article Pluto in Capricorn: Threshold of Change
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Pluto in Capricorn: Threshold of Change

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October 9, 2023

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On October 9, 11:11 AM —

We are at the threshold of a massive change. On October 10, 9:09 PM ET, Pluto stations direct at 27º of Capricorn after being retrograde since May 1. Pluto is going to enter Aquarius for the second time on January 20 and briefly go back to Capricorn for the very last time between September and November 2024. We are currently experiencing the closing phase of Pluto’s transit through the sign, a journey that began in 2008.

This shift will be more strongly felt by those of us with personal placements in the late degrees of Cardinal signs. The individuals personally impacted by Pluto’s shift of motion will have opportunities to make radical changes in one or more areas of their lives: they will be encouraged to release something that has lost meaning and purpose and take the risk to follow their true desires.

Pluto in Capricorn: True Power and False Power


Pluto is the catalyst of personal and collective transformational processes. In his higher octave, this planet inspires us to follow our Soul’s desires and guides us on our path to empowerment, alchemy, and Soul evolution. High-sensation addictions, obsessions, compulsions, and paranoias also belong to Pluto’s domains: when his energy is misused and abused, disempowerment and self-destruction can result. The modern ruler of Scorpio reveals to us what needs to die, what needs to be released, and what needs to be alchemized for growth to keep happening.

Capricorn is the sign associated with structure, boundaries, form, time, and space. At this stage of the Zodiac, we learn about karma, the law of cause and effect, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and we acknowledge our role within society. Through Capricorn, we mature, we learn to self-regulate, and we recognize the value of integrity, commitment, and delayed gratification. 

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has been teaching us lessons about true power and false power and about the connection between power and responsibility, while reminding us that our choices have consequences and that every action naturally causes a reaction.


Radical Transformation of Inner and Outer Structures


Pluto magnifies the shadows of any sign he’s transiting: during his journey through Capricorn, the exposure of issues connected to the abuse of power and status has been a major collective theme. Collectively, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has been radically transforming our relationship with authorities, institutions, and governments, drastically altering the way society is structured and forcing awareness of deep-seated systemic issues. Since 2008, Pluto has been exposing the corruption at the core of societal systems, offering us opportunities to reflect on what authority, power, and responsibility mean to us.

On an individual level, this transit has been motivating each of us to take accountability for our lives and to become our own authority rather than relying on external ones. Pluto in Capricorn has also offered us chances to become aware of how the programming we internalized in the past is still impacting our choices in the present, asking us to release perceptions of success, desires, and ambitions that aren’t authentic to us but rather a result of the conditioning we received.

Capricorn also correlates to grief, shame, and judgment based on man-made standards of conduct. On a personal level, we have had chances to observe how we inwardly abuse ourselves through judgment and self-blame, and how we punish ourselves for not meeting standards and expectations that, often, we have been conditioned to agree to. Pluto’s last weeks through the sign offer us an opportunity to release grief, shame, and judgments of both ourselves and others.

Capricorn is also connected to boundaries and limits, and the next weeks and months offer us a chance to revisit our boundaries and question the nature of the limitations we tend to, consciously or unconsciously, place on ourselves.


Pluto stationary direct: Releasing What Needs to Go


When planets are stationary, they are closer to Earth and their energy is stronger than usual. The final months of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn are likely to be the most extreme and intense of the entire transit. As we wrap up a journey that started in 2008, we have an opportunity to release patterns, survival strategies, and coping mechanisms that contribute to keeping us small, fearful, and leading inauthentic lives.

When Pluto is stationary, the imperative to evolve and alchemize outdated patterns is stronger, both for the collective and for each individual. This shift invites us to take conscious action to align with what emerged while Pluto was retrograde. Around this time, unconscious content emerges into our conscious awareness and we have an opportunity to meet ourselves on a deeper level.

Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn ruthlessly challenges us to confront what is false in how we structured our lives and what is corrupt and decaying in the structure of society itself.  During this time, there is a higher likelihood of witnessing obsolete systems and institutions collapse and uncomfortable truths and secrets revealed. The final months of this transit will bring up everything that needs to be released, transformed, or alchemized and ask us to let it go.

Pluto in Aspect to the Lunar Nodes and Uranus


Pluto is squaring the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra: this aspect has been active for months and still is. Moreover, Pluto is now stationing direct while squaring Mars in Libra. These alignments increase the feelings of tension and friction, as well as our personal and collective resistance to change, underlining the fact that we are at an evolutionary threshold and difficult choices need to be made now.

The need to make drastic changes and transform ourselves and our lives is impossible to ignore any longer, and this is happening both for the collective and for each of us individually. Pluto is also forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that facilitates an opening toward new horizons and possibilities and accelerates the pace of innovation and evolution.


Pluto direct in Capricorn: Process Coming Full Circle


During these last months of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn, the process that has been unfolding since 2008 will come full circle and we can expect to see many things and situations coming to a breaking point. What is unraveling now could find completion and culmination between September and November of next year, when Pluto comes back to Capricorn for the very last time.

Individually, the main themes that are coming to the forefront are linked to the area of our natal chart where Capricorn is and any planets that are being activated by Pluto’s shift of motion. Collectively, we have the feeling that everything in the world is becoming more extreme and that the pressure to radically change, as a society, is intense. 

The transition from Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius is an invitation to establish new, innovative paradigms and organizations based on horizontal structures and decentralization. As our current reality continues to get deconstructed, we have an opportunity to ponder on what reality we wish to create. The invitation of Pluto in Capricorn is to carefully reflect on what we desire to build, what we desire to commit to, and how we desire to make an impact and serve our communities during the years and decades to come.


Crystal Pick for Pluto stations direct in Capricorn: Tiger Iron


While Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn brings big transformations, tiger iron will help keep you grounded, strong, determined, and calm during the storms of change. Extremely balancing with both strong yin and yang energies, it roots you into your lower chakras, settles your nervous system, and grounds you into your inherent power and confidence to create whatever change you want to see in the world. 

Tiger Iron is a beautiful and empowering blend of the forward-driven, action-oriented Tiger Eye, the calm, cool, and protective Hematite, along with grounding, energizing, and nurturing Red Jasper, bringing all their energies together for a rich dose of healing and support. It’s incredibly helpful for stress, fatigue, confusion, overwhelm, and any heightened energies that feel like too much to help bring you back into a natural state of harmony.

Find inner security and support no matter the outer circumstances going on in your life with this gorgeous, powerful stone. Use it to help you release dense, negative energy and belief systems, to shift into action towards your true soul’s desires and goals, and to feel fully resourced and empowered from within to create a life you love which will help shift society into a more enriching trajectory for all.

Pluto direct in Capricorn is a milestone in the great shifting of ages! If you haven’t had the chance to read our interpretation of the Age of Aquarius and what lays ahead for us all, we’d love to invite you to tap here to get your copy. It’s a must read! We’re sending love and blessings your way!

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

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  • Ooof! As somebody with SEVEN placements in Capricorn (😂😵), I am definitely feeling this hardcore!
    I feel like I am being broken open. It’s very challenging, but I’m happy for the opportunity to see the rigid structures that have been holding me back for so long for what they are. I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work for the majority of my life… and I find myself longing to stop revolving my purpose around healing and improving, and just learn how to BE! To really integrate that I am ALREADY ENOUGH…. But in order to integrate that, I have to unlearn a lifetime’s worth of conditioning! (😂😵)
    It’s a dance, for sure! I’m tryna give myself as much grace as possible.

    • Carla!! I feel like you’re telling my story hahaha I’m capricorn sun, moon and I have a couple other placements in capricorn so I’m deep in this hole lol.

      Love n light


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