article Venus in Leo 2024: Invitation to Shine
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Venus in Leo 2024: Invitation to Shine

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July 10, 2024

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On July 10, 12:37 PM —

On July 11, 12:19 PM EST, Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo, where she is going to remain until August 4. Venus in Leo brings us an invitation to shine, encourages us to let our true selves be seen, and motivates us to deepen our connection with our inherent creativity, love for life, and playfulness.

Venus in Leo’s transit is particularly relevant for those of us born with planets or angles in Fixed signs, and especially for those with natal Venus in Leo, as they are experiencing their Venus return. Venus’s journey through Leo invites them to invest more time, energy, and money in their creative self-discovery journey. This transit reminds them of the power of showing up generously and authentically in their relationships and in life, choosing to fully and wholeheartedly participate.

Besides entering Leo, Venus has become visible again in the sky and rose as an evening star just a few hours ago, on July 10. Venus is going to be an evening star for the upcoming nine months or 263 days. This phase of the Venus cycle represents a time of integration and digestion of the experiences we had in the previous months, a time to connect with the deeper meaning of what we went through, particularly in the area of relationships and finances, and acknowledge the corresponding shifts in our value system.

Venus from Cancer to Leo: The Value of Play, Creativity, and Celebration


In Astrology, Venus is associated with the connection between how we relate with ourselves and how we relate with others. The natural ruler of both Taurus and Libra reminds us that whatever we experience in our relationships with others gives us information about and is a reflection of something that is happening in our relationship with ourselves. Venus is also associated with the way we relate to money, prosperity, and abundance, and with what wealth means to us. Because of Venus’s association with Taurus, she is also connected to our system of values and to issues of self-worth and self-esteem.

While Venus was in Cancer, we were reminded of the value of vulnerability and of the importance of cultivating relationships that represent safe spaces, where all of our parts are welcomed and honored. This transit offered us an opportunity to refine our ability to both give and receive love, nurturance, and care, deepen our capacity to be compassionate, and improve our attunement to both our and others’ needs and emotions.

Venus’ ingress in Leo brings our focus toward ourselves and our need for creative expression and self-actualization. This transit highlights our desire to be fully expressed, to be seen, and to actively participate in life, leaving our mark or creating our legacy. Venus’s journey through Leo is a reminder of the value of creativity, pleasure, and celebration. This combination of energies underlines the power of being intentional about aesthetics as they can represent doorways to the embodiment of a specific frequency and state of being.


Venus opposite Pluto and sextile Jupiter


As Venus enters Leo, she immediately opposes retrograde Pluto in Aquarius. This aspect, already active but exact on July 12, brings to an extreme any power plays, control dynamics, or underlying manipulation attempts that may be present in our connections with others. These days, we are experiencing an increasing need for intensity and high-sensation experiences. We are also experiencing equally strong desire and fear of allowing our relationships to transform us, as that would mean being vulnerable, relinquishing control, and accepting the risk of getting hurt.

The Venus-Pluto opposition is an opportunity to acknowledge how our unconscious, unprocessed pain as well as our fears and insecurities are dictating our decisions and actions in both romantic and financial matters. It is also a chance to look at our relationships and financial choices from a bird’s eye view, from an objective stance.

The Venus-Jupiter sextile, exact on July 21, invites a generous and open-hearted approach to life, love, and learning. The activation of Jupiter in Gemini reminds us of the role of relationships as catalysts for growth and of the value of direct experience, of trial and error. The Venus-Jupiter sextile inspires us to expand our social circles, get to know new people, and share what we know, think, and feel with others. 

Venus in Leo 2024

Venus trine Chiron and square Uranus


On July 30, Venus in Leo trines retrograde Chiron in Aries. The Venus-Chiron trine offers us an opportunity to recognize wounds that impact our self-worth, self-love, and our ability to form and sustain healthy relationships. This aspect encourages healing through self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance and brings chances to release old pain. The Venus-Chiron trine inspires us to take care of ourselves by investing time and energy into what we love, what energizes us, and what we are passionate about, and reminds us to acknowledge the value we bring to our connections.

On August 2, Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Around this time, we are likely to experience a period of unexpected changes, shifts, and disruptions in our relationships and finances. The Venus-Uranus square can ignite a sudden desire for more freedom, space, and independence, as well as a need to rebel, detach from others’ expectations, and challenge the status quo in both romantic and financial matters. From an evolutionary perspective, this aspect highlights the need to break free from ways of being in relationships that represent a result of early conditioning and choose instead to discover and honor our unique needs and desires.


Venus enters Leo: Invitation to Shine


Venus’s journey through Leo represents an invitation to let ourselves be seen in our authentic expression, in our unique beauty, an invitation to make sure we are showing up without holding anything back and without misrepresenting ourselves. This transit reminds us of the value of play, encourages us to deepen our ability to live with an open heart, and motivates us to instill more creativity into our relationships.

The upcoming weeks are a powerful time to focus on sharing our creative practices with others and prioritize connecting with states of joy and playfulness, making sure we are enjoying and celebrating the gift of life, the gift of having a human body, the gift of being able to experience giving and receiving love.

Venus in Leo reminds us of our inherent ability to create, to be creators of our lives, to play, to feel, and to make art for art’s sake, without expectations or attachment to any goal. The upcoming weeks are a favorable time to explore new social circles, new creative outlets, and new hobbies, get on a stage, and share our light with others generously.


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