Citrine
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The Crystal of Shining Joy

Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Leo zodiac signs Leo
Libra zodiac signs Libra
Fire element Fire
Sun planet Sun
Crown Solar Plexus
Crystal Citrine Price Box Background

Citrine Guided Meditation

Our guided citrine meditation helps you clear out the darkness & density, lift into joy & enthusiasm, and live out the vision of your most beautiful & happy life!

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Crystal Citrine Message Background
Crystal Citrine Message Background
Crystal Citrine Frame

The message

Citrine’s Message To You:

Breathing in the golden light
a funnel for divine insight
I unleash your inner sun
so you can laugh, enjoy, have fun!

Lifting the weight of doom & depression
untying the knots of self-repression
amplifying your creative expression
so you can leap in your progression!

Breaking free from what you’re not
overcoming unhelpful thoughts
moving forward through your fears
releasing pain that’s lasted years!

I’ll hold your hand and lift you up
clear your mind and fill your cup
help you see your true purpose in life
to be happy, authentic, and aligned!


Citrine helps you to…

  • Find joy & laughter
  • Create abundance on all levels
  • Express your authentic self
Crystal Citrine Story Background
Crystal Citrine Story Background
Crystal Citrine Story

The Story of Citrine

Born from the electric light of radiant sunshine, citrine helps you rise and shine and relish in every moment as a new opportunity to find joy, light, and happiness. It’s all here already, waiting for you to find it, and that’s exactly what citrine sets your sights on to help you clearly see the amazing gifts of this life that are all around you and within you right in this present moment. It helps you focus on what’s good, what’s working, and what’s moving forward, instead of all the things that aren’t, and to see that happiness is a choice and you can choose it at any time, through any circumstance, as a conscious decision to look for the light in every situation.

Citrine is named after the French word “citron” meaning lemon, which is the perfect description for its energy because it’s sweet, energizing, sunny, and bright. The darker things get is when citrine shines the most, helping you see what’s hiding in your unconscious that’s been caging in your expansion and the expression of your gifts. It lifts you out of the deep dark places of shame, trauma, and pain and the trenches of depression, loneliness, and resentment. All the darkest corners and crevices in your shadows are seen and transmuted by the light of citrine when you work deeply with it.

Jubilant and joyful, looking on the bright side, seeking out reasons to be happy and finding them all around you- that’s the energy of citrine. Beautiful, radiant, and expansive, it’s connected to Source, to the Sun, to the purest divine wisdom of golden light energy, and it funnels that down into your body, into your gut, into your inner sun, to help you burn bright with joy and charge forward towards creating a life that’s fun and fulfilling!

A beacon of electric light, citrine is a force of energy, fast and forward moving, activating and invigorating, whenever you need some get up and go, to add oil to your inner engine, spark your inner drive, and help you take inspired, aligned action towards making your ideas and dreams a concrete reality. You can use it to tap into your highest perspective, aligned with your divine consciousness, and unleash the full, authentic expression of who you are.

When you think of citrine, think of warm, golden light, like sweet honey, that can lighten your load when it feels too heavy, lighten your mood when you’re in a funk, brighten your mind when it feels cloudy, and help you connect with the clarity of your soul’s divine purpose. Its energy is encouraging and motivating, propelling you toward joy and inspiration, empowering you to rise like the sun through any darkness, and reminding you to play, have fun, and lighten up!

Crystal Citrine Property Background
Crystal Citrine Property Background

Citrine Healing Properties

Element Fire


Citrine holds the energy of fire. It’s warming, energizing, exciting, upward-moving, and wide-spreading. It acts like a spark, a catalyst, bringing drive and motivation to the forefront and directing your energy toward what will keep your inner fire lit.

Its fire energy feels like warm sunshine, like a beautiful summer day, fun and playful, filled with laughter and cheer. It’s uplifted, positive, forward-moving, focused on relishing in whatever the present moment brings. It’s generous and appreciative, sharing and spreading its light, gifts, abundance, and radiant joy.

Citrine’s fire connects you with the energy of your inner sun, your soul’s purpose, your reason for being, propelling you to move swiftly and gladly towards that which will make you truly happy. Its fire is contained and controlled, like an inner hearth, to keep you warm and steadily burning bright toward all your soul’s desires.

Chakra Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus

Citrine is a beautiful solar stone to activate your solar plexus energy, your inner sun, where you shine your energy out to the world. This is the seat of your inner power, which citrine helps you tap into, activating, stoking, and directing your inner spark of drive, action, and willpower toward pursuing your soul’s highest desires, helping you manifest them in real life.

Many of our fears, doubts, and insecurities live in the solar plexus and can inhibit our ability to find ambition, move forward in life, or feel confident in ourselves Citrine is one of the best crystals to help you break through these fears and perceived blocks to tap into your innate courage, confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm.

The digestive system is ruled by the solar plexus and citrine aids this whole area in processing and digesting stuck, stagnant, dense energies, whether it’s food, emotions, thoughts, or unconscious fears. It’s a beautiful crystal to help you establish emotional boundaries as it allows you to find joy in expressing your full authentic self and sharing your soul’s gifts generously!

*Note: These healing themes apply most specifically to natural citrine. Heat-treated citrine still holds healing qualities for the solar plexus but it is much more intense and can be overbearing. If you’re feeling very low, depressed, and lacking personal power, it can help restore your balance. But if you already have open and ample solar plexus energy, it can push it too far into aggression and domineering. Different situations and imbalances may call for one over the other at different times, but natural citrine holds an innate balance that will always supply what your body needs subtly and generously.

Chakra Crown


Connected to the light of the divine, citrine opens and activates the crown chakra, bringing cosmic wisdom, clarity, and inspiration, helping you raise your consciousness and connect with your highest self. It brings a clear perspective and widened awareness, and helps you tap into your highest intelligence to gain discernment around everything from your soul’s purpose to mundane everyday decisions.

A beacon of golden light, citrine helps when you feel lost, confused, or purposeless, bringing hope, clarity, wisdom, and the awareness of positive possibilities. It lifts you up to see the highest vision of your life and then funnels that energy down through your solar plexus so you can bring it into the physical world.

Powerful and activating, you can lay down with a citrine point over your crown pointed down to cleanse every chakra in your body, clearing the toxicity and density within them and guiding the divine light of the cosmos into your whole system for healing. You can also place citrine directly on any chakra or anywhere on the body to cleanse, clear, and activate the energy there.

Citrine feels like wearing a golden crown upon your head, opening you to your highest wisdom, heightening your intuitive awareness, and bringing trust in your inner nudges and where they’re guiding you.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Citrine has electric energy. It plugs you in, turns you on, stokes your fire, gets you going! Quick-moving and expansive, its energy opens what’s closed and moves what’s stuck. It absorbs, transforms, and dissipates dense, heavy energies and activates the light.


A buoy for low spirits, low energy, and low vibes, citrine lifts what’s down and lightens what’s dark. It’s invigorating for the body and heightens awareness. It moves energy up and out which acts as a defensive layer to support your overall health and happiness.


Holding fire energy, citrine generates heat and is warming for the physical body- you can hold it to warm your hands. This warming effect moves energy, clearing stagnancy and improving digestion. It warms cold hearts and moods and improves circulation.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Naturally formed citrine is semi-rare and mostly found in translucent pale to golden yellow or light smoky brown. Most of what’s sold on the market as “citrine” in very strong yellow colors or deep orange and amber shades is actually heat-treated amethyst. This holds similar energies, though it’s most often described as more fiery and intense than natural citrine.

Citrine’s coloring activates both your highest awareness and the lower chakras, bringing inspired ideas down to the real world. Yellow is the color of sunshine, happiness, and cheer, the color of wisdom and intellect, a symbol of confidence, action, and abundance.


Citrine is silicon dioxide + iron, it’s basically clear quartz dyed yellow by its iron content. Quartz is a very pure, very strong mineral that activates and amplifies energy, and the iron content adds a nourishing, stabilizing effect.

It has a framework silicate structure, which moves energy up and down, in and out, bringing balance wherever it’s needed. It also has a trigonal crystal shape, which relates to the element of fire, to our inner fire, sparking the soul and imagination.

Use Citrine When...

You’re feeling…

low, dark, stuck, fearful, worried, doubtful, resentful, depressed, lethargic, unmotivated, bitter, pessimistic, unlucky, anxious, powerless, insecure, defeated, whiny

You’re struggling with…

low self-esteem, lack mentality, victim mentality, cluttered mind, confusion, low ambition, no sense of purpose, feeling like a failure, loss of hope, pessimism, fatigue, exhaustion

When you want…

confidence, clarity, prosperity, happiness, self-empowerment, success, enthusiasm, perspective, focus, expanded awareness, to live authentically, to bring ideas to life, a positive mindset

Crystal Citrine Use
Crystal Citrine Life Background
Crystal Citrine Life Background

Using Citrine in Everyday Life


One of the best crystals for manifestation, citrine plugs you into the higher desires of your soul-self and helps you pull those ideas and insights down into physical reality. It boosts you into action, moving you forward and helping you gain momentum. When you’re trying to call in beautiful things to your life, it will help you focus on the good stuff and see the bright side of every situation so you can create real-world changes for the better.

Citrine is one of the best crystals for manifesting money, prosperity, success, and happiness. It can be programmed with specific intentions for whatever you wish to create in your life. Cleanse it first and then hold it with your clear intention in mind or state it out loud. You can also write down specific intentions on paper, fold it up, and put a citrine point or cluster on top to broadcast your intentions out to the Universe.

To use citrine for attracting money specifically, you can keep a stone in your wallet, by the cash register if you own a shop, or on your work desk. Hold it and breathe and smile before you check your bank account, pay bills, or do bookkeeping. Wear it as a ring on your receiving (non-dominant) hand. Use it to help you break through your blocks, old patterns, and conditioned beliefs around money. It can open you to fresh, new insights and help you take action on what will bring you the most happiness and success in reaching your financial goals, and any goals in life!

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

Citrine’s golden light can bring more joy, presence, and happiness into your relationships and the time you spend with your loved ones. Place a citrine tower in the center of a room to lighten the mood and boost positive attitudes for all. You can also use citrine in your process of attracting an aligned partner into your life and creating relationships that feel fulfilling and allow you to express your full, true self!

Bring it with you to the workplace or any group setting. It’s a great crystal for relationships of all sorts to bring smiles and laughter to the forefront and help make communal decisions for the good of all involved. It encourages generosity and sharing, helps clear toxic thinking and behavior patterns, fostering mutual understanding and people getting along as partners, family, friends, or in business.

This sparkling golden stone is a thoughtful gift to give to a friend or loved one who needs a confidence boost, so they can see how brilliant they are and shine as their authentic selves. It’s a beautiful gift to give to yourself as well, to help you cultivate and enjoy the relationship you have with your own soul, to learn how to value and respect yourself more deeply and fearlessly shine your light in the world!

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

Citrine’s immense sunshine energy shines a light through all the cracks, corners, and crevices of your mind and unconscious, cleansing, transmuting, and transforming old patterns, old belief systems, and all the ways you’ve caged yourself in. Citrine wants you to generously express your gifts from the divine light of your soul and can help you find and finally release any blocks that are standing in the way of that.

When the shadows really have you in their grip, when you’re in the midst of grief, despair, depression, or rage, hold citrine and breathe for a few minutes and it will help you lift your awareness into the light. It will remind you of who you are, pull you back into the present moment, and connect you to clear divine wisdom so you can find hope and guidance on how to move forward, past the obstacles, through the challenges, out of the dark cave and into the brilliant golden light.

Wherever you feel dark, cynical, pessimistic, angsty, annoyed, frustrated, or hopeless in life, like there’s no purpose or point anymore, turn to citrine to show you where the light is, to activate and accentuate it within you. Hold it, wear it, lay down and breathe with it, cry with it, rub it on your temples, squeeze it with an angry fist.  Bring it with you for the ride when your emotions are tumultuous and allow it to process and digest these dense energies, mostly always rooted in fear. It will then redirect you to focus back on the light, on all that’s good, on the beauty that’s still here, within you and all around you.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Such a beautiful healing crystal, citrine enhances overall immunity and boosts physical energy and vitality. It’s a great stone for the digestive system that aids digestion, boosts metabolism, and is beneficial for the spleen and pancreas. It’s a helpful crystal for the physical effects of diabetes that will also help you relish more in the sweetness of life itself.

This burst of sunshine in a stone helps with lethargy, exhaustion, and chronic fatigue. It clears confusion in the mind, helping with poor memory and early signs of dementia, aiding in focus and concentration for learning, studying, and working.

Its invigorating energy can improve libido and warm the uterus to support fertility. Place citrine on your solar plexus to support digestion, below the navel on the midline of your lower abdomen to support the kidneys and spleen, and in the navel for general lower abdominal, immunity, and uterine support.

Self Care
Self Care

As a master healing stone, citrine empowers you to be your own inner healer, to take responsibility for your healing, your vitality, and your happiness, and to have confidence in your own wisdom. It will help you process and digest stored, stuck, stagnant emotions, and give you motivation to nurture and take care of your mind, body, and spirit. And it brings some of the best medicine of all to your life which is simple joy and laughter!

Wear citrine as jewelry or carry it in your pocket with you to imbue its sunshiney energy into your everyday life. It will keep your energy field clear, your spirit light, and mind bright, bringing out your confidence and courage, helping you smile more and be more playful. Grab your citrine whenever you feel like whining, wallowing, or complaining and it will refocus your attention on what makes you happy and soon you’ll start to see it’s always been there, right in front of you.

Lay down with citrine over your solar plexus to activate your personal power, enthusiasm for life, and natural sense of motivation and joy. You can also use it to cleanse and activate any chakra that needs it, so trust your intuition and place it where it feels right to you at the moment.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Citrine awakens the higher mind, connecting you to the divine wisdom that stems from Source, from the cosmos, and funnels it straight down to where your soul sits in your body, in your solar plexus, giving you the power to act and make decisions based on clear knowing from your highest consciousness.

Place citrine over your crown chakra and over the third eye to help cleanse and process through the patterns, conditioning, and doubts in your mind and awaken to your psychic knowing, to your highest intelligence. It brings clarity of mind down into the wise discernment of your soul, lighting your pathway for expressing your creative purpose and shining your true gifts in the world.

Citrine helps you trust yourself, trust your higher knowing, and believe and heed your gut instincts. It brings higher wisdom down into your body, helping you feel it and act on it. When you’re filled with confidence, positivity, and joy, you can conquer just about anything in life!


Citrine is a beautiful stone to meditate with when you want to release toxic thinking and dense energies from within you and let in more light. You can sit in meditation holding citrine in your hands with palms up, open and ready to receive. Or lay down with citrine on your stomach or above your head.

It’s the perfect stone to visualize with during your meditations, especially when focusing on what you want to create for your life. With eyes closed and your citrine with you, see and feel yourself happy, expressive, authentic, living a creative and joyful life. See and feel yourself abundant, satisfied, successful, and content. Envisioning what brings you joy and happiness while working with citrine will help bring it into your physical life experience.

🌞 Our guided citrine meditation helps you clear out the darkness & density, lift into joy & enthusiasm, and live out the vision of your most beautiful & happy life!

Crystal Citrine Price Box Background

Citrine Guided Meditation

Our guided citrine meditation helps you clear out the darkness & density, lift into joy & enthusiasm, and live out the vision of your most beautiful & happy life!

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Citrine Connection Background
Crystal Citrine Connection Background

Citrine Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


Citrine holds the Leonine energy of creativity, cheer, fun, playfulness, and generosity, and helps you shine those aspects of yourself out to the world. It’s one of the best crystals for helping you tap into your personal power, express your creative gifts, and find the courage to move through any fears that come up along the way, in full Leo style.


As a stone that stokes mutual understanding and finding the best outcome for all, citrine holds some beautiful Libran energy. When you’re feeling too airy or wishy-washy, citrine helps you stay focused, concentrate your energy, and make wise decisions. It also helps you stop and smell the roses and relish in the beauty that’s all around you!


The birthstone for November-born Sagittarians, citrine’s expansive, uplifting, and optimistic energy aligns with this sign very well. It brings hope, a connection with higher intelligence, and an infallible spirit, and helps you express your authentic truth in line with Sagittarius’ main tenet in life.

The Sun

The Sun is the great provider of life, the source of light, and an abundant spirit of electric energy! This is exactly the frequency that citrine holds, like a drop of sunshine in solid form. It taps you into your unique gifts, your purpose in life, and your creative expression, shining the light on who you are and how you can be authentically happy!

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}


Phase 147, Leo 27*

Bring this image to your mind of the sun’s light breaking over the horizon, signaling the start of a new day, full of hope and possibility, flooding the world with light- that’s the energy that citrine holds.

Bringing gratitude to the present moment as well as excitement for what the future holds, citrine helps you remember and relish in the preciousness of each new day.

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Tarot Cards

The Sun

This major arcana card is a symbol of warmth, happiness, success, and radiant optimism, just like citrine. The sun is wise and brilliant, shining its light abundantly and generously to help us thrive and be happy and healthy, and citrine holds this same magnanimous, exuberant, and fulfilling energy within it.

The Sun card is a reminder to play and relish in the goodness of life, enjoy the present, and soak up the beauty of life with a smile on your face. It represents the joy of your inner spirit which is exactly what citrine ignites within you, helping you tap into the glorious Sun energy that is the light of your own soul!

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Honeybees are a beautiful symbol of dedication and action towards a specific goal and relishing in the everyday sweetness of life. This is the perfect metaphor for citrine’s energy, which is sweet like honey and warm like sunshine, helping you tap into your natural instincts and motivation to work diligently towards creating a happy life for yourself and your whole hive, or the community of people around you.

This sweet, light, buoyant bee-like quality exists in natural citrine most of all. The heat-treated variety seems to lack this subtle sweetness and feels more intense.


The energy of the lion is strength, power, and courage to move beyond your fears. This is the other side of citrine energy, in its balance between divine light and earthly power, it helps you stand strong like a lion in your conviction of who you are and what you’re here for. It’s invigorating, strengthening, and emboldening, helping you know when it’s time to relax, play and enjoy the sunshine, and when it’s time to take action.

Natural citrine holds this energy in balance with its sweetness, while heat-treated citrine is more like a lion in action mode, amped up, charging forward with unstoppable drive.

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Citrine Varieties

Citrine comes in a few different varieties, all with similar healing qualities as described above with a few differences:

Kundalini Citrine

A smoky brown variety of citrine found only in the Congo that’s said to activate the kundalini at the base of the spine and move energy up through the crown, clearing and charging each chakra along the way. Found in unique cathedral points featuring one main point with many smaller ones surrounding it.

Smoky Citrine

This very powerful stone is a blend of smoky quartz and citrine, which brings more grounding and connection with the earth to citrine’s uplifting qualities. There’s also a more yellow blend of citrine and smoky quartz called “whiskey quartz.”


A beautiful bi-color blend of natural citrine and amethyst, for a complementary quartz duo that adds intuitive vision, imagination, and relaxation to the magic of citrine.

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Citrine + Lepidolite

Pair with lepidolite to soothe anxiety and intrusive or depressive thoughts, bringing solace and relaxation to the mental and emotional bodies.

Citrine + Sodalite

Pair with sodalite to balance citrine’s fiery energies and bring confidence to your communication, calm your system, and direct your insights into your bodily intuition.

Citrine + Pyrite

Pair with pyrite when you’re calling in abundance for ultimate manifestation power and a mega-dose of yang energy to get into action and make things happen.

Crystal Citrine Connection Item
Crystal Citrine Care Background
Crystal Citrine Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Citrine

Citrine absorbs and retains a lot of heat so it’s good to cleanse it often, despite what you may have read about citrine never needing to be cleansed at all. All quartz is incredibly programmable and will store and retain the energetic information it has absorbed until it’s been cleansed and cleared out.

You can do a quick simple cleanse of your citrine by running it through cool water, or cleanse it more thoroughly by leaving it outside on the earth under the morning light. This way it will discharge its excess energy into the earth and recharge with the energy of the sun.

Just be sure not to leave your citrine in bright, intense, or direct sunlight for too long as it can get bleached out or start to crack. Use only the morning sun for cleansing.

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  • I loved reading this, I am often drawn to Citrine so it’s great to have such comprehensive insight into it. Would this be healing for the liver too or a different crystal? 🔮 💫

    • Awesome, thanks for reading! Citrine is a good general digestive system stone- for the liver specifically, look to more green stones as a general rule of thumb- peridot and emerald, which we’ve written about here, are both detoxifying and regulating for the liver 🙂

  • Deeply informative. Excellent reference tool. Gosh I want some citrine. It’ll happen. Yikes may acquire some soon.

  • Thank you again moonomens!
    So interesting and detailed yet easy to read refer back to always enjoy all the content you put out…again you’ve outdone yourselves as to I now need citrine..:)) warmest regards

  • As a crystal master of 3 years I have to say that this is the BEST and most indepth writings I’ve come across. Thank you so much. I absolutely love all of the information and knowledge shared.

    • Thank you so much! It’s written by a fellow crystal reiki master, Daoist stone medicine student, and lifelong crystal lover (me 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it!

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    Crystal Citrine Recommend Background

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