article Mars enters Libra: Relationships and Desires
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Mars enters Libra: Relationships and Desires

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August 26, 2023

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On August 26, 08:00 AM —

On August 27, 2023, 09:20 AM ET, Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra. This transit offers us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our desires through the contrast that arises between our desires and those of others. Mars is going to remain in the sign of the Scales until October 11 or 12, according to our timezone.

This transit will be more relevant for those born with natal placements in Cardinal signs. Those of us more impacted by the ingress of Mars into Libra will have access to more energy, sexual vitality, and courage. They could have chances to make changes in their relationships and get clearer about their desires.

Mars from Virgo to Libra: Taking Action to Implement Balance


In Astrology, Mars represents the driving energy that pushes us to take action, take initiative, take risks, and pursue our desires. This is the planet associated with our conscious desires and will, sexual expression, and style of self-assertion. The ruler of both Aries and Scorpio, Mars is an instinctive and impulsive force, who lives in the now and acts before thinking.

While Mars was in Virgo, we had opportunities to invest more energy into optimizing our routines, our work, our health, and our daily habits. Over the past weeks, Mars in Virgo invited us to focus on problem-solving and optimization of how we approach our daily chores and tasks. Mars in Virgo boosted our efficiency and productivity, motivating us to maximize our potential and add more precision and attention to detail to our lives.

As Mars moves through Libra, we will be motivated by a desire for justice, fairness, and harmony, and we will be drawn to take action to implement more balance in our lives. We will invest more energy into our relationships and we will have opportunities to get clearer about our desires, especially when it comes to our connections with others.


Mars enters Libra: Relationships and Desires


Libra is a Yang, Air, Cardinal archetype, the first sign through which we initiate relationships based on equality. This sign symbolizes the journey of finding harmony between our needs, values, and desires and other people’s values, needs, and desires. Libra teaches us that balance is dynamic, and we have to constantly attune to it, by refining the way we invest our energy, time, and attention. 

While Mars is in Libra, we have an opportunity to learn about ourselves and our desires through our relationships and through the contrast that emerges between our desires and the desires of others. During this transit, we have a chance to practice harmonizing our desire to cultivate independence with our desire to be in connection, and to practice not losing touch with our desires and needs while we consider those of other people too. 

Traditionally, Mars is considered to be debilitated in Libra, as he is at home in the opposite sign of Aries: these energies don’t match naturally, because Mars is essentially about war and Libra instead is about peace. For this reason, throughout the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to learn more about the purpose of conflicts and confrontations and refine the way we approach them.

While Mars is in Libra, we will have chances to notice if we feel tempted to sugarcoat reality, choose to be polite over being real, and withhold sharing our truth to keep the peace and be accepted by others. This transit is an invitation to practice asserting ourselves and stating our desires in a diplomatic, balanced, and clear way, without being abrasive and without being inauthentic either. 

Mars in aspect to Chiron, the Lunar Nodes, and Pluto


Mars opposes Chiron in Aries on September 24, offering us opportunities to observe how we respond when we take action, assert ourselves, or when we express our desires and are met with rejection or have to deal with other people’s suffering. The triggers that we experience around this time will offer us chances to see what is still in need of healing and understand the root of wounds that keep opening again and again.

Mars crosses the South Node in Libra on October 5. The Mars-South Node conjunction marks a period potentially filled with karmic and fated events. Around this time, we could have opportunities to release anger and frustration linked to past events and traumas that got stored in our bodies. A surge of courage and motivation could inspire us to address and confront situations that are stuck and stagnant, particularly in our relationships.

On October 8, Mars in Libra squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment highlights the friction between our conscious desires, coming from our egocentric will, and our unconscious, true desires, stemming from our Soul. 

Squares between Mars and Pluto mark key evolutionary transitions: at this point, we may need to let go of our egoic attachments to certain outcomes or goals in order to be able to move forward. The tension we feel can be used as a motivating factor, as all Mars-Pluto aspects reflect a surge in our libido, determination, and willingness to do what it takes to get what we want. However, this energy needs to be channeled wisely as it can be extremely destructive, impulsive, and reactive.


Mars enters Libra: Moving Toward True Harmony


While Mars is in Libra, we will have opportunities to practice being more diplomatic when we assert ourselves and to explore ways to honor our desires while also being aware of those of others.

This transit offers us an invitation to reflect on what is worth fighting for. Mars in Libra is a peaceful warrior, fighting for justice and defending harmony. This is a good time to ask ourselves what justice and peace mean to us, and to reflect on what harmony is and what harmony is not. We may observe whether we tend to feel a need to create conditions of inauthentic harmony or smooth things out in order to keep the peace, please others, or try to feel comfortable in situations that aren’t.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, which is currently in retrograde motion, Mars in Libra transit will inspire us to deepen the journey of redefinition, restructuring, and renewal of our relationships, catalyzed by Venus’ retrograde through Leo and still ongoing.


Crystal Pick for Mars in Libra: Tourmalinated Quartz


This clear quartz with black tourmaline running through it is highly cleansing and balancing to activate your energy and bring more harmony to your life during this Mars in Libra transit.

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone to absorb dense and negative energies, and when paired with clear quartz, its energy is uplifted and amplified, cleansing your entire energy field from head to toe, balancing yin and yang within you, connecting you to both the cosmos above and the earth below. 

Use tourmalinated quartz as a harmonizer and balancer for your mind, emotions, and body. It helps you center your energy and find neutral ground in conflict with others or when you’re experiencing conflict within yourself!


The Age of Aquarius book opens portals to new perceptions, to the unknown and unseen, to the hidden and forgotten, to secrets and truth, to history and future and to our essential selves.

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

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  • Thank you for your insights. I find them really eye-opening, as there are things that resonate with me, but not in the steriotypical way. You really make me think about how I interact with my world! 🙏

  • I am thoroughly enjoying and learning from my Moon Omens family. Thank you for sharing light and wisdom. I am truly grateful. Dián


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