article Mercury in Pisces: Beyond the Rational
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Mercury in Pisces: Beyond the Rational

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February 22, 2024

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On February 22, 10:41 AM —

On February 23, 02:29 AM EST, Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, where it is going to remain until March 9. This transit invites us to explore life beyond the rational, beyond the five senses, and beyond our ordinary perceptions and ideas. Mercury’s shift of signs decreases our need for intellectual stimulation as well as the pace of our mental activity, challenging our reliance on the rational mind and inviting us to recover our connection with our intuition. 

Mercury’s ingress into Pisces is particularly relevant for those born with personal placements in Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, and especially for the individuals with natal Mercury in Pisces, who are experiencing their Mercury return. This transit will invite them to question their existing perceptions of reality, interpret their experiences through a new lens, and strengthen their relationship with their intuition.

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Mercury from Aquarius to Pisces: Slowing Down Mental Activity


Mercury is the planet connected to our communication and thinking habits, to the way we process information, and to how we interpret what is going on in our environment. Also correlated with commerce, short-term and short-distance travel, and learning, Mercury has to do with problem-solving and with how we tackle our daily tasks and chores. Transits of Mercury mark shifts in our perceptions and invite us to explore what happens when we change the way we think, speak, and see the world.

While Mercury was in Aquarius, our minds have been moving at a fast speed, attuning to the frequency of the future and trying to keep up with the rhythm of change. This transit offered us chances to gain new insights into old challenges, break patterns that keep repeating in our lives, and practice observing our reality from an objective perspective. Mercury in Aquarius inspired us to revolutionize our inner dialogue, our thinking patterns, and our communication style, and challenged us to see things from a bird’s eye view.

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign, belonging to the Yin polarity. As Pisces corresponds to a stage of evolution that implies the dissolution of the separate ego, planets transiting here have to adapt to a frequency that is very different from the ones we are used to navigating. Mercury’s journey here requires us to widen our perception and let go of our attachment to specific mental frameworks.

Mercury in Pisces invites us to attune to the undercurrents of a conversation, to what is not being said, to what is felt and sensed. Instead of remaining stuck on the level of literal, factual information, this transit invites us to dive deeper into the realm of feelings, sensations, and intuition. 


Mercury in Pisces: Strengthening Connection to Our Intuition


Shortly after Pisces season begins, Mercury enters the sign of the Fish too: here, the planet is traditionally considered to be in fall, since it is at home in the earthy, rational, practical sign of Virgo. Nevertheless, debilitated planets always offer us unique learning opportunities, inspiring us to solve problems creatively: adapting to non-optimal conditions stimulates our inventiveness and originality. 

In Pisces, Mercury expresses itself in non-linear, non-logical ways that may be hard to reconcile with the ways society is structured and with how we may be expected to function in daily life. This transit challenges us to differentiate between getting lost in dreams and fantasy and being led by intuition and invites us to strengthen our ability to connect with and trust our inner guidance system, even when it doesn’t make sense from a rational standpoint.

Mercury in Pisces journey is a powerful opportunity to integrate our intuition in our decision-making processes, a significant theme of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Virgo opposing Mercury, which rules the Full Moon.

Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury joins the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune


During its journey through Pisces, Mercury is going to cross the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune, already in the sign. On February 28, we are experiencing a triple conjunction, between the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, meeting at 9º42’ of Pisces. This configuration invites us to challenge existing perceptions around matters of identity, spirituality, and commitment and invites us to unlock a new level of maturity in both our creative expression and communication.

Mercury is going to cross Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces on March 8. This conjunction floods us with feelings and inspiration, maximizing our creativity and imagination, and increasing the probability of experiencing spiritual breakthroughs, awakenings, states of trance and flow. During this time, our empathy will be extremely high and so will our ability to connect with others on an emotional level: around this time, make sure to be discerning and hold appropriate boundaries to respect your energetic capacity.


Mercury sextile Jupiter and Uranus


While in Pisces, Mercury is also going to align with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. 

On February 29, Mercury perfects a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus. This alignment supports our learning endeavors and our ability to make connections across different fields, subjects, and experiences. The Mercury-Jupiter sextile inspires us to broaden our intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual horizons and invites us to expand beyond our comfort zone.

Mercury forms a sextile to Uranus on March 4. Their alignment accelerates the pace of our thoughts, motivates us to believe in our visions, and inspires us to open our minds toward new dimensions. The Mercury-Uranus sextile supports unconventional problem-solving and encourages us to think outside the box.

Mercury in Pisces: Beyond the Rational


While Mercury is in Pisces, we have an opportunity to discover new ways of making sense of our reality, blend rationality and intuition, and allow our imagination to inspire and stimulate us yet without using it as a refuge or escape. During this time, we will be more impressionable, energetically sensitive, and psychically open to everything surrounding us: being connected to our feelings and needs, holding appropriate boundaries, and practicing discernment will be key to navigating this transit in an empowered way.

Mercury in Pisces offers us chances to perceive life in new ways, beyond the five senses and our reliance on rationality. If we feel mentally fatigued or experience a persistent sense of brain fog, we can see it as an invitation to slow down the pace of our thoughts, explore new avenues for decision-making, and make changes in our daily organization and routines. This transit allows us access to a wellspring of creativity, inspiration, and imagination: Mercury in Pisces invites us to strive to transcend the ordinary, transcend the rational, and allow our connection to the spiritual, the intangible, and the supernatural to permeate our daily lives.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Pisces: Ruby in Kyanite


This blend of intuitive, Piscean stone kyanite with grounding, passionate ruby brings spiritual clarity and empowerment, helping you take action on your insights. It’s a perfect companion for this Mercury meets Pisces energy to help you stay grounded, clear-minded, and moving forward without getting lost in the sauce.

Very cleansing to the mind, emotions, and entire aura, ruby in kyanite can help you channel clear, intuitive wisdom and then ground it into the material earth, to turn your thoughts into deeds, not just hanging out in the cloud of intentions. It can also help you open and expand your mind and allow your creative essence to surge through you so you can fall into the flow of your own innate rhythms, rather than feeling tossed around by life.

This crystal blend is also an amazing one to help you release mental attachments, let go of destructive patterns from the past, and bring clarity, grounding, and peace to the mind. It’s a great balance to allow you to lift off into the higher realms, while also keeping one foot grounded in reality, to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical world.


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  • I am a Virgo in zodiac sign, but this all made so much sense to me as someone who is very in tune with my self and my intuition. Everything leading up to the Virgo full moon and onwards. It all just resonated to much with what I am going through in life right now and the challenges that been put in front of me


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