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This seasonal workbook is for all zodiac signs

On June 20 the Sun leaves Gemini and Cancer season 2024 begins. The Solstice kicks off a season focused on developing more emotional self-intimacy, welcoming our vulnerabilities, and gaining awareness of our true needs.

The Sun’s upcoming journey through Cancer shines a light on our emotional needs, inner world, and relationship with the ebbs and flows of our emotions, feminine energy, and both our inner child and our inner mother archetype.

We will have chances to take responsibility for how we respond to challenges, triggers, and discomfort and develop a new relationship with both our inner child and our inner mother, finding a better balance between learning to nurture ourselves and allowing ourselves to receive nurturance and care from others. 

This time of the year offers us an invitation to focus on nurturing ourselves, becoming familiar with our true needs, staying centered in our hearts, and giving space to our emotions.

We are very excited for you to get and use this Cancer Season Workbook!

This workbook is for all zodiac signs to help you align with the natural cycles of life, align with your true higher self, and manifest in harmony with the Universe, supported by this potent Cancer energy!

We designed this to be printable, practical, and applicable to your everyday life to help you move through Cancer season with a clear awareness of who you are, what you want, and where you’re going.

May you harness this incredible energy of Cancer season!

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Within our Cancer Season Workbook you will find:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Happy Cancer Season Poem

Chapter 2

Cancer Energy at Glance
(symbol, element, quality, ruler, energy, color, chakras)

Chapter 3

Mythology & Astrology + Journal Questions

(☀️ SUMMER SOLSTICE: The Peak of Light;

👀 Looking Back to Move Forward)


Chapter 4

Celebrate the Arrival of Cancer Season

Chapter 5

My Cancer Season Healing Practice

Chapter 6

Cancer Season Self-Care

(For Your Body;
For Your Mind & Emotions; For Your Spirit)

Chapter 7

My Cancer Season Intentions

Chapter 8

My Cancer Season Affirmations

Chapter 9

Cancer Season Tarot Card + Journal Questions

Chapter 10

Cancer Season Oracle Spread

Chapter 11

Cancer Season Manifesting

Chapter 12

Cancer Season Work/Purpose + Journal Questions

Chapter 13

Cancer Season Relationships + Journal Questions

Chapter 14

Cancer Season Shadow Work + Journal Questions

Chapter 15

Cancer Season Astrological Transits & Journal + Crystals/Plants:


  • Sun enters Cancer:  JUNE 20
  • Full Moon in Capricorn: JUNE 21
  • Saturn Stations retrograde in Pisces: JUNE 29
  • Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces:  JULY 2
  • Mercury enters Leo: JULY 2
  • New Moon in Cancer: JULY 5
  • Venus enters Leo: JULY 11
  • Mars enters Gemini: JULY 20
  • Full Moon in Capricorn: JULY 21

Chapter 16

Recommended Crystals & Plants For Cancer Season 2024 – Full List

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