article Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 3333 — 333 — 33 & 3
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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 3333 — 333 — 33 & 3

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Moon Omens

July 7, 2020

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In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 3 and it’s sequences 33, 333, 3333. After the number 2 harmonizes the opposing dualities (read article about number 2), a new energy is born from the merging of energy to create the frequency of 3. Creation has occurred by the unification of two extreme polarities.

3 is an especially significant number because we live in the 3rd dimension. Through the frequency of 3, mind, body, and soul are linked and allow for creation to occur in the physical realm.


Creative Self-Expression — 3


The number 3 is a playful, charming energy. This number is pure creativity, which burst forth to forth to individuate from the dynamic tension of opposites to form something original.

Seeing the number 3 is a reminder that your self-expression is a blessing. The way you engage with the world around you, from how you talk to the life choices you make, is reflective of your spirit.

You have a knack for making social connections because your energetic, happy-go-lucky energy has an inviting energy to others. The divinity within you longs to be shared in a way that uplifts others and brings joy.


The number 3 lets you know you are an important link in sharing and communicating your ideas. You are an inspired visionary whose experience makes for a wonderful teacher.

The Universe is calling you to use your creative abilities to infuse the physical world with your spirit. You have the ability to infuse something mundane with your energy and turn it into something sacred.

Words on a page become soulful poetry, communicating with friends become heart to heart talks, and a blank canvas becomes heart-opening image that ignite the emotional realm.

Creativity comes in all forms: cooking, singing, dancing, and artwork. There are no limits to what you are able to conceive and make happen. Especially, when you are using your emotions as fuel for your expressive passion.

On your spiritual journey, the number 3 calls for you to explore your interests, share what you learn with others, and remain a light of positive energy for others. Your enthusiasm is contagious and a powerful motivator for others to find their own joy in life.


Spiritual Role Model — 33


The number 33 is a special number indicating mastery in one’s chosen path that is shared with others to help them evolve on their soul’s path.

Seeing the number 33 reminds you that by following your visionary path, you become a source of spiritual comfort for a multitude of people. You seek knowledge for the purpose of better all of humanity, rather than just yourself.

The Universe is reminding you that your gifts of creativity and communicating are so that you can share what you learn far and wide. Writing, speaking, acting, artwork and dancing are all ways that you are able to spread your wisdom to educate others.

33 is a signal from the Universe that all the spiritual lessons of the past have been fully integrated. You have healed yourself and are now a spiritual conduit for the healing of all of humanity.


You are a teacher of the power of love, who demonstrates this through your actions. With your intuitive knowledge, you can guide others to also undertake the process of discovering how their soul is meant to express itself in this lifetime.

On your spiritual journey, the number 33 is a call for you to embrace your position as a spiritual teacher. You are a natural role model who inspires people with your optimism and faith in the Universe.


Mind-Body-Soul Balance 333


The number 333 represents integration of mind, body, and soul. Bringing these together in harmony is a sign you are on a spiritual path of ascension.

Through your spiritual journey, you’ve come to understand the inherent connection between different parts of yourself: the mental sphere that processes things through the mind, the body that roots you in the physical world, and the soul that is the center of your spiritual and emotional existence.

You readily notice how one area being out of balance can have a ripple effect on the areas. The Universe is telling you that you’ve become a sacred healer by fully integrating all aspects of yourself.


Seeing the number 33 is your calling to help others to connect to their optimal wellness too. You are meant to share your wisdom about how mind, body, and soul work together.

By teaching others to honor all of these aspects of their being, you are helping humanity to evolve to a new level, where they feel more consciously empowered to tend to their health.

The number 33 is confirmation from the Universe that you’ve mastered each of these realms. You proceeded to the final step of full integration. Now, it is time for you to teach others and be a catalyst for this integrative way of living.


Following Intuitive Inspiration 3333


The number 3333 means having faith in your unique spiritual path and the sacred guidance the Universe offers you as you go along. 3333 is a sign of living according to your own belief, centered in the present moment.

This is a number of full trust and accepting of one’s spirituals gifts. Sharing is a strong motivation for learning and growing. You no longer wish to hold on to illusions of control, and prefer to have faith in the goodness of the Universe.


Noticing 3333 is a sign that you are very in tune with your intuition. It is hard for you to ignore the messages, and therefore you’ve surrendered your life to following the calls of your spirit.

When this number appears in your life, the Universe is commending you for having the bravery to create your own path, even when others may not understand. Not many people have the courage to choose faith over fear.

3333 encourages you to continue to follow your soul’s guidance. Through living in a way that resonates with your soul, you’ve developed a trust in the blessings of the Universe.

You know how taking a leap of faith is always rewarded. 3333 is confirmation that you are being guided by the loving energy of the Universe, which is calling you to live life big and bold.

Seeing this number is a reminder that you evolve each time you choose the mystery of spirit over comfort. At your core, you are a true innovator. If you are not able to express yourself, then you are not connected to your spirit, and this is not a sustainable way for you to live.

On your spiritual journey, when 3333 appears, you are called to continue to listen to the messages you receive from the Universe and follow the path that only you can create. The special vibration you manifest through your intuitive actions forges a new future for humanity.

If you enjoyed this article please share with others and comment below which numbers you are seeing the most. Love and blessings! 🙂

In the next article of number series we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 4.

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