article Mercury in Aries 2024: Aligning Words and Deeds
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Mercury in Aries 2024: Aligning Words and Deeds

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March 7, 2024

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On March 7, 12:48 PM —

On March 9, 11:03 PM EST, Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries. A few days before the beginning of Aries season, Mercury is the first planet that starts a new cycle around the Zodiac wheel, bringing in fresh energy of renewal, renovation, and new beginnings, as well as an invitation to take action on our ideas and align our words and our deeds.

Mercury is going to remain in Aries longer than usual due to its upcoming retrograde, starting on April 1 and ending on April 25. The Messenger is entering Taurus only on May 15.

Mercury’s ingress into Aries is most relevant for those born with planets or angles in Cardinal signs, and especially for the individuals with natal Mercury in Aries, who are experiencing their Mercury return. This transit marks a surge in intellectual dynamism and inspires them to see their reality through a new lens, embrace new perceptions and perspectives, and act on their visions.

Mercury from Pisces to Aries: a New Cycle is Starting


Named after the mythological Messenger and psychopomp, Mercury in Astrology has to do with everything associated with communication, learning, commerce, and problem-solving. The ruler of Gemini and Virgo has to do with how we tackle daily tasks and routines, with how we think and interact with our environment, and with how we logically interpret our experiences. Transits of Mercury mark shifts in our perception of reality, communication style, and mindset, reflecting shifts in our intellectual orientation to understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Mercury’s journey through Pisces challenged us to release our attachment to logic, rationality, and familiar mental frameworks. This transit inspired us to reconnect with our intuition and dive into the realm of feelings and sensations. While Mercury was in the sign of the Fish, we had opportunities to explore nonlinear and non-rational ways of expressing our ideas and conveying our inner experiences to the outer world. Mercury in Pisces invited us to transcend our attachment to the rational and our five senses and integrate more mindfulness into our daily routines.

Every planet transiting from Pisces to Aries marks an energetic shift that has to do with individuation, differentiation, rebirth, and renovation. A new cycle is starting and we are born again as unique individuals, separate from the collective emotional body, with our unique desires, drives, and urges. 


Mercury in Aries: See the World through New Eyes


As Mercury enters Aries, our focus goes on attuning to our instinct and learning to trust it yet without letting it rule us. Mercury in Aries challenges us to be more direct and assertive in our communications yet without being aggressive, tactless, or blunt. This transit invites us to see the world through new eyes and inspires us to renew our ways of thinking and perceiving reality.

Mercury in Aries motivates us to be courageous with our words, thoughts, and inner speech, offering us powerful energy to work on our assertiveness and refine our ability to speak truthfully and authentically. This transit speeds up the pace of our thoughts, supports quick decision-making, and encourages us to say our desires out loud and take action on them.

Mercury sextile Pluto and conjunct Venus


As soon as entering Aries, Mercury forms a sextile with Pluto in Aquarius. This aspect, exact on March 10, supports our intuitive and perceptive skills, facilitating our understanding of psychology and human behavior, and giving us access to new insights into our and others’ true motives. The Mercury-Pluto sextile invites us on a journey of deep inquiry about what moves us and why and inspires us to transform habitual ways of thinking, speaking, and seeing our reality. Illuminating conversations could catalyze a subtle yet transformative shift in mindset around this time.

On April 19, while in retrograde motion Mercury is going to meet Venus in Aries. This conjunction supports assertive and direct communication in relationships, inspiring us to say it like it is and to value radical authenticity. The retrograde Mercury-Venus conjunction offers us an invitation to revolutionize our mindset about relationships, renew our communication habits and the way we share our ideas with others, and redefine our value system.


Mercury conjunct Chiron and the North Node


During its journey through Aries, Mercury is going to cross Chiron and the North Node, currently conjunct in Aries. Due to its upcoming retrograde, Mercury crosses Chiron three times over the next couple of months, the exact dates being March 20, April 15, and May 6. Mercury and the North Node are crossing only once because the Nodes move in retrograde motion most of the time, however, the North Node will still be involved in the next Mercury-Chiron alignments, even if not on an exact angle.

The first Mercury-Chiron-North Node conjunction happening on March 20 can be seen as a prelude that gives us hints about the main themes manifesting for us in the upcoming weeks and months. It is happening at 18º of Aries and it is particularly significant for those born with natal placements around this degree of Cardinal signs. Around this time, our focus will be on wounds surrounding communication, learning, and assertiveness that we need to work on in order to move toward our Soul purpose.

The second Mercury-Chiron conjunction happens while Mercury is retrograde, on April 15, at 19º of Aries. This alignment invites us to observe how we may unwillingly harm ourselves through our own minds and the thoughts we entertain, marking a time for reevaluation and readjustment of our mindset, communications, inner speech, and relationship to learning.

The third and last Mercury-Chiron conjunction happens on May 6 at 21º of Aries and offers us opportunities to reach a new level of understanding of everything that happened in the past weeks and months. The final conjunction between Mercury and Chiron allows for a cleansing of old thinking and communication patterns, invites redemption and self-forgiveness, and opens doors for a fresh new beginning in our relationship with our mind, in our inner dialogue, in our learning endeavors, and in our communications with others.

Mercury in Aries: Speaking our Truth with Courage


Mercury in Aries invites us to speak our truth boldly and be mindful of how we deliver it. While Mercury is in the sign of the Ram, we will have chances to observe any tendency to talk impulsively or without forethought and learn to discern between the situations when pausing is required and the situations when, instead, we must respond quickly and trust our first instinct. 

During this transit, we may experience more confrontations and discussions, which, if we navigate them with care, can open doors to new intellectual breakthroughs, better understanding of ourselves and others, and deeper intimacy. 

Mercury’s upcoming retrograde through Aries and its three alignments with Chiron will bring us many opportunities to heal and grow in self-awareness. These events will offer us chances to rewire existing communication and thinking habits, deepen our trust in our instincts, and practice asserting ourselves in more refined and graceful ways.


Crystal Pick for Mercury in Aries: Magnetite


This Mars-ruled stone brings grounding, stability, and protection to help you make calm, clear, objective decisions and not rush into doing anything rash. It activates your lower three chakras, boosting your Aries-like spark for life, creativity, and personal power. 

As Mercury starts its new cycle over in Aries, magnetite will help focus and stabilize your mind and give you the courage and strength to confidently navigate through life. Use it when you need a boost of self-confidence and inner stability to be able to communicate your truth or stand up for your values and ideas.

Named for its natural magnetic qualities, magnetite has the ability to attract positivity and success into your life and offers a protective quality for the whole body. It helps to balance the emotions with the intellect, opening you to that clear Arien insight and strength of identity so you can courageously communicate who you are, what you want and where you’re going in this world.


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Mercury in Aries 2024


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