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This seasonal workbook is for all zodiac signs

The Sun now begins the second chapter of his journey through the Zodiac wheel: his ingress into Taurus grounds the energy and invites us to slow down to digest everything we experienced with the Eclipses and consolidate what we started thanks to Aries’ fire.

While Aries is about taking action to get what we desire, Taurus is about learning to magnetize and attract it. While Aries corresponds to the moment of birth and our ingress into life as separate individuals, Taurus corresponds to the awareness that life has to be preserved, hence the emergence of survival instinct. 

Taurus season represents an invitation for us to discover new ways to leverage our talents and skills: this time of the year is an opportunity to deepen our self-sufficiency, our self-trust, our self-love, and our awareness of our inherent value, independent of what we can do, build, or produce. 

This season offers us an opportunity to observe how we relate with the frequencies of abundance, wealth, and prosperity, to notice how open we are to receiving.

Taurus season brings us an invitation to deepen our relationship with Nature and with our physical bodies as an extension of the Earth. This is a time to renew our connection with our senses, with our sensuality, and find pleasure in our everyday life, in simple gestures, in the beauty of what is available to us, in what we may overlook or give for granted.

We are very excited for you to get and use this Taurus Season Workbook!

This workbook is for all zodiac signs to help you align with the natural cycles of life, align with your true higher self, and manifest in harmony with the Universe, supported by this potent Taurus energy!

We designed this to be printable, practical, and applicable to your everyday life to help you move through Taurus season with a clear awareness of who you are, what you want, and where you’re going.

May you harness this incredible energy of Taurus season!

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Within our Taurus Season Workbook you will find:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

Happy Taurus Season Poem

Chapter 2

Taurus Energy at Glance
(symbol, element, quality, ruler, energy, color, chakras)

Chapter 3

Mythology & Astrology + Journal Questions

(Nurturing Growth; What You Resist Persists)


Chapter 4

Celebrate the Arrival of Taurus Season

Chapter 5

My Taurus Season Healing Practice

Chapter 6

Taurus Season Self-Care

Chapter 7

My Taurus Season Intentions

Chapter 8

My Taurus Season Affirmations

Chapter 9

Taurus Season Tarot Card + Journal Questions

Chapter 10

Taurus Season Oracle Spread

Chapter 11

Taurus Season Manifesting

Chapter 12

Taurus Season Work/Purpose + Journal Questions

Chapter 13

Taurus Season Relationships + Journal Questions

Chapter 14

Taurus Season Shadow Work + Journal Questions

Chapter 15

Taurus Season Astrological Transits & Journal + Crystals/Plants:


  • Sun enters Taurus
  • Full Moon in Scorpio
  • Mercury Stations direct in Aries
  • Venus enters Taurus
  • Mars enters Aries
  • Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius
  • New Moon in Taurus
  • Mercury enters Taurus


Chapter 16

Recommended Crystals & Plants For Taurus Season 2024 – Full List

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