article Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Contemplative Focus
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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Contemplative Focus

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June 29, 2023

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On June 29, 12:47 PM —

On June 30, 5:07 PM ET, Neptune stations retrograde at 27º41’ of Pisces. As the calendar month comes to a close, Neptune’s shift of motion in his home sign invites an introspective, contemplative, and meditative focus. Neptune is going to remain in retrograde motion until December 6, 2023, and will station direct at 24º of Pisces.

Those individuals who were born with natal planets or angles between 24º and 27° of Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel this shift more strongly. The people most impacted by Neptune stationing retrograde will be invited to turn inwards and focus more on being and less on doing. As existing attachments, identities, and safety nets fall away, Neptune’s retrograde phase invites them to resist the temptation to take action to immediately replace them and learn to sit still in the void.

Transcending the Separate Self


Neptune correlates to the impulse to transcend the limitations and boundaries of the human condition and experience something beyond the personal self. The modern ruler of Pisces, discovered only in 1846, is considered to be a transpersonal planet, associated with collective cycles, unconscious dynamics, and generational patterns. 

Neptune is the planet connected to spirituality, glamor, acting, and the arts, to everything that transports us out of our mundane, daily lives. His energy is nebulous, indirect, elusive, and dreamy. It is inspiring but can also be confusing, it is very subtle, hard to convey with words, but when you are tapped into it, it’s unmistakable. Neptune is all about creative flow, intuitive inspiration, and spiritual bliss.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 and is going to remain in the sign until 2026. The transit of Neptune through his domicile amplifies, exalts, and enhances the intuitive, empathic, and qualities of the archetype. The last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces corresponds to the dissolution of the separate sense of self that has been formed throughout the previous eleven signs, to a state of non-duality and oneness.

Because of the correlation with something that goes beyond our ego, our mundane experiences, and our logical understanding, Neptune transits can feel confusing and foggy, and we don’t often get their purpose and meaning until after they are over. Nevertheless, they always offer us opportunities to deepen our awareness of the nature of reality and our connection with something greater than ourselves.


Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces: Contemplative Focus


When planets are stationary, they appear to be at a standstill. Their energy is more palpable, intense, and easier to access, as they are closer to Earth. Neptune being stationary retrograde is an indicator of enhanced psychic sensitivity: this shift opens a doorway to deeper perceptions allowing us to access new intuitive insights and more profound spiritual awareness. Pay attention to your dreams, synchronicities, and gut feelings during this period, as they may hold valuable messages from your subconscious, your Guides, and your Higher Self. 

When a planet is said to go retrograde, it means that it appears to move backward in the sky from our vantage point on Earth. This apparent shift of motion invites us to slow down, turn inward, and review, reassess, and renew our relationship with the energy of the planet involved.

Neptune is retrograde for approximately five months per year. All planetary retrogrades represent a phase of integration, digestion, reflection, and redirection according to what has happened while the planet was in direct motion. Retrogrades direct energy inwards, and Neptunian energy is already very meditative: this shift invites us to embrace a contemplative focus and, instead of running around searching for answers, stay still and listen.

Healing Feelings of Disconnection from Source


Neptune stationing retrograde invites a reassessment of our relationship with our intuition as well as with our spiritual practice. It offers us chances to notice whether we have been disconnected from our Higher Selves, whether we have been relying on escapism, or used spiritual beliefs in order to avoid, bypass, or justify something.

The risks of being drawn to rely on escapism and addiction, as well as lacking boundaries are stronger when Neptunian energy is emphasized as it is now. Neptune’s retrograde period offers us an invitation to rethink our relationship to boundaries, reflect on our relationship to numbing out, and on any tendency to rely on quick fixes such as scrolling, substances, peak experiences, in order to avoid feeling our pain, taking action, or taking responsibility.

Ultimately, this transit invites us to heal feelings of disconnection from Source and work on removing obstacles that prevent us from establishing a closer connection with the Divine, in whatever form resonates with us the most.


Neptune retrograde in Pisces: Connecting with what is True


Neptune stationing retrograde is always a time to turn inwards and embark on a phase of Soul searching. This shift encourages us to take an honest look at any tendency to live in fantasy, rely on illusions, and excessively idealize people and situations. Practicing discernment and grounding techniques, making sure we are setting appropriate boundaries to avoid feeling drained and overwhelmed, is essential to navigating this energy.

Neptune stationing retrograde can correspond to a period of confusion and disillusionment, we may experience a desire to escape reality and experience feelings of victimization and hopelessness as we realize things are not as we believed them to be.

Ultimately, Neptune’s purpose is to facilitate our connection with what is True in an absolute sense, beyond our personal beliefs and preferences. Any experience of deception and disillusionment is meant to liberate us from illusion, and Neptune’s retrograde phase represents a moment for us to reassess and reconsider what is True and what is not. Connecting with this energy consciously has the potential to facilitate a deeper acceptance of what is, and remind us that everything we encounter in life is an integral part of our spiritual path, even if we don’t fully understand why or how yet.

Our Crystal Pick for Neptune retrograde: Lepidolite


As Neptune retrograde in Pisces helps lift the veils on our illusions and delusions, lepidolite can bring comfort, calm, and solace as you’re moving into new awareness and new depths of yourself.

Incredibly nurturing to the emotional and mental bodies, this sparkling purple stone soothes worries, nerves, frustration, and fear, eases pain and negativity, and can help lift you out of the depths of the dark shadows and foggy unconscious into the light of clarity and peace. 

Incredibly uplifting if you’re feeling lost, down, or confused, use lepidolite on the center of your forehead to bring calm awareness, intuitive insights, and spiritual connection.

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  • This resonates with everything for me. I broke up with my spiritual mentor, have been facing a feeling of not doing enough while at the same time hearing loudly “BE more, do less”. I’ve been directed (not so softly) by Spirit to change the way I spend my time, to look less for tools and start using the ones I have. Today I channeled something that in short says “being a living sacrifice doesn’t mean you’re so dedicated that you’re willing to give up your life. It means you’re THERE day after day, minute after minute, bringing your attention back to what matters and serving with your energy, donating your mind and your time WHILE you live your life” and that this is the basis of the spiritual path. You sure can let go of your baggages to make the walk easier, you can acquire better boots, you can find a lamp (or someone with a lamp, a teacher) to iluminate the path for you, and you can prepare forever… but you’ll only walk the steps if you walk the steps. And moving our legs isn’t the same thing! This energy and this invitation of Neptune is how you walk: turning inward. We can have the biggest collection of spiritual tools and techniques… but tools don’t work themselves. It’s time to BE.


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