article Mercury direct in Taurus: Align with True Values
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Mercury direct in Taurus: Align with True Values

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Moon Omens

May 14, 2023

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On May 14, 11:11 AM —

On May 14, 11:17 PM ET, Mercury stations direct at 5º Taurus after being in retrograde motion since April 21. This shift inspires us to align with our true values and make adjustments in our lives according to the new awareness that emerged while Mercury was retrograde. Mercury is going to remain in Taurus until June 11.

Mercury stationing retrograde is a relevant event for everyone, but it will be particularly impactful for those of us who were born with placements around the 5º of Fixed signs or in Gemini and Virgo, the signs ruled by Mercury. Those of us most impacted by Mercury’s shift of motion will have opportunities to make tangible changes in their lives according to the shift in values, mindset, and perception that has been taking place during the retrograde. They may receive new information or engage in transformative conversations that inspire them to take action according to the new way of thinking they have been embodying.

Mercury stations direct & enters the Post-Shadow phase


When planets are stationary, they remain on the same zodiacal degree for an extended period of time, offering us an invitation to pause, slow down, and observe before making decisions or taking action. When a celestial body goes from retrograde to direct motion, we experience an energetic shift. The energy that was previously directed towards self-reflection and introspection becomes gradually available to be directed outward and channeled toward a specific direction.

Mercury is now turning direct again and enters the post-shadow phase of this retrograde cycle. The post-shadow phase is lasting until May 31, when Mercury reaches 15º Taurus, the degree where it was when the retrograde started. This time is meant to be centered around integration and adjustment according to the shifts that happened while Mercury was retrograde. During the post-shadow phase, as Mercury travels for the third and last time between 5º and 15º Taurus, we could have opportunities to see in a new light something we have been working on for the past few weeks, since Mercury was there for the first time.


Mercury direct in Taurus: Aligning with True Values


While Mercury was retrograde in the sign of the Bull, we had opportunities to redefine our values and priorities, renew our relationship to wealth and abundance, cultivate our receptivity, review how we have been managing our resources and possessions, and come into closer contact with our unique talents and skills. 

This transit gave us a chance to witness how our values might have evolved over time, and question whether our current lifestyle is still aligned with them. It also encouraged us to examine our attitudes, beliefs, and thinking patterns surrounding our bodies, our sensuality, pleasure, as well as our relationship to the Earth. 

As Mercury goes direct again, we are invited to make changes in our lives that are aligned with the insights and awareness that emerged during the retrograde period. The remaining portion of Mercury’s journey through Taurus is an invitation to work on consolidating new thinking patterns that help us navigate reality in an empowered, grounded, and secure way.

Mercury direct in Taurus

Mercury in Aspect to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune


Mercury stations direct in Taurus while conjunct Jupiter and the North Node, square retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, and sextile Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Cancer.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction supports our desire to learn about topics we are passionate about, our capacity to be open-minded, and our willingness to have new experiences. Mercury and Jupiter are also conjunct with the Lunar North Node, an indicator of the importance of conscious communication at this time, an invitation to ask questions, practice critical thinking, and integrate logic and intuition.

The Mercury-Pluto square indicates a degree of suspicion and invites us to be wary of falling into potentially obsessive thinking loops. This aspect inspires us to investigate deeply and thoroughly until we get to the root cause of any issue we may be experiencing or trying to solve.

The sextile between Mercury and Saturn supports our memory and our organizational skills as well as pursuits that require consistency, commitment, and perseverance. The Mercury-Venus sextile facilitates graceful, seductive, and diplomatic communication, inspiring an elegant and kind use of words.

Mercury is going to cross Uranus on June 4, and their alignment may shed light on something that happened right before Mercury stationed retrograde, as at that time the planet was approaching a conjunction with Uranus. The Mercury-Uranus conjunction marks a time of intense mental activity: downloads and insights we receive these days could generate significant innovation and change in our lives.

On June 9, Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, supporting our ability to communicate with empathy and understanding, and inspiring us to express our feelings and longing through a poetic use of words.


Mercury direct in Taurus: Consolidating New Intellectual Frameworks


After Mercury’s retrograde phase, we may feel more mentally flexible and willing to consolidate the changes in mindset that we have been exploring during the previous weeks. Mercury in direct motion through Taurus is a favorable transit for tasks and activities that need to be done slowly and steadily, with a practical and grounded mindset. Particularly, this shift marks a favorable moment to resume, restart, or reorganize projects that slowed down or paused during the retrograde. 

From now on, communications will be more smooth, and misunderstandings that happened during the retrograde can be clarified and cleared more easily. Mercury’s shift of motion inspires us to take action on the ideas and visions we had while the planet was retrograde and to make decisions about how to move forward taking into account what we have learned in the past weeks.

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  • Wow so much of this resonated with me in a freakishly accurate way. My life has been a bit chaotic with several adjustments I’ve been working through. But the sections about introspection turning outside, the redefining of values and importance, support of passion interest use of words all sounds like you’ve just summed my life currently without the added details lol. Appreciate this article really enjoyed reading it! Excited for these moments of life we get to experience.

  • This resonated with me since I have been thinking of changing careers and following my passion full time, which is real estate. I also have cultivated a friendship based on love, transparency and honesty. Yes, I’m excited to see what comes next! Thanks


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