Crystal Green Aventurine
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Green Aventurine

The Crystal of Abundant Attraction

Aries zodiac signs Aries
Taurus zodiac signs Taurus
Gemini zodiac signs Gemini
Air element Air
Earth element Earth
Mercury planet Mercury
Venus planet Venus
Crystal Green Aventurine Price Box Background

Green Aventurine Guided Meditation

Our guided green aventurine meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to lighten your mind and mood, remind you how lucky you are, and help you become a magnet for new opportunities, joy, and prosperity!

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Crystal Green Aventurine Message Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Message Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Frame

The message

Green Aventurine’s Message To You:

Find the bright side in life!
Relish in the beauty all around you!
Abundance is possible, and it’s here!
Open your eyes and see how much goodness exists!

Opportunity is around every corner!
Fly with abandon, into your dreams!
Joy is asking you to claim it!
Success begins with self-belief!

Prosperity is a perspective!
Tend to your inner fire to nurture your vitality!
Release dense energy into the wind!
Focus on the glimmering light!

The doors are wide open for you!
Smile and leap into what’s possible!
Let every breath remind you how lucky you are!
The adventure of life awaits!


Green Aventurine helps you to…

  • Find joy in life
  • Attract abundant opportunities
  • Boost health and vitality
Crystal Green Aventurine Story Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Story Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Story

The Story of Green Aventurine

Born from the sparkling rich crust of the Earth, green aventurine emerges into the world like a breath of fresh air, helping you hit the reset button on life to start over again, feeling fresh and renewed, joyful and vital, and ready to experience the adventure that life has to offer! From the Italian, “a ventura” meaning “by chance”, this crystal is considered one of the luckiest in the stone kingdom, like a four-leaf clover heralding good fortune and attracting abundance and new opportunities into your life.

Called the “green spirit stone” in Daoist stone medicine, green aventurine has been used for centuries for detoxification and health purposes and brings regeneration and renewal, both physically and energetically, making it an incredible tool to revitalize you whenever you’re feeling weak in body or mind or low in spirit. It brings the sparkle back into your life, the glimmers of joy, hope, and goodness, the reasons to smile and look on the bright side, sparking a positive and optimistic outlook and uplifted state of being.

When you feel like you don’t have enough time for what you really want and need, like life is getting away from you, or you’re resentful or frustrated that you can’t get things done or achieve your goals, aventurine is here to help. It’s perfect for people who feel drained, exhausted, and worn out from everyday life so much so that they don’t have the motivation, inspiration, or energy to put into their creative ideas or in taking care of their health.

Use green aventurine when you feel drained from taking care of everyone else’s needs but your own and have no gas left in the tank for yourself, or feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities in life. It will lift you up and support you to feel lighter and brighter, rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit to help you nurture your own needs, take care of your health, and go after what inspires you and lights you up, guiding you to create a sense of harmony and fulfillment in your life from the inside out.

Incredibly supportive for new ventures, green aventurine encourages you to take action on your creative inklings and the things that bring you joy, and it sets you up on the path toward success. It’s especially helpful for attracting financial abundance and good luck with money and opens the doors to many bright new opportunities for you to explore, boosting your confidence to make positive changes in your life. Use this sparkling green stone when you’re ready to leap off the cliff and take some risks to experience all the possibilities that life has to offer you!

Crystal Green Aventurine Property Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Property Background

Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Element Wind


The air element belongs to the realm of the mind, and green aventurine is a beautiful crystal for bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to the forefront. It clears the mind, opens you up to new inspiration and perceptions, and releases negative and critical thinking. Use it when you feel like you need a breath of fresh air to sweep through your brain and bring some light, hope, and optimism to the picture.

It inspires creative and innovative thinking and helps you move forward past limiting beliefs and old perceptions. It’s a great crystal for studying, learning and retaining new information and enhancing concentration. It calms and brightens heavy and limiting thoughts, and clears anxieties based on future thinking.

When life is sweeping in with changes, green aventurine is the perfect crystal to grab to help you hold on tight and enjoy the ride of life with a smile on your face, remembering that the winds of change might move you into new possibilities you never even dreamed of before! It’s a stone that attracts good thoughts and helps you breathe easy, which puts you in a beautiful state of mind to bring positive and beautiful experiences your way.

Element Earth


The earth energy in green aventurine brings physical regeneration and harmony, as well as financial grounding and support in this material world. It helps you bring those inspired ideas from the realm of air down into your body, into your heart, and into real-world creations and changes in your life.

Very nurturing for your physical body and earthly life, green aventurine encourages you to revel in and appreciate this amazing human experience for all its worth. If you want to feel secure, stable, confident, and supported on this earthly plane, reach for this green crystal to help.

It also connects you to the beauty and abundance of the natural world to tap you into a state of calm, harmony, and ease with the present moment. It reminds you of your innate connection to the natural world and has been associated with the realm of the gnomes, fairies, and other elemental Earth spirits.

Chakra Heart


This sparkling green stone targets the chest, bringing its energy into your heart chakra,  where it clears and releases stagnancy and dense emotions to uplift your spirit. It brings a heart-centered perspective, opening you to more empathy, love, and understanding of yourself and others.

It’s a beautiful stone to use directly on your heart area when you need to invoke more lightness, hope, and optimism, release the heaviness and burdens that are weighing you down, breathe in a fresh new perspective, and connect to loving awareness to guide you forward.

Green aventurine brings harmony and balance to the heart chakra, which increases your overall wellness and enthusiasm for life. It encourages you to take action on your creative inklings and whatever brings joy to your heart, so you can allow yourself to be led with love and openness right to the most beautiful possibilities and opportunities available to you. You can use it to help you attract whatever your heart most desires!

Energetic Qualities
Energetic Qualities


Green aventurine feels energizing and activating, it plugs you back into life, fills up your cup, and stokes your inner motivation and energy to create and enjoy the world. Where there is stuckness, stagnancy, or density in your body, emotions, or mind, it will help recharge, revamp, and regenerate the energy, bringing the light and air back in.


It also has a very harmonizing effect with its combination of mental energy meets the material world, and its centeredness around the heart area, our point of inner balance. It uplifts and settles at the same time, calms and clarifies, and ignites the light while sweeping away the dark to bring all things back into a place of harmonic equilibrium.


A beautiful crystal for detoxing, green aventurine not only helps you release the negative, dense, and heavy energies from your body and psyche, it also restores and renews your energy, boosting your physical, mental, and emotional clarity, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Physical Properties
Physical Properties


Green aventurine is found in various shades of greyish green, from pale to dark, but it’s most often a medium green color with sparkling inclusions that shimmer in the light. This metallic shimmery effect is called aventurescence. It’s semi-translucent to opaque and is most often cut and polished into shapes.

Green is associated with regeneration, renewal, growth, material abundance, and the natural world. It’s the color of appreciation, joy, acceptance, health, and wealth, bringing an uplifted and revitalized state of being. This green connects you to the Earth while the quartz itself connects you to the higher realms of consciousness, helping you pull thought forms into being.


Green aventurine is a silica dioxide (quartz variety) with inclusions of chromium-bearing muscovite mica, which gives it its green color and shimmering effect. The quartz content is a powerful activator of energy, creating its energizing, uplifting qualities.

It’s in the oxide stone group (it combines oxygen with other minerals) which is supportive and nourishing for the body, boosting energy and vitality and providing therapeutic effects. It also has a trigonal inner crystal structure which relates to the element of fire, to creative essence, sparking the soul and imagination.

Use Green Aventurine When...

you feel

drained, pessimistic, over-critical, stressed, unmotivated, grumpy, angry, frustrated, like nothing’s going your way, like you have no time, frazzled, agitated, irritable, preoccupied

you’re struggling with

health issues or illness, exhaustion, anxiety, lack mentality, financial issues, resentment, procrastination, emotional imbalances or blocks, uncertainty, overwhelming responsibilities

you want

lightness, laughter, appreciation, abundance, vitality, a positive mindset, support during change, nourishment, harmony, good health, to start something new, to release heaviness, to live in joy

Crystal Green Aventurine Use
Crystal Green Aventurine Life Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Life Background

Using Green Aventurine in Everyday Life


One of the best crystals for manifestation, green aventurine helps you attract opportunities into your life and seize the right ones at the right time. Hold it, wear it, or have it near as you’re thinking, plotting, or planning what you want to create for your life. It will help you bring clear ideas and insights to fruition. As you work with it more and more, you’ll notice yourself becoming a magnet for positive experiences, bringing in more money, health, happiness, clarity, and luck into your everyday life!

Bring it with you to a job interview, an important meeting, or anything that feels like something you want some extra luck with. If you’re going to gamble or take a risk in some way, keep green aventurine on you to encourage a positive outcome or twist of fate in your favor.

Try this simple crystal grid to help you attract prosperity or manifest whatever your heart desires: write down your intentions and then fold them up and place them beneath your green aventurine stone. Then place clear quartz, citrine,pyrite,jade or any other manifestation stones of your choice in a circle around it- 8 total stones is a good number for attracting abundance. Check-in with your grid each day to charge it up with positive intentions and appreciation for the success that’s on its way, and watch the magic happen!

Love and Relationship
Love & Relationship

As a crystal for the heart, green aventurine is a great choice to revitalize and recharge your relationships and bring some fresh energy in! If you’re feeling stagnant or in need of some change in your love relationship, try wearing or carrying green aventurine when you’re with your person, or even gift them a stone as a token of your love and appreciation.

It brings a light, easy, joyful connection between two people or groups of people, and spreads an air of harmony throughout the space to whoever enters it. Try placing a green aventurine crystal ball or tower in the center of a room where people gather to spread its harmonious energy around to all.

If you’re looking for love and could use more luck in attracting the right people into your life, green aventurine is also a great choice to help with that. Work with it to first connect with the light and joy that exists within your own heart, and you’ll become like a magnet to attract those who match your highest, most joyful energy to spark new relationships that excite you, uplift you, and fill you up!

Shadow Work
Shadow Work

On the path of inner work, as you encounter darkness, chaos, or confusion, green aventurine can be a beautiful tool to help you reorient to the light, to find the gems of wisdom hiding in the shadows, and help you see all things from a higher perspective of ultimate harmony. Close your eyes and hold a stone up to your chest and breathe whenever you feel the fear or anxiety of shadowy thoughts creeping in, or an imbalance of dark, heavy energy within you.

It’s especially beneficial for dealing with your own self-critical thoughts or self-sabotaging patterns, as it opens and heightens your awareness so you can see more inspired, positive ways to think, behave, and perceive the world around you. Hold it or wear it as you journal and ask yourself the deep questions, or have an inner dialogue with your shadow self, and it will help you access the glimmers of light buried within it all.

Working with green aventurine as you do shadow work can unlock the doors to new perceptions, possibilities, and awareness, helping you find the gates of positivity and healing through the darkness. It will encourage you to take risks and make big changes in your life for the better.

Physical Healing
Physical Healing

Very regenerative and healing, green aventurine is a great crystal to reach for whenever you feel ill, exhausted, imbalanced, or just worn out from life. It boosts physical vitality and helps bring balance to any state where your body feels like it’s operating less than optimally.

You can place an aventurine crystal on the center of your chest, right over your sternum, to stimulate your thymus gland and boost immune function or gently massage around the whole chest area when you have a cold or chest congestion to help break it up.

Place a stone on the upper abdomen at the V where your ribs meet to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion, or simply wear or carry one with you throughout the day to boost your energy and overall sense of well-being. You can also place or very gently massage a tumbled green aventurine stone on the inner corner of your eyebrows or on your temples to relieve headaches.

Self Care
Self Care

Green aventurine is a great stone to wear or work with on the daily to help you remember to take care of and nurture yourself. It’s especially great for those who tend to give all their energy away to others throughout the day and rarely stop to consider their own needs and desires. There’s only so long you can go on in that pattern until you completely deplete yourself. Green aventurine is the perfect stone to remind you that you have to fill your cup first in order to better nurture others and be the best you you can be!

Wearing it as a bracelet throughout the day, or as a necklace near the heart space, can help you tend to your own health, wellness, and mental and emotional balance throughout the day. It inspires positive solutions and innovative and creative ideas to help you feel better and find more joy and pleasure in your life.

You can also look for a gua sha or face roller made from green aventurine, as it can benefit skin conditions and imbalances as well as help calm your mind, settle your emotions, and give you a good excuse to treat yourself well. When you are nourished and healthy and attending to your needs and desires, you’ll look good and feel good from the inside out, and that’s exactly how you attract more and more goodness into your life in all ways.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development

Green aventurine is good for developing more self-trust and faith in your intuition, so you can leap when your spirit says leap and trust that the net of the Universe will catch you. It’s a stone of luck, chance, and fortune that taps you into your innate connection with your heart and with the cosmic consciousness to allow them to guide you.

Use it to help calm a cluttered mind and settle an unsettled soul so you can receive clear insights, inspiration, and creative motivations. When you work with green aventurine, your intuitive messages come through your heart’s desires, whims, and urges, and it encourages you to follow them like a compass for your life- swiftly, and without hesitation.

It guides you into embracing the unknown, laughing in the face of confusion, and knowing that all is well because harmony ultimately prevails. When you want to tap into that spontaneous, instinctual intuition you have within you, wear aventurine daily or carry it with you. You can also lie down, close your eyes, and place a stone on your third eye to clear and calm your mind and bring inspired, creative ideas to the surface.


Green aventurine is a great stone to sit with in meditation to shift your perspective and uplift your mind and spirit. It connects you to both the Earth below you to help you feel grounded, supported, and empowered from within, as well as to the cosmic energy of the Universe above and all around you, so you feel activated, energized, and inspired to create! Meditate with green aventurine when you want some bright, creative ideas and the motivation to act on them.

It’s also a great choice when you feel anxious, are having a hard time finding the bright side of things, or are too focused on what’s lacking or not going your way. Try meditating while holding green aventurine in your receptive hand, or lay down and place it on your heart, and it will help you release the grip of those old stories so you can see new possibilities, perspectives, and directions to move forward. It feels calming, supportive, and encouraging whenever you need it.

🍀Our guided green aventurine meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to lighten your mind and mood, remind you how lucky you are, and help you become a magnet for new opportunities, joy, and prosperity! 🐞

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Green Aventurine Guided Meditation

Our guided green aventurine meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to lighten your mind and mood, remind you how lucky you are, and help you become a magnet for new opportunities, joy, and prosperity!

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Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Background

Green Aventurine Connections

Zodiac Signs & Ruling Planet


This fresh spring green stone helps you leap off the cliff of life into new adventures and possibilities like a confident Ram, and brings in a bright, positive, and hopeful outlook on life, helping you expect the best outcomes and succeed in getting them! It supports you to take risks and try new things with the bright-eyed enthusiasm and physical vitality of Aries, and tempers and balances any excess fire energy.


Also associated with the earthy and regenerative energy of Taurus, green aventurine can help you translate your creative gifts and inspirations into abundance and material security. It helps you grow your confidence in your talents and sense of self-worth, to tap into your creativity to nurture yourself and others, and to take better care of your physical health and healing so you can experience true prosperity.


Green aventurine helps you embrace change, jump on every opportunity, and be more spontaneous in your day-to-day, invoking that Gemini energy. It’s also useful for studying and learning new things and will help you clear and open your mind to a variety of ideas and possibilities. It’s even been said to improve your handwriting and concentration with writing, which is Gemini territory.

Mercury & Venus

There’s a strong combination of energies in green aventurine of Mercurial mental sharpness and clarity inside the Venusian realm of the heart, helping you bring your inspired ideas to life in the real world, and enrich your body with bright, clear, radiant energy and a sparkling mind. It’s a beautiful stone to help you balance the mental, emotional, and physical realms all together and celebrate the pleasures of life!

Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Item
Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol

{The Sabian symbols are a set of channeled mental images that describe the energy associated with each degree of the zodiac wheel. Each Sabian symbol has been linked to a crystal that embodies the frequency and essence of that symbol’s energy.}

The Ruler of a Nation

Phase 11, Aries 11*

This symbol may bring many different things to mind, but in this symbological interpretation, “the ruler of a nation” represents seeing the world from a higher perspective, presiding above it. It’s the ego’s projection and expression of disciplined willpower, showing that with strength of body and mind, and a little good fortune in the mix, you can achieve your biggest dreams!

Often when a new leader steps into power, there’s an inherent enthusiasm to pursue all the possibilities that exist, a thirst for change, an urge to embrace new ideals and perspectives- this is the same energetic quality of green aventurine and what it helps you tap into.

There’s also a level of self-sacrifice required to support others and make a positive impact on the world, which this symbol is a reminder of. It carries an energy of idealization and possibility, as well as the inherent responsibility that comes along with achieving your big dreams and stretching yourself further.

Green aventurine shines in helping you connect to your inner light and hope, even when the responsibilities feel overwhelming or the changes ahead seem too great. That’s when it reminds you of the beauty and adventure of life and how to find joy through it all.

Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Item
Tarot Cards

Wheel of Fortune

This card is a symbol of luck turning in your favor and a reminder of the abundance, expansion, and possibilities that are available to you- all the same energies that green aventurine holds.

The wheel of fortune in a reading can be a message that new opportunities are opening up for you and that through a willingness to embrace change, take some risks, and keep moving forward through the innate cycles of life, you can attract new experiences and adventures and find ways to turn your bright ideas into creative expressions in the world.

Green aventurine is an amazing crystal to help you do all these things to utilize this beautiful energy of the wheel of fortune turning in your favor. Success, prosperity, and breakthroughs are on the way!

Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Item
Spirit Animal


Ladybugs are a symbol of prosperity and wish fulfillment, a beautiful sign that good things are coming your way. They herald luck and positive changes, and arrive in the springtime as nature is bursting back to life, signaling new beginnings and abundant growth.

Light as air and flying through the breeze, they also symbolize joy and lightness and the need to protect that within ourselves, to focus on the small bits of beauty and happiness that appear in every moment we experience.

These are all the same beautiful energies that green aventurine connects you with. When you see a ladybug as a sign in nature or in some way that feels like a message from spirit, using green aventurine can be a great way to connect with and carry on those energies of luck, prosperity, and positivity, to stay open to all the wonderful possibilities that exist.

Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Item
Green Aventurine Varieties

Green Aventurine + Rose Quartz

Pair with rose quartz to attract love into your life and increase your confidence and optimism around your relationships and the way you love yourself.

Green Aventurine + Tiger Eye

Pair with tiger eye to attract success and opportunities your way in whatever you do and help you take the next right actions to move forward on your goals.

Green Aventurine + Citrine

Pair with citrine to envelop yourself in radiant joy and up the ante on the success and manifestation powers of aventurine, boosting your courage and inner light.

Crystal Green Aventurine Connection Item
Crystal Green Aventurine Care Background
Crystal Green Aventurine Care Background

Care + Cleansing for Green Aventurine

To utilize both of its elements for cleansing and recharging, you can place green aventurine outside on the Earth on a breezy day, on the dirt, grass or on the roots of a tree, to allow the air to sweep it clean and the Earth to recharge its energy. You can also place it in the soil of a potted plant overnight for the same cleaning and regenerative effect.

You can also place your aventurine on a selenite plate to cleanse and refresh its energy, or for a quick cleanse when you need it, you can run it through some incense or herbal smoke or under running water. Place it on a clear quartz cluster or bed of hematite to recharge its vital and nourishing energy back up.

You can also place it in the sunlight for a short time to recharge it, but know that leaving it in direct or bright sunlight for too long can start to fade or discolor it.

We put our hearts and souls to bring this into life for you. We want to ask you to tap on the heart button if you like this, and please share with others! Thank you. Love and blessings from Moon Omens team..

Oh, and we are looking forward reading your comments below about your experience with Green Aventurine or crystals in general!


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  • I just purchased a Green Aventurine pendant and several stones based on this amazing and detailed description. I was feeling frazzled, negative, and very unbalanced, and was hoping they would help. I wore the necklace pendant while leaving the store, and within 5 minutes my mood became happier, brighter, and more optimistic. I was smiling, feeling happy, and 15 minutes later I saw a double rainbow! I will place the stones on my third eye and heart chakra area later this evening to help further detoxify and remaining negative energy and help to renew my vitality and overall wellbeing. Thank you so very much for this detailed information, consistent support, and timely insights!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough! Much love 💛

  • Crystal Green Aventurine Recommend Background
    Crystal Green Aventurine Recommend Background

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