article Venus enters Scorpio: Relationships and Shadows
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Venus enters Scorpio: Relationships and Shadows

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December 4, 2023

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On December 4, 07:32 PM —

On December 4, 1:51 PM ET, Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, bringing our attention to the shadows that are emerging in the context of our relationships, and to the unconscious fears, wounds, and patterns that our close connections are triggering. Venus is going to remain in Scorpio until December 29, offering us opportunities to deepen our emotional and psychological self-awareness and our awareness of the undercurrents of interpersonal dynamics.

This transit will be especially relevant for those of us born with personal placements in Fixed signs. Venus’s journey through Scorpio will offer them an invitation to allow their relationships to transform them. They will have opportunities to gain a clearer understanding of power dynamics and energetic exchanges happening within relationships and confront fears and wounds that prevent them from deepening their intimacy with others. 

Venus from Libra to Scorpio: Deepening Relationships


In Astrology, Venus is the planet associated with how we relate to ourselves and others, with our relationship to wealth and abundance, with our receptivity, with our ability to inhabit our physical body and enjoy sensual pleasures. Transits of Venus reflect changes in how we approach love and relationships as well as shifts in our values and in how we manage our finances and resources.

Venus’s journey through her home sign of Libra offered us chances to create more harmony in our lives and our relationships and consciously navigate the contrast between our values, needs, and desires and those of others. This transit reminded us to value ourselves independently from the role we play in other people’s lives or the value they attribute to us. 

Venus’ ingress into Scorpio is an invitation to deepen our connections with both others and ourselves, our awareness of energetic exchanges, and our attunement to the undercurrents of relationship dynamics. A Water, Fixed, Yin sign, Scorpio has to do with all processes that imply fusion, merging, and exchanging energy. Traditionally associated with marriage, sex, and shared finances, Scorpio has to do with the deepening of relationships that happens after the initial stage of getting to know one another. 

While Venus is in Scorpio, we value depth, we value intimacy, and seek meaningful exchanges with others. Superficial relating will not feel appealing as this transit invites us to reach a new awareness of the complexity of human emotions, psychology, and connection.


Venus enters Scorpio: Allow Relationships to Transform You


During Venus’s journey through Scorpio, the intensity of emotions takes center stage in relationships. This transit encourages a profound exploration of the darker aspects of our desires and fears within the realm of partnership. Venus in Scorpio demands raw, radical authenticity: this transit demands that we confront our deepest vulnerabilities that stand in the way of us forming and maintaining genuine intimate connections.

Venus’s ingress in Scorpio reminds us that our most intimate relationships represent a catalyst for growth and offer us plenty of opportunities to deepen our shadow work and our awareness of how our unconscious desires, our unacknowledged needs, and our unprocessed pain affect our behavior and choices, especially in relationships. 

Venus in Scorpio is an invitation to allow our relationships to transform us radically and confront any fear of entrapment, betrayal, loss, and abandonment that prevents us from committing fully and wholly to deepen our connections. This is also a time to gain awareness of what needs to be transformed within ourselves in order to attract and maintain more satisfying relationships. 


Venus in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter & Uranus


Venus is entering Scorpio while forming a trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces. The Venus-Saturn trine offers us an invitation to consolidate those relationships that are valuable to us and deepen our commitment to them. This aspect is also a reminder to be financially responsible and think for the long term when making decisions that involve money and other resources.

Venus forms an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus on December 10. This alignment emphasizes the tension between our desire for emotional depth, intimacy, and meaningful exchanges, and our desire for pleasure, enjoyment, and immediate gratification of the senses. The Venus-Jupiter opposition could bring financial matters to the forefront and invite a balanced approach to both spending and investing.

On December 21, Venus opposes Uranus in Taurus. This configuration can signal potential disruptions and unexpected changes in relational and financial matters. It is advisable to stay open-minded and flexible and be prepared for surprises during this period. A desire for freedom and change is likely to arise, and we may feel drawn to reconsider our values and priorities accordingly.

Venus in aspect to Neptune and Pluto


On December 25, Venus in Scorpio perfects a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This harmonic aspect supports feelings of unity and interconnectedness and helps us put ourselves in others’ shoes, facilitating more empathy and compassion in our relationships. The Venus-Neptune trine reminds us to appreciate the beauty in life, inspires us to engage in acts of kindness, and invites us to nurture our intuitive and artistic side.

On December 29, Venus forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This sextile increases the potential for transformative relational experiences and a deeper understanding of underlying power dynamics. Around this time, we will feel the need to establish more profound and meaningful connections and transform fear-based behaviors and patterns that arise within relationships. This Venus-Pluto aspect encourages raw honesty and radical vulnerability, which can lead to a greater understanding of one another.


Venus in Scorpio: Relationships and Shadows


This transit urges us to confront underlying issues and unconscious patterns that impact how we show up in our relationships as well as how we relate to money. Venus’ journey through Scorpio offers us a chance to observe how we deal with power and control dynamics in our relationships and to become aware of manipulative tendencies that we feel tempted to rely upon in an attempt to get our needs met. 

This transit brings to the surface hidden power dynamics, shadows, and all the unspoken issues in our connections. Venus in Scorpio invites us to deepen our awareness of the complexities of intimacy and to be direct in communicating our true needs, desires, feelings, and fears. Trust becomes a focal point during this time, as Scorpio’s energy wants genuine emotional connection and is wary of superficiality and falsity.

Financial matters could also be a significant area of attention during this transit, as Scorpio is associated with shared resources and joint finances and Venus is associated with wealth, abundance, and receptivity. Partnerships, both romantic and business-related, may undergo a period of reevaluation as issues surrounding trust and resource management, as well as power imbalances, can no longer be ignored or swept under the rug.


Crystal Pick for Venus in Scorpio: Ruby


As Venus in Scorpio brings the shadows of our relationships to the surface, ruby is a perfect companion to help you access and uproot your deepest wounds and allow them to be transmuted and healed. Incredibly grounding, strengthening, and empowering, ruby helps you do deep work related to the roots of who you are.

It’s a beautiful stone for relationships to help you go deeper in both intimacy and commitment, and it can add some Scorpio-style passion and vitality to your sex life. Ruby is an incredibly strong stone that intensifies the strength of your bonds and encourages fidelity and security in your relationships.

You can use ruby during this transit to become more aware of your deep desires and needs in relationships, as well as the unconscious fears that are at play. It’s a stone to help you stay steady and sure of yourself during transformative times and tap into your true power and self-worth. 

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