article The Ancient Science Of Numerology & Your Birthday
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Numerology & Omens

The Ancient Science Of Numerology & Your Birthday

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April 9, 2020

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Numerology is a sacred language of the spirit


Numerology like astrology is an ancient science that has been used for thousands of years all over the world that offers insight into the personality and accurate predictions of future.

Everything in our universe moves in and through cycles. Examples of cycles are the water cycle, the lunar cycle, earth’s seasons, the cycle of life for nature and all living things, the cycle of a star’s life, the orbital cycle, the Sothic cycle, the Galactic cycle and etc.

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Planet Earth is also in the midst of her own cycle of life and fulfilling her destiny in creation. There is a force throughout the entire universe and on every planet to sustain its cycles and evolve, grow, and change so each planet can ultimately fulfill its purpose in the cosmic plan.


Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the meaning of your birthday and numerology behind it..


There is also a cycle that you may have been aware of but didn’t look at in terms of it being a cycle, and that’s your own personal evolution as a soul and conscious being. Your birth here on earth began a new cycle of your soul’s journey.

Each one of us is connected to the source of all creation, and our ‘true and higher self’ needed to be incarnated here on earth in human form and go through cycles of learning, unlearning, and relearning. All of this is so that we may participate in the raising of the collective consciousness so earth and all her inhabitants can thrive and evolve in her current cycle.


We are never alone along our journeys & life cycles. There is a divine force that is at work at all times to support your conscious evolution and awakening to your highest purpose. The Earth, collective, and all of creation benefits from your growth & expansion.

This is where Omens come in. We are conscious beings that make conscious decisions; we choose the direction in which we will go and the vision in which we will pour our energy into. For someone who is well into their awakening cycle, it’s natural for us to seek alignment with our higher selves and gut feelings with the decisions we make.

Omens will appear to support you in learning, unlearning, and relearning. They will appear to emphasize specific events, feelings, or situations so they don’t go unnoticed or overlooked.


Omens can serve as reminders that show us where we are in our current cycle and what we need to do to remain (or get) in full alignment with our life-path.


Your Birthdate and Life-Path number numerology


Your birthdate is significant because nothing is random and by using numerology to reduce your birth date to a single digit, you can find your Life-Path number.

Your Life-Path number is an omen in itself and is often referred to as the Birth Path or Destiny Number. Your Life-Path number shows you what cycle you’re in during this lifetime, the chief aim of your soul here on earth, specific personality traits you possess, and challenges you will face.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolism, and it is an intuitive and reliable way to discover underlying cycles and patterns in your life. Utilizing the art of Numerology, there are several other Omens and symbols that can be uncovered.


The Secret Meaning of your name


According to a number of mystical doctrines, all words have power. Your name is the first gift you received after birth, and by decoding your name, you discover why it was given to you. Your name is no accident. It’s the unique representation of your presence on this planet. You will find a personalized Numerology report later in this article where you can discover the deeper meaning of your name.


The Soul Urge Number


Often referred to as the Heart’s Desire Number, your Soul Urge Number is the essence of who we are and represents our inner selves. It is derived from the vowels in your name, and many Numerologists use it to understand your relationship style & the challenges you may experience in fulfilling your relationships.


The Personality Number


The Personality Number is one of the two main factors derived from your full name. While the Soul Urge is calculated by summing the vowels, or the ‘soul’ of words, the Personality Number is calculated by summing the consonants, which dictate how the soul of these words are manifested in the material world. Modern Numerologists use it as a clue to point out what you may dream of doing in the outer world.


The Expression Number


The Expression, or Total Name Number, describes the magic that you bring into the world; it is the number that describes the kind of energy that you send out into your surroundings. Your actions create a ripple effect in creation, and ultimately, form the reality you experience. In learning about your Expression number, oftentimes, your awareness will expand immediately as you begin to realize how you can break current patterns of your behavior.

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We are very fascinated about both astrology and numerology and have been using it for years, we invite you to dive deeper into the mathematical language of the universe and learn more about yourself and how deep and magnificent spiritual science of numbers, synchronicities, patterns and cycles really is!

Below is a free personalized numerology calculator and video report that you can use to learn more about your date of birth, find your life path number, meaning of your name, personality number, soul urge number, your expression number, and the deeper meaning behind each of these numbers. Enjoy! Tap here or on the image below 🙂

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We are curious to know about your experience with numerology, comment below 🙂 Sending infinite love & blessings your way!


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