article Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 0000 — 000 — 00 & 0
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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 0000 — 000 — 00 & 0

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Moon Omens

October 18, 2020

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In this article we will decode the spiritual meaning of 0000 by breaking it down to 000, 00 and 0. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read our other repeating numbers sequances starting with 1111.

0 is sacred placeholder in numerology that encompasses nothingness and the totality of all that exists. To grasp the meaning of zero is to comprehend eternal emptiness. This is the energy at the center of all creative potential, complete in the silence of the infinite void – there for all to see, but still hidden in plain sight.

This digit only exists in the realm of the unseen and unknown, for it does not have the same physical properties as 1-9. It is the invisible energy that weaves between all that is seen and holds it together. The presence of 0 must be felt through its absence.


Complete Within Oneself — 0


The number 0 in numerology indicates becoming whole within. This number is the mystic container of all that there is and ever will be for all of eternity. 0 is emptiness that holds within it the possibility of everything.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to fully embrace your potential. The Universe calls you to see that all the resources you need to co-create through manifestation are within yourself.

0 holds all possibilities in its vibration of totality. When you notice this number, it is time for you to go within and discover where you’ve lost pieces of yourself and integrate it back into your aura. You are meant to feel whole, complete, and fully unified.

The number 0 calls you to embrace reality with the vividness of your imagination. You carry the energy within your spirit to open doors to new realities. Through discovering the inner void within yourself, you are liberated to use your creative power to express all aspects of who you are.

As you unite all the pieces of yourself into wholeness, the need to conceal your shadow dissipates. Self-love and satisfaction flow from your sense of feeling complete. You no longer look to outside sources for validation when you are seeing the number 0.

Seeing number 0 shows that it is time for you to remember your infinite prospects. Every aspect of your being is primed to explore all that you’re capable of becoming. Your prospects in the present moment are never-ending.


Boundless Love — 00


The number 00 is one of boundless love. This number can only be consciously understood in the absence of the false self. When one is completely emptied of ego attachments, the pure essence of love can stream through unfiltered and limitless.

00 is a state mystics strive to achieve where separation does not exist. This number is total dissolution into all there is. You become one with the world.

Seeing 00 encourages you to love without barriers. By becoming completely inclusive in your love, you are able to unite with the source of creation.

In this space, you can simply be. Love exists without trying to reveal itself through gestures, words, or gifts. Your entire consciousness is radiating love and it naturally changes the consciousness of those around you.

When 00 is appearing for you, you uplift the world into a place where all are accepted, cherished, and nurtured through a sense of belonging. Through your endless love, you put out an all-welcoming vibration people are drawn to.


This is a reminder of how expansive love truly is. Your heart holds the mysteries of the unknown and the bountiful love you share outwardly is only a glimmer of all that you carry within. Love will always be your greatest strength.


Full Circle Completion — 000


000 is a message of full circle completion. This is a special time of transition for you, as you are neither here nor there, but somewhere in the middle. In this liminal space, you are undergoing a metamorphosis.

Seeing this number is a sign from the Universe that you are moving through an in-between phase in life. During this time, you may feel striped bare of what you’d previously associated with your identity.

You’ve outgrown many of the previous associations you had about who you were. Now, you are shifting your priorities to reflect your new values that come from your spiritual growth. The Universe is sending you the message to have reassurance you will emerge from this transition successfully.

The number 000 is encouraging you to go inward and consciously release what is no longer serving our highest good. Being in the void may feel a bit lonely, and even depressing, but this is because your spirit is undergoing a monumental change.

It’s okay if you do not feel as social and need more time to be with your feelings. Letting yourself process where you’ve come from is the only way to get to where you are going. When 000 is appearing for you, it is time to relax and release.

This is a signal from the Universe that the next phase of your life is going to look different than the last. You are evolving, and this sometimes means dissolving what has been to create space for what will be. You have come full circle and are now ready for the next phase of your life to emerge.


Connection to Infinity — 0000


0000 is the number of connection to infinity. Comprehending infinity comes from being in tune with your heart, intuition, and higher self. It represents the space where all that ever was and ever will be originates.

0000 is pure source energy. It is the Universal power that is within us all that has no beginning and no end. This energy is what precedes creation and will exist forever despite destruction. It is eternal and everlasting.

The number 0000 appearing for you means you are attuned to this vibration within yourself. Accessing this frequency through meditation will assist you in unlocking your consciousness to be able to perceive the nature of forever.

This is a special number because it holds within it the power to amplify other numbers and make them expand. As connection to realm of infinity grows, you are beginning to receive messages of guidance through your intuition that bestow upon you great truths.

0000 is a sign from the Universe that your third eye is rapidly developing to be able to perceive what’s invisible to the untrained eye. By gaining access to the realm of infinity, you are able to discover secrets of the nature of reality that goes beyond the seen world.

You may feel more sensitive to energies around you and aware of the eternal spirit that is not bound by time. You will come to see the infinite in yourself. Your spirit will get to feel eternity. Developing this relationship to the infinite makes you more sensitive to the energetic realm and able to manifest your vision rapidly.


On your spiritual path, 0000 is the sacred source of creation. You have chosen to learn lessons about the infinite nature of spirit in order to access wisdom beyond most of humanity’s comprehension. This makes you a special keeper of knowledge and blessed traveler of the unknown.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you love this article! Sending love and blessings your way.


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