article 11/11 Gateway 2021: Call to Alignment
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Numerology & Omens

11/11 Gateway 2021: Call to Alignment

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Moon Omens

November 11, 2021

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The eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year is considered to be a particularly special day. Popularly known as the 11/11 Gateway, November 11 is a magical date, according to Numerology.

In 2021 and 2022, the 11/11 Gateway will take place very close to Eclipses, which makes it even more relevant. Eclipse season is a period of acceleration and fast change: the 11/11 Gateway is a chance to take a break from the frantic pace of daily life, to take some time to pause and reconnect with Spirit before we begin moving forward again. We have a wonderful opportunity to center and come back to alignment before the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.


The Significance and Power of Number 11 in Numerology


According to the ancient science of Numerology, each number has a specific frequency and vibrational quality. When a number appears more than once, its meaning is amplified: coming across repeating numbers is an auspicious synchronicity that is said to take place when we are aligned with our spiritual path. For instance, seeing 11:11 is considered to be a sign that our Guides and Angels are near, and that they are supporting us.

Number 11 is considered to be a Master Number: it is not reduced into a single-digit number like it usually happens with other numbers. 11 magnifies the qualities associated with Number 1, and represents a higher vibration of Number 2, which would result from the sum of its digits.

Number 1 is connected with leadership, innovation, individuality, and new beginnings: it represents independence and boldness, a force of creation of a Yang nature. Number 2 instead expresses refined intuition and sensitivity: it is a feminine or Yin energy, associated with partnership, balance, empathy, and harmony.

Master Number 11 contains the influence of both 1 and 2: it is correlated with a capacity to take action according to our intuition, with creativity coming from emotional awareness, and with the ability to connect with both our instinct and our empathy. Master Number 11 is associated with higher realms, higher frequencies, new levels of spiritual awakening, and a new awareness of our connection with Truth: this is why the 11/11 Gateway is considered to be so powerful.

Today together with 11/11 Gateway we are celebrating the release of our new Repeating Numbers Guidebook which is completely free and we invite you to download to learn more about repeating numbers and their deep spiritual meaning.. tap here to get your guidebook now.


Number 11 in Astrology: Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House


In Astrology, Number 11 is associated with Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, and today the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in this sign, a factor strengthening the symbolism and the significance of the day.

Aquarius and the Eleventh Astrological House are associated with groups and communities, with how our individual creativity can generate progress that has the potential to benefit humanity as a whole. These archetypes remind us that together we are stronger, and highlight the importance of feeling part of a community, of cultivating relationships with groups of like minds who share similar dreams and visions for the future. 

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is also known as the Great Awakener: this planet is famous for disrupting the status quo and generating sudden changes and discoveries that force humanity to evolve quickly. Uranus inspires us to find deeper personal freedom by breaking free from the norm and honoring our personal genius to generate innovation.


The Astrology of 11/11/2021


The Moon-Jupiter alignment in the sign of the Water Bearer taking place on 11/11/2021 is a favorable aspect that increases our optimism and faith. Jupiter conjunct Moon promotes emotional resilience and grants us the capacity to grow from crises and find value in challenges. In the sign of Aquarius, this conjunction gives us the ability to see our situation from a distance and gain a detached perspective before making decisions.

In the meantime, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio are squaring Saturn in Aquarius, underlying some degree of conflict between our drive to speak up, expose secrets, and reveal the truth, and the awareness that doing so may be counterproductive. We may feel torn between a desire to act and speak on impulse and the awareness of the limits of our personal power. This inner struggle may offer us an opportunity to tune in, connect with ourselves, and realign with our values and priorities before making any decision.


11/11: Gateway of Change, Growth, and Alignment


The 11/11 Gateway always takes place during Scorpio season, a time of introspection, spiritual growth, and personal transformation. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are preparing for the cold of Winter: we honor our dead, retreat into our homes, and spend more time with ourselves. As Nature dies, we celebrate darkness, and we are being invited to meditate on the inevitability of life cycles.

During this time of transition, the 11/11 Gateway offers us beneficial energy to change what doesn’t work in our lives and choose a path that is more attuned with our Soul’s purpose. Today, find some time to tune in, set intentions, listen to your inner voice, and remind yourself that you are supported, that you are not alone. 


Trusting Synchronicities & Being Receptive to Omens


Synchronicities can be seen as an invitation to come back to alignment, ground in the present moment, cultivate gratitude, and center in a deeper state of awareness. November 11 is a potent day for manifestation rituals, to start something new, to practice gratitude, and reattune with our values, our purpose, and our priorities.

This combination of numbers corresponds to increased intuition, and it has the potential to bring us closer to ourselves and our Truth. The 11/11 Gateway invites us to be receptive to what life is trying to teach us, to the omens, signs, and messages delivered to us. The Universe is encouraging us to trust synchronicities and create more space and time to connect with our inner wisdom and our Higher Selves.

We wish you the most beautiful 11/11 Gateway experience. May you set intentions and manifest your deepest hearts desires! Don’t forget to download our new Repeating Numbers Guidebook! – tap here to get your guidebook now.


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