article Mars in Pisces 2024: Align with Truth
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Mars in Pisces 2024: Align with Truth

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March 21, 2024

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On March 21, 10:50 AM —

On March 22, 7:48 PM EST, Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, beginning a journey that will last until April 30 and ending another collective evolutionary cycle. This transit invites us to come into a deeper relationship with our desires, with our imagination, and with our creative potential, offering us opportunities to cut through illusion and align with Truth. 

Mars’ ingress into Pisces is especially relevant for those born with planets or angles in Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, particularly so for the individuals with their natal Mars in Pisces, who are experiencing their Mars return. The people personally impacted by Mars’ shift of signs are being encouraged to trust their visions and follow the whispers of their intuition as they learn to flow through life without using force to move forward.

Mars from Aquarius to Pisces: Actively Nurturing Our Inner Life


Shortly after the beginning of Aries season, Aries’ ruler Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. In Astrology, Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio and has to do with our relationship with instinct and with how we initiate, how we begin something new. 

Mars is the planet connected with how we go after what we want, how we pursue something, how we relate with our desires, with our anger, and with our sexuality. Transits of Mars inform us of our changing orientation relative to taking action, beginning new endeavors, and asserting ourselves and our desires.

While Mars was in Aquarius, we had opportunities to break free from the norm, be more experimental, and challenge the boundaries of what we used to believe to be possible. This transit inspired us to invest more energy into shifting paradigms that have run their course, both on a collective level and in our personal lives, emphasizing the feelings of restlessness and discontent that arise when a change is long due.

Mars’ ingress into Pisces marks an energetic shift that inspires us to direct more energy and attention toward our spiritual life and inner world. While Mars is in Pisces, our style of self-assertion becomes kind, gentle, and compassionate. Because Pisces is a Mutable sign, we may experience fluctuations in our desires during this transit, as well as a sense of confusion and disorientation relative to what we really want. This combination of energies, from an evolutionary standpoint, urges us to acknowledge the ultimate Soul desire of transcending our separate sense of self and merging with Source, with the Divine.


Mars in Pisces: the Spiritual Warrior


Mars’ underwater journey through Pisces teaches us to take action without using force, to surrender to the flow and harness it to move forward, using only as much effort as truly necessary. This transit reminds us that guidance from the Universe is always available if we are open to it, if we are receptive to the omens and synchronicities placed on our path. During this time, we are reminded of the role of our intuition as our compass and we are invited to allow it to inform our actions and decisions.

Mars in Pisces is a spiritual warrior who doesn’t waste energy in unnecessary fights. During this transit, some of us will feel inspired to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of collective gain, for the highest good, or to be of service to something greater than ourselves. If this happens, it is important to check in with ourselves to make sure we are doing so from a place of true service, and not out of guilt, martyrdom, codependence, because of our conditioning, or expecting to gain something in return. 

During Mars’ transit through Pisces, conflict tends to be less appealing than usual: we may feel drawn to avoid confrontation or gloss over disagreements, even when they would be necessary for the sake of authenticity or to deepen our intimacy with others. We may also learn that, at times, holding back our truth to avoid the discomfort of hurting someone or experiencing a confrontation can be more hurtful and unkind than a direct delivery. This is an interesting time to explore discerning between when conflict is necessary and when it is not. 

Mars in Pisces 2024

Mars in aspect to Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus


During his journey through Pisces, Mars is going to cross Saturn and Neptune in the sign and form sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

On April 10, Mars crosses Saturn at 14º of Pisces. The Mars-Saturn conjunction brings our attention to how we relate with those insecurities and fears that may hold us back from asserting ourselves and our desires, taking action, and going after what we want. Around this time, we may find ourselves dealing with limitations beyond our control that we can only accept and surrender to, which could allow us to strengthen our resilience, our patience, and our ability to tolerate frustration.

On April 19, Mars aligns with both Jupiter and Uranus, conjunct in Taurus. The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus sextile brings unexpected opportunities to move in the direction of our desires or take action toward something meaningful to us. Mars activates a configuration that is already very dynamic, stimulating our inventiveness and desire to take action on our visions.

On April 29, Mars crosses Neptune at 28º of Pisces. The Mars-Neptune conjunction inspires us to invest more energy into what truly moves us, into what fulfills us on a Soul level. This is a powerful time to focus on spiritual, artistic, and creative practices, to access states of flow, and to allow Spirit to express through us. Around this time, the invitation for us is to align our actions with our true values and spiritual virtues. Our energy levels could be lower than usual and we could feel more lethargic, confused, and fogged than we normally would. This can be an opportunity to prioritize resting and taking care of our bodies, to prioritize being over doing, and to improve our energetic management by paying attention to how our energy increases or gets drained by different environments, people, and activities.


Mars in Pisces: Cut Through Illusion


Until April 5, both relationship planets, Mars and Venus, are going to be in Pisces. This is bringing our attention to how we are relating to our empathy and to changes that may be needed in our boundaries, inviting us to look at those places where we may be too focused on potential, too idealistic, or too much in fantasy and out of touch with reality. Both Mars and Venus being in Pisces represents a powerful time to explore sacred sexuality practices, remember the role of the body as a portal, and honor the connection between our flesh and our Spirit.

Mars in Pisces encourages us to surrender our attachment to what is not True, to what is no longer serving our highest good, and to what is holding us back from progressing in our lives and in our spiritual path. This transit invites us to uncover unconscious desires and motivates us to learn to distinguish between the True Soul desires, our fantasies, and the egoic urges and compulsions that lead us further away from Truth. Mars in Pisces’ journey can offer us opportunities to cut through illusion and access the Truth of what is taking place in our lives as well as the root of any addictions, feelings of victimization, or escapist behaviors we may be struggling with.


Crystal Pick for Mars in Pisces: Bloodstone


This grounding warrior stone pairs the strength, power, and resilience of Mars with the compassionate open-heartedness of Pisces, perfect to harness this transit’s energy. It will help you make clearer, wiser decisions and to move beyond fear, keeping you strong and steady and less reactive during this fiery Aries season.

Bloodstone helps you take back your power in aggressive situations by standing up for yourself and centering in your heart, opening up the portals to compassion. If you’re ready to funnel your physical energy, stamina and drive into the creative and dreamy pursuits of your spirit while Mars makes its way through Pisces, this is the perfect crystal companion to help you do it!

It also boosts Martian-style vitality, regenerating your passion while also helping you learn to let go of whatever depletes it. Use it during this transit to help you identify, come to terms with, and take action on releasing anything that’s draining your life force energy- whether its a behavior pattern, stuck emotions, habitual thoughts, or a certain situation or relationship in your life.


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