Crystal Amethyst
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The Crystal of Divine Awareness

Sagittarius zodiac signs Sagittarius
Aquarius zodiac signs Aquarius
Pisces zodiac signs Pisces
Air element Air
Uranus planet Uranus
Third Eye Crown
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Amethyst Guided Meditation

Our guided amethyst meditation takes you on a journey into your higher awareness to release stress and anxiety, tap into your intuition, and awaken all the wisdom you carry within.

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Crystal Amethyst Message Background
Crystal Amethyst Frame

The message

Amethyst’s Message To You:

Release your worries, anxiety & fear
I will make your awareness clear
all confusion, illusion & shame
will burn away with my violet flame
igniting the light of your intuition
unlocking the doors to your peace within

Set down your baggage, burdens & grief
I carry the recipe for relief:
a heaping dose of faith & light
a cupful of intuitive insight
a sprinkle of divine protection
& a dash of deep introspection

Carry & sleep with me by your side
And I will bring your dreams earthside
Guiding you to your divine purpose
& into higher states of consciousness
To see yourself & the world with clear eyes
& step into a life that’s fully realized



Amethyst helps you to…

  • Cleanse & purify dense energies
  • Access intuitive wisdom
  • Relax & relieve stress
Crystal Amethyst Story Background
Crystal Amethyst Story

The Story of Amethyst

Born from the violet flame of healing light, steeped in the wisdom and magic of the goddesses and gods, amethyst is a powerful connector to the divine. It ignites the highest consciousness within you, expanding your intuitive awareness, heightening your understanding, and sharpening your inner vision.

Amethyst is a purple quartz of royal and noble character, used for over 8000 years by cultures around the world for its medicinal and metaphysical effects. It’s extremely purifying and protective for your energy field, helping clear the negative, dense, and disharmonic gunk from your mind, body, and emotions. It has a shielding effect for the aura, containing you within its violet light like a radiant bubble around you.

It’s one of the best gifts from nature to help lift your awareness and your spirits, to help you relax, release stress and tension, and recuperate from exhaustion or overwhelm. It’s especially beneficial for the mind and emotions, helping you process, release and experience your thoughts and feelings with more acceptance, and less attachment and reaction.

Deemed the “sobriety stone” in Ancient Greece, amethyst is thought to quell drunkenness, ease addiction, and sober one’s mind to help you avoid making foolish decisions. It brings relief to anxious and swirling thoughts, lifting your perspective into a higher plane where you can find more clarity and discernment.

It’s also a powerful magnifier and amplifier of energy, making it a magical tool to charge up or pair with other crystals to boost their effects. Keep your amethyst on a peaceful altar or in a healing, restful space, and it will amplify those beautiful, calming frequencies. Just be mindful about keeping your amethyst near electronics or the wifi router, as it may amplify those harmful high-frequencies as well.

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world for good reason. Let’s dig deeper into all the magic it holds and how you can use it to create deep healing in your everyday life.

Crystal Amethyst Property Background

Amethyst Healing Properties

Element Wind


Associated with the realm of the mind and the divine, the wind energy of amethyst brings a change of perspective, clearing confusion and illusion, and heightening your conscious awareness.

Amethyst brings lightness, sweeping away heaviness and density from your mind, body, and spirit, lightening your emotional load, and lessening the intensity of painful and dark emotions. It blows in the sweet breeze of hope, faith, and trust in a greater divine order.

This wind energy is clearing and cleansing, like a broom through the cobwebs of your mind, creating clarity, discernment, and clear access to your intuitive wisdom, so you can follow your inner guidance and connect with all the support you have in the spirit realm.

Chakra Third Eye

Third Eye

A beautiful activator and amplifier for the third eye, amethyst helps clear through the fog and misperceptions housed here, clarifying your inner vision, and heightening your ability to perceive the subtlety and magic of the divine messages all around you.

You can place a stone right on your third eye, at the center of your forehead, to help awaken your psychic senses and tune into your intuition more clearly. It also stimulates memory, attention, and concentration, enhancing mental acuity and awareness. It’s great for relieving mental stress and tension and helps reduce headaches and eye strain.

It also has a cleansing and balancing effect on the pituitary gland, the head honcho of your endocrine system, which is responsible for your body’s hormonal balance, sleep cycles, decision-making abilities, energy levels and so much more. Working with amethyst on your third eye can bring more harmony to all these areas of your life.

Chakra Crown


Amethyst opens and activates the crown chakra at the top of the head, clearing the channel for you to connect with the cosmic realms to receive divine wisdom, grace, and a sense of peace within your soul.

As it opens the gate to the crown chakra, it draws this energy downward from the head into the third eye, as discussed above, down into the throat to help you express your feelings, opening the heart to amplify your compassion, detoxifying any stuck emotions in the lower chakras, and nourishing the flow of high-vibrational energy throughout your whole being.

As the crown chakra opens it plugs you into a direct connection with your highest consciousness, flooding you with a divine sense of order and faith, of trust in the Universe, in yourself, and in your purpose here on earth.

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Amethyst carries a combination of yin and yang energy, bringing harmony to the body, mind, and emotions. It disperses and clears heat in the body, from inflammation to anger or frustration. It heightens awareness while tempering disillusion. It provokes and stimulates energy to move, while also relaxing and easing its flow.


Amethyst amplifies energy, like a little satellite broadcasting frequencies. It amplifies your intentions, hopes, and dreams, sending them out to the ethers. It radiates its healing violet light into the space around it, into your energy field, into your cells, healing physical and emotional wounds. It can even amplify the effects of other crystals.


Amethyst is an incredible detoxifier for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, clearing toxic thoughts, beliefs, substances, behaviors & patterns to help you return to a state of balance. It’s very supportive as you work to release whatever has been stagnant, stuck, or painful in your life and return to the core of who you are.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Amethyst ranges in shades of purple, from light lilac and lavender to deep royal plum. In Chinese medicine, this is seen as a combination of red fire energy and blue water energy, creating a harmonious purple.

Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, and beauty, with mysticism, magic, and divinity. It’s a symbol of faith, hope, and optimism, bringing relaxation, renewal, and a connection with the higher realms of consciousness.


Amethyst is a silicon dioxide (quartz) with trace amounts of iron, which gives it its purple color. The iron content supports the spleen, which is the seat of our bodily intuition and instinct.

It has a framework silicate structure, which moves energy up and down, in and out, bringing balance wherever it’s needed. It also has a trigonal crystal shape, which relates to the element of fire, to our inner fire, sparking the soul and imagination.

Use Amethyst When...

You’re feeling…

stressed, sad, anxious, numbed out, disconnected, tense, angry, frustrated, forgetful, confused, overwhelmed, hopeless

You’re struggling with…

depression, grief, seasonal affective disorder, obsessions, addiction, headaches, hormonal conditions, insomnia, inflamed skin, emotional trauma, major life transitions

When you want…

find balance, relax, clear your mind, ease stress, feel hopeful, connect with the divine, tune into your intuition, heal old wounds, release toxicity, express your emotions 

Crystal Amethyst Use
Crystal Amethyst Life Background

Using Amethyst in Everyday Life


The third eye chakra has a symbiotic relationship with the solar plexus, and amethyst’s effect on the mental realm also directly affects the seat of the soul, where your willpower and motivation lie. So amethyst can be a great tool to help you get clear and focused on what you want to manifest, and to align yourself to your higher purpose.

It enhances your intuition and expands your imagination, allowing you to consider greater possibilities for yourself. It helps clear through the cobwebs of critical thoughts, which are often the biggest hindrance to manifesting what we say we want.

You can also program your amethyst directly with intentions for what you want to manifest. Simply speak it into the stone or place your written intentions beneath it, and it will radiate them out into the world. Hold your crystal as you envision and dream about all that you want to create in your life.

Sleep & Dreamwork
Sleep & Dreamwork

Amethyst is an excellent stone to keep by your bedside or under your pillow, or in any area where you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

It calms and clears the chaos of the mind, bringing a heightened mental perception that can stimulate more vibrant or lucid dreams and help you better perceive the meaning within them. It’s also said to help ward off nightmares and “negative” energies within your dreams. Use amethyst when you want to recall your dreams more easily and gain insight through them.

It also soothes the nerves and stimulates the pituitary gland, helping relieve insomnia and bring balance back to your sleep cycles.

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

This stone of cosmic light offers so much perspective and healing for your shadow work journey. It awakens your conscious awareness to see into your wounds with truth and love, moving past any denial, blame, or shame, into a neutral, compassionate, and wise perspective.

This can aid you in identifying the root cause of behaviors, habits, and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, depressed, anxious, or unbalanced. Wear, carry, or journal with amethyst when you feel all the ties of life pulling you down, and it will help you break free from the internal chains.

It’s the “sobriety stone”, providing clear thinking and new possibilities whenever you feel lost in addiction, escapism, or illusion.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

If you’re looking to strengthen your connection to your intuition, amethyst is an excellent tool to help you tap in. It lifts your awareness to a higher perspective, above the clouds, where you can access divine wisdom, communicate with your guides, and discern the next steps for yourself more clearly.

Its beautiful high frequency of violet light is also protective against “negative” or denser energies, offering a shield of psychic protection when you’re doing intuitive work. Amethyst is like a tuning device that helps you find a clear signal to receive all the messages from your intuition loud and clear.

Journal with your amethyst to channel clear answers from your higher wisdom. Visualize with it to increase your imaginative powers and enhance clairvoyant perception.

Self Care
Self Care

There are a lot of beautiful ways to use amethyst in your self-care practices, and it’s one of those stones you can have around you all day long every day, or whenever you feel drawn to it. It’ll support you in releasing stress and anxiety, finding more balance, and reflecting on where you’re at in life, and where you want to go.

Amethyst is one of the safe stones to work with directly in water (as long as it hasn’t been coated or chemically treated- look for raw or polished true amethyst stones for this.) You can place it in your drinking water or filtered pitcher and sip away throughout the day. You can put it in the bath with you to stimulate more relaxation and rebalancing of your emotions. Or spritz some amethyst water on your face or body to soak in its magic and protection.

You can also simply wear or carry it with you throughout the day- keep some in the pockets of your jacket or bag. It’s also a great crystal to place in bedrooms, bathrooms, and any sacred or creative spaces in your home, to keep the peaceful vibes flowin’. Lay down with some amethyst above your head or on your third eye to bring peace and relaxation to your whole body.


One of the best meditation stones on this planet, amethyst brings a sense of calm over your entire aura and can help you access deeper and more insightful places within your own awareness during meditation.

It helps bring stillness to the mind, heightening your senses and bringing your intuition to the forefront. It allows you to become more aware of the unhelpful and underlying thoughts that have been playing in the background of your mind so you can release them with consciousness and love.

🌠 Our guided amethyst meditation takes you on a journey into your higher awareness to release stress and anxiety, tap into your intuition, and awaken all the wisdom you carry within. 💜

Crystal Amethyst Price Box Background

Amethyst Guided Meditation

Our guided amethyst meditation takes you on a journey into your higher awareness to release stress and anxiety, tap into your intuition, and awaken all the wisdom you carry within.

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Or Become a Full Experience Member and unlock 2 guided meditations every month.
Crystal Amethyst Connection Background

Amethyst Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


The yang side of amethyst’s energy expands the mind into greater possibilities and new belief systems, clearing dogmatic thinking and conditioned responses. This is a great match for and balancer of Sagittarian energy, igniting your curiosity to expand your awareness and sense of yourself and to always hold onto that flame of hope in your heart.


As the birthstone for February, amethyst resonates with the forward-thinking, clear-minded, and clairvoyant energy of Aquarius. It can help you access new perspectives and different ways of seeing the world, and tap you into that Aquarian style inner-knowing and the deep wisdom contained within you.


The yin side of amethyst’s energy brings a strong connection to your intuition and divine energy, tapping you into the universal thread that ties all things together, which is so Piscean. It can help you relax and find peace, moving you out of states of illusion, confusion, addiction, or escapism, allowing clarity, faith, and hope to rise to the surface.


In Vedic astrology, the ruler of amethyst is Uranus who rules the higher mind, or cosmic mind, through which all consciousness is connected. It’s associated with disruptive changes, innovation, and rebellion. It blows in the sweeping winds of change, shifting entire paradigms and bringing necessary insights to light to serve humanity as a whole.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

The Pope Blessing the Faithful

Phase 270, Sagittarius 30*

This symbol is about the bridge between the divine and the mundane, and the integration of spiritual ideals into physical reality.

It’s a reminder to incorporate small acts of kindness, service, and blessings to others, and to take stock of your inner wealth. In the last degree of Sagittarius, it’s asking, are you willing to become a symbol of your beliefs?

Amethyst’s energy brings in this reverence for a higher power, a sense of faith, and a strong connection to the invisible web of spirit.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Tarot Cards


The Temperance card is all about moderation, self-restraint, and learning to find a peaceful balance. It’s about patience and finding the middle ground between extremes.

Amethyst resonates so strongly with this energy, helping you maintain a sense of inner calm and composure despite the stress and chaotic emotions, lighting the way for your highest path forward toward your purpose, and helping you find more peace and tranquility in your life.

The Star

The Star card is about healing, hope, faith, and purpose, which are exactly the qualities that amethyst helps instill within you. It’s a crystal that’s all about self-healing, cleansing, and processing your emotions so you can move forward into a brighter, more spiritually aligned future. If the Star card has been showing up for you, working with amethyst can help you embody its wisdom and bring more inspiration and healing into your life.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Spirit Animal


The bear is a teacher of trusting your natural instincts, relying on your inner power, and confronting your fears. The bear retreats within the cave, encouraging introspection to reveal the inner resources that lie dormant within you. Its motherly, strong energy brings healing and protection to move you forward in life feeling more empowered.

This echoes the energy that amethyst carries, and its ability to help you go into your inner cave to reflect, heal, connect with your purpose, and gain the inner strength to move through your fears with self-trust and faith in the Universe.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Amethyst Varieties

There are many gorgeous varieties of Amethyst, all with similar healing qualities as described above. A few of the most notable ones are:

Chevron Amethyst

This is formed when veins of white quartz fuse with the amethyst, creating distinctive layers of different shades of purple and white.

Brandberg Amethyst

A gorgeous variety found only in Namibia, Africa that’s a blend of amethyst, clear and smoky quartz. It holds extremely high vibrational energy and is a powerful healing tool.


A beautiful bi-color blend of amethyst and natural citrine, for a very complementary duo to enhance willpower, confidence, and self-worth along with the benefits of amethyst.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

An extra sparkly and often lighter lavender-colored amethyst encrusted in tiny terminated points that send energy out in every direction. Found only in a certain area of South Africa.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Crystal Pairings

Amethyst + Moldavite

Pair with moldavite if you’re ready for some major spiritual upgrades, to release the past and powerfully shift into new paradigms.

Amethyst + Rose Quartz

Pair with rose quartz for a super-charged self-care combo to find relief and relaxation, and give yourself some loving attention so you can create positive changes.

Amethyst + Obsidian

Pair with obsidian to amplify its protective energy, keeping you grounded and strong as you become aware of the emotional baggage & old stories that are ready to be released.

Crystal Amethyst Connection Item
Crystal Amethyst Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Amethyst

The easiest way to cleanse amethyst is in cool running water. You can do this for a few minutes until it feels clearer and lighter, and if you’re working with it daily, it’s a good idea to do a quick water cleanse a few times a week.

You can also give it a nice cleansing and recharge under the light of the full moon. Careful leaving it in direct sunlight though, as its color can fade in the bright sun.

Cleansing it with smudge smoke or incense is also a good option, or you can let your amethyst rest on a slab of selenite overnight for a recharge.

In Daoist stone medicine, it’s thought that amethyst doesn’t play well with hematite, so you may opt not to use hematite to cleanse it or in combinations with it, unless it feels right to your intuition- that’s always your best guide.

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